(1867-09-16) Almost Like a Sidhe
Almost Like a Sidhe
Summary: With gift in hand and a need to talk, Emilia goes to visit Lonar.
Date: 1867-09-16
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Lonar’s Room - Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
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It likely came as little surprise that upon the evening of his return that Emilia would end up outside Lonar’s door. It certainly no coincidence that Syrn had personally made it known to Emilia when she returned from patrol that he was back. It had been over a month since she had last seen him. Which had reached him first to give warning of her arrival was always up for debate, the scant noise her feet made or her scent. The later gave hint to a recent bath (a faint dampness to her hair indication to just how recent) and a turn of nervous energy.

Perhaps it was the fact she had not seen him in so long, or what had happened in that time. Barely a blink of the eye to him, but for her…it had been awhile and much had happened (like almost getting sucked out through a broken castle wall). Or perhaps it was the wrapped package in her hand that was the source, she did always seem a bit nervous when she had something new for him to see. And the painting in her hand may well be the only piece the survived ‘the cleansing’.

As she entered the room, dark eyes sought him…that brief spike of tension which sometimes came as They made an attempted surgence to act as They wished (They really didn’t like him). A slight breath was drawn, to her young mind it had been too long since she had seen him last and each detail was drunk in anew; it a simple.comfort just to see him once more. But it was that impressive strength of will that kept her near the door as she began to just slightly raise her hand in beginning to offer him the package as Emilia said softly,”I have of something for of you…If I am not of interrupting.” Not that he had ever said she was, but yet she always extended that courtesy to him, the option to send her off.

Lonar’s quarters are sparse by most standards. A smattering of equipment, a bed, a side-table, and a small table and chair, as well as a wardrobe, and that’s about it. The only decor to be found are those which have been granted to him by the very same young lady who now stands at the threshold, and to whom the answer is given readily upon the asking:

“No, not interrupting.” Lon sits up from where he’s been lying on the bed, not-quite-napping, but it’s not unusual to find him quite relaxed in the moments when he’s not required to be active. Much like the animal he evokes in his more bestial form. Conserving his energy for the hunt.

He tilts his head at the package, a quirk touching the corner of his mouth as it’s tugged into the semblance of a grin, and he moves from sitting to standing, closing the distance towards her, until he’s within easy reach. “You are well? No more challengers in your pack?”

Dark eyes follow his movements as he goes from relaxed lazing to sitting. And the eventual standing when he moves towards her. It is perhaps his grin that actually coaxes the corners of her lips to tug upwards in that brief turn of movement. That he had seemed to enjoy the pieces she had made and gifted on to him had come as a surprise in some way for Emilia, but it was also brought some sense of pleasure.

“There has been no more of challengers. Still some of unease amongst of them for what of happened, but things are of settling. And in of time they…mine-pack will be of whole again.” It did take humans longer to adjust to things. “I am…” Emilia was truthfully, not entirely sure, “of better. Was of having a…bad of day during the last of storm. Have of had much upon mine-mind since the Sirrah was of visiting before of tournament.”

Her arm finished that motion to offer him the package as her dark eyes turned up to look into his brilliant blue eyes,”I am not of sure what you will be of making of this one…But I was wanting to show of you…and this was being of the only way.”

“Good.” Seems to be all Lon has to say about the troubles with the Huntresses. Of course, it could take a lifetime for them to fully mend and for Lon it would seem a short time. Thankfully it will likely be much sooner than that. He reaches to accept the parcel, carefully unveiling its’ contents as he speaks, “You wish to speak of these troubles?” His eyes flick from the package to its’ deliverer, and a hand gestures to the chair nearby. “Or just to speak of anything?” Another pause, and then a tiny quirk of a grin, “Or not to speak at all?”

With the closer distance, Emilia takes a bit of a step to deliver a kiss to his cheek at the same time the package is handed off. The matter of the Huntresses left behind for now. Drifting on towards the chair he’d gestured to, though her dark eyes do take care to watch as he opens the package to try and gauge his initial reaction. The piece was simply framed, though not likely to draw much attention from the painting that had been revealed…..

Soft shadows play across the forest floor as sunlight passes through the shifting breaks of the forest's canopy. A few birds rest within the branches, as others take to flight giving warning as the large wolf lopes through the forest.

Deep silver-grey fur shifts with the winds as the she-wolf runs at the easy pace that carries her through the warm, sun-dappled forest. Her powerful muscles shifting beneath the healthy pelt within the effortless movements. The faint patterns within her coat, the darker greys and the lighter silvers creating the unique markings by which her pack would identify her by.

The beast was something lost to mortal memories, but similar enough that most mortal minds would not think anything of it. The length of its stride, how high upon the trees its height could be marked and the keen intelligence hidden within the warm brown eyes that watched the forest and all within it as the beast strode past. Each giving subtle indication to the differences between this wolf and those known in modern times.

