(1867-07-12) Where Do We Go From Here
Where Do We Go From Here
Summary: Emilia goes to check up with Adrienne and discuss some of the other aspects of the events of the past few days.
Date: 1867-07-12
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Adrienne's room - Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana

This rectangular chamber is of medium size and has a woollen rug at the center of the stone floor. The stone walls to the sides are covered with a tapestry each, a depiction of a hunting scene to the right, where a number of female archers armed with spears are attacking a boar - an ode to Huntress bravery and persistence - and another smaller tapestry beside a window to the left, showing the coat of arms of House Cassomir; where a desk and a chair offer the opportunity to sit down and deal with paperwork. Further back at the right wall is a bed, with pillow, blanket and a warm woollen rug arranged in an orderly manner, the bed itself made of cherry wood of a darker shade, with an emblem of arrow and bow carved into the headpiece, above the initials 'A.C.'. Beside of it is a moderately sized chest painted with the coat of arms of House Cassomir, containing Adrienne's clothes and some other belongings. At the wall to the right, opposite the window, is a hearth offering warmth on chilly evenings, with a mantlepiece carved from dark marble, where two items have been almost casually left: an arrow and a small wooden horse - perhaps the carving work of a relative?

The oriel in the far left corner, about four feet in diameter, has a small circle of stained-glass showing a leaping deer in the woods, that creates brownish and greenish highlights in addition to the light the ordinary window beneath of it provides during the day. The oriel contains a weapon stand with Adrienne's bow and quiver, her long sword of good quality and that fine hunting dagger of light silver when she is not wielding them; it also has a hook at the wall to hang her cloak.


It had undoubtedly been a couple of unsettling and surreal days around Roseguard, and particularly for the Huntresses with the treachery revealed and the executions that followed. The sisterhood created a close bond amongst them, to lose a Huntress Sister was like losing a sister….to discover a sister to be a traitor and lose them. It had stirred up a mix of emotions amongst the Huntresses in turn. Many were dealing with it in their own ways, taking the time that they needed and others simply turned back to their duties in trying to forget it ever happened.

Emilia herself had made sure to yet be about, with her arm in that sling to help take weight from her shoulder as it healed, she was certainly not joining in the regular training sessions. But she was seen on the sidelines watching and chatting with other onlookers. Meals had been shared amongst them, quiet words were shared with those who sought time, or simply seemed to need the time (by her estimation). If preferred to be elsewhere (like hiding away in her room to rest and heal, or paint) it was not something that showed in anyway. As Mistress of the Hunt, she had made sure she was there for the other Huntresses. A small step to start the healing process perhaps, amongst other things.

Certainly not least in all of it, Emilia had sought out her cousin as well. For even if Adrienne had been aware of what had truly been brewing, the plans to counter and bring an end to it all, the finality and actuality of it all having happened…for words to have truly been backed by actions…it was something else. A light knock had come to Adrienne's door with that familiar voice sounding after,"Adrienne? Are you of having a moment?"


"Yes, I do!"

The reply does not come from behind the door however, but from the far end of the corridor, where Adrienne comes into sight, attired in Huntress leathers, a quiver slung over her shoulder and her bow in hand. Just returning from early morning practice, as the fresh complexion of her freckled features betrays, her dark brown tresses worn in the usual practical braid. Green eyes are alight as she approaches, her gaze lingering on her touched cousin, and yes, Adrienne seems to be pleased to see Emilia, even if in that slightly contained manner, that takes the recent betrayal of Huntresses into account. Her lips curl slightly into a smile, and Adrienne extends her arms to give Emilia a careful hug.

"How is your shoulder?", she asks, her gaze flitting to the sling. Her free hand moves to open the door to her chamber. "If you wish to talk, come in!" The invitation is issued over her shoulder, even as the freckled Huntress already has entered her room. She moves to deposit her bow and quiver in a corner, and then gestures for Emilia to take a seat at the table. "Have a seat."


The answering voice does have Emilia pivoting upon her toes as her head turns in that direction, a rather effortless maneuver. “Did morning of practice go well?” The light inquiry coming in taking in her cousin’s attire and accessories that lead to such a conclusion. The corners of her lips gently tugging upwards as the hug was returned, least with the one arm.

“It thrones of a bit. Master Leoric wishes for me to wear the sling for some of weeks.” A mild twitch of her lips comes,”I am thinking he is hoping that will of keep me from trying to of practice with of my bow again before it is healed to his of satisfaction. “ Something about a stubborn Cassomir doing too much after that boar hunt and needing rework on her injuries back then. “I of believe there was some of subtle threat in his of tone if I was not of complying.” It was a thing Emilia noted with a mild bit of amusement in her tone as she followed Adrienne into her room with that invitation, the healer did have a fatherly bent to him…least in dealing with some of them.

