(1867-09-30) Paths Forward
Paths Forward
Summary: Raelyn works on streching her recently injured hand as Emilia seeks to speak to her sister several outstanding matters.
Date: 1867-09-30
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Master Suite - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
Resting at the end of the hallway that comprises the Cassomir family's living quarters, the Master Suite of Roseguard Castle are actually comprised of a few different rooms. The first is something of a parlor, with a few tables and comfortable chairs. With a large hearth present it's clearly designed for entertaining visitors in a more private (or secure) setting than the Great Hall. The second room is an office space, with a large wooden desk and plenty of shelves present, most of which are laden with scrolls and missives, though everything does seem to be reasonably well-organized and kept as neat as possible even if there's an unavoidable bit of clutter. Aside from the desk, a couple of chairs are also present here for more business-oriented meetings.
Beyond the office lies the bedchamber, with an adjoining privy as well as a smaller room with space for both a squire and a servant to remain nearby at seemingly all times, though for the moment it seems that particular room is unoccupied and has been for some time. The decoration throughout the rooms is geared towards the colors and emblems of the Cassomir family, plus a couple of portraits…clearly smoke damaged…hanging in the office space, whom many might recognize as the late Baron Aric and Baroness Mathilda Cassomir. All the furnishings are quite new and of exceptionally high quality, much in keeping with the very "modern" feel of the castle as a whole.

The Hunt has always been one of Raelyn's favorite times in Ironhold because that was when even the stoic mien of her father and mother would fold and the entire countryside would be in celebration. And after a day or two to recover after the festivitites themselves had ended, it is then that she finds enough time enough to have a little free time for herself. So it is that she is sitting in her room, practicing her recorder - perhaps with some intent? It had been awhile since she'd picked it up, but the notes that come through it are fluid and well versed, she playing one of her favorite, lighter tunes.
The door to her bedroom is open, and two Huntresses stand near the door, on guard for their former leader.

It was possible that Emilia might yet prove to be the most stoic of all Cassomirs, for even the Hunt did not cause her stoic mien to wavier one bit. The festivities of the tournament had taken a fair bit of time, but nothing that couldn't be handled. It was something that they did twice a year. And entertaining some of her friends had hardly been a 'duty'. Perhaps it was something like a moth to a flame..that music. For Emilia soon enough appearing between those two Huntresses. A faint nod going to them before she ventures into the doorway properly. "Testing of your fingers to ensure they can yet find of the notes?" Afterall, it was Raelyn's hand that had taken injury in the hunt.

As if to rebuff Emilia's gentled inquiry, Raelyn plays a few warbling notes to punctuate the last few bars of the song she's playing, before she flexes that injured hand, still affected by some of the soreness. "I need to keep it flexible," she counters with somewhat of a grimace, "But it is healing nicely enough. And you, sister-mine? I trust your own injury is healing well? Come in, sit. I've a few hours today to myself, and thought to take some time to enjoy myself. Little could I find finer than spending time with my sister."

A mild tugging occurs at the corners of her lips as those notes warble about a bit. "They do seem to be finding them, but some work needed yet to sit them proper. And I of know, they need to of be worked as part of healing." Emilia gives a faint motion towards her chest,"It is healing of well, soon it will hardly be of noticable."Not that any would much be seeing her chest to know one way or another. "Ah, then Stephen is tucked of away busy with all of the paper of work." A slight tease in that, knowing Raelyn's feelings about doing the book work and Stephen's not minding so much. "Some of time to be shared is always of welcome. But…" Emilia hesitates a little,"there are of somethings that should be of spoken about which may not be of…enjoyable."

Raelyn's answer is simple, and undeniable. She responds, gently, "You are my sister." She turns her body to angle it directly at Emilia, her legs slanting somewhat in that process and she shows Emilia that her sister does, indeed, have her full attention. "Stephen shan't bother us," she assures. "You can close the door, if you feel needed. The girls won't bother us." Girls meaning the Huntresses standing guard outside, whom Raelyn is likely long and fast friends with.

Emilia nods towards the two Huntresses, and indeed the door is closed before Emilia moves further into the room and moves to sit with her sister. "It is of needed." The door closing that is. "What words I must speak, should not be allowed to carry of far. You of remember the ritual Jaren told of us about that Sirrah had of found? " Emilia takes a faint breath, there was really no good way about it. And since whenever were Cassomirs known to dance with words? "I have decided I will of submit to of it."

Raelyn listens, fully expecting Emilia taking this amount of precaution, to bring up something in relation to the darkness that Emilia so doggedly fights. She is not, of course, disappointed. But what comes, still, is unexpected, and a measure of surprise, mixed with relief touches Raelyn's mein. She exhales, then asks quietly, "What caused you to change your mind?" For certainly something had to have happened to cause this shift.

