(1867-10-14) 100% More Wolf Than Advertised
100% More Wolf Than Advertised
Summary: On the night of the Twin Moons Masque, there are more surprises to come and in many cases not quite the ones that were expected.
Date: 1867-10-14
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Emilia  Lonar  Reese  

Alain's Rest Ruins - Lonnaire - Couviere
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It was with a certain graceful ease that Banshee had made her exit from the masque, slipping away as she had from many a party or banquet in time past. With so many costumes and masks, it had perhaps made it easier in some ways. Especially with so many focused otherwise. And the Voices were buried deep, a ‘silence’ she had only once before enjoyed…and it had also come because of Him. She knew it would not last, They were surely going to make her pay for it tomorrow but tonight…tonight she was going to enjoy the unexpected 'gift’.

She had expected the need to slip past guards on leaving the city and perhaps even a patrol or two, what she had not expected was how on edge she had found the pair on the outskirts of the ruins. How Emilia had wanted to laugh to hear them talk about being unsettled about hearing wolves howling. Certainly not common close to cities, or even in Lonnairre…And how were they to know it was no common wolves they had heard? But it had been their mention of sighting smoke that has sobered Emilia’s amusement some.

Though she had wished for a moment she had left more of her costume behind or even taken the time to change, it had been easy enough to slip past the guards. Especially with their preoccupation over the howls they had heard and ensuring they had solid reasons to not investigate. They had been quite colorful on that point. She was certainly going to have to recall some of their phrases for later use.

The rising smoke was eyed as she drew closer, she knew he would not make a fire for himself. It was sign that he had found that more challenging prey to hunt this night. More of her 'sisters’ had been found and dispatched, and were being burned as he had said would be done. Silently she made her way about the ruins, her scent perhaps masked to a degree between the place itself and the smoke from the pyre. Pausing in the mostly ruined doorway when she finally found the pair, silent for the moment as she took all the wolfy-ness in. Dark eyes roaming over both brown and silvery-white wolf alike, even if they might linger longer upon the silver a touch longer.

She had seen him in dreams, but it was something altogether different to see in the waking moments. And she was thankful for the silence of her own Beast, knowing well Their opinion of the idea to come here. It would have made the moment…trying. And while her expression does have the usual stoic bent there is a softness to it that is not quite usual, and likely something few would even pick up on. There is also a remarkable lack of surprise in finding not one but two rather wolfed out Changelings, but while she may have expected to find two (which might well be a surprise to them). Emilia knows that only one at most may have expected her this night, and thus she remains in that doorway for the moment.

Lon may well be disappointed at the lack of surprise Emilia evidences. Not that it’s immediately apparent, as both Changelings are watching the pyre in silence, even as the flames have started to die down. Still, the smell of smoke and the crackle of the fire have provided a suitable mask to the usually-stealthy Emilia’s approach, and for once neither seem to immediately notice her. At least until a tiny bit of a breeze carries her scent to the pair, and both in turn turn their lupine visage in her direction.

Lon rises from where he’s crouched, looking none the worse for wear for whatever battle has been fought. Ris moves away from the wall, but only a pace, studying the “Banshee” intently as Lon gestures between Emilia and his expected-but-should-have-been-unexpected companion. «This is Ris. He is of the ancient days. A brother.»

«You understand the Sidhe tongue?» Ris seemed a bit surprised, though it was perhaps a bit hard to read the emotion on the faces both he and Lon currently wore. «I saw you at Ostvor. And…found your scent unusual.» He glanced to Lon, a few soft yips indicating a manner of laughter, «She knows the tongue…does she know the Dance, then? Is that how this one claimed you?»

Embarrassment did not come easily to Lon, and none showed now as he simply answered, «Yes. But it is not polite to speak of such things upon first meeting. I would think you have spent enough time among the humans to know this.»

Ris laughed again, «I don’t get to speak so often as others.»

«You seem to make up for it by wagging your tongue now.» Lon shook his head in something between amusement and annoyance, before looking to Emilia once more, «He is younger than I. Still needs to grow up, I see.»

