(1867-09-23) Ironhold Fall Hunt
Ironhold Fall Hunt
Summary: As much as a tradition as the Off-Circuit tournament itself, a Hunt commences to kick off the week of festivities.
Date: 1867-09-23
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Ironhold Forest - Sunsreach - Rivana

"Stay on the roads in Ironhold!" is a common refrain amongst Rivanans. It's not that the County is particularly dangerous, though. Oh, certainly, there are a few dark legends about the shadowy, thickly forested hills that dominate the province, and every so often a group of bandits tries to take root within, though they are usually chased off or cut down in short order by the fighting men and women the County commands. There are also a good number of natural predators to be found…primarily bears, with wildcats less common but far from unheard of. No, the warning is simply because the forests are so. damned. thick. It would be very easy to get lost within them if you did not have a commanding grasp of the landscape, or at least very good navigation skills.

Fortunately, the roads that criss-cross the County are well-maintained, and the people of the villages that lie along them tend to be polite and pleasant to travelers, so long as said travelers return the courtesy (and if you fought for the Thorn in the Succession War, it's probably best to keep it to yourself). Occasionally patrols of the Iron Guard pass along the main thoroughfares (and even some of the side roads) or small groups of Ironhold's famed Huntresses might be met along the way, as well, but while the northwestern portion of the County does rise into the steep hills (mountains, really) that mark the iron mines from which the province derives its' name (as well as the mining outpost of Metalmire), and the newly granted western portion of the County boasts the bustling trading post of Rivergate, all roads really do seem to point to Iron March, the seat of the Cassomir family.


There's a campfire, burning brightly, and more than a few people gathered around it. A few gathered are playing insturments, low, and quiet but a gentle, pleasant sort of background music to the entire feel of the event that is to start the events in Ironhold presently. Drinks abound, with some servants from the castle, and the Inns gladly keeping those participating and those watching refreshed for the events to come. A few Huntresses linger about, ready for the hunt, and some here in protection of the Viscountess, the Count, and even Emilia and Adrienne. A few Knights of Ironhold, some hopeful Squires, too, in attendance. There is much merriment in the air in the woods.

The Viscountess, for her part, is dressed in nearly identical garb to that of the Huntresses, with some minor differences in coloration of the greens and lack of badge among the chief variations. But, she is presently near the fire, sipping at a mug of tea, and recounting hunts of years past to one of her guests while occasionally glancing sidelong towards Emilia, fondly. It is, afterall, her sisters first hunt in this festive day of the year as Mistress of the Hunt.

Not participating in the hunt as more than an observer, and in the back of those who are watching the festivities, Raul Moreno carefully holds his hand over the reins of his steed. Otherwise, he has an outfit meant to help ward off the weather, less so for anything else, a relaxed set of riding leathers that otherwise permit him to have freedom of movement. He has no weapon along wtih him, and othewrise is just watching the group of hunters as they assemble.

Young Liam Haldis, squire to the king and friend of the Cassomirs, awaits the hunt's beginning stoically. He holds his spear, ready to move with it, and is dressed in chainmail, including a coif over his dark hair. He flashes a brief half-smile towards Emilia and Raelyn before returning to makig sure his spear is on order.

Tiadora has come out to join the festivities in a divided riding skirt and leather doublet, carryimg s Normont bow with her. Her land is known for its fine archers but no one can recall seeing the Duke's sister shooting before. She gives the Cassomir ladies an excited grin. Excited and anxious.

It is the Ironhold Hunt again, and the cousin of the Viscountess, Adrienne Cassomir would not miss out on this for anything in the world. Her green eyes are alight with anticipation, even as she takes a sip from a mug of tea as well, the beverage perfect to help her focus upon the impending spectacle, with all its potential perils. Attired in Huntress garb she is, practical leathers that offer protection as well as do not hamper her movement. Her bow and quiver she holds losely in her other hand, her dark brown tresses are done in the usual practical braid, and this Cassomir with the distinctive freckles meets Raelyn's gaze with an optimistic lift of both brows. To Emilia Adrienne glances next and she smiles to the Mistress of the Hunt. "It has been a while. Let's see if these boars will be as vile as those we encountered last time." Oh and there's Tia. And so Adrienne adds quickly, "Not that there is danger. It is a hunt, and we Huntresses know how to deal with wild animals of the forest. Well. Among other things."

