(1867-09-09) Lonnaire Plans, the Syndicate
Lonnaire Plans, The Syndicate
Summary: The bandits are actually Rivanan Syndicate, and that means certain Syndicate members must figure out exactly how they want to deal with them…
Date: 1867-09-09
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Hightower Castle - Lonnaire - Couviere
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After a minute or so of folks shuffling out of the room, Corvin moves to seat himself at the table, far more casual in this more intimate company than surrounded by outside-the-family nobles as with the previous meeting. As the doors to the grand study are closed, Corvin looks to Talia, more pointedly than before, "This isn't about Wraith training." That's someting she'd share only with him, or James (Or Alina if James deemed it be so), but not all at once unless it were some kind of catastrophe (in which case they'd probably have heard of it already).

Alina shifts to scoot just a bit closer to Gabriel, but looks to Talia with a serious look. "What did you need to speak with us about?" she asks, squeezing Gabriel's hand. The Duke says nothing, but leans forward with an intent look.

"No," conceeds Talia, inclining her head towards Corvin in smooth manner. "But it was a plausible enough deception that would not raise brows among the recently departed guests." She frowns, her eyes sweep over the members of the liege house, and the head of the Wraiths. "I was certain of that which I spoke, to the group at large. I thought this something unknown. And, were I pressed, to merely cite the way in which we trained the wraiths as a foundation of knowledge. Believable enough." Slowly, she shakes her head. "It fell together when I was addressing Gabriel's comment about the Knights." Talia is not one to mince words when business with the l'Sainger's is at hand. "We are not dealing with a Brotherhood. We're dealing with a Syndicate Family. That," she looks pointedly to James, "Is why your men have such trouble with them. They're as aptly trained as my own. As the Wraiths. And they are, no doubt, Rivanian. The Abara Syndicate have encroached into Couviere." Not a shadow of doubt in her expression, only absolute certainty.

Glancing over at Alina, Gabriel takes her hand in his and returns her squeeze, turning his attention towards Talia to listen to what she has to say. When the woman is done, he lets out a long sigh. "The Abara Syndicate?" He searches his memory, recalling the name. "So they are Rivanans, but why are they here?" He glances over at Alina and James, sure one of them has a better answer than he does.

"The Abara…" Corvin repeats, looking pensive, but only for a moment or three before he adds, "That…fits all the puzzle pieces. The only question becomes…why? Why here, and why now?" Corvin is not usually focused on events outside of Couviere, unless directed specifically to investigate them.

Duke James frowns. "The Abara have been quite quiet in Pacitta of late…" he notes. "And there have been… rumors… the crown of Rivana has been 'cracking down' so to speak on the family."

Alina grimaces. "So what, they have come here to hide? If our own men were not so skilled, they might even been successful at it."

Duke James hmms. "I had not been able to get any confirmation on how successful the Tracano have been on their crackdown. That the Abara are here tells us a good deal."

"Seems all the Tracano managed to succeed at was moving the Abara from their lands to our lands." Gabriel says with a snort. "Well, now that we know we're fighting people who are organized and far more skilled, how much will this adjust the tactics? The caravan traps may still work, likely if they are here biding their time they will need supplies and such."

"Gemstones, jewelry, valuables - they all are potentially traceable. This is why they are taking only coins. Spendable. Disposable. Untraceable," Talia continues, her own eyes hard, lips pressed thin, but she speaks in a stoic, focused mannerism. "And it is a good enough guess they are taking livestock, food, for an invested stay here. They are most -likely- here because someone is paying them to be. I do not think they are trying to establish their own foothold here." She gives Alina and Gabriel a sidelong glance, "They have avoided Three Rivers for two reasons, then. They either fear being identified too early - in which case, we at least may temporarily have an upper hand on them - or they wish to ultimately avoid direct conflict with another Syndicate House. Possibly both."

"I don't think it changes the plan, but you three…" Corvin looks to James, Alina, and Gabriel, "Will have to determine how we deal with them now. We have a pack of highly trained assassins living in our Kingdom who don't seem to be going out of their way to kill anyone. I don't think they're being paid…I think they're running. We may have to reassess our opinion of the Rivanan Crown's investigators and enforcers of law." Corvin leans back in his chair, "Do we want to eliminate them entirely, or do we want to ship any captives back to Rivana to curry a bit of favor?" There's a third possibility, but Corvin doesn't speak it even if James and Alina, at least, likely conceive of it…making them an offer. But that would be…complicated…where the Compact is concerned. "No…given what they're taking and how they're operating…I don't think they're under contract. I think they're trying to hide out here until they feel it's safe to return home."

"Hmm." Alina did concieve of it. "Talia, if we were to offer them sanctuary of a sort, how many do you think you could take on as… shall we say… contractors?"

James chuckles. "Perhaps not the best idea, Alina, but it does not hurt to consider it." He glances to Gabriel and Corvin. "Our tactics will change somewhat if we're trying to kill them all versus trying to take some or many prisoner to send back to Rivana."

"I would not suggest taking any great pains to seize prisoners. Just that any survivors that happen to make it through could be remanded to the Rivanans." Corvin gives a shrug, "These people are too dangerous to allow ourselves to fight at a disadvantage, if we're going to fight."

Talia considers Corvin's words, frowns as she goes thoughtful, nodding. "Perhaps," not denying that Corvin's words have merit. "It may be as you say." She seems about to answer Alina, but James does before she can, and so she merely nods to James. "Do you have a preference as to a course of action, Your Grace?"

"We must consider the larger picture. These Abara are loyal to their family, or Ivan would have broken them by now. Perhaps a few could be turned to the t'Corbeau, but all in all they likely would only use us for shelter, and then depart when they felt it safe to return to Rivana. Leaving us with nothing but a bit of goodwill with wanted criminals, who may well be far less disciplined about mentioning our complicity in sheltering them than they are in protecting their own secrets." James leans back in his chair, his expression carefully schooled, "To say nothing of the issues that would arise with the Compact." A brief pause before he notes, "Our King, and by all indications the Rivanan Queen, have a genuine desire for peace. We will not endanger that by sheltering fugitives, however useful they might be in the short term. We work to defeat them, and any who happen to survive we return to Rivana. As Corvin says, however, we take no special pains to seize prisoners. I'm fairly certain the Crown of Rivana will be reasonably pleased whether they are all dead or whether they are returned for Rivanan Justice."

"My own involvement must be," Talia notes to James, quietly, nodding to his mention of the Compact, "Minimal, and indirect, at the very least. I will help, of course, as I may. Advise as I can. But as you are aware, if it is foreseen I've had direct involvement, it could lead to even further complications." There is a pause, "But, I will instruct some of my people to keep an eye out. And any news that comes to me, I will securely get to you, and yours." She nods to Alina and Gabriel, and then Corvin.

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