"It may be of the only of chance for the shadow to be of removed, for it to be gone from our days. It is my duty to of pursue of it." It seems such a simple reply. Not that Emilia had voice sevre opposition to the idea, just a wish for more details and some wariness. "Whil there is of the hope it is not without of risk, for there is of chance the ritual will of kill of me." A hand flutters trying to reforestall any immediate counter from her sister. "It is of a possiblity, and must be of planned for. At the very of least, a cover of story must be of had for what will be done. As in of the least, there will be a need for recovery as Sirrah must draw of blood as part of the ritual."

There is a grimness to Raelyn's expression, that focused intensity about her visage. "You know you will have our full backing." She knows she doesn't have to to say it, that Emilia already is aware of such, but it makes the whole conversation flow better. It gives her something to say while her brain processes what warnings and possibilities Emilia lays down. "And we will do what we can to ensure Sirrah is safe, as well as yourself. I'm certain, however, we can find a cover story easily enough."
Her lips purse, and she asks then, "Have you spoken to Jaren and Alysande about this?"

Emilia nods,"I of know. " She hesitates slightly,"Clara of wishes to be of supporting as well, whatever my decision was to of be," meaning the Pricness is not yet aware of the decision made. "But Sirrah has of said, only those who can of protective of themselves may be of present. Even if she believes the only of danger is to of me and of herself, for she will of perform the ritual herself, in trusting no of other to of it." Another bit of a nod comes. "I am of sure. I just wished for it to be of thought of about before of things."

Now that question does cause a blink of surprise. "No, I have of not. I of assume Sirrah will make Jaren of aware once I have of informed her of my decision. Which I will seek to of do before going to of the masque this next of month. But I do not see of reason to why the Queen need be of informed, nor that she would have much of care to what becomes of me or not."

"If nothing else," suggests Raelyn quietly, "Because you are her husband's sister, and he was willing to sacrifice his life for you. But I imagine, also, because it would rid the hag from our lands, forever. Which are her lands. But, I'm certain if Jaren believes she needs to be made aware, he will do so." She presses her hands to her pants then, smoothing the fabric out.

"And, of course, there will be the need to find the necessary - catalyst. I am certain that our prisons can hold off on some executions. But we may need a few Huntresses, and Knights, to move the lot to her binding." The idea does not sit well with Raelyn, but to her it is clearly an acceptable price; brigands and thieves, murderers and rapists in exchange for her sister's life? It's an exchange she would hardly hesitate on.

"Whether of this is successful or of not, does not of change the Widows of being, Raelyn. Just of the shadow that is within of me. And perhaps of once he of was, but he has of a wife and of child, a kingdom that must be of considered." Thoough Emilia frowns as Raelyn continues to of talk. "You speak of Her of killing. That is not part of this Exorsism of Ritual…Unless there is of something Sirrah has of told you and not of me?" Those dark eyes looking rather intently at her sister on that accord.

"Ah." Raelyn gives a brief, apologetic sort of smile, "I'd nearly forgotten after the visit by our honored guests there was —," she pauses, shaking her head, lifting her hand, "Nevermind. My apologies, Emilia." She nods, once, then exhales some. And, with that put to rest, her mind is no less eased. There is still, then, some tension, "But it will be an easier thing to find a cover for," she agrees. "What do you need me to do?"

That intent gaze lessens up as Raelyn makes it clear she'd near forgotten there was a separation. Even if the killing of the Widow had been the first hope to 'free' Emilia. "Of aye, it will be of easier, for there will be of less being of involved. Sirrah has of said she will have some of help, a few for of protection, and if you and Jaren were of wishing to be of present…She of doubted that she could do of anything to keep either of away. And I of imagine, Lon will be of there." Cause…Reasons. "I am of guessing, there will need to be reason we are of away, why Stephen cannot be of going of with. A simple of hunting of trip may of work…as such could of be of cover should things not go of well." Rabid bear attack, right? "I do not know of how quickly Sirrah will be of ready, or of wish to of act."

"No. An army of Warhounds could not keep me away," she assures Emilia, calmly, but with absolute certainty. Still, she also highly doubts that Sirrah would seek to keep her away at any rate. "It will not need to be overly complicated, and we can come up with reason enough," she assures her sister gently. She leans forward to clasp her hand over her sisters, warmly. "And I have a feeling if Lon is there, there will be better protection. But Jaren and I will both have blades to fend off anything that might seek to harm us." Such as other 'sisters' to Emilia who might be drawn to the ritual, or other unexpected happenings.

"I doubt two of armies of Warhounds would be of able to keep you of away," says Emilia. "But of no, it need not be of complicated, just something that must be of prepared of for." Her fingers curling around Raelyn's when her sisters hand clasps hers. "Of true, he will provide of good of protection. But you must be of prepared that I may be of the danger. Sirrah of says it is of certain They will come to of the service, required of even." Surely Raleyn remembers that one little episode. "So I will be of secured, but is of a thing to be prepared of for."

Raelyn's features harden, momentarily. She remembers the episode, and how much it pained her. Her stoic mein remains firm, unshakable. "I will not falter," she promises her sister, "And I will not let Them win. And I will keep you safe," she promises. She speaks it with pure confidence, even though she knows little enough about the ritual, and knows that the ritual itself could fail, or worse, and such would be well beyond her control. "Perhaps Sirrah has the right of it. Free you first. Then worry of Her."

