(1867-07-18) All Together Again
All Together Again
Summary: Adrienne and Emilia ride out to greet Clara as she comes to Roseguard to pay a visit.
Date: 1867-07-18
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Ironhold Forest - Sunsreach - Rivana

"Stay on the roads in Ironhold!" is a common refrain amongst Rivanans. It's not that the County is particularly dangerous, though. Oh, certainly, there are a few dark legends about the shadowy, thickly forested hills that dominate the province, and every so often a group of bandits tries to take root within, though they are usually chased off or cut down in short order by the fighting men and women the County commands. There are also a good number of natural predators to be found…primarily bears, with wildcats less common but far from unheard of. No, the warning is simply because the forests are so. damned. thick. It would be very easy to get lost within them if you did not have a commanding grasp of the landscape, or at least very good navigation skills.

Fortunately, the roads that criss-cross the County are well-maintained, and the people of the villages that lie along them tend to be polite and pleasant to travelers, so long as said travelers return the courtesy (and if you fought for the Thorn in the Succession War, it's probably best to keep it to yourself). Occasionally patrols of the Iron Guard pass along the main thoroughfares (and even some of the side roads) or small groups of Ironhold's famed Huntresses might be met along the way, as well, but while the northwestern portion of the County does rise into the steep hills (mountains, really) that mark the iron mines from which the province derives its' name (as well as the mining outpost of Metalmire), and the newly granted western portion of the County boasts the bustling trading post of Rivergate, all roads really do seem to point to Iron March, the seat of the Cassomir family.


A solemn edge existed to the mood about Roseguard in the time after matters had come to light with the executions. It was not uncommon for executions in Ironhold, any more than it was for other parts of the Edge, but these had been different. The betrayal had cut deeply amongst the Huntresses themselves, it was a matter that would take time to move beyond and heal from. Life did need to begin to move forward. Especially with duties yet to attend to, matters that needed seeing to and guests still coming to Roseguard.

To that end, Emilia had invited Adrienne to ride out with her to greet a certain Princess' traveling party. A bit of air would certainly do them both some good, even if there had been a bit of 'fretting' at Emilia with her shoulder yet healing up. Syrn having given Emilia some particularly stern looks when she'd let her arm out of the sling to mount atop Onyie when they had departed. The pair of Cassomirs ending up with at least a pair of Huntresses in escort themselves as they'd set out. Even with her arm in that simple sling, Emilia's bow was slung into place behind her.

"We should come upon them of soon, the reports said they were making good of time," notes Emilia to Adrienne as they reached a turn in the road. Having been on the road about an hour themselves in the ride to meet their friend and her traveling party. "Just the question will of be if she is trying to cause them of fretting like she does have of want to do at times." Both of them had seen well how Clara tried to give her poor Lancers and guards heart attacks.


Adrienne Cassomir rides at Emilia's side, attired in her better Huntress leathers, a quiver slung over her shoulder and a bow held in her hand. Not that she expected to use it, but in the woods of Ironhold one could not be too sure. Her mahogany bay mare, going by the name of Checkmate, seems to be quite grateful to be out and about, eagerness there in the way of hooves stomping, the occasional snort and whinny. Green eyes are mostly on the road ahead, only now and then flicking to Emilia and the other Huntresses in their company.

"We know Clara…" Freckled features twist into a grin, and Adrienne's eyes glint with mischief, as she replies to the remark. "And I would assume her to have escaped her guards to ride ahead…"

Her own hair is tamed into an orderly Huntress braid, no tresses hampering the view, as Adrienne scans the road and the forest about them with her eyes. "I am looking forward to see her again. It has been some time." Her gaze cuts to Emilia, brows lifting ominously. "And so much has happened, since we last saw her."

As if on cue, the additional clopping of horse hooves can be heard around the bend….horse hooves at a leisurely pace, for the moment. And, sure enough, riding into view are a quintet of equestrians, two in front, one in the middle, and two in the back. It is obvious to see that the two in the front are scouts, astride quick and lithe sprinters, trying to look as imposing as possible, but just not quite making the grade. The two in the rear, however, are quite intimidating. Full Lancer attire, with hardly a smile between the two. The one in the middle, though…of course that’s the one to see. Princess Clara Tracano sits astride her chestnut mare, for once not immediately testing the endurance (and patience) of her guard. Of course, that isn’t to say that she hadn’t done so recently, for despite the casual pace, the auburn hair has a certain windblown quality to it…which might account for the lack of smiles from the Lancers. But, at least this time the scouts were able to keep up. It seems that her guard has learned from Clara’s antics in the past.

In fact, there is a hair brush in Clara’s hand, working at smoothing out the hair, when she rides into view of the pair of Cassomir Huntresses. One would think, being an hour out, that she would have had enough time to tidy herself. That falls by the wayside as brown eyes spy the Cassomir cousins in the road. With a wave of her hand, Clara slides the brush into a saddlebag as she spurns her mare into a trot, hurrying to meet them both in the road. “Hello to my favorite Cassomirs! I wasn’t expecting you to be out this far!” The scouts, trained well, sped up as well to stay at least next to Clara, if not ahead, as the princess in her own riding leathers meets up with her friends. “You caught me in a moment of primping. We just had a wonderful run and I must admit, Alaina selected my retinue well. They stayed with me, step for step. Oh, she says hello, by the by. She remained back at Sunsreach. Said something to the effect that escorting me would be good training for my quartet of horsemen.” There’s a tip of a wink…and the two Cassomirs just know that Clara certainly had been training them, if past experience was any indication.

