(1867-10-08) Sibling Talk
Sibling Talk
Summary: After the meeting, the l'Saigner siblings discuss how it went
Date: 1867-10-08
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Wraith and Rogue lick each other's heads and necks, lazing on one of the comfortable chairs in front of the fire. Alina has called for a light repast, so breads and cheeses and some pastries, along with water, milk, and lemonwater with the last of the lemons from southern Rivana that the kitchens had, though more were expected in sometime within days for the masque.

She carves off a few pieces of cheese and takes a couple of rolls before flopping unceremoniously on the fainting couch. "They would NOT have tittered so much if I had been Father," she laments.

Lucas enters the room, gives the cats a brief smile, then moves to join his sister. "A weakness of your past disguise I imagine," he remarks as he snatches a pastry from the table with a bandaged hand. "The vapid designer of dresses. Give them time to get to know you as we do, as someone to fear," he remarks, with a touch of a smile on his lips before taking a bite of the pastry.

"Likely not. But there may have been a time when the tittered at father, as well. Thinking him a young man not truly seasoned enough to take on the mantle of the legendary Duchess Leonore." Corvin moves into the room, still slower than usual, before moving to sit down and help himself to one of the pastries, somehow managing to nibble it with some sense of decorum rather than just stuffing his face like he rather wants to. "It may take a bit of time, but one day they'll stay silent when you speak."

"Bloody t'Cauthone. I didn't really want to embarrass Lord Joshua like that," she grouses. "But an example needed to be made. Wasn't just the t'Cauthone men, though my understanding is they were the bulk of the problem. There were some others as well who just thought Gabriel to be an idiot." She stuffs a half of a roll in her mouth, chewing angrily. After swallowing, she continues, "I've half a mind to embrace public flogging… if that would bloody help the problem."

Lucas pauses in his sampling of the pastry. "It wouldn't," he says of flogging. "They'd just turn about and whisper that you were having men flogged to cover for Gabriel's failure. In this case it's best to put our faith in Gabriel's skills in the field. I've seen them in the North he will win over our vassals in time, as you will sister. In the meantime such as was done with Joshua will be sufficient reminder to give you and Gabriel the respect you're due."

"It's times like these I almost wish we did use Wraiths for petty vengeance." Corvin notes, having already made his pastry disappear, and now moving onto some bread and cheese, "Still, we should have a new crop of juniors soon. Won't replace the experience we lost, but at least our numbers will be back to full strength."

"I'd have a good number of those morons disappear into the swamps," Alina growls, viciously tearing at another roll. "But you're right, Lucas. Too much and they will see it as weakness. Gabriel did well in this encounter. Had all his men followed his orders, it would have been better. I should content myself with victory."

Lucas nods. "He did," he agrees. "I saw nothing wrong with his leadership and its clear that the real soldiers amoung his troop saw no fault in it either. He will win them over in time." He finishes off his pastry, dusts off his hands, and takes a seat. "Good to have our numbers back up, let me know if there's anything you'd like me to help them with."

"Sometimes we do have to take solace in that. They were stopped. We have a valuable prisoner, in information if not in wealth and political connections, and save for a handful of stragglers the threat seems to be over." "Seems" because Corvin will always allow for the possibility there's more of them out there. Can't go getting complacent! He looks back to Lucas "You can evaluate the newcomers and give your assessment on where you think they would best serve."

"I'm just pleased the bulk of the Abara's forces seem to be nuetralized." Alina frowns. "Here at least. Should make them think twice about taking another contract on Father."

"Of course, brother," Lucas agrees readily enough as he sits back in his chair. He nods to Alina. "True. Though perhaps we should inform their Rivanan rivals of their defeat to help ensure the Abara remain truly crippled."

"Perhaps. But I think we should see what news we can wring out of Pacitta first. This many Abara up here…and by all indications intending to stay…speaks of trouble at home. We might get a feel for how the winds are shifting from how it plays out in the Pacitta Council." Corvin opines. "Besides, we don't really have terribly reliable lines of communication with the Rivanan Syndicate houses."

"Pacitta. Hm. It might be wise for us to send someone from the family there to dig into things," Alina says. "I would go, since I'm the most conversant with that wretched hive, but Gabriel would murder me if I went there now. Supposedly there's some sort of fever Mancini is trying to hush up. It'll likely pass in a few weeks but until then…"

Lucas shrugs. There was a reason he wasn't the one to plan the larger scale syndicate schemes of the house. At the mention of Pacitta he looks ready to volunteer, but stops short when he hears of the fever. "Hmm, do we have anyone we really want to send into that?" he asks, meaning the illness. Physical foes didn't give him much pause, but illness couldn't be dealt with by blades or punching.

"Father may have more information when he returns." Corvin notes, "But it's not as if we're lacking eyes and ears in Pacitta. We should likely lean on those sources first before we worry about sending anyone who's not already there." Corvin polishes off his bread and cheese and looks to Alina, "Do you have any further need of me, Sister? If not, I think I'm going to go sleep away a bit more of this injury."

"No, Corvin. Get some sleep." Alina looks at the two catlords, who have perked up and are watching the l'Saigner siblings intently. "I need to go check on my sons anyway."

Lucas gives the cats a look and a smile. "I'll amuse these two for a moment or two then attend to some business of my own," he reports turning that smile to include his sister as well.

"Don't let those cats get you into trouble," Alina teases both her brother and the catlords before she slips out of the room.

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