There was time put into the piece, evident in the fine details to be found within it. Down to the the bark of the trees and the mosses and grasses of the forest floor. And the more hidden details such as the small sprite tucked away under a fallen leaf or the tiny frog partaking of the few remaining dewdrops upon a piece of moss.

Like many of the artist’s other pieces the only true black is to be found within the lower left corner creating her mark - EC.

…..To his questions, Emilia simply answers,”Of aye.” A faint little quirk and twitch of her lips.

Lon studies the painting intently, his eyes absorbing the details as he moves to prop it against the wall on the desk. He’s silent several moments, whether in thought or simply filing away details. “Once more a gift borne of inspiration. And a fine image.” There might…almost…be the tiniest of hitch in his voice. Still, a wry grin touches his lips at her answer, and he leans down close to her, “Answering questions almost like a Sidhe now.” But neither are saying much of anything for at least a few seconds, as he leans down and kisses her for several moments.

When it does finally break though, he adds, “But if there’s speaking to be done, perhaps that first?” A soft chuckle of laughter, though he grows more serious after a moment, “Has it…been long? For you? I made the hunt a brief one.” He’s generally been doing better when it comes to keeping track of “mortal time” but it’s far from an exact art for him just yet. Though at least he usually manages to be where he needs to be when he needs to be there.

Silence simply falls in those moments Lon spends studying the painting, Emilia simply watching him in turn. When he does speak, the words that come do help to ease that nervousness a touch. Speaking softly she notes,”And borne of dreams…” There is just a brief pause before she explains,”When I dream of wolves…such is what…who…I am of being.” Her dark eyes looking into his as he leans down close to her, any response to how she answers question cut off before it can be thought of as that kiss is had. Her head tilting up further into it.

A soft little smile settling to her lips when the kiss does break and he continues to speak, though it fades as that question comes. “It has been of awhile, of aye. Over a month since I was heading of to the tournament in the north, a storm delayed of the return. Your hunt was of brief, there is not of worry in of that. But I will not of deny that I have of missed you in that of time.” There is that small tug at the corners of her lips,”Hence of why, of aye, to time not to speak at of all and perhaps of a wish to not be of leaving til of the ‘morrow.” A hint of a grin given towards him.

But it is gone as she does touch upon the others,”But to the talking of first, as you of say. Of aye, to the talking of other things, for next of month I will be of away again and to an of ball..a of masque. And I would wish to have you of with me, for how they speak of this of event, what can of occur, I would wish of no other to be of there with me than of you. But I also of know you will of tell me of no in this, for reasons I of understand as best of I can. Yet it changes not of the wish, the desire of it. “ Looking to him as she explains,”You will be of telling me of no for this of masque falls upon the night when there will be of two moons within of the sky. “ A faint shrug comes, perhaps a rather short talk on something else, as it was not like she could change when things occurred.

A slight breath came before the third of his questions was actually addressed,”And of aye to speak of the troubles. When..Sirrah of came, she spoke further of this ritual she is having of hope in. This of..Exorcism.” It was still an odd word to Emilia. “They…have not been exactly of..pleased at the of idea.” Not that her Beast was ever known to exactly be pleased. “I know she of spoke to you about of it. And I was wishing to know of your of thoughts. I know she places much of hope in it, and so perhaps does mine brother and of sister. But I know you spoke before of how such of attempts to cure those afflicted like of me were never being of certain. “ Emilia pauses slightly,”And with the risks in of this of one, I wish of mine-mates thoughts on of the matter.”

“Ah. That does make it a difficult thing.” Lon replies on the subject of the Masque, “I could travel with you, but being at the Masque itself would be difficult…I know the disguises can be elaborate, but I think I would be…noticeable.” Because pushing eight feet tall with digitigrade legs is probably a wee bit hard to write off as clever costuming. “And I would need a place to retreat or hide when the change comes unbidden.”

Lon considers for a few moments, “These…spawnlings of Banshee….they are near the place of the Masque?” He seems to think a few moments more, “That may be a hunt worth having. Something more challenging than the normal forest beasts. And that likely poses danger to those near it.” He glances to Emilia, “If the place they inhabit is unlikely to have onlookers….”

The remainder of the conversation shifts, though, and Lon nods as Emilia speaks, “No, they would not be, I think.” In regards to “them” not being pleased at the idea. “They have no wish to surrender that part of you which they have claimed.” He studies Emilia closely, “This thing the Hard Priestess speaks of, it is not the same as those things of old. Newer. Different. I do not know how certain it is or not, but of those things that can be found in this time…that could be done…it seems the best chance.” He reaches up and touches her cheek. “I would wish you wholly to yourself. They do not deserve even the smallest piece of you.”

