(1867-09-21) Things to Behold
Things to Behold
Summary: As Rivanans enter Ironhold for the off-circuit tourney, discussion of things to behold take place. Namely, the Hunt, the newborns, and Emilia's fighting prowess from the last tourney.
Date: 9/21/1867
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Roseguard Castle - Courtyard
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21st of Septembre, 1867

Ironmarch and Roseguard had seen a steady influx of guests over the past few days as people arrived for the upcoming hunt and off-circuit tournament. The courtyard was still a hive of activity as guests continued to arrive, with many of the noblity of rank or simply with closer ties to the Cassomirs were put up in the castle proper (something about tons of empty rooms in the rather new castle.)

Added staff were present to help see horses to the stables, to see gear and packs to rooms, or give general directions for those who might be seeing to carting their noble lieges things to their designated rooms. Regular activity is found within the added surge as well, the sounds of practice from the near yards and the coming and going of patrols. Walking from the direction of the stables with one of the Huntresses is Emilia,"Of aye, get some of rest and see that the of others do as well." The woman giving a nod to Emilia before she breaks off and is heading off across the courtyard, joining the bussle of activity.

Thaddeus has arrived a little early to meet with his brother and sister-in-law. Ariane has taken it upon herself to ensure that the couple's things are being taken care of. Thaddeus has made it his duty to be social, with a cup in hand. Such duties are very difficult. When he finally sees Emilia he smiles and says, "It is good to see you again Emilia. Congratulations on your performance up north, I am sure none of them will want to pick a fight with you for some time!"

Arriving for the off-circuit tournament, Raul Moreno dips his head over as he passes by some of the Huntresses as he passes along the stables. His first time in the setting in awhile, he's mindful to be on proper manners then, and the Lord walks along then and looks about for any he might recognize then, a light jaunt in his step then as he goes over facts and figures in his head.

One of those guests is the Princess Clara Tracano. And…as per usual for Clara, she already has a set of rooms reserved for her in Roseguard. Due partly because of her royal status…and mostly because she's at Roseguard so often that the staff just keeps the rooms handy for her. As such, it is just a matter of Clara greeting the staff in her usual manner, as her belongings are picked up and whisked away. Of course, Clara doesn't follow. No…first she has some mingling to do.

Clara walks over towards the center of the courtyard, passing by some…and catching Thaddeus and Emilia…at the tail end of Thad's greeting. "I wish I could have seen that….I heard much about it."

In the yard practicing is young Liam Haldis, squire to King Jaren Tracano and a well-known quantity in Roseguard, as he has been Jaren's squire since when Jaren was merely Baron, then Viscount. He had arrived several days earlier and had already been set up in his old room, which suited him well. Dressed in maile and wielding a practice sword, he spars with one of the Iron Guard.

Seeing the Princess' passing, Raul Moreno gives a formal bow then, and otherwise goes to stand up straighter then and watches the squire practicing with a nuanced eye. He has no talent for the sword, but can appreciate someone with skill. His attention wanders over Liam as the boy sparred, and he gives it an intent air of observation, quite content to see things going on throughout the area.

Taking a few steps further across the courtyard herself, Emilia slows up as Thaddeus approaches. She offers a respectful bow of her head to the Ducal heir,"It is good to see you as of well. And welcome to of Roseguard." There is a small upwards tugging to the corners of her lips,"Of thanking. And quite of so, though I of think more are keeping of an eye upon Count of Stephen." Hearing that familiar voice approaching, for yes, Clara does have regular rooms…royalty and certain friendships. "And I am of sure if you had of seen, you would have fretted at me and given me yet of another lecture."

Thad nods to Emilia, "Then they are fools. You handled yourself rather well there. My brother is good, do not get me wrong, but you certainly caught everyone off guard. If they want to give you that advantage again, let them." Raul gets a raised brow, "And who are you… sir?" Clara gets a grin, "Your highness, glad to see you could make the trip. It was certainly entertaining to watch Lady Emilia whip a Couvieri knight like a child."