Count Stephen Cassomir mostly remains near Raelyn, though he doesn't hesitate to separate for brief periods to talk to one vassal or visiting noble or another. Mostly just the precise casual, light type of conversations one would expect of such a social gathering. Just…keeping the network active, as it were. For now though, he moves back to Raelyn's side, grinning just a touch as he notes, "It's time, I do believe."

A bit of a smile, least as much as a smile as is ever seen out of Emilia is given in return to Raelyn. Even if it seemed the added work of being a Viscount and marriage were impacting her sister's memories. Second Hunt as Mistress of the Hunt. She was dressed in leathers identical to the others Huntresses about. Especially to Syrn and Pella who were off in conversation, some morbid bet perhaps being discussed about what injuries would be taken this time and by whom.

A nod a turn of that pattented Emilia smile was offered to Liam in return. Before noting to Tiadora,"I am of sure you will do of fine. And have quite of the story to tell of your brother soon." Nodding to Adrienne in turn,"Of aye, it has been of awhile. And of truly, do you blame of the boars for putting up such a fight for their lives?"

Watching over at some of the discussions, Raul Moreno listens then and heads towards some of the group, "I for one will be rooting for the hunters rather than the boars, though do please forgive me for hoping the hunt has some sport to it." As much as someone not in the midst of it would at least!

Tiadora seems a little more anxious than excited. " One ride with us," she prays, "and keep us from harm." She lets out a deep sigh and checks her bow again. "I just rode last time, figure I should try to participate this round. I'll be interesting to tell Symon for sure," she says of her brother.

"It is time," Raelyn says amusedly to Stephen, "When the horn blows. But yes, I do suggest people make certain they are ready to mount, and move. The Huntresses will be reaching the boars soon, I'd warrant, and begin to harass them in our direction soon enough." She looks over towards Tiadora, smiles, warmly at the young woman. "You do realize that you will now be expected next Tourney to shoot with us, yes, Lady?" Half-teasing, and half-threatning in a good natured manner.

A chuckle escapes the freckled Cassomir at Emilia's counter about boars putting up a fight for their lives. "Oh of course I don't blame them. And we wouldn't want to have it otherwise." Her hand tightens about the bow, as her lips twitch into a smile. "The excitement of the hunt… I can sense it in anyone here, Huntresses and mere nobles alike."

"As it is of your first of time, be of sure to keep within the second group of riders," notes Emilia to Tiadora. Least that would shelter her friend a bit more from chance of boar attack. Hopefully. Adding on to her sister's comment,"That is rather of how Clara came to shoot within the Tourney, started of practicing with of us and then there was no of going back after that."

Emilia gives a nod to Raul upon catching his comment,"There is always a manner of sport to of the hunt, Lord of Moreno. I can of assure you it will not be of a dull event for you to of observe." Giving a mild glance towards her cousin with a slight tug at the corners of her lips. "The excitement does of fill the air." Even if it certianly doesn't seem to show on that ever stoic mien.

Raul Moreno nods over at Emilia, "I thank you then Lady. Perhaps sometime then I shall be brave enough then to join those participating in some years from now when I've had a chance to learn some of how to use a bow then." Dipping his head,and then his hat over at Emilia respectfully wtih a bit of a grin on his lips then. "And I thank you for your well wishes as well as your urgings to join. I would not have otherwise for you and the other Lords and Ladies had urged me to."

Tiadora has to pout. Another chance to be in the public eye? "We'll see," the Gerrell says as she goes for her horse. "The back line is fine anyhow. You're lucky I even know to shoot. Paul insisted," she says of her late lamented uncle.

"I only new Lord Paul briefly, Lady Tiadora, but from what I saw, I'm sure you were trained well." Stephen notes to their guest from Normont, giving her a polite smile. He lifts an amused brow at Raelyn's mild admonishment, but moves towards his horse…a sure-footed and even-tempered steed. Stephen's an adequate rider, but only just.

Raelyn has to laugh, just a little at Tiadora's comment. "I'm lucky you know how to shoot? I think, rather, it is you who are lucky, Lady," Raelyn suggests, her words warm, friendly. "There is joy in the hunt. In the bow. Perhaps you've not found it yet. Perhaps tonight you will? We shall see."