The friendly demeanor gives way to concern, as Clara notices the sling that Emilia may or may not be using at the moment. “Emilia….are you hurt? What happened?” She doesn’t ask why she wasn’t told sooner, as Clara was starting to realize that she just might be a bit too inquisitive for her own good at times and is actively trying to hold back. It is apparent that she wants to ask more, but she bites her tongue (almost literally) as she slides in between Emi and Adri without asking, the three friends converging in the middle of the road. “You probably shouldn’t have been out riding. I know my way to Roseguard, and I am always protected, whether I want to be or not.”


Even with her arm in that sling, Emilia did seem to ride along easily enough. “Of aye, we do know of her and I have no of doubt that she has livened of things up all in of the guise to be of testing of them.” A thing it surely did…test them both in skill and patience. “It has been some of time, of aye. Though I did of manage to spot and of see her, even if briefly, upon my return trip from Lonnaire.” Emilia giving Adrienne a look,”But much has of happened even since of then.”

The sounds of clopping hooves does have Emilia sending a glance down the road,”There she of is….I suspect she will be of lecturing me soon of enough.” A little quirk of her lips occurring before those dark eyes turn from Adrienne and back down the road, a small nudge given to Onyie to meet the group properly.

The corners of her lips tug upwards as Clara approaches at that trot,”Oh my, I dare of say Alaina would be much of distraught to hear you speak so. For surely, I would have of thought she to be your of favorite of us all.” Emilia ever so easily delivering the tease with such calm detachment. A mild incline of her head given to the retinue after the initial exchange with Clara. The Huntresses that had accompanied the Cassomir pair moving to settle in with the scouts and Lancers to see the trio looked after and escorted in due time. “You shall have to tell her of hello, and I am most of certain you have been of putting her chosen protectors for you through their of paces.”

There is just a slight glance towards Adrienne as Clara starts the inquiry about if Emilia was hurt. Her arm currently in the sling. “Of aye, I am. I of took an arrow to of the shoulder, but it is healing of well enough. And I am most of sure Syrn is quite of agreeing with you on what I should or should not be of doing, but Master Leoric said it would be fine for such a ride.” Seeming to wait until Clara is between them properly before actually answering what happened, at a rather vague level even,”Those who were not of…pleased…with mine-appointment decided to be of acting upon their of displeasure. They have been of dealt with, so I am of fearing you maybe finding a bit of solemness to of Roseguard in of this visit.” A coldness coming to the expressions of the accompanying Huntresses with the questions that had come, the topic of the recent treachery broached. A few words being exchanged between their escorts.


Adrienne's hands pull at the reins, bringing Checkmate to a stop when she hears the hoofbeat of riders approaching. A glance is shared with Emilia, but after all, there is not much doubt as to who those riders might be. Even so, her hand comes to rest on the pommel of her fine hunting dagger, more out of reflex than concern. Her lips curve in a smile that lights up those freckled features of the Huntress, in reaction to Emilia's remark.

Attention is on the riders, green eyes taking in attentively the number and formation, and Adrienne relaxes in her posture, fingers returning to the reins of her horse. "A pity you didn't bring Alaina along," she dares to opine towards Clara, a warm smile now conquering usually so stoic Cassomir features. "I wonder why she would refuse to be reunited with her own kin…" Tease, more than complaint, as becomes clear through the glint of her eyes. If the slightly wild hairdo is noted, it does not show on Adrienne's features. Even so, this Cassomir will leave the explanations to Emilia at first, offering a nod to what her cousin says about the recent Huntress discord.

“Oh, Alaina is seeing to the safety of our Alhazredi visitors, as per my request.” Clara turns to regards Adrienne with a smile. “Besides, Alaina knows full well what trouble I can be upon a horse. I suspect that she didn’t want to keep that lovely experience all to herself and decided that she wanted to share.” That smile gains a decidedly sinful bend as Clara pulls a stray lock of hair out from before her eyes. “Your cousin seemed much too happy when I ask for her to watch over our guests. Well, as happy as a Cassomir Lancer could ever be.” Which means that there was most likely a solemn nod and a declaration of duty…followed by a ghost of a smile.

That smile of Clara’s does dim as Emilia brings up the state of Roseguard. The slightly wicked grin is replaced with a pensive expression, as she turns to regard the Mistress of the Hunt. “We have heard, on the road, that there was some trouble…and that justice had been dispensed with.” A light dancing around the fact that Clara had heard about the hangings, though nothing solid. “Rumour and speculation, as always present on one’s travels.” The princess pauses, as the eyes shift to regard the shoulder. Clara’s intuition is at work…and it doesn’t take long at all before she determines the reason for the solemnity. “The dissenters took things too far, didn’t they? I knew that they were being vocal…but I would not imagine that they attempt to harm you.” Another leap of logic is given…a guess that is ventured forth by the Tracano. “I can only assume that they were not actually intending on striking merely the shoulder. Why, it is lucky that you were not killed, Emilia!” Clara, of course, isn’t aware that Emilia purposely set herself out as bait. Otherwise, Clara might have some more choice words for her.

