(1867-08-18) In Line for Ostvor
In Line for Ostvor
Summary: Nobles from Rivana wait to use the faegate to get to Ostvor for the tourney
Date: 1867-08-18
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Faegate - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Roses bloom in the gardens surrounding the faegate at Sunsreach. Due to international politics, only certain gates from each nation were allowed to access others outside their holdings, and the Sunsreach gate is one of the few in Rivana with that priviledge. The faegate itself sits in the center of the gardens that surround it, seemly made of everblooming rose vines held up in a circle.

The gatewardens are part arcane lore and part cat herders as they keep the nobles (and few commonfolk with the coin for gate travel) in lines snaking the gardens while keeping the area around the gate itself clear between openings. The gate only opens for a short time, allowing a handful to pass (if even a handful are going to that same destination) and then shutting down for several minutes before allowing itself to reopen to a new location.

Some days the gate is finicky and those down times are longer than others. There are two parties ahead of where young Lord Liam stands, one hand on his horse's bridle, a heavy pack on his back and two large panniers on his mount. It is to Ostvor for him, to see how he fares in the Circuit Tournament taking place there in a few days time.

He is not alone in his wait, as there are many others intending on the same destination.

A pack was settled on Emilia's back stuffed with whatever paticulars she was taking with her to Ostvor. A smaller pouch tied to her belt, a thing her hand idly touched as she looked over some of the others who were also in the queue waiting to gate on out. A glance eventually back to her sister,"Have you of decided if you'll be of taking part in of the archery of again?" Shifting the look over to LIam and his pack mule…er…knightly charger. "Does he do of well with the gates, or just as well as to be of expected?"

It has been some months since Dawn has been to a tournament to watch, and the woman intends to enjoy the fading season of summer then before the weather chills. She arrives in more casual attire for travel, prefering comfort over fashion then along with the others on a somewhat cinnimon-splotch collared mare as her mount then, some packs upon it and travel bags. And of course a healing kit at her side then, and as she waits she idly strokes along the muzzle of her steed, speaking quietly over to the mare then and looking upon others in passing as she stood in the line waiting for travel and stands alongside it. Trying to crane her neck to look ahead

Thaddeus stands with his retinue, including his squire. Dressed for travel, comfortable yet stylish, the Greycen heir awaits near the horses his retinue is bringing, his tourney horse and a normal riding horse with his other horse for Gawain's use. Thad crosses his arms as he holds the reins to the tourney horse. His wife and child are not making the travel this go around, but he does not seem to mind.

"He's well trained," Liam replies evenly. "And I'll put the blinders on him before I lead him in. That seems to help a fair bit." He gives a half-smile before his face returns to seriousness. "But a knight's horse should be able to handle such things. It might frighten them, but like a knight, they control their fear rather than letting fear control them," he adds. From anyone else, it might sound pompous. From Liam, it sounds as if he is simply stating fact.

"Perhaps you shall come home to one," Raelyn lightly teases Emilia, with a bit of warmth to address her sisters curiousity. The fact she has come with her bow, and is presently in an outfit similar, yet to the trained eye apart from the Huntresses, too, might suggest that she is going to take place in the competition again. "As for wither or not I'll compete, I've not made up my mind. But in truth, I'd be hard pressed to best my performance at the last Tourney," she admits.

You can always tell when there's a Tourney or some other major event afoot, as the lines for travel grow quite noticeably. On any given day, the Gatewardens and masked Gatekeepers see perhaps a dozen parties travelling by gate. After all, the fees are steep by many standards, and you cannot exactly send large groups via Faegate. Days like today? They may see triple that. It's remarkable how calm and generally affable the Gatewardens tend to remain, engaging in polite conversation with those that are waiting, and with additional members "brought up" to insure everything keeps going in an orderly fashion. The Gatekeepers, however, are masked and largely silent. Just another aspect of the mystery that surrounds these holders of critical and highly secret information.

But Raimond Giraldi isn't really thinking about any of that right now, in the company of a couple attendants and guards, and his war horse and packhorse. He'll be going ahead of his brother and possibly even his mother to secure their lodging and make sure everything remains comfy for the well-heeled familiy. There had been a bit of time where he and the Mirza Ania Khare discussed travelling together, but ultimately Ania's liege ruled out her travel to another nation without any of the rest of the entourage. Ah well. He'll just have to be focused on his work then…and on performing well in the Tourney itself, of course. He's still well in contention to take the Circuit, after all.

Stephen Cassomir remains beside his wife Raelyn, occasionally murmuring something quietly to her or Emilia, but as is often the case with him, generally remaining silent and observing. Still, he seems in a fair mood, and gives his brother a smile and a lift of a hand in greeting when he spies him ahead of him in line.

"If you don't, perhaps I will." Stephen notes of Raelyn's competition (or lack thereof), "I think I'm in need of redeeming my performance in one Tourney or another."