A nod comes as he confirms the 'difficult’ nature of it, and why Emilia had assumed the answer would be a no. Which it is really. “Of aye, I do of imagine you would be of noticeable. Even if some of time, I would like to be of noticing.” As she had never truly seen him in that particular form…outside of dreams.

Emilia considers before answering,”They were of near where the masque is to of be. Though I was of given the impression the Banshee of Spawn were of dealt with, least those they were being of aware about.” A slight nod comes,”But of the place is not likely to be of having onlookers. It is of ruins much like of our of own, but of being older. So if you did of wish to investigate such, you could of travel of with. And perhaps have of a hunt. Of though…” there is just a flicker of hesitation,”if there are being of such creatures yet there, would you being of remembering that such creatures were once of girls like of me, but who were not being of so strong. And see to of them accordingly?”

A mild brow raise comes at the reference to Sirrah, a flicker of some amused interest on that account. “Of aye, They do not wish to of give of me up, and have much to of prove. Wishing to prove of Him wrong, and now of Sirrah as of well.” There is a flicker of surprise when Lon speaks of the ritual as something new and unknown. She does note softly a her gaze drops to the floor,”His way…offer was of certain. But I of returned instead.” Even if it had seemed the right decision then, the choice seemed selfish now. The touch to her cheek has Emilia looking back up, just the faintest shift into his touch. “I of know…It is my of duty. But I do not of know if I have of the strength to endure of this ritual.” She hesitates before admitting,”I am of afraid.” There were so many possibilities and uncertainties to it all.

“Even the wickedest of things I do not kill cruelly.” Lon notes in regards to the potential Banshee-Spawn’s fate. “If you think they should have the death-rites of mortals, I would have to find someone who remembers those rites better, but if there are any to be found, they will be burned.” He quirks a brow, seeming amused at the comment of Emilia wishing to see his other form, “But the noticing can be arranged. Perhaps not near the masque, but even so.” He shrugs a shoulder, chuckling.

“Strength? Ha! You are stronger than near-all. This ritual will likely not be easy, but not worse than what you have already suffered, I think.” He does lightly brush his hand against hers, “I do not know if I fear in the manner of humans, but I once heard a God say that there cannot be courage if there is not fear to overcome.” Which may be a saying that is familiar to Emilia, given that it’s a proverb found among the teachings of the One Faith. “You have much courage.”

In having seen the contempt shown in the Widow’s direction a few times, it had been a mild concern. “I do not of know if full of rites would be of needed, but even of a simple prayer would perhaps be of fitting. Though of such could be given over of ashes, should any be of found.” Emilia’s head cants a touch at his turn of amusement. “Then such should be of arranged, I am thinking. At of a time and of place that you may deem more of…suitable.” A pause,”I could always come out to their of ruins after of the masque.”

She had been told she had strength before, and was unique in how she had endured. It had not seemed stop her from worrying about it. “I do not of know if there could be of greater of suffering in of truth, than that which She did to me of to see the Shadow born with of me. And They have made promises…to that of end on how I shall of suffer. They have given of promise that I will not of live through of the ritual, for They will see me of dead rather than give of me up.” And Emilia knew They did have the power to make her suffer. There is a slight rising of her brows at the saying, more cause from whom he heard it said. “I am not of sure I shall ever grow of used to all whom you have known and of seen. “ Her fingers lightly shifting against his to twine slightly,”But I will of hope that my strength and of courage will of see me through for chance of such a day. I shall hope as of well that when it is of done…that I am no greater a burden to of mine-family…and mine-mate would yet find me..pleasing.” So many things for the young mortal to worry about..would she live? How much would she suffer? Would her Changling lover still like her if she was 'just’ a mortal? Would she end up an empty shell? All the little worries and fears.

Justified worries and fears, certainly. Though on at least one of those, Lon does speak, “They lie.” Lon seems to clarify after a moment, “The Sidhe speak untruth easily. Sometimes even to themselves. The Bane Sidhe even more so.” He shrugs a shoulder, “Many threats they made to me in ages long past. None were fulfilled.” A touch of that wolfish grin, “I am still here, and they are not.” All save “Her” but perhaps she never levied so specific a threat. “Perhaps soon, you will be here, and They will not, as well.”

As to the other fears, Lon chuffs a laugh, “If our joining were new, and I knew you not beyond your plight, perhaps it would fade. But I know who you are now, Emilia, and what is felt is for you and not just that which drew me to the dance.” He adds, “Besides, you might get tired of your old wolf when you don’t need lessons anymore. Find a younger and more handsome one, as the Sidhe often did.” Pure humor in his tone and eyes at that.