“But of aye, I had wished to see how you were of doing of yourself. Even if I was being of their target, it was of a betrayal to of us all.” Both as Cassomir and as Huntress. “And there are a couple of things to be discussing. “ Emilia settling into that offered chair, not pressing forth on the matters to be discussed just yet. As her cousin’s well being did take precedence.


"It went alright," Adrienne allows, in regards to the morning practice of her archery. Green eyes shift to Emilia's shoulder and she nods, when she hears what her touched cousin has to say about needed recovery and veiled or not so veiled threats, should she not comply. "Of course. You should make sure your shoulder is well recovered, before working with the bow." With Emilia settling herself into a chair, Adrienne does the same, settling herself onto the bed. She had seldom visitors in her quarters, quarters that are tidy, with the bed orderly made.

"I am fine, really.", the freckled Cassomir states to the question, even if there is that faint frown that appears when the betrayal is mentioned. "Fiona managed to nick me here…" her fingers run along the side of her forearm. “But it was hardly more than a scratch.” Saying that much in regards to her own health, Adrienne considers then for a moment. “It will take us Huntresses time to recover from it, aye,” she agrees, that frown deepening. “But I believe, to know that the festered flesh has been removed from the wound it will help to have it recover more quickly.” A rare case of resorting to metaphors, for the freckled one. A brow is raised, as her green gaze lands on Emilia. “A couple of things? Like what?” The frown fades into a slightly more curious expression.


“And I will of ensure it does of heal, I am not of needing to cause more of damage by taking to bow of practice before it is of up to the task.” There is a mild tug at the corners of her lips,”I may of wish to try of sooner in being stubborn and getting restless by of then, but I am knowing it is of best to listed to Master Leoric in such of matters.” And she did not wish to risk a long term issue if she did cause greater damage. A mild glance to the room itself, it was different than her own. But then with the paintings Emilia tended to do, on the walls at that, her room ended up being different than most of the private rooms.

Her eyes drift to where Adrienne got knicked, a slight nod of Emilia’s head occurring,”I am glad it was of nothing more than of a knick. “ Another nod comes after Adrienne words, a matter of agreement,”Of aye, it will of take time to heal. There will be of some division of yet, an eyeing of those that were of close to Nia. Some will have of suspicion of them, just as they will of worry that they will of meet some of fate or punishment because of such associations.” A slight breath was managed, as some of that she could do nothing about in truth. It was the way of people. “I have of plans to speak to of them all in a day or of so, the last of the patrols should be of in to be of able to address of them all. It will of be a start, I am of thinking, least to of step of forward. But I know of some will take of a while to come to of terms with what has of happened.”

Fingers, on the uninjured side, lightly flutter in the air,”The main of one is the matter of Cathrynn. I know of you and she were being of friends, especially with her being of your brother’s of consort. There is no good of way of saying of this…and it is of bound to come of out soon of enough. Nia had been of trying to of recruit of her to of help, a thing of which she of agreed to.” Which might be mildly confusing given the part Cathrynn did play in the end. Emilia does watch how Adrienne takes the news that is being delivered, though a tracing of her fingers in the air attempts to forestall any immediate response as she continues on. “She was not of aware what Nia was truly of planning, she had been of informed that they just had of wish to….talk to of me. When of told the truth, she was of mortified. But that she would of aid of them at all and question of Raelyn’s choice…It is being of enough. Raelyn is of ending of the of contract of had, Graham has been of informed this is to be of coming. “ It going without saying that he will need support of his own in what comes. “But it is of up to me to decide if she should remain of a Huntress. I am of a mind to allow of her to remain, we have already suffered much of a lose and I am not of eager to of cut our of numbers further. I would like to hear of your thoughts though as of well before I make a final of decision upon it.”


It is not like Adrienne's quarters lack in space, the room being of medium size; yet she has always favored a rather functional approach, and being less creatively gifted than her touched cousin, this chamber fits Adrienne's personality quite well. No further comment is given to the arrow wound. Nor her own little injury. Adrienne straightens when Emilia speaks of the Huntresses, and the consequences that would still be for them to deal with.

"I'd say," the freckled Cassomir opines, "we should give those in doubt a fair chance to redeem themselves, assuring them we will judge them by their deeds. If they are willing to acknowledge you as our leader and Mistress of the Hunt." And she is not referring to shallow lipservices here.

But then green eyes are bound to widen in astonishment, when Adrienne Cassomir learns of Cathrynn's betrayal. Her freckled features take on more of a stoic cast, as she digests Emilia's words, listening in silence before she gives her response. Her jaw sets, and a faint line appears between her brows, as she shakes her head.