That it took a few moments for them to take notice of her with their keener scents, is perhaps a source of amusement on some level. But it does also give her time to study them a few moments before they are turning to take notice of her. A thing that Lon may well notice, in addition to that lack of surprise, is that there is no tightness about her eyes, no sign that her Beast is trying to surge forth as might well be expected given his lupine form and added company. The tenseness is utterly lacking, there was no battle between her and her Beast in the moment.

Inclining her head in some turn of greeting when Lon gives such an introduction. «Aye, I was told you had found a 'brother' this night, and would be none the worse off for it,» Emilia's response coming in that language of the Sidhe, and without the odd cadence that usually 'plagues' it. Her understanding of language clear without giving direct response to that particular question. Emilia's head cants slightly,«I suppose it is odd, or unique as I am told I am. But from what Lon has said, it is a mix of my true,” human,” scent and that of my Beast's.»

While Lon may not embarrass quite so easily, there is a turn of pink that rises in Emilia's cheeks at the mention of the Dance. An answer in its own right, even if Lon does give a verbal one. Looking towards him as she notes, perhaps a bit cheekily even,«I should think then if he is an example of the younger wolves, you truly have nothing to worry about.» She pauses slightly,«But I did ask another for a dance tonight and was declined due to the risk they saw in becoming to forward with me. But He did think that the masque would have been more memorable had you», her eyes flickering to Ris as she includes him in the next word,«both attended.» It being her turn to search for surprise within the lupine features of them both, even if she did finally move to step towards Lon and it is his reaction she seeks to observe most, her movements having that surprising unearthly and rather Sidhe-like grace to them. Her dark eyes drifting towards the pyre and smoke, simply asking, «How many?»

«Ha! She has sharp teeth.» Ris replies at Emilia’s retort, shaking his head, «Maybe sharper than yours, Old One.» Because of course a few weeks in age difference matters! Still, Ris falls silent at the rest of Emilia’s words, looking perhaps a bit perplexed, «You spoke with Prince Doran, and he spoke of me?» That’s the only one at the Masque that Ris knows is…aware. But clearly he is puzzled by the notion, «No. Even with much wine and spirits he would not betray that secret. Who do you speak of?»

Lon studies Emilia intently, seeming to note the differences, and also looking a bit askance at Emilia’s somewhat cryptic words, before realization borne of a more complete knowledge of who Emilia has associated with dawns, «He was here?» He glances in the direction of Highwater Castle, «The Last moves without sound or scent, but this is no surprise.» Lon adds after a moment, more quietly, «Ris has not heard your tale.»

Ris looks quite surprised now, peering more intently at Emilia, «You know of the Last?» He glances to Lon, then, «Your mate is a strange one, Lon. Perhaps I understand better now.»

«A change from usual.» Lon quips.

A smile does come at Ris's response to her retort. But his question have Emilia shaking her head,«No, I did not. Or I should say, if I did I am not aware.» Cause one never knew who was behind the masque, and one could adjust their voice to help keep their secrets. «But no it was not him who told me of you.»

Looking to Lon as she nods,«Aye, He was there. Though only my spirit sister and I could make note of this, no other knew he walked amongst them.» She gives another faint nod at his quiet words,«With your hunt and how much you two must have to catch up on, I would be surprised if my story ranked in amongst the things to discuss.»

No doubt some would be nervous to have a rather large wolf creature peering so intently at them, but it does not seem to phase Emilia. Then again some would have rather fled at the mere sight of the pair. «Aye, I know of the Last, and have meet him twice now. It would perhaps help you further to know He finds me to be unique and surprising.» Perhaps surprising all the more given she was but a human.

She does take Lon's queue,, looking over to Ris,«My story..or the part that may be of interest to you, began when the Banshee that was once El’Ka’Athren killed many and then sought to change me into something else.» Her hand raises, her fingers lightly pointing to the pyre. «To one of those, there are different names I have heard them called. Children of Judgement, Banshee Spawn, Weeping Child of Shadow. As you can see, I am not such a creature. Yet I retain that shadow which was placed within me, my Beast. And if it had its way, I would yet become such a thing. Much to its displeasure, I am stronger than it and not only prevent it from consuming me but retain my mind and who I am. This is what makes me unique.» It was perhaps the abbreviated version. Her dark eyes shift back to Lon as she notes softly,«He has silenced my Beast for the evening.» Some explanation of the differences within her. «An unexpected gift for the night. And…» She gives him a bit of a smile and lingering look «I am noticing.» A mild reference to an earlier conversation.

