(1867-08-20) To Ostvor
To Ostvor
Summary: The l'Saigner party makes their way to Ostvor and after resting from gatesickness are greeting by one of the Archduke's son's and his daughter.
Date: 1867-08-20
Related: The forthcoming Ostvor Tournament
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Several Places in Couviere
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Two pack horses, a small wagon drawn by another two horses, and the mounts that Lord Sir Gabriel was taking with him all stand neatly in the courtyard. The wagon is packed with everything the l'Saigner party might need for their trip to Ostvor. Alina and Gabriel's children are staying behind on this trip, so Alina's packing was just for herself and her husband, who will be quite well dressed at the ball.

Alina frowns as she watches servants scurrying about making last minute additions and gathering the last few things.

Gabriel might be dressed well at the ball, but for now he's dressed rather plainly, preferring to keep a relatively low profile and let Alina be the one everyone focuses their attention on. "Seems they don't want to keep me in retirement too long… offering the prize that they are offering. Are you sure you'll be able to handle me getting bloody and bruised again? Or do you just want to fuss over me and take that time to massage those oils in again?" He chuckles, reaching over to lightly poke Alina in the arm.

Lucas comes down the steps from the castle in his woodland leathers. He smiles to see Alina and Gabriel together lower on the steps and moves to join them. "Sister, Gabriel, are we ready to go?" he asks as he joins them. He looks pleased by the prospect of the journey, a smile writ large across his face.

Alina smiles at her husband. "You enjoy that as much as I do," she chides teasingly. With the arrival of her brother her smile grows wider. "Lucas! It seems like we are just about ready to depart for the faegate in the city. I'm not looking forward to the next couple of days but at least the gatejump to Ostvor from here is… not as bad as others." She looks a touch ill for a moment just considering the aftermath of gate travel, but steels herself with a sunny smile. "And Gabriel we hope will win this one… I understand the Imperial Delgation is who put up the top prize for this tournament."

"Ah, Lucas. We are getting close to being ready, but we had to wait on all of Alina's luggage to be prepared. You know how she is with her wardrobe." Gabriel leans over and kisses Alina on the cheek to show that he's only teasing her. "Yeah, it should be interesting to see who is going to compete in this tournament with the top prize being what it is." He sighs, already imagining just how hard it was just winning in a tournament with simple cash prizes. "Oh well, if I do win it at least I can truly retire at that point. Not unless another weapon gets offered up as a prize and Alina wants me to create an arsenal."

"Ah, is that where the sword came from then? The Imperials?" Lucas asks. He'd wondered about that, true the l'Fausts were rich but they were also frugal and he didn't see them throwing away Sidhe steel on a tourney. "It will be interesting to meet them," he remarks before smiling at Gabriel's jest. "I was surprised there was only one wagon," he replies to Gabriel while winking to his sister, he too was only teasing. Back to the tourney he continues "Should be a big field given the prize, do you think it might pull your brother out of retirement? Or Rivana's king?" he pauses and frowns. "Maybe not Jaren, he has his own blade and his wife several more."

Alina lifts a brow. "Well that's quite likely with a sidhe steel prize," she muses with a hawk like look. "It should be a very interesting field indeed."

"I wonder if there will be any Imperials who are going to participate." Gabriel murmurs, scratching at the side of his head. "I'm not sure who it will bring out of retirement. I imagine anyone who's able to compete will be pressured by their families to go ahead and compete, simply to bring another blade into the family."

Lucas tilts his head at that notion. "I hadn't thought of that. Fighting Imperials. I wonder if fisticuffs is to low and dirty for them," he muses aloud and then looks to the others. "And true enough, some of the lesser houses in particular might send their champions if they think there's a chance at a blade."

Alina titters. "Wanting to test your mettle against the Imperials, brother?" she laughs merrily at Lucas.

But then it was time to make their way to the faegates.