Regardless, Clara does shift into more of a worried state than her usual demeanor. “Syrn is a very sensible woman. Even if the healer said you could ride. If I had any say in the matter, I would have had you remain in Roseguard while I rode to you.” There is a pause, as the faint glimmer of a grin curls at the corners of Clara’s lips. “As if I could tell you to do anything you did not wish to do.” A soft giggle escapes Clara’s throat. Then, with her attention to both Cassomirs, she nods her head forward. “Shall we keep going now? We have so much to discuss..but it doesn’t mean we have to stand around to do so. I promise not to take off into a run.” There is a rather visible sigh of relief from her retinue. It seems at least that they have had enough of brisk rides today.


There is a nod as Emilia listens to Clara talk about Aliana, no doubt it was good experience for the other Lancers to look after such a willful charge. And Clara would be well and safe amongst the Cassomirs themselves, Aliana surely had faith that her cousins would keep the Princess safe. "Happier? DO not be telling of me that mine-cousin is perhaps of having a crush upon one of the Alhazredi?" A mild turn in the reasoning and take on the situation. Ever so innocently.

With topics turning to those more solemn, Emailia does gives a slight nod as Clara notes that some word had reached them on the road. It was not unexpected that such news would spread, even if not many outside of Ironhold would give much to it. Most likely. "Of aye, they did take things to of far. And faced of the consequences for of it. " Likely turning Onyie to head back homewards with a slight nudge. Setting the group back into motion before actually speaking further about the matter,"Quite of true, we do not need to be standing of around. And even if you were of taking off at of a run," Emilia noting rather of casually,"we know of the roads and of woods of here of better than of you and your of Lancers, you would not manage to get to of far without of us."

It is once they are in motion, and the guards have fallen into their own places, giving the Ladies a bit of space in the way guards do. "I am quite of sure you would have had me remain in of Roseguard and not been out of riding, but of then, you would have been riding of out if it were of you in turn. Would you of not?" A mild glance given towards Clara after sending one to Adrienne. Certain their friend would be willfully out riding too. "But of aye, they were not of aiming for mine-shoulder. Their of plan was to see of me of eliminated, it was of a thing they have been of planning for of some of time. I was simply of giving them of the opening to of act and of ensure there was no of question of their of intent and the of treachery in of their hearts revealed in full for of all. It is not of how I would have been of wishing for things to have gone, but it is of done." A mild shift of her dark eyes,”It did see of Adrienne and a few of others earning reward from Raelyn, so it was not all of bad in of the end.” Valor and honor earned was never a bad thing, right?


Adrienne cannot help but smirk slightly, at Clara's account of Alaina being happy to get a few weeks of break from such demanding task as to look after a certain sneaky rebellious princess. "I understand," she says, a twinkle in her green eyes acknowledging the subtle dig at Lancer happiness channelled through Cassomir stoicness. Emilia's counter about Alaina perhaps having a crush on an Alhazredi is observed with a faint amused smile, her eyes lowering for a moment. She seems to have no objection to ride on, even so her expression tightens into a slight frown when Emilia speaks of their recent Huntress ordeal. "Aye. They aimed to kill. And they failed." And paid for their folly. Adrienne glances towards Emilia when she speaks of the reward and the honor, a slight blink there of green eyes in a freckled face. "I helped, didn't require any reward really beyond that Emilia would live through it all," she says quietly. "I won't claim though, that Raelyn's acknowledgement of my efforts was not welcome." A measured smile there. "The matter in its entirety was less pleasant, especially considering the effects on our sistership and how we will be viewed by others." Reins are given to Checkmate, allowing the mahogany bay mare to fall in with the others as they continue towards Roseguard.

Was there just a mention of Alaina wanting to stay behind because of a crush? That little tidbit, which normally Clara would have latched onto, is completely pushed to the side as Clara turns to Adrienne, her brown eyes locking upon the Huntress. “They…aimed to kill?” That gaze shifts, slowly, from Adrienne to Emilia, as a certain previous conversation replays in Clara’s mind…and a throw-away comment is brought to the forefront. “You planned to make yourself a target.” The words are not phrased as a question. It is most certainly a statement, spoken in a cool, calm and most serious tone of voice. And for a moment…and just a moment, Clara levels a look of such gravity towards Emilia that there can be no mistaking Clara is truly the descendant of knights and kings.

Then the look subsides, and Clara continues, repeating her last statement. “You planned to make yourself a target. And I missed that in our last talk because I was too distracted in my revelation regarding your brother. I must be terrible.” No lecture from the princess yet. But, it is only a matter of time before it will happen. After the Tracano gets over her initial guilt trip, one would imagine. She remains quiet for a few moments as she wrestles with some inner turmoil…looking sufficiently pensive in the process.

Then, those brown eyes, considerably softer now, fixate back upon Adrienne’s countenance. “Well then, I am glad that you was there to help Emilia fend off the attack. Had I been a better friend, I would have ensured I was at both of your sides at the same time.” Despite the fact that Clara knows it was a Huntress matter to resolve, there is no question that she would have gladly assisted. “Though, perhaps it was for the best. The instigators may not have made their play if I was around.”


A slight nod goes to Adrienne,”Of aye, it was of unpleasant.” Especially to the depths it went. “There will be views changed, but of in the end, I think it will make us of stronger, and people will see of it. And they will of see that we do not of excuse poor of behavior,” that’s putting it mildly,” even from those who are of seen to be our of favored.” As there was no denying that the Cassomir girls were closer to the Huntresses, for fair enough reason. “I do not of think any of sought honor, but I am of glad that Raelyn was of doing such.”