A small group of women, three Huntresses, and one dressed so similar to them as to easily by the untrained eye to be mistaken move into the Courtyard, heading somewhat towards the castle. The Viscountess Raelyn Cassomir seems to be speaking in friendly manner to the three Huntresses who accompany her. Her arm is held out, and it's not a bow that's in her hand, but a hooded falcon that sits perched on her arm with a heavy leather glove upon it. She seems to be in quite high spirits and spying the others in the courtyard, she begins to make her way towards those faces both familiar, and not.

An eyebrow is raised in response to Thad's statement. "Like a child?" The words are repeated, as Clara turns from her cousin to her best friend. And yes…that sly little grin that Emilia knows so well is starting to make its appearance. "Perhaps it was a good thing I did not see. A lecture might have earned me a thrashing next time we trained." There is a wink given to Emilia as Clara turns back to Thaddeus. "You see, dear cousin, Emilia has been training me on hand-to-hand combat. I had thought it might be a good skill to learn. It seems that I have chosen my teacher well, then." A giggle is stifled…but barely.

As the Viscountess enters, Raul Moreno turns in that direction and then goes to give a bow to her then in a formal way along with her escorting Huntress. Then moving up, he automatically shuffles a few steps back then to make sure that he's out of the way. Paying strict attention over to the back and forth interactions then and looking for something socially appropriate to enter in on.

"Of thanking, and I do of think many tend to give me an advantage in under of estimating me." Emilia pauses slightly before adding rather simply,"It was two of Couvieri knights in of the end." And without a change in inflection at all she shrugs just a touch towards Clara and notes,"Your training would have been of the same, you have asked to be treated like any of other in of that." A slight nod is given to Raul, unknowing of the man but he is given that polite gesture. Catching sight of Raelyn as she approaches,"Has Zeus of enjoyed stretching his of wings?"

"Indeed, it was that t'Maren knight," Thad grins, "It was rather amusing. You certainly have, it seems. I am garbage at it, so I will not be taking up any challenges from you on it." Thad nods to Raelyn, "My dear goodsister. I was not aware that there was to be hawking today. No matter, I am sure there will be time for it."

"He has. Though he misses hunting with his partner, I would wager. Stephen was unable to go along with us, sadly." Raelyn nods silently to two of her escorts who part ways and head off to perhaps take a break or see to some other duty they've been obligated with. The other remains, perhaps a personal guard? "I see our guests have started to arrive." Raelyn smiles, warmly, towards Thaddeus, "It's good to have you on this hunt." And, to Clara, Raelyn's attention turns. "It shall be a fine hunt. With much song before, and much feasting after. Clara, have you ever met Zeus?" She holds the hooded falcon forwards, slowly, gently. She tells both Clara, and Thad, "He was a gift from Jaren, some years ago. One of Emilia's gifts to us at our wedding was a female to match, for Stephen." And, to Thad more specifically, "I was not sure I would have time for him during entertaining, and his weight was down. I have little desire to see him disgruntled." A gift that, clearly, still has pleased Raelyn and left a formidable impression. Her eyes turn to Raul, "But you, Sir, I do not recognize. Welcome to Ironhold. I am Raelyn Cassomir, former Mistress of the Hunt, Viscountess of Ironhold."

Listening to the talk of hunting then going along then, Raul Moreno goes to dip his head, "Speaking as one that will only get to enjoy the feast at the tables, I wish you all good luck in it." He offers as he approaches, and listens of Zeus then and half smiles, dipping his head at each then and otherwise watching as he listens to the Viscountess and then nods over at the others in turn.

Raul dips his hat and bows, "And apologies, I forget my manners sometimes. Lord Raul Moreno, a pleasure."