Dawn looks on ahead, listening as best she can then to some of the back and forth chatter, otherwise attending to her mare idly then and just listening. She looks ahead, watching in the direction of the Gate curiously. Content to mingle then and otherwise adjusting her healer's kit on her side then as she looks at the rest of the Rivanans, in seeming good cheer as she listens to the rest of the group.

Tristan stands off to the side, murmuring several things in Elaida's ear that will probably make her blush a little. He leaves her with their attendants and guards to oversee some of the remaining preparations for their journey to move towards a young girl and a woman. He bends down on one knee and gives his daughter a hug, and kisses her on the forehead, making promises to bring back a present. A few minutes later, he has returned to Elaida's side and glances around at the others, nodding at those he recognizes.

Emilia gives a nod to Liam,"It is of true, they sholud be of able to of control of their fear. They are trained for of it. And it would not of due for a knight to have another of horse but of their own to ride in tournament." It was a simple response from the exceedingly stoic Cassomir.

A brow raises just a little ro Raelyn at the teasing turn of a phrase. Not entirely sure just what her sister is on about, even if that was impossible to really tell. "Of aye, it would be of hard to of beat of that of performance. But that is not of meaning you won't be of trying. And I am of guessing we will of find out when you do or do of not appear upon of the field. " A small incline of her head to Stephen,"Somme of company on of the field would be of appreciated. And perhaps if you do manage to of redeem yourself, we will have something to of discuss." Was she serious?

Raelyn turns to her husband, curiously amused, and she inclines her head, "Then, I shall have to gift you my favor," she promises him, cheerfully. "But just remember, you're representing the Cassomir name." Still, she seems more in good spirits, teasing, than meaning anything of it. She nods towards the Wardens, musing, "I do not envy their work. It is oft thankless. And few people enjoy the gate travel." Herself included. Raelyn has made little secret of her disdain for Gate sickness, even if she understands the necessity of it.

Liam nods to Emilia, agreeing with her simple response. He pats his horse's neck momentarily before shifting several paces forward as the next party is called up and the line moves.

Princess Elaida stays beside her guard, Lord Sir Quentyn, only moving when the line does. The retinue that the Tracanos are bringing suits Prince Tristan well, but his quieter, less showy wife is a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people and possessions they are taking for a three week trip to Couviere.

Plus, she's has never been to Couviere. She's nervous.

Stephen looks askance at Emilia, brow furrowing slightly in curiousity at her mysterious hint of conversations to come, but he has instinct enough to guess that now is not the time for such discourse, and instead turns his attention back to his wife, chuckling softly, "Of course. I'll do my best to bring honor to the name." He follows her gaze to the Wardens and notes just a touch wryly, "Probably a lot worse for the ones on the receiving gate, it's true. Not that they don't get plenty of both." No one's a fan of Gatesickness, certainly, but if Stephen has any particular aversion beyond the common-sense one, he gives no sign of it.

Raimond Giraldi is well-accustomed to gate travel, and has more than once travelled through gates that are considerably more…discomfiting…than those operated by the Order of the Vigil (but shhh! That's a secret!). He maintains the smiling front. Certainly not looking forward to the next day or two, but like Raelyn, knowing it's a necessity that must be endured. The price of time and convenience, it seems. Were he a particularly devout sort, he'd think it arranged by the One to be exactly that. But having ties to the Marchettes of Pacitta certainly goes a long way towards demystifying gate travel.

Dawn has the general remedies available in her healer's pouch to help deal with Gate sickness, as best one can at least have commonly available. Otherwise, heading to Couviere again for the tournament is giving her a sense of peace then that she discovered on her last tournament in the region she attended. So, she glances over at some of the others then, and gives a nod at any she can make out ahead then, content to just relax.

"Which of means, if you of win, and she likes of the prize, you won't be seeing much of it afterwards," tacks on Emilia all so easily to Raelyn's comments to Stephen. She looks towards the gate before nodding,"It is of thankless, but of important. It is of why Destrian took to of it for as of long as he did." Just a slight pause,"But I do not of think anyone exactly of likes gate of travel." After all who actually liked getting sick? (Even if she didn't, but then that's a secret too!) And rather not adding any further hint to just what her almost randomm comment meant for her good brother. Shifting along when the group ahead advances.

Thaddeus sees his brother's wave and hands the reins to a retainer as he returns the wave. He looks to the retainer, "Hold our place in line." With that he moves back to speak to his brother and those around them. "Greetings! Glad I am nto the only one caught in the rush."

Tristan returns to his wife's side, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close. "Be calm, Elaida. Everything will be okay and we will get to enjoy various entertainments and do some shopping. Perhaps there will be some exotic goods for sale that we can buy to decorate our rooms with. Or some food that you've never eaten before. How exciting, hmm?" He leans in and kisses her on the cheek.