Ostvor. The l'Saigner party had arrived the morning prior, and given time to recover from gatesickness. Alina is still a bit ill, but she has dressed up in the black and purple of her house, lightweight silks against the heat of the late summer. She is escorted by her husband and her trueborn brother, the bastard left to his own devices back at their rooms.

Dressed in black and purple, Gabriel walks arm-in-arm with his wife, murmuring some teasing words in her ear, while his eyes take in their surroundings. It could be one of those old soldier tricks, or maybe he was getting to be more paranoid the more time he spent in the l'Saigner household. It was obviously all Alina's fault. "Speaking of events, I may try my hand at the bareknuckle again. Haven't done that since… hrm. Since last year? Or was it the year before? Time seems to fly by these days."

Ostvor. It's Alaric's home, though he'd been making himself scarce of late. Still, when his family is hosting a tourney, it wouldn't do for the Archduke's second son to be off flitting about somewhere.

And it just so happens that the second son becomes the first to properly greet the l'Saigner party upon their arrival. Perhaps it's appropriate. He, too, is dressed in the colors of his house, but simply, with the only hint of extravangance the lightsilver weapon hanging at his side. "Lady Alina. Sir Gabriel. Lord Lucas. Allow me to bid you welcome to Ostvor." His tone is a shade deeper than average, but the grin on his lips belies the grandiosity of his words. "I trust your travels here were pleasant?" His eyes drift from one guest to the next.

Oh, and it likely won't surprise anyone to note that Alina holds his gaze significantly longer than either of the two men.

"We thank you for your welcome," Alina replies with a smile. "And travels were as pleasant as faegate travel ever is," she notes. "Though I never cease to be astounded by the sheer size and design of your faegate though… even with gatesickness it is an overwhelmingly beautiful thing."

Gabriel smiles at Alaric. "Thank you for the welcome. It has been a good while since I was last in Ostvor, and it's always nice to travel. We look forward to the stay here and to the entertainments that the tournament has to offer." A pause to let Alina answer for them both regarding the travel. Gatesickness seemed to take her far worse than it did others, something he found rather odd. "In any case, that prize you have for winning the tournament is quite the prize. This should be one of the most competitive tournaments in a while, I think."

"It is, is it not?" Alaric doesn't often travel by faegate himself, at least, relative to the amount of travel he does, but he's seen the Ostvor gate countless times, which hardly diminishes its beauty. "Though I hope you will see more of the wonders of Ostvor than just the gateway." Humility, it should be said, has never been the man's strong suit. His eyes drift over to Gabriel's, and he gives a little nod. "Yes, since that tourney in Venderos a year or two ago. The Battle for the Blade, didn't they call it?" Grin. "It's not often that we host a tourney here in Ostvor. Fortunate that our… longtime associates were able to help provide a suitable prize."

Alina chuckles. "A suitable prize indeed, one that has dragged my husband from his retirement." She elbows Gabriel lightly and playfully, and the knight takes the elbowing in stride and simply shrugs. "Will we be seeing much of your brother, or is he continually entangled with the Imperial delegation I hear has settled into Ostvor?" Alina asks with an almost hawk-like look.

Gabriel chuckles to himself, letting his wife take the lead in conversation, knowing better than to interrupt her— at least yet. The finery he wears chafes at him a little… momentarily, he wishes to be out in the practice yard in plain clothes. But no, now was the time for politics, something he did not enjoy but he understood the necessity of.

"Osric? I'm not certain. I may be able to relieve him of some of the politicking, if he can be persuaded to enter the tourney." It's well known enough that Sir Osric is far from an avid tourney knight, but when the Circuit comes to his doorstep, maybe… "My sister, on the other hand? I'm certain you'll be seeing as much of her as anyone." Did Alaric's eyes fall rather pointedly on Lucas for a moment, just there? No, surely not. "But you are correct that they've taken a fair degree of his time. Though I imagine that at least a few of them may be intrigued by the way we compete here in the Edge."

