(1867-10-13) Before I Go
Before I Go
Summary: Odilia checks in with Talia as she continues to recover, and before Odilia returns to Pacitta. Even without having taken much injury, Odillia seems a little under the weather herself.
Date: 1867-10-13
Related: Related to the end of the 'A Rise in Banditry' plot and the beginning of the 'Chills and Fever' plot.
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Study - Three Rivers - Couviere
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Talia had mostly recovered, by all accounts. Her movements were no longer stiff, or small in their motions and movements. They have returned to normal fulidity, ease, and the Viscountess no longer clenched her jaw almost invisibly when she turned this way or that. She had, in secret, sung her son a song of The Many, something passed down from parent to child in the t'Corbeau household, a lullaby to send him to sleep and now the woman was resting in her office of sorts after dealing with a few family matters. A bottle of wine, half drunk, sits at one hand. A goblet, at the other.

While Odilia had not taken many wounds, there had still been a few. And in truth, she seems to be looking a bit tired and worn in the days after the fight. But there was no rest for the weary. A light knock announced her arrival to the office. "Your Excellency, I return to Pacitta tomorrow. But there are a few matters of business I thought might be best to discuss before I did." Her usual cheery smile in place, even if there was a hint to a lack of sleep under her eyes. "And make sure there was nothing else you needed of me before I left."

"You should rest before you move on to Pacitta, my dear. It's too bad you cannot remain, but we do need eyes and ears in that city. I've no doubt the damnable t'Rannis are even now working to stab someone in the back in the need to sate their gluttony." She frowns, disdainfully. Then, she exhales, "Come. Have some wine. And we can discuss business, in leisure."

"I have been trying, but sleep has not been as welcoming the past week. I am not sure I ever quite got over the last trip through the gate before we went on to put those bandits down. Or least it feels that away." ANd maybe why her own performance was not fully up to par during that attack. Odilia settles into the offered seat with a sigh. How good it was to be off her feet. "The t'Rannis are ones to keep eyes upon. But I am not sure they are the biggest issue in Pacitta at the moment. Remember that sickness that I mentioned about a month or so back?" Waiting a beat to allow Talia to search her memories before continuing. "That situation ain't improving any. Rightly they are doing a finner job of containing information about it then whatever it is."

"I'd be willing to bet it was something they brought in from overseas that is causing it," Talia says, darkly. She pours Odilia a goblet of wine, offers it to the younger woman. She nods, "The gates have been problematic, of late. With the prices that are being charged to use them, and the oddness of them, I've ordered our people to refrain. A ride may be longer, but when one of your colleagues begins to show signs of breaking down and erratic behavior, you do not continue to rely on him to continue to safeguard your person," she suggests, rationally. There is a brief frown, "I'll have Sophia send some coin with you, to ensure our people there are cared for. And that you, yourself, are not put in danger until this is under control."

"Most likely, always something coming in on them ships," Odilia giving a shake of her head. Not that it was all bad. "It's mostly been down in the slums, but it's seen a fair few folks dying off. Ain't much matter with them folks." They were after all the fodder for all things. "But does mean some sources are being lost as well as possible business…oppurtunities." Targets for thier less savory trades. "They might yet get a handle on it with some of the merchent folks seeming ta get impacted, family taking ill. But it's a thing ta we need ta continue to keep tabs on." The wine is sipped out, savoured a little in each sip. "We'll do what we can to stay safe. But if the situation isn't brought to heel soon, I wreckin' there will be a panic soon enough."

Talia's eyes narrow, and she slowly nods. "Yes. Well. Do not take uneccessary risks," she warns. Then, she exhales, "And keep me informed of what is going on." One can see, perhaps, the wheels of the woman's mind turning with possibilities. "As best you can." She considers, "Panic is a poor state of mind. Do not let yourself be caught up in such. Leave, if it comes to that," she instructs. Family, afterall, is family.

Odilia nods,"I will avoid any uneccessary risks, I promise that." No dices games down in the slums for fun and profit. Alas. "You know I..we..all try to ensure you are kept informed though both channels. " Flows of information did always have to come through official paths, as well as the not quite so official paths. "I will make sure to leave if it gets to that point there." Her lips curving into a bemused sort of smirk,"But truly, when have you ever known me to get swept up in something as pointless as panic?" Truth be told, Odilia had never proven to be the excitable sort. Likely part of why she had made it through training. "Ah…I did also do that check up on our fine friends from the other month." Or whenever that was. "They were trying to hide something. They had been trying to start up their own side trading, extra goods by skimming a slim margin off of the top of what they were meant to owe you." She gives a wickedly sublime smile,"They have been shown just how poor their judgement was and will not be making that mistake again…certianly not any time soon."