Elaida nods. "Ostvor is the gateway to the east," she says. "I'm sure there will be Imperial goods for sale there. You might find something that interests you." She snuggles into his hug. "I am excited… it's just strange that I'm going to Couviere as one of Rivana's princesses."

Raelyn moves forward as well, suggesting to Stephen, glancing over towards Elaida, and Tristan as she notices the other woman's mood and Tristan's attention towards her. She confirms, "New lands, and cultures are always interesting. New animals to hunt. New woods to explore." She looks at Emilia while speaking in Elaida's direction to offer the woman a measure of comfort she's not alone, "New paints to purchase," humored, before looking back to Tristan and his wife, "And new shoppes to visit. New people to meet, and exchange ideas with. While Gate sickness is unpleasant, Raelyn has always been a fan of Tourney's and has been roaming around on the circuits as long as most of the seasoned knights currently participating. She then looks towards Stephen, "Have you ever been to Ostvor?" Curious, now.

Hearing the conversation, Dawn is content to listen then, and on what bits she can pick up on she nods, "Aye, there are quite a few different goods to go through. A few things to see and experience." Glancing at some of the warriors, the nobles, and the attendants mixed in then.

Tristan laughs. "Would you rather simply be going as a lady? No… see this way you get all sorts of other nice benefits such as better seating and better rooms to stay in. We will be quite comfortable, you can be sure of that, my dear Elaida. I'll also make sure to buy you whatever you want, so if you see something you like, just tell me." He gestures to Raelyn. "See, lots of new things to possibly see and buy."

"I'm sure that my beloved wife would never deprive me of a well-earned prize. And if she wished to, I'm sure we would have a discussion about it." Something about the word "discussion" doesn't sound like he thinks much talking would get done, though. When Thaddeus approaches, he grins to his elder brother, "Hullo Thad. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Ostvor. Suppose that's worth a wait in the queue." Which also has the benefit of answering Raelyn's question, but just for clarity's sake, Stephen shakes his head to Raelyn, "No. All told I've seen very little of Couviere in general."

Meanwhile, Raimond Giraldi has the good fortune of being next through the gate (one thing about the Vigilants…they don't necessarily prioritize by rank for anyone beyond Kings and Queens and those on official business for said monarchs. And so the Gatekeeper works his magic, and the Rose Gate opens, the maelstrom of colored light springing to life as the everblooms that frame it pulse with pale luminescence…not nearly as spectacular during the day as the night, but the Rose Gate is still considered a prime contender for the most beautiful Faegate of the Edge for a reason. For most here, however, it's all but taken for granted, and so there's no real effort to admire the scenery before Raimond leads his small retinue through and on to Ostvor, the gate flickering shut several moments after they pass through, followed by another small group, pushing both the time and the limit on personnel permitted to its' limit before the next few minutes of inactivity.

"Of aye, I shall have to see if they have different of shades of black amongst of their offerings," Emilia seeming to go along with Raelyn's humor on the paint. Except those who had ever gone paint shopping with her would know other wise. A small tugging comes to the corners of her lips at Stephen's response,"Of course, discussion." With Thaddeus approaching, she does bow her head to him. Another seeing to go towards Dawn in seeing the elder woman.

As she sees Emilia up ahead, Dawn gives a light bow over towards the woman as the group moves forwards towards the Gate, her hand up and rubbing on her horse then as she gives a light wave, and looks ahead at the others then. And then her horse lets out a soft whinny, and she chuckles softly as Dawn rubs it's mane a little more.

Thad nods to his brother, "Indeed. If Ariane decides to come, she will come later. If it was not for the birth I assume she would be with me right now. Hopefully this visit to Couviere goes better than the last." He snorts and nods to the other.

"Ever shall we be cheering for you in the Knightly events, Sir Thaddeus," Raelym promises the elder brother of her husband, and a man she, herself, had fought in recent wars with. "They've taken enough Tourney's from us, in our own lands. I shall entrust that you shall amend this." Then she slides her arm into Stephens, proclaiming, "Now, now, Stephen. I shared my last win from the Tourney." Nevermind that she'd won -two- pistols, and not just one.

As was often the case with Emilia, she fell largely silent with more people joinin into the conversation. Taking a few moments to make some last checks on her pack, and an idle touch to that pouch on her belt. All in idle preperation for heading through the gate.

"And unbidden at that." Stephen replies to Raelyn, amused, though he glances to Thaddeus and adds, "Hrn…I suppose we're going to have to start officially spoiling our nephew soon." As if the rather extravagant package that arrived for Thaddeus' new heir courtesy of Queen Cynthia l'Valdan wasn't enough!

"Your support is welcome, your excellency," Thad says to Raelyn and nods, "Indeed, I intend to speak with individuals from Rivana on how to handle the free for all." Stephen gets a snort "No doubt he will appreciate it when he is older. And I intend on returning the favor when the time comes!"

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