Now was the opportune moment to snake the conversation from his wife. "Do you think any of the Imperials might compete in the tournament itself?" Gabriel cuts in before his wife can ask further after the heir to Ostvor's plans. "Surely if so, that would make the field far more competative indeed." He nods regarding Evelyn. "I am glad to hear we'll be seeing Sir Evelyn," he notes. "She is a good knight."

Alina looks a touch peeved that her husband diverted the conversation, but wades into it anyway. "That could be exciting. Mayhaps they want to win back the prize they offered up, if so?"

As if on cue, Evelyn does appear, walking towards the group, the easily recognizable Blaze at her side and seeming exceedingly happy, tail wagging as the huge warhound follows his mistress. "Greetings," she calls, warmly, towards Gabriel and Alina. "Welcome to Ostvor. I'm sorry I couldn't have been here with my brother upon your arrival. I was seeing to a few things," she explains, knowing well that Alaric, and Gabriel at the very least will understand. This is, afterall, her 'hometown', and after her win at the last Tourney, she's likely being even harder on herself than usual to meet her own expectations.

"Now, /that/ is an intriguing question." Alaric's eyebrows lift at Gabriel's words, and his attention drifts away for a few moments. "My understanding - though of course, even here, our understanding of most things to do with the Empire is a bit fragmentary - is that there are Knights of a sort in the Etharian Empire as well. I have never heard of one coming west to participate in a tournament, but such a thing is in principle, possible…" Whatever musing Alaric is up to, however, is interrupted by the rather timely arrival of his younger sister. Her ears must have been burning. "Good to see you as well, Sir Eveleyn," he addresses her, his tone mock-serious. The dog gets a decidedly friendlier pat on the head.

"Good afternoon, Sir Evelyn," Alina says with a courtly smile, arm still entwined with Gabriel's. "I am glad you could join us. I was just telling your brother how much more lovely the faegate here in Ostvor is compared to ours in Lonnaire. Truly a work of art, if not a rather geometric one." She squeezes Gabriel's arm a bit.

"Sir Evelyn," Gabriel nods a familiar greeting to the female knight. "Good luck in the tournament." He glances back to Alaric, musing on the other man's response. So. Possible but not likely, then.

"It is rather gorgeous," agrees Evelyn. "But then, I've always had a bias, I suppose. Things often tend to look more beautiful in your own home. Especially after a long trip away. I imagine when you return, you'll see something you hadn't before upon or about the gate in Lonnaire you never noticed before." Alina is given a rather warm smile, before she looks back to her brother, half-amused. "Blaze has instructions to chew off your foot if you're not rooting for me the entire Tourney," she divulges, half-teasing. Then, more soberly but no less warm, she looks back to Gabriel, tipping her head. "Thank you, Sir Gabriel. One willing, I would like to take the Tourney in my own home. Such, however, has not proved well for other Knights. I can only do my best, and leave the rest as it will fall."

"And who else would I be cheering for, Eve? Unless our dear brother manages to pull himself away from his books for long enough to pick up his sword, and even then…" Grin. There's a sparkle in Alaric's eyes as he looks back at her. "Though perhaps I'll throw my weight behind another and take my chances with the hound. Just for spite." He's probably kidding. Probably. "Though I'm not sure I share your bias on the subject. Sometimes, it is the exotic that seems all the more beautiful. I, for one, am quite fond of the gate in Lonnaire." An eyebrow quirks upward for a moment. "Speaking of which. Does Lonnaire expect to be well-represented in the tourney?" Likely not, given that it /is/ Lonnaire, but they've had a recent influx of knights-by-marriage, have they not?

"As well as it ever is," Alina replies to Alaric. "Perhaps a bit better than we used to be. Gabriel does fight for our honor, after all, and I believe there are some knights from Bloodfield who will be competing." Alina glances to Gabriel in askance.