«El’Ka’Athren became one of those half-dead things?» There was an equal mix of disgust and somehow humor in Ris’ tone as he spoke «Of course that one would have survived that long. She was always a coward, but a clever one. Still, I always thought she would end up a Deathwalker before I’d believe her to be among the last Bane Sidhe.» He looked to Lon, «So that is why you still hunt the Blackened Wood, is it?» The subject of the Last remains strangely untouched from Ris. Or Lon for that matter. Perhaps they simply accept that he does as he wills.

«Yes. My hunt has not ended as yours has. My purpose remains unfulfilled.» Lon replied, «The Blackened Wood was…separated in the Sundering. Much has disappeared. But El’Ka’Athren fled to its’ southernmost edges in her new state. The Silver Blades bound her there. And I have…mostly…remained near since then. At least once I returned to the Blackened Wood. The Sundering left me on the far side of what would be the Empire.»

«The Empire you helped Castor make on your way back home. Well, Kingdom that would become an Empire.» Ris’ tone started humored, but his manner and tone grew more solemn after a moment, and he briefly pawed at Lon’s shoulder, «I wish you well in your hunt, Brother. I would aid you in this, but I am sworn to my new pack. It has given me purpose I lacked when my hunt was finished.»

«I know. But the Silver Blades hunt with me in this. There is…some hope…that it may soon end.» Lon chuffed with laughter once more, albeit softly, «And then I too will have to find new purpose. Especially if this one tires of me. Even if she notices me now.» A broad, silver-white furred arm slipped about Emilia’s waist, accompanied by a wolfish grin, before it faded a bit. «Ah you had asked…there were two.» He spoke quietly, tilting his head towards the dwindling pyre.

A nod came to the question in silent confirmation. There was rise of her brows in a turn of curiosity to hear El'Ka'Athren spoken of, it was not like Emilia had all too many openings and chances to hear about Her. «Deathwalker?» The only question raised as more catching up is had between the 'brothers', the term not one she was familiar with form amongst the tales told of monsters and creatures unfathomable, yet more real than so many knew, in some form or another.

Her lips turning into a quiet smile as she does listen to them them speak of things that could only barely be glimpsed in history books, yet had been their lives. Some would ask question after question, yet, to have the glimpses she gained now and at other times…were enough.

«Aye, there is hope and determination to see that end. Now that there are new paths found.» Looking back to the pyre when the answer comes, a faint nod,«I am glad that they will now have peace, and those who live here will be safer for it as well.» A turn of silence passing, some silent prayer perhaps being said, or contemplation about her ‘sisters’. «I will not tire so easily of noticing you, nor easily tempted away by the first young wolf you bring about. You will have to try harder to be rid of me.» But then she lightly elbows the silver-white wolf, «Besides, I think it you who grow tired. Such a full evening you’ve had, it seems I may well need to seek a fire to keep me warm.» Not that she makes any move to escape from that board, furred arm that has wrapped about her waist. «I was after all told I should well and enjoy my evening with a full heart, but..ah..perhaps you are not up to helping me to that end.» A quiet mirth in her eyes as she does rather boldly tease him.

«A Deathwalker. A…monster of the ancient times. A creation of the Bane Sidhe, made by crushing the will of one of their own who dared to challenge one more powerful and failed. They were difficult to hunt. Even some of our brothers and sisters fell to them.» Lon explains shaking his head, «I have not seen one since well before the last of the Bane Sidhe became Banshee. And am glad for it.» There’s no fear, but a definite certainty to Lon’s voice at that.

Ris, however, laughs at Emilia’s words, «Your mate wants to dance, Lon. I will leave you to it.» It would appear there is at least a modicum of privacy among the Elder Changelings when it comes to certain things. Or perhaps it is simply Ris deeper understanding of human mores. Regardless, he inclines his shaggy head towards Emilia, «When next we meet, it is unlikely I will be able to speak. So I will not be able to remind you of how old and fat and slow Lon has become. But if that is your liking, I cannot judge too harshly.» There’s a wolfish grin, and then a final «Hunt well Lon. And Emilia.» and then he’s bounding off through the ruins. Not as if there isn’t plenty of space here, and by all indications he had approached from the opposite side as Lon, regardless.