"You always did take such good care of me, Odilia." Talia smiles, warmly. "You'll be pleased to know that Nyssa will be coming to visit, perhaps with a time. Along with Remy. When next you find yourself in Three Rivers, we will have to find something interesting to occupy our time." She sips her wine, mulling over it, thoughtfully. It was no secret, afterall, how much Talia doted on Nyssa.

"I do try as I can. Besides," she grins,"what better purpose in life to have?" Before she takes a sip of wine. She oohhs as her brows raise over the top of her wine glasse, just starting to lower it after the recent sip. "That is delightful news. I am sure she will be wanting to dote on little Andrew. I suppose they will be here until winter Court takes up?" Her fingers lightly tap upon her wine goblet,"It has been awhile since I have seen Remy as well."

"If I have my way about it, they will. Besides. I need my sister to help me sway Alina's mind against the whispers of Paege t'Rannis. The Lady dislikes me for my penchants. And my association with Corvin." Talia exhales, "That is yet another reason why I did not go to the Masque. But without the l'Saingers, my dear Odilia, we would be as nothing. Do not forget that." Talia purses her lips, "But yes. I hope they'll stay here until Winter Court begins anew."

"She is near as smooth as her father, that one." Odilia sighs a bit, brushing a lock of hair away fom her forehead as she shifts some in the chair. "I have to wonder why she puts up with that woman Corvin seems to be bedding now. I imagine it is because she has more control over that woman then she could excert upon you." A tired smirk forms,"Or more easily to see an accident happen." Odilia shakes her head,"I do not forget and oculd never forget that without them we would not be, and we oe to them as our lieges as much as I owe to you. I would be nothing, without purpose without this House."

"Yes. Accidents." Talia smiles, slyly. "Accidents can happen in so many ways, can't they? A pity, when they befall those who we thought we could trust." She clearly is not speaking about Odilia, but someone else. Whom, she does not clue the woman with her to, just yet. "And I am pleased to give you Purpose, though, my dear Odilia. Afterall, who would bake me such fine cookies?" Talia's spirits do seem to be up, it would seem. She inquires, curious, "I do trust you've enjoyed your stay, despite any - discomforts that may have arisen, recently?"

While there was that flicker of curiousity to whom Talia might have on her mind to have an 'acciden't befall. Odilia knew not to press for details, she would found out when, and if, she needed to. Afterall, she was not the only 'asset' that the House had to help in those kinds of matters. "Quite true, just how you all survived without my fine baking skills, I will never know." She makes with the jest, even if weary and tired. It would be awhile before she had chance to return, unless a matter arouse that required otherwise. "Oh, I did. I do always enjoy my time here, even if I must call Pacitta my home most days, that does not mean I would not prefer to be here. But I know I serve where I am needed, and for that I have no complaint."

"And for that, my dear Odilia, are you ever in my favor." Talia smiles, warmly, and leans to kiss her cousin's cheek. "Andrew will miss you, I've no doubt. But, he will come to understand the reason, as we all did in our own times. And, he may have a sister, or brother soon enough. But," she puts her fingers to her lips, as if to hush Odilia, and then Talia winks. Then she closes the ledgers she'd been working on. "I also never got to thank you for your assistance with Philippe's final transition. Saving him was one of my finer decisions. The man had far more steel and darkness in him than I ever would have thought."

Odilia smiles warmly as Tailia kisses her cheek. "I will just have to ensure I spoil whim with tidbits and delights from Pacitta every time I do return, and becomes his favorite aunt." Jovial enough with that turn, knowing Nyssa will surely take that title with the little lad. Her eye brows rise with surprise at the news. "Aw, I have heard nothing for which to give grand congradulations then." Giving a wink of her own. Though sobering just a little as she bows her head,"It was my pleasure and honor to aid in those moments. A privlege to see his final steps. He has turned out well under your guidance."

"He -has-, hasn't he. Would that Dominic could be half the man I've turned Philippe into." Talia sighs, almost exasperated, but seems to leave it at that. "I trust everything else with you is fine, my dear? Have you any needs, that need seen to? Or any other unfinished business here that would need attending? I want your full focus in Pacitta. And, on those t'Rannis."

A bit of a face is made at the mention of Dominic, but Odilia doesn't voice much concerning him save,"Politics must be played in such things, unfortunately." Odilia nods,"Yes, things are fine with me. But you know I want for little, and get to enjoy even more." Her lips curving into a warm smile. "I think I have seen things wrapped up here as they need to be. But you know, as always, should there be need of me, I will return." A hand moves to cover her mouth as a yawn is stiffled,"But I think I should see to an attempt at some sleep before I must face that dreadful trip in the morning."

"Yes. Sleep well. Sophia will see you are well prepared for your journey. Always a pleasure, my dear Odilia. Do return soon," she well wishes, warmly. She rises, to kiss Odilia's cheek again, affectionately. "And do write."

Odilia returns the kiss, affectionately so. "I shall write, and.." She grins to Talia,"I shall ensure that a send some cookies at times so you are not without both them and I."

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