(1867-10-16) Who Was It?
Who Was It?
Summary: The usual Rivana Girls get together after the recent masque to discuss the masque and guess a bit at who might have been behind some of the masks. Though it takes an odd turn as their own choice of costumes comes up.
Date: 1867-10-16
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Rented Manse - Lonnaire - Courviere
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It had been a few days since the masque, time enough for sleep to be caught up on for those who had stayed up and enjoyed the celebration to the end…or perhaps taken to their own private celebrations. Also time enough to partially recover from drink and food comas, for even if one had not partaken of the alcoholic selections, the other drink and food selections had been plentiful and quite the rich selection. The l’Saigner did certainly know how to throw a party.

People were beginning to disperse from Lonnaire, while least some of the Couviere had the option to travel over roads to return home those of Rivana did not have the luxury (unless they wanted to take weeks and months to reach home!) And with the faegates having steadily grown to take longer and longer between openings for people to travel through them, it caused longer queues in order to move the people through them, especially after tournaments and larger social gatherings like this that added to those seeking to travel.

With their own scheduled departures coming in the coming days, it seemed a fine thing for the girls to gather for tea to discuss the masque and perhaps plan how to spend their remaining time in Lonnaire. A spread of tea and light snacks were put out for the girls, having gathered at the manse the Tracano’s had rented for the occasion.

With a small tart in hand, Emilia having been nibbling on it here and there. “I do see of why you could never quite give of details about your times before in attending this of masques. For of truly there is so much to take in and the costumes…” Emilia just shakes her head,”So many different of things. “Looking over to Clara,”Have you spent of much time trying to guess who was behind of which of mask?” Her dark eyes looking to the others as she asks the broader question,”Did any have a particular of favorite of the night?” While implying costume, it was vague enough to encompass all aspects of the masque itself.


“I think Triss and Ela were the pirates. They looked adorable,” Tiadora replies, sipping tea. As was her habit, after such a delicious and tempting spread of food she's back on a limited diet. Teas and a single portion of cold vegetables. “The Phoenix disturbed me, especially when she went to dance with my brother.” She shakes her head primly, not approving of his dancing with strange women.

“I told you it was something to experience.” Clara offers a smile as she herself picks up a glass of water. “It is certainly something that defies proper description.” The Tracano turns to regard Tia, offering a confirming nod. “You are correct, Tia…they were quite the pirate couple. Though I did have an unfair advantage…considering we are sharing this manse.” She takes a sip of her water, then shifts to sit. “I really wasn't paying much attention to a lot of others. I…was a little distracted.” A glance to Emilia…another one of those moments the two seem to have.

“I was told to not hold so tightly to my disguise….to relax a little. Still…it was fun. I don't think many knew who I was…and they will not ask.” Clara tips a wink. “that is one of the rules. What happens at the masque stays there.”


Where a certain circle of Rivanan ladies are gathering for girl talk, a certain freckled Cassomir cousin should be about as well. Emilia's question about a 'favorite costume', earns her a glance from Adrienne. "I admit I didn't pay that much attention to who was who," she says after a moment. "And it was a certain fox I favored. A lord in blood-red garb led me through a dance though, and I'm not sure who he was… he spoke with a Couviere accent." Her gaze goes pensive there, before her eyes regain their focus. "A most awkward thing occurred, I was pushed against him by someone who passed and did not watch his step." Even so, the expected blush does not claim her freckled cheeks. A shrug there, dismissing the matter altogether. "You knew the theme of my costume, so I very well expect you recognized me in the crowd during the Masque. Thank you again, Clara, for the costume, and you Emilia for the shoes. I believe I did fit in rather well, didn't I?"


A few more nibbles on the tart are made as Emilia listens to the others speak their thoughts on the masque. “Oh, they were of the pair of pirates? Those were of cute of costumes.” A brow raising slightly before Emilia gives a slight nod in agreement,”That Phoenix did seem to be quite friendly with a fair of number of folk. Perhaps they were one of the courtesans in of attendance to help of entertain?” And perhaps about to ask what Tiadora’s brother had been dressed as before Clara’s words remind her to not let that question cross her lips.