Emilia gives Raelyn's hand a squeeze as those features harden,"I know it was of not easy of then, espeically to discover the truth in such of a way. This will be of worse, I just…wish you to be of warned, so you can of prepare of yourself in what of way you may of be able." While Emilia would certainly be suffering the most, she did not think her brother and sister would have it easy in having to watch what may come. And be helpless to do anything about it. "She did not speak of a need for of order to of things. But she did of say what wa within would likely return to of Her. Sirrah grows no of younger, and if there is no of Her for Them to return of to…" Emilia gives a small shrug with perhaps part of her own reasoning in it all coming out.

Raelyn's eyes narrow, briefly. She remarks, "I will do whatever I can to make certain that both you and Sirrah return to us. I have faith Jaren and Lon feel the same," she assures her sister. Again, Emilia's hand is squeezes warmly. "Sirrah may not be young as she was, but she has more tenacity in her than many twice as young." And to that, Raelyn's lips curve, just slightly in fondness for the old woman.

"Of aye, she is quite of tenacious, but her time is of limited as of all of ours is." They weren't all like Lon with lifetimes before them! Emilia nods slightly,"I am of sure they do of feel of the same. " There is just a bit of hesitation,"Speaking of feelings and of Lon….Have you given any further of thought to what I of asked of before? About of him?" The Huntress matter had been long settled after all!

"Of feelings, and of Lon." Raelyn manages to smile, just a shade with the change of conversation. "You wish him then to be your Consort then, truly?" She nods, slowly. "Then, it shall be done. But I will need to speak to Stephen, first. But you shall have your happiness, Emilia. And your woodsmen," she promises, wholeheartedly.

Emilia nods a little smile actually risking to appear,"Of aye, I do truly of wish of Lon to be mine Consort. To have of the contract to reflect what of exists between us." Pesky contracts! "I of understand, I know it is not without of consequence to allow of this." All the politics. "Of thanking, I had never of thought it would be possible to have such a happiness."

Raelyn leans forward, to kiss her sister's cheek. "Just remember such, when you are at the ritual. You will be surrounded by those who love you. Immensely so." She leans back, sliding her hand away, "And there is no reason that I, who have found happiness, should deny that to one whom I love most. We are lucky, in that aspect, we Cassomirs." She considers, asking, "Would you be amiable, then, to a political marriage? One vested here, of course. I would not have you sent away from me. I've already had to watch Jaren leave. And you have your duties, here. And those cannot be argued." She smiles, just a shade, at that. But the question is a sincere, and earnest one. Raelyn feeling her sister's mind out.

Emilia gives Raelyn's hand a squeeze as that kiss is made to her cheek,"I will of remember. And I know I am much of lucky to have those who do love me of so." Another nod comes,"There has been of luck in of that, even if luck has not always been of with us." The question is one that does have Emilia giving pause. "It would be of mine duty to consider of it, Raelyn. If there was truly of a honest and of true request put of forth. But you know as of well as of I, few have truly put forth anything that was not of bordering upon insulting when seeking a match to of me." She takes a slight breath,"If it were a thing that must be of considered, you would be of better to of send me of away, for you need to be of able to keep of Devlin of here. For our family does need to be of rebuilt." The mainline diminished as much as it is. "And I am not of likely to give of children to of that end." A practical reasoning showing in that response that comes, guess those lessons with the steward did sink in. "But if it is to be of my choice, my choice is of Lon."

"So our family does," agrees Raelyn, quietly. There is of course, Adrienne and Graham as well. But Emilia makes a fine enough point, "I will speak with Stephen, soon, then. But, I assure you, regardless, you will have your love. Just as our nephew will soon have a very - large puppy. I am presently, unbeknownst to my husband, securing a Warhound puppy for the new Prince. I cannot wait to present it to our brother, and see his face. And the Queen's.

There were others like Adrienne and Graham, certainly…But they were not part of the mainline branch. Emilia nods,"Of thanking, and I of course will await the results of your speaking with him." An official contract would change little, save to make their relationship official in the modern ways. Dancing…really was much easier! A brow rises a little at the news of Raelyn's gift for their new nephew,"Oh of my….I am sure their expressions will be quite of something. You will have to tell of me just how of that goes."

"Yes," agrees Raelyn mildly, and with some measure of humor. "I shall be certain to tell you all about it. Though Stephen shall find out soon enough, should the deal be finalized and the puppy arrive." She seems exceedingly pleased with her devious sort of plot. "But, I do want to get more practice in," she allows. "Stephen has surpassed me. His performance was - absolutely wonderful, and I want to be able to play on his level. But you are welcome, more than so, to sit, and listen to me play."

And no doubt, their brother would discover this devious plot in time enough as well. A puppy did seem grander than some painting. "He did play quite of well, and it could of be he put more of time to it growing of up. It could be quite of lovely if you and of he played together some time." Settling in a bit,"I would be please to of stay and listen. It has been of some time since we have had such of time together." Since they had their boys to spend time with now.

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