Not that there was ever mistaking that Emilia was the daughter of the Iron Baron, a descendent of heros and of those most stoic, but the rather dispassionate and emotionless look that Emilia gives Clara in return does continue to prove it. Very simply pointing out,” I was already being of their target.” Just nodding to Clara notion that it was a point that was missed in their last meeting.

“You are not of terrible. And you are of a great of friend. But I would not have allowed you to be of there and risked of you. I had of Adrienne and Syrn with me. And,” there is just a slight pause before Emilia adds with a look to Clara,”Lonar was of near keeping of watch. Raelyn of insisted upon of that.” A slight raise of her brow occurs,”If they had known I was being of aware and was directing of their…play…I doubt they would have kept to their of plan and plot. “ Oh yes, she just said she let them try and kill her.


Emilia's wild guess at Alaina having a crush on one of the Alhazredi did not elicit much more than a faint lift of a brow, Adrienne's gaze lingering briefly on Clara instead. Speaking of potential crushes on Alhazredi…? But luckily, the topic has already shifted back to the recent Huntress matter, before the freckled Cassomir could give her own comment.

"Aye," Adrienne confirms instead towards Clara Tracano, her demeanour sobering a little. "And it was necessary to let it come that far, as to…" Green eyes flit towards Emilia, "make our point. To prove their vile plan, by allowing it to proceed as far as needed." Holding that dark gaze for a moment, before glancing back towards the princess. "And… more importantly, to prove Emilia earned her position for a reason. She fought on her own, with an arrow in her shoulder, and overcame their leader… the primal cause for the discord on her own. Syrn and I took merely care of the two others." A light shrug of a shoulder there. Her lips twitch into a faint smile at the mention of Lonar, yet Adrienne cannot help but add: "He was there, as backup, but I think it was better for all involved that he did not have to interfere. Allowing us to deal with the Huntress matter, without the help of outsiders."

Tilting her head a little, Adrienne gives Clara a look. "Don't feel bad for not being there. We would have incurred the wrath of our Queen and our King, for exposing you to the danger that is more or less our duty." A fine smile curves her lips. "Either way, I am happy you are here. It will offer some needed diversion, at least for Emilia and I. As we will be stuck here at Roseguard for a bit, until we and our Huntress sisters have had the chance to digest the whole matter."

“Oh, I doubt it would have upsetted the Queen terribly much, but yes, I probably would have had a lecture from Alysande for taking unnecessary risks.” Clara speaks as if she had experienced a lecture or two before about that very thing. “Of course, if Jaren knew of what Emilia had planned…” and, with that, there is a glance towards the aforementioned Cassomir from the corner of Clara’s eye…”he might have had a lecture primed and ready for her, too.” Clara uses the names so easily…rather than the honorifics, showing just how comfortable she has gotten with her position and her family. There is a light laugh, as the three ride on at a leisurely pace towards Roseguard. “So, far be it for me to dictate publicly what an incredible risk Emilia took to uncover her would-be assassins. As if I had any right to speak on it.” Except…Clara just did, in that round-about Courtly way in which one speaks about things without actually directly speaking about such. And…Clara did say ‘publicly’. There might be a choice phrase or three for Emilia once doors are closed and Lancers are not about.

But not now. Now is time to talk of other things. Though, the mention of Lonar being at the ready does earn Emilia a slight nod and a smile. If Clara couldn’t assist before, then she was glad that Emilia was as protected as possible. “Well, I was going to try to get you to consider some dress designs, Emilia….but, since your arm is injured….” The tone is rather sing-song as the words lift from Clara’s lips. She is teasing, as only Clara can, with the smile gaining an decidedly evil twist. “I guess I will have to use Adri as my victim, err, volunteer for dress modeling.” There is another laugh at that, as brown eyes dance between Cassomirs. “Unless you two think another Huntress would prefer playing dress-up? Somehow I don’t think they would be as willing.”

Then, a slight shift. “Oh, Emilia! Did Tiadora respond to your inquiry about visiting Roseguard? I had half a notion to start the hand-to-hand combat training…but obviously it can’t be from you for the moment. Maybe…Maybe Adrienne can start with what she knows? Or, you know, I could always ask Devlin.” Another one of those sly grins is given, just for Emilia’s sake. Clara can be such a tease when she wants to be. “I could always wait until I get back to ask Alaina, too. But, after our whirlwind training so I can wield a short sword…I may want to wait on asking her. She is a strict taskmaster, that cousin of yours.”


A slight nod occurs as Adrienne notes it was necessary to let things go so far. It had not been the best of ideas, but nothing about it had been…good. Emilia allowing Adrienne to tell what had happened. "Your part was of important, Adrienne." She couldn't have taken all three on by herself. A small tilt of her head,"Of aye, it was of better he did not of need to interfer." For many reasons. "He thought of so as of well, that it of best to be of handled as of it was. But he has of his protective of streak as of well, it was not taking of much to get him to of agree to Raelyn's of wish to have him of as of an extra set of eyes for watching."