«All you young things, seeking to challenge the old hunter tonight.» Lon shakes his head in mock-exasperation, «I suppose I shall have to prove myself.»

It was both surprising and not to hear that a Bane Sidhe would do such a thing to one of their own. Knowing that even her small grasp of what the creature likely pales in comparison to the reality of what may have been, there is just a mild shake of her head. «I will then hope that remains true, and such a thing is not amongst the remnants of the Old World that shall seek to be found anew before fading away.»

Even if a hint of pink rises within her cheeks as Ris laughs, Emilia grins. Perhaps some relief at Ris’ words, Lon afterall had spoke of more open affairs in days gone past. Masques at one time likely didn’t even have need for privacy scenes and alcoves! Offering an incline of her head in turn, but his words bring a laugh from her. So rare a thing that even Lon had not heard it from her before. «And even if I shall be able to speak, when next we meet. I shall be kind enough not to remind you it is to my liking and my choice over such a shaggy younger pup.» Cheeky little thing. Giving another bit if a grin as he goes bounding off through the ruins.

Looking up to Lon, an eyebrow quirking quizzically,«You suppose? You make it sound like such a chore to dance with me. Do not tell me that I have been mistaken on how much you enjoy the chances to prove yourself?» Even with the quizzical look, there is a bemused sparkle to her eyes as she teases more boldly than she might usually. Feigning a glance the way Ris departed,«And that I should rethink my choice.»

«Yes. It is good that they are gone.» Lon affirms, with quite a great deal of certainty. Still, Emilia’s retort to Ris causes Lon to bark a laugh, though he cants his head curiously at Emilia when she continues, shaking his head, «No, you speak true. I have enjoyed such chances.» That thick arm pulls Emilia closer still, pressed against his side, «But tonight would be a very different kind of challenge.» He does grow a bit more serious though not morosely so, «Humans are…delicate at times. If you wish to Dance, I must remember this tonight more than any other….»

«I am glad then, that I have not been so mistaken» Settling in against him as she is pulled in, Emilia’s hand ending up with fingers lazily lightly drifting through that silver-white fur. Canting her head a little as he speaks of a challenge, especially with the serious edge that follows. A flicker of understanding touching her eyes at what he says. «I do wish to Dance with my mate tonight.» A hint of serious touching her own words, «I do not know when the day will come that I might chance to be fully and only myself, when I will not have to fight every moment for it. But I do know I have tonight, for which They will be most wroth about when They…awaken…again. I wish to enjoy that time with you. So if my mate thinks he will remember that I am…delicate in comparison. Then aye, I wish to Dance and face this challenge.» A soft smile comes,«And perhaps he might just understand that I shall not tire of him, no matter his face or should he actually grow old and fat one day, even if I suspect I am the one who shall grow old and fat.»

«Then we will dance.» Lon affirms, «And I do understand, but you do not seem the type that will grow fat.» A rumble of laughter, «And old you have a long time to reach. For a human.» He releases her, giving her a once-over, «But I would not dance with a Banshee.» His tone humored at that.

«True, I am not quite the type, especially,» her dark eyes giving him an all to casual look over,«when I have such a fine looking mate.» Emilia’s eyes drifting down at herself at his comment, a bemused quirk coming to her lips. «I believe that can be fixed, so you might dance with your mate instead.» That robe already drifting from her shoulders to fall in a pool of material at her feet. A hand drifting to loosen the belt that kept the folds of her dress in place as she started to take a half turn away in a graceful dance-like step,«You know, now you truly will have to keep me warm tonight.» Her warm brown eyes sparkling with a flicker of a challenge as she moved more into the turn and the dress starts shifting off.

«I think, somehow, I will manage.» Lon replies, not immediately following behind, but dropping into a crouch, watching as the actual dance begins. «Even if the steps carry us away from the fire.» Either way, though, there’s a hint of anticipation in the wolfish grin upon Lon’s lupine face, now, and any other concerns are soon forgotten in the steps and rhythm of the dance.


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