Her head then turns towards her husband, and she tells Stephen, "I expect you to fell the biggest, largest boar of them all for me." There is a slash of a rather wicked, teasing grin over her lips before she prounces louder, to the gathering, "I do thank you all for coming. Let us hope for a fine hunt, and pray to the One that all she find themselves safe in their beds at the end of a glorious evening, and a great feast to set off such holiday as we have planned here, in Ironhold."

She looks then to Adrienne, "Boars are no trifle," she agrees, "It was not long enough ago, that I was gravely wounded in the leg by one that could not be felled swiftly enough, by spear, or arrow. Do not take them lightly," she warns those who've not hunted before.

Liam swings up onto his mount, hooking the butt of his spear into the stirrup, looking off into the woods and ready to urge his horse in the direction of the boars. He does not take Raelyn's warning lightly— boars were vicious beasts.

Emilia simply nods in agreement to the words Stephen offers to Tiadora. Briefly echoing,"I am sure you will shoot of fine." A mild incline of her head to Raul,"There are of other weapons that are of used, not just of the bow, Lord of Raul. You willhave of chance to see of this once the hunt of begins. It may of be one of them suits your of interests more than of the bow. And of truly, it would have been of a shame for you to have come of early and not have attended the of Hunt." Though her sisters words, do have Emilia shifting her own bow about, in preparation to take to the saddle of her black horse, a somewhat high strung stallion.

When Raelyn addresses the gathering of hunters and nobles, Adrienne knows they will tarry no longer. Approaching her mahogany bay mare Checkmate, she smiles and murmurs a few words into the animal's ear, before she mounts, bow and quiver slung about her shoulder.

Raul has taken his time to set in near the back then, and he nods at Emilia, "Yes, I believe I shall. But for now, best of luck to you and the other hunters, Lady. And an excellent feast at the end of things." He dips his head over and then turns over to watch the Viscountess then as she speaks, falling silent.

Tiadora 's horse is of good mountain stock but mostly mild mannered as is expected of a lady. She mounts and rejoins the rest, checking the draw on her bow and her quiver stock. She looks around at the other riders, as if perhaps checking to see if a certain handsome Cassomir knight was in company. Half hoping he was, the rest desperately praying he wasn't.

Emilia offers a finall incline of her head before she does mount up and brings Onyie around to join the hunting pack. Her bow well in hand as her reins were shifted for the fast ride that would come when the horn was heard giving warning of the boars arrival.

The horn signalling the start of the hunt and the engagement wiht the boars about to begin has Raul Moreno,a bit unsteadily in his horse even as an observer, taking care to remain near the back then to watch then. "Good luck." Murmured quietly.

As the horn is heard, Raelyn shifts her mount to face the oncoming boars, and readies her bow. Her eyes narrow into slits, sharp, waiting for the merest motion of rustle of leaves from the incoming hoard of wild, fearsome, and angry animals. She waits for the boars who were denied their hoardes of truffles by their persuers, until she can see the red in their maddened eyes. Only then does she let her bow sing.

And appear the boars do!! Surging through the underbrush and crashing into the clearing that the hunting party was near. Maddened and angry as they comes crashing through, the sounds of hounds not far behind them driving them on at the direction of scouts and Huntresses set to the task. The fiercesom beasts charing head long at the group of hunters and their horses!

Alerted through the horn is Adrienne as well, green eyes scanning the undergrowth attentively even as she listens for the typical sounds that would announce the boars coming at them. And there they are… the freckled Cassomir lifts her bow and readies an arrow, taking aim, before she lets it fly.

Stephen Cassomir is an outward picture of dead calm as the horn sounds and the commotion of riled wild boars reaches his ears, he brings his steed to a halt, and readies his bow, nocking an arrow and waiting for the quarry to come into sight before taking aim and launching an arrow towards the nearest of their prey.

<COMBAT> Stephen attacks Boar1 with Shortbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar1 with Shortbow - Serious wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Madboar with Shortbow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Tiadora attacks Boar1 with Shortbow - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Adrienne with Bite - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Madboar attacks Emilia with Bite - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Raelyn with Bite - Serious wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> Liam attacks Madboar with Spear but Madboar DODGES!