Emilia's dark eyes shift back to Clara,"Of aye, you would have of gotten of a lecture. And no of doubt, I would have gotten half of a dozen of them for of allowing you to take such of a risk." Not that it would exactly have been 'allowing' as it were. "I am of doubting that Jaren has of time to give attention to such of matters of Ironhold, let of alone to bother with of lecturing of me." There was probably something to be said for Emilia's timing on it all. There is a mild look from the corner of her eyes at Clara, in saying without saying. Simply noting,"It was of an internal of Huntress of matter, even of Raelyn did not of interfere to of settle of things." Which…took no small matter of willpower on Raelyn's part. Emilia knowing all to well…this was not the last she would be hearing on the matter from Clara all the same.

As the topic shifts, and to…dresses…."I am just so horridly of disappointed to be of hearing of that. I am entirely of certain Adrienne will not of mind to take of my place and be such of a focus of your dress modeling." Considering for a few moments,"There might be one or of two would might not mind so of much, though I do not think they would quite have such of use for your finer of ideas, I fear." Something about most of the Huntresses being commoner and only in need of much simpler frocks.

There is a shake of Emilia's head,"I did not receive of anything that was of a solid of response. She was going to see if she could make of time in her of schedule s there was of interest. But I have yet to receive anything of definite. But just because mine-shoulder is of healing does not of mean such of training cannot of begun." A side long look given to Adrienne first. "Adrienne can of help, and do not of count me of out simply because of an injury, after of all….just like one must of learn to defend of oneself when they of run out of arrows, one must also learn of ways to do of so once injuries have been taken." A slight pause coming after Clara goes through all her options,"You say of that as if you expect any of other of Cassomir to be any of less of a strict of teacher. We do take such of things quite of serious." Emilia just rather ignoring the whole mention of Devlin in there.


Gosh! The talk of dresses. It makes the freckled Cassomir roll her eyes ever so slightly, even if the look she gives Clara Tracano does show off a good-natured glint. "You need a victim? I have certainly experienced worse as to be frightened at such prospect," Adrienne quips, her lips curving upwards in a smile. "I am no longer shying away from dresses and the like." Said as her green eyes shift from the Princess to the road ahead of them. A nod she offers to Emilia's acknowledgement of her efforts. "Of course! And I believe, we should not underestimate the group effort exercised there, and the meaning of who it was that helped you, Emilia.", she remarks with a raised brow.

Adrienne's head turns then, to regard her cousin when Emilia assures Clara, that Adrienne could indeed step in, tutoring the princess in hand to hand combat. "I know a thing or two about the use of swords," the freckled one assures. "But… we all know, that Graham would be more skilled in teaching you the finer and more advanced techniques. I suppose I should be a decent teacher though for the basics. I shall gladly offer to train you, your highness, and be very honored to do so!" A hint of irony may lace the tone of Adrienne, yet her smile that accompanies the words is genuine enough.

The mention of Tiadora has the Huntress shoot Clara a curious glance. "Would she come? On her own?", Adrienne wonders, her gaze flickering just a little.

The princess gives in to the laugh that was building inside of her. The rolling of Adrienne’s eyes seemed to be the tipping point, as it becomes apparent, if it wasn’t before, that Clara was only using the dress threat as exactly that…an empty threat intended to get exactly the sort of response Clara received. A thought, completely unbidden, pops up. That of dresses being a more effective Emilia deterrent than arrows and weapons, which produces a visual of a faceless individual scaring off Emilia simply by holding a dress in front of her. This image almost causes Clara to burst out in another round of laughter….but, wisely, she holds it in, for amusing as it is the image is hardly appropriate at this time. Still, it takes a good deal of the Tracano’s willpower to keep the visual, and the laughter, to herself. Instead, what comes out of her mouth is a declaration of intent. “I do not need a victim. I did not bring any such finery with me than my usual assortment, to keep up appearances. I did, however, bring along some extra outfits that would not look amiss at all upon any Huntress.” With that, her voice pitches downward, to a conspiratorial whisper, only meant for the two Cassomirs on either side of her. “I had thought that Cricket may make a visit. Though I know not how, presently.”

Clara then straightens up in her saddle, and turns her attention fully to Adrienne, all whilst everyone keeps riding to Roseguard. “It was Tiadora’s idea originally for the fighting lessons! At least, that is what Emilia said. I had thought that it would be a wonderful idea if we both did the lessons. That way, Tia feels more comfortable about it…and we might have a bit of fun besides.” Then, with a tap of a finger to her temple, she nods to Adri. “So…I think yes. Tia would come on her own.” Then Clara pauses, pointedly glancing at her entourage, and adds..”Well…as ‘on her own’ as her brother will allow, of course.” That comment comes with a smile. “If he is anything like Martyn, she might end up with 30 retainers, just for a ride out to Ironhold. You would have to clear out the Inn just to house them all.”

Adrienne is delivered a wry grin as the Huntress drops the ‘Your Highness’ bomb on Clara. When Adrienne knows full well Clara’s views on using honorifics amongst friends. In retaliation, Clara shifts into Court mode, a game Emilia knows rather well, as the two of them engaged in it (in jest) with Emilia’s last visit to Sunsreach. Up goes the hand as it flutters into an appropriation of a greeting. The head bows and, for just a moment, so does the horse, as Clara uses her best vocalization possible, the words dripping with propriety. “It will be my most distinct pleasure to receive instruction from such as individual as yourself, dear Lady Adrienne Cassomir.” The full title used, and still that smirk upon her face. Clara drops the courtly mannerisms, yet keeps that same affectation to her speech. “And, of course, you will treat me as you would any Huntress that would seek counsel. Otherwise, I feel we would be a frightful mess trying to conduct our business in full Court attire.” In other words, there will be none of that silly ‘Highness’ name calling while training.