"Of aye, I know They of lie. Of often. I of know the outcome of the ritual is not of assured, there is create of risk to it. For me and of Sirrah, and I do not of imagine it will be of…pleasant to of witness for those who will be in of attendance." Emilia gives half a shoulder shrug herself,"Just I am of aware of what They can do to of me, inflecting of..torment upon of me is something that is of possible." Even if limited more with the lessons, least during the waking hours. "I am of glad that none of their threats long of ago were of fulfilled and it is you who is of here. And, of aye, perhaps that will be soon of true, that They will be of gone and I will yet of remain."

His laugh does bring a faint turn of a smile that lingers with the reassurance within his words. "And what is felt for of me?" It was something she knew existed. Even if it had never been spoken, that there were feeling there. Not that They didn't like to question Lon motives…often. "Oh, I am of sure I will need lessons for quite of sometime. There is much for mine-old wolf to be teaching of me." Adding a bit boldly,"And I do of think there are of a couple that are quite worth of repeating…several of times." The bit of spark to her eyes rather confirming just which set of 'lessons' she refers to. "Be of sides, I am quite of certain there is no wolf more of handsome then of mine." She might be a little biased there!

“Healing is not always pretty. No less so when it is a soul and not just a body being mended.” Lon replies, “But often what is mended returns stronger than it was before for the trial it has faced.”

At the latter bit the ancient Changeling grins once more, “I do not think I will ever know if I love in the same way as humans. I would think in many ways I do not, but there have been very few among mortals that I have always been mindful of whether they are near, or if they are not, or if they yet live, or if they do not, and know myself for less content when they are or do not. You are among them. The only such, in this time.” He quirks a grin at Emilia’s more bold flirting, “Well, there may be some things yet to be taught, I suppose. Perhaps I should keep some secrets for now to save until later.”

"Then let us of hope as of well, that in of the end, I am of mended and grow of stronger for of it." There is just a faint quirking of her lips before she adds in that deadpan Cassomir way,"If people can of handle a stronger of me."

There is certainly interest in what answer comes, noting softly to the first of what he speaks,"I am not of even sure that all of humans love in of the same way." People certainly had different definitions for what love was to them, and showed love in vastly different ways. Emilia does smile at his answer,"I am of glad I am amongst the few that you have been of mindful about. Of what you speak, I do not think is of entirely dissimilar to how some of mortals would speak of love. Even if we cannot be so of mindful of where another is," not having senses quite so keen as his! "There is still being less of content when one that is cared of for, of loved, is not of near. Which if he was not already of knowing, I am of being much more of content when I know mine wolf is near.” A brow raises just a little,”Perhaps you of should, but then which of lesson shall we of consider repeating this of eve?” Looking ever so stoic as she adds in tease,”Or did your of hunt tire you of so and rest is all that is of wished this of eve?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I am old, after all. I hear mortals tire easily when old.” Lon’s tone makes it clear that the changeling is certainly not a stranger to playful sarcasm. “But I suppose, for you, I could endure a while longer. And think of a few lessons.” He pauses a moment, growing a tiny bit more serious, though not gravely so. “But there will be another lesson soon. It may…take a few days, but it will not take you from your home.”

“So it is of said. But I surely would not of wish to put you of out and push you to of endure just for a lesson or of two. Certainly if there was no of interest and it would just be of a chore.” A curious look does touch Emilia’s eyes when he does speak of the true lessons with that slightly more serious bent coming. “Oh? What sort of lesson will it of be?”

“Oh, I don’t think it will be any chore.” Lon replies just a bit dryly, still grinning just a touch, but at the other question, he notes, with perhaps more open amusement, “A painting lesson.” He chuckles, “One you perhaps may not need in terms of skill, but from the whispers I have heard…and some of the scents from your room…” He shakes his head, “They were your creations to do with as you will. I do not understand it, but your creation…it is important. Not just for the act of creating. Important for the burden you bear. The trials you have faced and may yet be faced with.”

The teasing is near forgotten at surprise shows in Emilia’s expression,”A painting of lesson? From of you?” She had not forgotten how he’d spoken about being unable to create, a gift that had lacked within the Changlings. But as he speaks of…the hints of what happened in recent days…her bad day, Emilia’s expression grows quite solemn, her eyes drifting down. “It…was a bad of day…Most were those born from mine darkest of dreams.” Even he had never been granted view of those pieces. “Mine painting….the creation…has been of a help in dealing with the burden. It gave of a path out of the darkness, an of outlet for….” Her hand fluttering up slightly simply fluttering her fingers at her head. A vague indication to all that went on in that head.

“Yes. And this will be no different. Just…” Another coy grin from Lon, “Larger.”

He leans over and kisses Emilia gently now, “But that is for later. Now, I think…is time for different lessons. Even if you might be familiar with them already….”

There is still a measure of curiosity with the level of coyness coming from Lon about this painting lesson to come, but Emilia knew he could be as stubborn as she when it came to answering questions. More so really.

A smile comes after the kiss breaks,”Of perhaps…but I have found I am quite of fond of some of these…familiar of lessons.”

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