"So… Cathrynn did conspire with them…?", the tone slightly harsher perhaps than intended, in the way the words break free from her chest. "I wish to know in detail what she did." She blinks. "Graham will be devastated… I know how dear he holds her. And she him…" Her fingers lift to cover her mouth, her head tipped slightly downwards, as she considers. "It strikes me odd though, to meet her mistake with a personal consequence rather than a cut-down or removal of her office." Green eyes lift to meet the dark eyes of the Mistress of the Hunt. "Can we be sure, this breaking of her consortship might not even anger her further, and make it harder for her to be a valuable member of the Huntresses?" Just a thought!


"Such is of my plan," concurs Emilia when it comes to Adrienne's thoughts concerning the Huntresses as a whole. "I plan to make such of clear when I speak of to everyone on of the morrow. As well of ensure there are further of opportunities to belay what of concerns might of remain." There is a faint tugging at the corners of her lips,"Just as I hope I have done with of you." A mild reminder that Adrienne not long past had her own doubts about Emilia. "I no of longer have of the luxury to remain within of the shadows and allow people to think of what they will." Least with the Huntresses, Court…that luxury remains, to a degree.

Emilia does watch as the news about Cathrynn settles in and Adrienne digests it a little. What cues do come, do not seem to surprise Emilia. The reaction perhaps a fair indicator on why the information was not delivered prior. "Not of exactly, she was not of active in their of conspiring and of planning. But she was of recruited to of a task, a thing she did of agree to without full of knowledge of what they were of plotting. It was to have been her of task to ensure I was of kept to the meadow for of them…..So they could of talk to me." A line Adrienne was perhaps familiar with. A small nod comes,"Of aye, he will not of take it of well. But I have at of times been a point of contention with of them as of well, she has long of had doubts of about me. And I know there has been of other of tensions between of them in of the past year. It will make it no easier."

A brow rises just slightly with the direction Adrienne comes to take. Emilia's hand raises as fingers slightly dance and flutter in the air, a mild tracing of sorts. "But it is of being a removal of station and of office, mine-cousin. Consort to of noble is no of small thing." Privileges, stipends, etc were all within the contract. "She knows that there will be of repercussions for her part in of it all, even if she was not so of active and when of comforted, spoke freely of what of transpired in the of exchanges. She was of mortified to discover the full of truth of what they wished. But that does not of excuse of her…disloyalty to of House Cassomir. And she was of an active part in of countering of them in of the end." Lightly reminding Adrienne that Cathrynn did take part on their 'side' even if simply having been a diversion for Piper and that small group. "It was also of a thing that was likely to be of put to of an end of sooner or of later, given of mine-brother's recent of marriage." Just Cathrynn was not going to be getting any continuing stipends with the contract broken as usually would occur.


There might be a slight flicker in her cousin's green eyes, at the reminder which was perhaps not really needed. "You have. And you know, that I… even if the decision did surprise me at the point, never would have voiced nor shown any doubt openly before the other Huntress sisters. No… In fact, I've come to change my prior opinion about you pretty quickly." A faint smile tugs at the corners of her lips, and the freckled Cassomir inclines her head in a nod, even if Emilia's remark elicits a low chuckle. "Mistress of the Hunt isn't a position to hide in the shadows with, indeed. I think we have made our point, that you don't have to rely on Raelyn to defend your position. That you have the support of the majority. The traitorous dissidents have been dealt with. What remains, is a small number of undecided, but really… what much choice can there be, if it is either traitor or no?"

This topic easier to tackle than the one of Cathrynn. "Her behaviour does indeed point to lack of loyalty, even perhaps not to the last consequence, both to you, and even to Raelyn, through not respecting her decision.", Adrienne allows. "I know of the difficulties between Cathrynn and Graham, but I thought they had overcome them, the relationship strengthened from it all. But yes…" She frowns, getting the addition about a King's cousin being considered marriage material rather sooner than later. "It was clear from the start that this would only be a temporary arrangement."


“I cannot of deny, it was surprising me in of ways as of well.” Even if for different reasons. “But it is in part mine-own of fault that such doubts were of allowed to of persist, for I did stay in of the shadows and did not seek to be of correcting assumptions that were being made.” Taking some of the blame for it all, but really who would have ever thought there would have come a need for her to take up the position? “Even Lonar has been of commenting on how I do not let of people see of me.” A faint tugging at the corners of Emilia’s lips occurring,”I am glad of that and that it was not to of late for options to be of changing.” She nods just a little,”Of aye, the point has been of made. And it is not being much of a choice.”