There is just an ever so slight rise of a brow in turn by Emilia, to that raised brow look Adrienne gives her. “I do not of believe it has ever been under of estimated, least not by of me.” Those dark eyes studying Adrienne for a few moments before shifting between her cousin and the giggling Princess. “Is that of so?” Is the comment on the matter of Adrienne no longer shying away from dresses. “Then it does of seem, Clara, you are having more of an active volunteer then victim in Adrienne.” Certainly meaning Emilia is less likely to be a target with her cousin now being willing. Right? It also likely a very good thing that Clara’s vision is not vocalized, the nightmares that Emilia would end up with. Dresses chasing after her, dancing around her, jumping out from the shadows. Just horrifying!

“Oh aye, it was of Tiadora’s idea, or being more of a request, to learn of some defense in of hands.” The fingers of her unaligned hand toying slightly with the reins,”Graham is perhaps of better versed in of sword, as he has been of teaching of me. But with lessons in of hands, especially with of Tiadora to be of a part, I am of thinking it best for the lessons to be of coming from another of female.” Emilia just imagining how mortified Tiadora might end up if having to grapple with a boy!

“There is of plenty of room in of Roseguard to be housing such of a contingent, resorting to of the inn is not of required. And certainly not in having to of empty of it.” All the empty, empty rooms in the great big, shiny new castle. “She often of seems to of travel with her of cousin, I could of see Sir of Aidric riding of out with of her for the trip.” A slight pause before she adds,”After of all he might have reason and wish to spend a brief of visit after ensuring her safely of arrived.” Ever so stoic in speaking that little addition.

Falling quiet as that bit of Courtly airs are played at between the other two. Pondering over an earlier comment it would seem. Emilia’s voice softer, but loud enough to be heard amongst the trio,”It would be more of difficult for Cricket of here….the of Huntresses of know of each other, and of the trainees. There are still of…escapes that are of possible, but perhaps not so of much a night out upon of the town.” In Roseguard, the citizens were more familiar with the Huntresses in regular interactions than those of Sunsreach. “But there is of time to consider. First we must get you of settled so you may continue of on with your primping.”


The mirth of Clara Tracano is perceived and echoed in Adrienne's green eyes. "Oh, I suspect you enjoy having victims for fitting dresses, but blessed we are indeed that there isn't any social occasion currently scheduled, that would require new gowns, such as weddings and the like." Of which there had been a few. She tilts her head, when the princess lowers her tone for her conspiratorial remark, green eyes flitting from Clara to Emilia. "Perhaps not Cricket," she chimes in after Emilia's comment on the matter. "But a princess in practical leathers, occasionally. Here at Ironhold we are free to undertake our own activities, even including a princess for such things as riding out to the forest, archery… Training in hand-to-hand combat…" Green eyes alight when Clara elaborates, and Emilia offers even more clarification. "Ah I see. I can offer instruction to both Tiadora and you then, Clara." Adrienne smirks, omitting the honorific this time. "And trust me. I shan't be particularly soft on either of you." A hand reaches to pat Checkmate, as the Huntress leans forward in her saddle, gaze shifting to the road ahead. "In fact, I have more experience in fighting with my bare hands than with a blade. I believe I can show you a trick or two."

Freckled features are in for a light blush, when Emilia Cassomir mentions a certain Carling who might accompany Tiadora on her visit, even so Adrienne will attempt to keep her demeanor in check and her tone casual, as her gaze flits towards her touched cousin. "It wouldn't be his first time visiting, and I daresay Lord Aidric is not the man who will keep away just because… he might receive a less than warm welcome, because of his past." Oh, she sounds so matter-of-factly, feigning only mild interest, but who is she to fool? The two close friends of hers who are perfectly aware of her amorous involvement with Sir Aidric Carling?

“I suppose you are right. Little Cricket is a shy one…she may be too reserved to be seen.” Clara does begrudgingly agree, though it is apparent she would have had fun trying to fool everyone. “It still means that a princess must still look the part, even in leathers. Fortunate for me to have brought my personal set.” Obviously, she is referring to her usual set Clara uses when she participates in archery contests…the finely crafted yet functional leather armor with gold filigree that was the basis of the prize a certain other Cassomir won at the Sunsreach tournament…but never wears. “It wouldn’t look proper for a princess to have to borrow a set of leathers from such a shy commoner huntress such as our little Cricket.” In other words….Clara’s keeping her alter ego’s wardrobe out of the people’s eye. Probably a smart move from the adventurous Tracano. She does shift her attention to Adrienne at the mention of training. “Oh, so you promise to be as strict as your Lancer cousin, then? We could certain trade lessons, you and I.” Though, as to what lessons Clara speaks of remains rather ambiguous. “It does sound that you have a lot of experience with your hands.” Then, as an aside, Clara adds with a perfectly straight face. “Perhaps that is why Lord Carling is so enamoured with you.” Innuendo from the princess? You best be believing it.