“I never did doubt of that, Clara, it was of why I did wish to least of witness of it myself of the once.” Even if the knowing look is returned, there is a hint of a tease that comes. “I do of imagine you were of distracted. I believe I saw you having a number of dance yourself.” A slight pause before Emilia comments, that bit of a look sent Clara’s way,”I have to say I found of things to be far more of quiet then I thought they would of be. It made for of a pleasant of time in of truth.”

Glancing over to her cousin curiously,”Of a fox? And yet it is of sounding another might have been favoring you. Though that is sounding of clumbsy of whoever did stumble into of you. Of perhaps someone who was to far into of their cups, I am of glad you are no worse of the wear for it.” A mild tugging at the corners of her lips,”You did look quite of lovely in of the costume, I was glad to see the idea of used.”


“I think I have a sketch of you both dancing,” Tiadora offers to Adrienne. “I received quite a few compliments on my work. I’m going to redo the drawing of the host and hostess and send it properly framed. Someone else really liked it- but I can't recall who.” She shrugs and takes a sip of her tea.


Clara flashes Emilia (as well as Tiadora and Adrienne) a shy little smile. The ladies present would recognize that smile as being juuust a bit devilish. “I did dance with a few, didn’t I? Though it was that first dance, with Mistress Moon, that was most memorable.” She takes another sip of her water, then giggles softly as the memory plays out in her mind. “I think she thought that I was male, considering my costume of choice that night. But, as the dance progressed, I could have swore she determined who I was….or at least that I was certainly not a man. And yet, her flirtations continued, if not increased.” The princess shakes her head, still amused at it all. “I swear, if I hadn’t talked my way out like I did, I don’t know who would have been for more of a surprise…the Moon or I.”

If that smile was only slightly devilish, then it becomes outright wicked as Adrienne admits to dancing to someone else other than a certain fox. “Did you say a blood-red outfit?” Clara covers her mouth quickly…and barely, just barely, manages to repress the fit of giggles that had threatened to erupt from within. “Oh Adrienne, if it is who I think it is…you would positively die of shock.” There is only a moment of pause for Clara to gather herself, then the composed princess continues. “For…I didn’t dance with said gentleman, for my garment warded off most. But, I overheard him speak…and, just from the voice alone I could guess as to his identity. The mannerisms, from what I could see, almost confirmed it.” But, is Clara going to tell Adrienne who? Of course not! Much too fun for the Tracano to keep the information to herself. Most certainly for future fun and games for her.

Then, to Tiadora. “If it wasn’t for your sketching at the masque, I would not have known it was you there, Tia. I told you truly then, and I shall repeat it now. You really did look amazing. I was so pleased to see my gift to you put to such wonderful use. I only hope that you did more than simply sit and watch. I would certainly hope that someone was brave enough to dance. Otherwise, next time, I shall have to take that matter into my own hands.” With that, Clara tips a wink. For she would most certainly be bold enough to dance with Tia, especially considering what Clara actually wore to the masque. “Speaking of dancing…” Brown eyes shift to Emilia. “However did you manage to dance with that walking candelabra and not get burned? I never seen a person so bold as to dress in open flame before.”


Emilia's comment is taken with a wry grin. "I told you, I was not really interested in that red fellow," Adrienne insists, lifting her hand in a dismissive gesture, brows wrinkling a touch. Her green gaze shifts to Tiadora and she frowns ever so slightly. "You sketched us dancing?", the freckled Cassomir gasps. Surprise there. Astonishment as well. And a faint hint of awkwardness.

But then there is Clara,providing adequate distraction as she makes hints and appears so amused by it all. "Who?", Adrienne asks of the Princess. Tone lowered in inquisitive demand. "Who was it? You must tell me!"


“I didn't know it was you,” Tiadora mutters sheepishly. “I just drew. And enjoyed the buffet with that lovely Sinesse. Dancing would have been too much,” she says. She glances up at Clara as if wondering what she’ll reveal, if anything.


"Just because you were not of interested, does not of mean he was not of interested in of you," Emilia notes to her cousin. Perhaps just a flicker of curiosity on whether Clara will actually enlightened Adrienne and the rest of them on whom she thinks the fellow might have been. Especially since whomever it does seem to amuse Clara to no great end.

Clara's admissions about her one dance partner does have Emilia giving Clara another bit of a look. But any tease or additional questions on the matter are left unspoken after a faint look at their conservative friend. The masque had done enough to scandalize their poor friend already, right?