<COMBAT> Adrienne attacks Boar2 with Shortbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Raelyn with Bite but Raelyn DODGES!

<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar1 with Shortbow - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Madboar with Shortbow - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Stephen attacks Boar1 with Shortbow - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Adrienne with Bite but Adrienne DODGES!

<COMBAT> Tiadora attacks Boar1 with Shortbow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Liam attacks Madboar with Spear - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Adrienne attacks Boar2 with Shortbow - Critical wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Madboar attacks Emilia with Bite and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Boar1 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Madboar has been KO'd!

Stephen's first shot misses, but unperturbed by this, the Warden calmly nocks a second arrow, and this time it flies true, sinking deep into the side of the boar, and with it already suffering from a few more well-shot arrows, the beast falls to the ground, expiring quickly. "Good Shooting, Lady Tiadora!" Stephen calls out as he nocks a third arrow, taking aim at the remaining Boar, who's about to become a very popular target.

The first stab with the spear Liam misses, though the second jab hits home, albeit it not as firmly as he'd like. The tough skin of the boar rejects the tip of the spear, and Liam mentally curses himself for not sharpening it again before the hunt.

Still, the arrows that feather the boar are enough to bring it down, so Liam whirls his attention to the third and final boar in the tiro that had been flushed out.

Tiadora is pale and grim as she sees the snarling beasts bearing down on them. But Normont archers are perhaps only second to the hosting house and she acquits that reputation well with a deep plunging shot to the boar's breastbone, just short of a fatal strike. Her second arrow strikes the flank- not as deep as before but still solidly. Her dark eyes glimmer as she focuses on the last of them, knocking and drawing quickly.

A low curse slips past Adrienne's lips when she sees her arrow fly past the boar she had aimed at; a second curse follows when the animal chooses to attack her, and bites at her right hand. She needs to wheel Checkmate about to bring herself once again in shooting distance, this time aiming better, as the arrow hits and penetrates eventhrough teh thick hide of the beast at its neck, which should at least cause it to stagger a little. Its bite goes astray this time, Adrienne dodging, her eyes alight as they never leave this monstrous beast of a boar. She reaches for her next arrow, ready to finish this boar off.

With one of the boars coming straight at her in a mad frenzy, Emilia's stoic gaze is soon focused upon the beast. A arrow is set flying and manages to get a knick out of the beasts chest, but does seem to do little damage, nor little to stop his beserkering run towards her. The beast barreling into her and Onyie, managing to give Emilia a greater wound then she got with blood appearing where the boar's tusks punctured her armor. Whirling Onyie back around, Emilia manages to get a second arrow off this time it finds sinks deeply into the madboars chest with a solid thwack. The arrow and strick from Liam enough to cause the boar to go wide on it's own attempt to strike at Emilia again before it is falling over with a loud squeal. A few stray kicks of its feet as life passes from it. But Emilia is already turning Onyie towards the final boar in seeing it going after Adrienne yet.

The first boar charges, and Raelyn's steady shot sinks deep into it's hide. She pays for it, though as the boar bites her left hand. She kicks it away, shifting her horse and lips curling, fires the next arrow into it despite the sore, bleeding hand. A doctor can look at it later, no doubt. The boar pays dearly for the wound, as yet another arrow of hers, and more of the others sink into the thick, matted hide of the wild beast.

She exhales a breath, and her stubborn nature will not let her sit out the last animal spurning towards them in rage. She readies another arrow along side those hunting with her, and she fires, as steadily as she can with her injured hand.

<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar2 with Shortbow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Boar2 with Shortbow - Moderate wound to Head.

<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Adrienne with Bite but Adrienne DODGES!

<COMBAT> Stephen attacks Boar2 with Shortbow - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Adrienne attacks Boar2 with Shortbow - Moderate wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Tiadora attacks Boar2 with Shortbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Liam attacks Boar2 with Spear - Serious wound to Neck.

<COMBAT> Boar2 has been KO'd!