“Oh aye, a lack of loyalty. But I do not find it upon of the same of level of being a traitor. I doubt she would have done of anything but a bit of grousing if not of approached. And given of her reaction when of confronted with of the truth of it all, I am thinking it more of disrespect and poor of judgement. And that she has been rather given of the jolt needed to rethink of her view and opinion of me.” Emilia hesitates a little,”I of think there was of a strengthening for a time, but with the long of patrols he has been of taking to in the past of months. The difficulties were never truly of going away.” There is a small nod,”Many of things were of begun knowing they would be but of temporary. But in of this, I do not think there is of need to be stripping her of both of positions. To give of her chance to prove of herself. With of the politics at of hand, it can be of left for people to be of assuming that is of the reason for of the end. Some may of assume the truth with of the timing. But…in of knowing the of truth, do you think you could be giving her of such a chance or will your of opinion be of her be to of changed to do of so?”


"We have managed." Adrienne remarks, "And we have learned through the process." Leaving it at that, in regards to Emilia's initial difficulty of finding acceptance. She shifts a little where she sits, leaning a bit backwards, with her hands supporting her on the bed. "Everyone deserves a chance," the freckled Cassomir opines then, "why should that same chance be denied to Cathrynn…" Even so, Adrienne's tone and bearing is slightly pensive. "I'll need to speak with Graham, to offer him the support of a sister. Cathrynn… will have the support of all sisters, if she shows herself to be deserving of it. And certainly… I'll give her that chance as well." Saying that much in regards to Cathrynn.

The freckled Cassomir sighs, lifting her brows. "And now, all we can do is get back to our routines, to hope not too many have been affected. Regular patrols and archery practice units might help reestablish our daily patterns. And we should be approachable for all of our sisters who need to talk. Offering and demonstrating stability."


With the question posed, Emilia does give some notice to Adrienne's reaction, what level of thought is needed to come to a conclusion. Perhaps using it as a barometer of sorts for those others that might guess at the truth of the situation. A nod comes when Adrienne does state a second chance is possible,"Of course, just as Graham will be of having mine-support." The pair were close friends. And he had been there to support her. "I have of hope that she will of prove of herself to be deserving. I just wished to ensure that giving her a second of chance to do of so was of possible. She will not have it as rough in of that as some of those who were more of known to be within of Nia's of circle of friends, least amongst the Huntresses at of large." It would take time to move past it all, and some were certainly likely to have a rougher time in being eyed with suspicion.

"Of aye, that is of mine-plan," says Emilia with a slight nod. "I plan to of address of such when I speak with them of tomorrow. Not only of regular practices and duties, but to of continue with the newer of exercises. There is purpose and reason for of them. " A mild tugging occurs at the corners of her lips, with she and her cousin having many of the same thoughts on it all. "That is being part of why I have ensured that I was up and of about these days of past, to show of stability. " There is slight pause,"Though once some of routine is returned to, I may be of seeing to an afternoon of rest more proper of like." A thing Master Leoric likely would have preferred to happen already.


Her freckled cousin seems to have little to add to that, her smile simply keeping to that pensive cast, as her gaze drifts briefly towards the window. "We shall see what will become of it all…" A murmured remark, not really directed at anyone in particular. Green eyes cut back to Emilia then, when she continues and Adrienne nods. "I will gladly help with overseeing some of the practice, as Syrn will, probably, and other of the more experienced Huntresses. I believe we all understand that you need to rest." Her lips purse at that, as she leans forward, her hands clasped before her in her lap. "In fact everyone has certainly noticed by now, that you don't take your office lightly. It is a good basis, to work from." Her attentive gaze suggests though that this freckled Cassomir intends to watch the other Huntresses closely at the announcement. "Still. Even a Mistress of the Hunt needs some rest. Especially when having caught an arrow."


There is but a single nod at that murmured bit of words. It seemed to sum it all up in truth. They could only see where things did go in the end. A mild tugging comes at the corners of Emilia's lips at the offer to over see more of the practices. “Of aye, I thought you might be of willing to of do so along with Syrn and some of the others. There are some of other things that I would like to of ensure that you have chance to work within as of well. But of such we can go over of later. There is no of rush into all of things.” Emilia’s stoic mien perhaps taking an ever more stoic edge for a brief moment. It would take them awhile to find a way. She had time, didn’t she? “But, of aye, I would of hope it has been of noticed. And it is of a good basis.” There is a small tug at the corners of her lips,”I shall have to of work on just of how I catch of arrows. I must find a less….painful of method.” The bit of joke delivered ever so Cassomir like.


Cassomir stoicness, as is displayed likewise in the freckled features of Emilia's cousin. A stoicness that is about to fade at once, at the remark about catching arrows. Laughter ripples through Adrienne's room, when the touched one delivers the joke in usual deadpan humor.

"The best way to catch arrows, would be to evade them.", Adrienne says, nodding her head with a knowing smile.

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