There might have been a comment in regards to the t'Maren knight that Emilia trounced….but, with Raelyn's approach, Clara keeps silent for the moment, offering a nod in greeting and a smile. "Raelyn…a pleasure to see you." Well…at least Clara didn't go into fan-girl mode. But, that could be part because of the extra visibility in the courtyard. "I have not had the opportunity to meet Zeus." A finger tentatively reaches out…but not quite touches the falcon, out of respect. "I do look forward to the hunt, though. If anything, it gives me ample opportunity to pretend I am a Huntress." The comment is given in jest, as evident by Clara's expression. Then…a nod is given to Raul and a formal greeting. "Welcome to Roseguard, Lord Moreno." Clara doesn't offer her name…but really, does she need to?

"I have seen you upon the field, Thaddeus, you will have no of challenge from of me. Even if not of your area of skill, you are still not one I would wish to trifle of with." And surely neither would like to give Jaren the entertainment of such a match. Right?!?! "Only because he is likely seeing to paperwork you tasked him of with," Emilia just mildly teasing her sister about why Stephen did not join her in the hunt. Dark eyes do take in the measure of the man whom approaches and offers luck as well in time his name at her sister's prodding. New Noblity. Just what thoughts that name brings are well hidden behind that stoic mien of hers. "It is of a pleasure to meet you, Lord Raul and welcome to of Roseguard. I am Lady Emilia." Offering her name..cause really she probably needs to. Unlike the others.

Finishing his spar, Liam salutes the Iron Guard who had given him the practice and makes his way to the knot of nobles. "Lady Emi. Your Excellency. Your Highness." He glances to Thad and Raul. "My lords. A fine day, is it not?"

Raul dips his head over at Emilia, "A pleasure and thank you. And An honor to be here in Roseguard, Princess." Giving a bow over to Clara then and to each in turn. "And a merry hunt to you all and a pleasure to meet those of you that I have not yet had the honor to have done so and a hope for an enjoyable festivities." The young man in turn takes in Emilia, eyeing her back. "A pleasure to meet yo in particular and an honor. I have heard much quite complimentary of you and your abilities." As Liam comes up, Raul gives him a quick nod as well of acknowledgement. "And a fine day."

"I can understand, best to take advantage of what peace one can before the storm," Thad says and then grins to Clara, "I trust you can hold your own." He straightens his gauntlets, "Lord Liam, it is indeed fair enough for my taste. Though it seems you have been taking advantage of it for your training. Good lad." He then frowns a little at Raul's introduction, "Then greetings, my lord."

"Again, welcome to Ironhold, Lord Moreno." Raelyn smiles, genuine in that extension of hospitality. "Though, I do hope you change your mind. The hunt is an event of some renown here in Ironhold. It can challenge the best of us." There is a nod to Clara, "Good. Your bow will be appreciated, I am certain. I've never missed a hunt, since I was old enough to go on one. It's a thing to admire. Teaches you respect, honor, for those you hunt. And to not underestimate any prey you might hunt." She looks over towards Thaddeus, "But, goodbrother, if you've brought your own, I am certain I could let Stephen get away to allow you two some time to hunt together," she says with humor.

It was not that Emilia really looked at Raul any differently than the others, that rather unchanging expression of hers. That was until a brow raises just a hairs width,"I am of glad to hear you have heard such complimentary of things." Even if Emilia is inwardly more surprised. (Or yet in denial.) "And of aye, as mine-sister says the Hunt is of a thing to behold. There are many come simply to of witness and do not of take part directly of themselves." Liam gains a respectful bow of Emilia's head as he approaches,"Good of day Lord of Liam. A good practice?" The question asked before she directs on towards Thaddeus,"Shall we be seeing Lord of Gawain competing as of well?"

Raul nods over at Emilia then, "I have unfortunately no talent when it comes to the wilderness and such things. But given you advise it, I will do as best I can to ride along and observe to partake." Giving a light bow over to Thaddeus and then to Raelyn and smiles, "So I thank you for the urgings contrary to my general impetus." The unchanging expression of Emi had him interested, though not quite directly returned.