Tiadora dances her horse back as the third boar charges ever closer. She looses the arrow but it lands harmless behind it in the dirt. She scowls but readies herself for another arrow if needed. But it looks peppered enough and she reigns the horse around to make sure it's down

It is a joint effort, when three more arrows hit the last boar, and Liam pierces it with his spear as well. The boar's tusks miss Adrienne again, but with the fatigue comes the sweet oblivion of death that makes this beast move slower and slower, until it finally collapses to the ground with a gargling sound leaving the depths of its enormous body.

Adrienne is more or less content with her effort, after all her second hit and third arrow sticks out at the side. Realizing it must be over, she shakes her lightly injured hand a little As if to make sure no knuckles were broken in the process.

As all the boars in the first sweep seem to have gone down in a flurry of arrows and spears, Raul Moreno cranes his neck and takes his hands up together to quietly applaud for the well conducted affair!

"Looks like this time, at least, we had the measure of the beasts." Stephen notes, after his last arrow only grazed the hide of the creature, but any further shots proved unnecessary. "Is everyone all right?" He looks about now that the chaotic business is over, studying each particpant in turn (at least visually) for signs of serious wounds.

An arrow is let fly quickly, and sinks into the boars head as others also turn the beast into quite the arrow cushion. Emilia having another arrow ready quickly, like many others in case the beast is to stubborn to go down. Though her dark eyes are giving the tree line a study to ensure there are no others that will be appearing but in seeing some of the hounds appearing and their handlers, Emilia does lower her bow. A hand drifting to briefly check where the boar's tusks had punctured her armor, a bit of blood seeping out of the moderate wound. "Just a bit of a scratch of here," is how Emilia answers her good-brothers question. Her wounds were after all far lesser than last time!

"Medic," Calmly calls Raelyn, holding out her hand, and smoothly dismounting her horse, handing her bow to one of her nearby guards. Certainly there is pain, it's scripted on her features. But she's taken far, far more serious wounds and this, too, she knows will heal. And she has to save face. She's much practice at that. She nods to Stephen, "The first one that charged got through and bit my hand as I was readying another arrow. I'll be fine. I will just need some stiches, and some clean bandages," she tells him gently.

As a medic, with poultice and wrap comes to staunch the wound for the present comes to work on Raelyn's hand, the Viscountess looks towards Tiadora, "It would seem you've a fair hand with that, Lady. Well done. And to you, Lord," she tells Liam. "You fared well, also. We're pleased to have had you in our company. Three fine boars for the feast. A good hunt."

Tiadora blushes pink at the compliment. "Um, thanks? Symon would be proud. Paul would be even more so." She glances up and brings her prayer beads to her lips to kiss, murmuring some prayer. "I only have shot at targets and not too often, I mean, um… in practice. Only more recently. Mother never really liked me being out in, um… The courtyard."

Adrienne shoots Raelyn a slightly concerned glance, after all the Viscountess seems to be more severely wounded than she. But such is the thing with Cassomirs, always playing down their injuries while maintaining a stoic mien. Moving her fingers, she shakes her head when the healer will have time for her, only to gesture towards Raelyn and Emilia with the 'scratch'. What a fine trio they are, good stubborn Cassomir stock. The smile Adrienne gives her kin is faint but not without pride.

It really was in their blood wasn't it, as Emilia showed nothing of the pain that was assuradly felt from that 'scratch'. Even once she dismounted and handed her bow off and a medic came to do a bit of a field dressing to make do for the moment…Cause…Chest. Wound. A stern comment about having it seen to properly upon return to the castle, to which Emilia simply nods. "They have of right to be of proud, Tiadora. You shot quite of well, and we do all start simply shooting of targets. "

Raul glances over then at the others, and it seems that those who had some injuries are quickly being tended to. So he crisply takes his hand together and applauds to the hunters, a quiet grin on his face as he watches.

And while the few injured amongst the hunting party were seen to, the woodsman and others were setting to the task of dealing with the boars. Prepping them to be moved back to the castle in due time.

Tiadora comments shyly to Raul, "I only watched last time myself. I figured I should try to participate this time. Maybe. Um, next time?" She gives him an unfamiliar smile as she shifts in the saddle, securing her bow to the side.

Raul smiles over at Tiadora, "I think if anything Lady you have given me icentive to do just that myself. Your shots were well struck and quite effective. You've certainlyg iven me plenty to ponder then."

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