Clara presses onward towards Roseguard, while shifting back to the topic of the Carling. “Would you like if I send for my cousin? I am sure I could find an appropriate reason for summoning his presence. Perhaps I shall commission him to compose a missive of the history of the Huntresses?” Then, with just the slightest of glances to Adrienne, with barely a hint of a smile, the princess continues. “I could assign him to a Huntress, for appropriate fact gathering. No one would question my reasoning. Well…not to my face, at any rate. Now then, who do you think I should choose as his Huntress liason?” The princess turns to Emilia. “I cannot assign him to you, my dear Emilia. Being Mistress of the Hunt, you would certainly be a boon to his research, but you are far too busy a person. Besides as such, you still need to heal.” A quick verbal jab at Emilia’s shoulder. Clara has not forgotten about her friend’s nearly suicidal actions. “And we certainly cannot expose Aidric to some of the younger Huntresses. His charms would overwhelm them and nothing would get done. So…we would need an older, more experienced Huntress.” Finally, with the wicked smirk now fully in place, Clara leans over to Emilia in an exaggerated gesture and mock whispers, loud enough for Adri to hear. “You think Syrn will be free?”

The road soon is witness to a giggling sound that can only be Clara. She straightens back up in her saddle and tips a wink to Adrienne. “I do hear that charm is inherent within the Tracano bloodline. Seeing how Aidric is a cousin, that would mean that there has bound to be some of that charm within. If one knows how to use it, one can tear down walls with a little bit of charm.” Clara’s eyes flicker to Adrienne, as her prime example. “Shall I summon for him when we get to Roseguard? I am sure he would be most willing to start on whatever project I deem appropriate.” Then, with a nod forward, she quickens the pace of her horse. Not to a full tilt run, much to the relief of her retinue…but to a slightly quicker canter. “Come on…we have a lot to do yet today!”


"Take of care what you of say, Adrienne…She just might of well ensure there are of parties that are requiring of new dresses just so she might have such of victims." Emilia fairly certain Clara would come up with some reason, should she truly wish it. Giving a nod to Adrienne's added comments concerning Cricket and what might be done. "Of aye, should a Princess wish to of seem more a Huntress, we do have extra of leathers. Though of personal of ones do always of wear of better." Maybe some hint to reason why that certain Cassomir never wears that other set of leathers. And they were just….so flashy! For Emilia.

Any comments on training, least that for Clara and Tiadora are discarded as it seems the focus does rather become a certain Carling. "That may well of be," muses Emilia just lightly to that suggestion from Clara on just why the man might be enamoured with her cousin. "Which I am of sure, while most give a less than of warm welcome, that there is of at least one who gives him a most warm of welcome. I of suspect that may well of give him of incentive to venture of again into Ironhold. Of aye?" Easily joining in with the turn of teasing, even if there was little drifting from that stoic bent in expression and tone by Emilia.

"Oh, that would be a fine thing to of commission, and I dare of say he might well of enjoy the adventurous of turns within the history. He does seem to of enjoy writing of such things." Emilia giving a small nod to Clara as this idea and plan is laid out. "Of true, I am of busy, and need time to yet of heal." Ever so smoothly just passing over that verbal jab in her own way. A finger twitching slightly with the reins as she considers that suggestion delivered in such a mock whisper. Leaning a little as she gives response, in suitable stoic mock-whispering, "She might of be. Hanna might have a few of moments as of well, though you of know, I do of bet mine-other cousin would be quite a fine of option with her of mother having been our of former of Mistress of the Hunt."

Dark eyes give Clara a bit of study as the matter of charm is discussed. Emilia eventually looking over to her cousin, poor Adrienne! "I am of believing, that Clara is of saying she spends of her time charming of you into of a dress, so her of cousin might use of his charm to be getting you out of it." Oh yes, she just said that. And in perfectly stoic fashion at that! Giving Onyie a light kick to quicken to the canter Clara moves her horse into, tucking that slinged arm in a bit closer to keep it from bouncing about.


"Well, of course," Adrienne starts to reply to Clara, when the princess refers to the Huntress's skill with the hands, even so the rare blush that creeps onto her features is doomed to intensify at the innuendo following. "Ummm…?" A speechless Adrienne being the consequence. "I'm not sure, Sir Aidric Carling of all would be… accepted as the fitting choice to… put the history of the Huntresses to words!", she objects faintly. Only to freeze in shock when Clara goes on about picking a fitting Huntress for Aidric's research. Brows jump upwards even as her green eyes narrow on Clara. "Syrn…?", she echoes in a voice that is barely above an astonished whisper. It is clear Adrienne is not used to beíng teased like that, or she would not make such an easy prey. "Sure," is all she has to offer in not quite convincing matter-of-factly tone, when Clara once again offers to summon him.

Her eyes flick towards Emilia who joins in on the teasing, Adrienne's brows lifting in obvious astonishment and even silent rebuke. There is a long moment during which she just maintains her silence, even if her eyes cannot help but roll and even glare faintly at her touched cousin. "You two are so funny," she snorts finally, shaking her head as she turns her gaze pointedly away towards the road ahead of them. "And I know I should object, to at least maintain a proper facade! Yet." And here her eyes cut back to her giggling companions. "I shall do no such thing. I won't deny that my acceptance of dresses has grown; it may have to do with a certain former Thorn. And with that said. Yes. I do hope to see him again." Meeting their amusement with slight irritation and grumbling honesty.