A smile is given towards the squire as Liam approaches. "A good day indeed, Lord Haldis." The title is emphasized slightly…Clara's way of teasing Liam, since she can never get him to loosen up. She shifts to regard the exchange between the Cassomir sisters and the newcomer Lord Moreno, seeing no need to add her commentary about the Hunt. Until Raul brings up a lack of talent. "The Hunt is a perfect opportunity to gain experience in such matters. I personally did not have much of a background when I attended my first Hunt."

"If Stephen wishes to go hawking, he shall. Though I fear your nephew is already able to out-hawk him!" Thad grins, "Sadly he did not make the trip, better off with his nurse back in Sunsreach than making the trip." He joins in trying to recruit the upjumped noble, "You have little to lose by participating, but by sitting it out you miss out on such great company."

"Lord Haldis, I bid you welcome to Ironhold. Pray, do tell me that you intend to take bow, or spear upon the hunt with us in but a few days time? Else I fear we shall have little enough to feast upon," Raelyn jests, "With but a few of us going, and so many boars upon us." She nods to Thaddeus, "I'm certain my nephew can. And when I am in Sunsreach next, I intend to spend time with both the recent arrivals," she promises Thaddeus, "And if he behaves himself, I may let Stephen come along as well." Yes, Raelyn is in high spirits. She shifts, slightly as her arm is getting a little tired, to encourage Zeus up onto her shoulder where there is still thick leather to be had.

Raul laughs quietly, "Since you all have the good taste to inform me otherwise, then by all means I shall observe. For twould be a travesty then for me to turn down such an offer from all of you. A pleasure and I thank you again for the warm welcome to Roseguard. And I look forwards to taking in the hunt and the spectacle, and the companionship. Consider your invite accepted." He dips his head over in acknowledgement of Clara's comments.

"If you have talent enough to sit of a horse, then such it talent of enough to join in. As there are of many who simply of ride out and of watch those who put to of use their of skills against of the boars." Emilia giving an nod towards Clara's addition,"Some of take it as a chance to of learn. Others of simply to socialize, such as Lord of Malcolm or Lady of Tiadora." Giving a mild nod though as Raul laughs and seems now convinced from all of the input offered by those gathered. Even if that expression remains ever as..well it is. Stoic. Perhaps it is the mention of certain…spawn…or there is actually truth to the words that come next,"But if you all will of excuse me, there are a few of matters that I must see of to yet of this eve." Offering a bow of her head to the group as a whole before moving to withdraw.

"I will talk to you later, Emilia…" Of what Clara doesn't specify. But, there is always something to talk about. Then, Clara shifts to the other topic…the one just brought up. "Ah, yes. You really should come to see the young ones, Raelyn. They are so adorable on their own…and together? Why, it's positively saccharine."

As Lady Emilia departs, Raul Moreno chuckles, "I have about as much ability to ride a horse on a road at best. So I will more than likely be merely observing and amongst those who enjoy the spectacle of those who know what they are doing." He nods over then and shifts a brow to watch in interest.

"As soon as the Hunt is over, yes. There will be more lengthy stay," Raelyn assures Clara, wholeheartedly. She considers Raul, then, curious. "So, Lord Moreno, if not for the hunt, pray, what have you traveled to Ironhold for in this time of festival?" She seems earnestly curious.

"You are more than welcome at the manse, I am sure the little lad would enjoy your company," Thad grins and nods farewell to Emilia. "And yes, Young Jaren and Arturo do get along rather well, it seems. It shall be interesting seeing them grow up together."

Raul turns over to Raely then and answers, "To meet others Viscountess. I have spent much of my life over in my home and duchy. I must familiarize myself with the rest of the realm so that I can properly aid my family and in turn help tend to our affairs. Occasions like this are as was so eloquently stated an excellent time to do so. And to catch up on much of the news from the realms in passing of which there has been a great deal as of late these last few weeks."

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