"Perhaps not as heavily represented as Murnord or Ostvor itself," Gabriel intones, "but Lonnaire will be represented well at this tournament, I believe. Perhaps in years to come, it will be more heavily represented than now, but I trust the quality of knights competing, even if there is not much in the way of quantity."

Alina nods. "Well said, my husband." She flashes a saucy grin at Alaric. "I keep him around for something," she says teasingly.

"What do you think of your duchy's representation," Gabriel asks Evelyn. "Will there be many Lightning Brigaders trying for their own piece of Sidhe Steel?"

Evelyn is clearly amused at Alina's banter, giving the other woman a quick smile of her own, then she comments to Alaric, "Even if our elder brother does see fit to compete, you'd still best root for me more," she says in a teasing, younger-sister way to him, suggestive of all sorts of undo threats and unspoken promises of vile retributions should he not. But she's unable to voice such things, in part, because Gabriel is redirecting her attention with his question, and she nods. "Some, certainly," she conceeds. "Often there are those that would like to attend but cannot be spared from Ostvor. Some have an opportunity that does not come by often, and as I'm certain you're aware, the prize is highly desired." Then, curiously she looks to Alaric, as if to ask him a silent question, but no words leave her lips. Instead, she ventures, "I imagine it is on the mind of all who enter," as she looks back to Gabriel. And it is clear, by that statement, she herself desires the blade as the prize to be won.

"We'll see." Alaric's tone is, in a word, noncommital, but the little grin working its way across his lips is as teasing as anything she's thrown at him. Still, now is not the time for siblings to be poking fun at one another. "For a great many things, I imagine, Lady Alina," he replies, grinning right back at her. "It will be good to see you competing again, Sir Gabriel. I belive many knights of Ostvor have missed the sight of the Red Knight in some of the previous tournaments. And just as many are rather tired of being constantly upstaged by fighters from Murnord…" But that hasn't been the trend this year, has it? One winner from Lonnaire, one from Ostvor. World's gone mad, or at least a little loopy. "But surely you are not here /only/ for the tournament. There are a great many things to be seen and done while you are here, I imagine."

"Surely not," Alina replies evenly. "Mother gave me a laundry list of places I should go and things I should see while I am here. Gabriel's time will be more dear, taken up with the tournament as it will be, but I intend on seeing the sights of the city as much as I am able."

"I can write you a list of some places that are perhaps what one would call off the beaten path, but are well worth the visit or patronage, if you've the desire, Lady," Evelyn offers Alina, in friendly manner. "Each city has its secrets, afterall. And while I do not know all, I know more than a few that are easily overlooked by visitors unless properly directed. A few shops that have specialities and rarities among them that one might consider to be out of the way. I'd offer to escort you myself, but my own time will be much taken by the Tourney, and what free time I'm able to have to myself." There is no secret that some of that time will indeed be spent with Lucas. They have a long standing promise to go rock climbing together, afterall.

"Of course, not every l'Faust will be involved in the tournament." That, of course, comes from the one who doesn't have a "Sir" in front of his name. "I've spent a great deal of time away from home of late, but I imagine I'll be a suitable guide. If you wouldn't mind the company, Lady Alina." Of course, he keeps his words fairly formal, his tone neutral. If his eyes fix on hers for a moment longer than is strictly necessary, well, that's only to be expected. "There's a great deal to be seen, after all. And so much of it relatively new…" For the moment, the topic of /why/ Ostvor is particularly new for such an old city remains unaddressed.

Alina smiles. "I'd like that, Lord Alaric," she agrees to his proposal. "The company would be lovely."

Gabriel barely contains a smirk. "I pity you, my lord," he states. "My wife makes for interesting and bossy company. She'll have you take her to every tailor's shop in the city if she has her way."

Alina cuts him a look that's half sulk half playful. "I would not," she argues. "And pity, truly? I am not that horrid of company."

Gabriel gives her a straight face as he purposfully does not respond to her comment. "It's settled then, Lord Alaric. I'm sure you'll be an excellent guide."

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