Without missing a beat, Clara’s voice chimes in. “Splendid! Then I shall summon him as soon as we get back to Roseguard!” And…with the pace the princess established, that might end up being sooner rather than later. There might be a little lilt to her voice, as the trio all know Clara is teasing slightly, but there is an definitive tone about that seems to lend weight to Clara’s words. She actually may summon Aidric…which, in comparison to some of the other situations Clara has arraigned, is perfectly within Clara’s method of operations. She turns to flash a smile towards Adrienne. “Now, doesn’t that feel good? To admit that you look forward to seeing someone? When it is just us three, proper facades are not required.” Of course, Clara wouldn’t care if protocol is followed or not regardless…but there are things even she cannot control.

A smirk is fired back to Emilia, as Emilia drops her own slightly risque comment in true Emilia style. Despite the stoicness (or perhaps because of it) a laugh escapes from Clara as she nods. “Exactly! Perhaps we work in tandem, my cousin and I. Perhaps I provide dresses simply so that he can charm them off.” The thought produces another laugh, then a shake of the head. “No, I am not that manipulative. Rest assured, we are not working in secret. There’s nothing to gain from my part. Hardly a good bargain.” Again with the teasing, but mingled with truth. Clara wouldn’t do that sort of thing. “And don’t worry. Once I gain a paramour, you both have free reign to tease me incessantly about it. I will most certainly deserve it by that point.” Another quickening of step…still technically a canter, but faster. Clara’s on the verge of a run and this time, it is apparent she is fighting against her lesser judgement. She so wants to run…but is thinking of her entourage. At least now it is evident that Clara does have restraint…when she wants to.


It is such an innocently stoic look that Emilia gives to Adrienne, with ease, when Adrienne gives her that look of astonishment and rebuke. Not a difficult thing for her really, for while Clara was inclined to giggle and laugh, Emilia remained stoic throughout. “If you summon of him, you do risk of Adrienne not being of available to be of helping to teach any hand of combat lessons.”

A faint look goes to Clara at the mention of facades not being needed when it was just the three of them. Alas for Emilia, certain ones were always needed. Her dark eyes do shift back towards her cousin for a moment,”I am of agreeing with Clara, there is not such of a need when it is of just us. We would know too of well that such an objection is of without true substance. “ Her fingers lightly shift on the reins, perhaps gaining better hold with the increased speed they have moved their horses too. “Perhaps as an appreciation for all of your help, a might of time off should be of arranged, especially if he is of summoned. Or perhaps reason found to be sending you to of Sunsreach for a time, of aye?” There seeming a lack of tease in the moment, but more genuine desire to aid and conspire to help her cousin see her Thorny paramour.

“I am of thinking you are already quite of deserving of it, Clara.” Between the teasing of them. And poor Tiadora,”Do you not of agree, cousin?” Waiting for a response of sorts, before Emilia tucks her slinged arm in against her a bit more securely. A look to the Lancers as she raised her voice enough for them, and the Huntresses, to hear,”Do not of worry if you are not of able to keep of up, the Huntresses of will keep with of us.” It was at least some earning, before Emilia sets Onyie into a full run. The black stallion surging out and with a bit of a leap sending her past Clara. Perhaps having sensed Clara desire and that fight, or simply trying to save her cousin from further teasing, she takes lead in opening up to that run to speed them towards Roseguard. The Huntresses off in the same instant as Emilia, having easily taken up the warning.


"He is not here yet," Adrienne replies with a faint hint of good-natured grumpiness, to Clara's suggestive question. Of course she is aware of no facades being necessary. And so the laughter that spills from her lips next will show genuine yet rare Cassomir mirth. Her freckled features soften into a smile. "You provide dresses for him to charm off. By the One, Clara. You can be certain I will tease back relentlessly, once you have found yourself such a paramour."

Green eyes narrow in the direction of Emilia. "I should still find the time to offer training," the freckled Cassomir disagrees, even if the next remark of her cousin elicits a thoughtful, slightly intrigued smile. "Maybe I shall get back to you on that offer," she allows. "Yet for now, no time off is planned." A nod then. "Aye, she would deserve it," Adrienne adds with a grin, spurring Checkmate on to catch up with Emilia, even if only halfheartedly taking part in that race.

“As if you haven’t tried after my admission about a certain Wraith I had fancied in the past.” Yes, that particular Wraith that still manages to make Clara blush, though she is getting better at keeping her composure about her. “But I will get your lord here…or, you there, with Emilia’s assistance.” There is an almost certainty to her words that is evident, even when spoken in joviality as they are now. “And once we do, then I won’t bother providing a wardrobe, since I sincerely doubt you would be needing it much at all.” Another mirthful jab, but soft (and vague) enough to mean a myriad of things…and not all of them naughty, either. “And yes, I fully deserve whatever comes to me from the both of you whenever I do gain a suitor…wanted or not. I would be dreadfully disappointed if you didn’t poke fun.”

Clara glances back to her protectors for a moment. The moment, of course, where Emilia decides to spur forward into a run. With Clara’s eyes open wide, the princess hesitates, already feeling somewhat guilty about running her guards so recently. Clara tarries for a second longer, debating within herself, then calls back to her guard. “I’m so sorry! I will see you at Roseguard!” Then, the princess turns and urges her chestnut mare onward into a full gallop, taking off after both Cassomirs. “Hey! Wait for me!”

So much for brushing that hair of hers…

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