Emilia just shakes her head at Clara,"The One only knows what he was of thinking with that and why he did not of use of Everlight instead. But as one of the few who was daring enough to even come of near me, I felt such of…bravery deserved to have of the requested of dance. I was perhaps of wrong in of that, as he was most of presumptuous to think he knew of my story after just of a dance and a few of words exchanged." Giving another shake of her head. "I am of afraid, I may have well of informed him other of wise."


“You must remember, dear Adrienne, that this is only a guess. And that, perhaps, nothing more will come of it. But…” and with that, Clara’s smile becomes positively wicked, “…since you asked so nicely.” Clara shifts to her feet, unable to resist a light giggle. “I wonder what your fellow Huntresses would think if they knew you danced with the master of devils himself.” Obviously, Clara is joking. Surely she doesn’t mean exactly what she says. “For, with the voice…and the mannerisms…why, I would wager that your mysterious Bloodlord was none other than..” Then, Clara, the cheeky little imp that she is, pauses. Purely for dramatic effect. After a moment of silence, those lips curl into a smirk as Clara finishes her sentence.

“Master Corvin Fremont, Wraith Commander.”

As the words pass from Clara’s lips, silence soon follows from the Princess. Her eyes are upon Adrienne, to watch whatever reaction escapes from the normally stoic one. To add to it, Clara murmurs softly. “As you surely know, I was rather familiar with one certain Wraith Commander. Enough to know him when I hear him, even if just in passing. And our Bloodlord from that evening sounded awfully familiar.” Clara’s hands fly up, in a manner of mock surrender. “But…I could be wrong. It has been known to happen. From time to time.”

Clara turns from Adrienne, perhaps to give her time to consider…but most likely to relent on the teasing. She turns to Tiadora, smiling. “Oh, I saw that Sinesse. She was rather lovely, wasn’t she? Granted, I saw her better on the dance floor with what I can only assume was her Lyonal, with the way they were dancing. From what I could see from my own turn with Mistress Moon.” Clara steps up to Tiadora’s side, pondering something for a moment. “Hmm…who all did you sketch, Tia? I may be interested in procuring one of your drawings. Oh, I will pay for the commission, of course.” The Tracano smooths out a wrinkle from her green dress without a second glance, a strictly reactionary measure given without thought. “What I saw as I passed by looked rather delightful…and, while the memory of the night is delightful, having a visual reminder would be simply perfect.”

Then to Emilia. “Oh, I wanted to dance with you. But, that other individual had the first dance. And then, after that, it seems that another mythological denizen had your attention…or you had his. It was rather hard to tell from where I was.” A smile is given to the Mistress of the Hunt. “But…it seemed that you was enjoying yourself. And that was the point of this whole trip. So that you all can enjoy yourselves, in however manner you choose.” Clara does seem rather pleased. “It is so much more entertaining to share than it is to keep to one’s self.”


"Oh!", Adrienne makes, when Tiadora admits just to having drawn people without knowing who was hiding behind the costumes. "Forget what I said then." A slightly rueful look is given the Gerell lady. To Emilia, Adrienne lifts a brow. "Of course he was interested - in a Wood Pixie clad in tree bark.", is her faintly defiant counter. "The good thing about Masques may be that no one really has a clue about who is who."

After which the freckled Cassomir reaches for a tart to nibble on, innocently, or merely oblivious of the impending news that Clara is about to spill on her. A pointed glance is given the Tracano princess, when she seems so utterly amused, and yes, Adrienne's chewing slows, before she swallows the bite - and freezes instantly as she hears Clara's guess.

"You don't say!" Her skin turns pale at first, her freckles more pronounced for a moment, before blood rushes back in and turns her cheeks a healthy shade of pink. "Abyss! And to think that I was nudged against him…" Her lips twitch in obvious distaste. "A Wraith! You should have kept that news better to yourself, Clara!", she gasps, her eyes blinking.


“If that was you dressed in that weird white male costume, Clara, I didn't sketch that. Or the Swamplight. Or the Bloodlord. Or that Banshee. Or any of the -other- people in unnatural costumes,” Tiadora says with a tiny frown. “I can't believe people would tempt and challenge those things by dressing like them. It just invites trouble.” And if it was Emilia dancing with the Swamplight that means she was possibly the Banshee. She gives the two a reproachful look.


“It was perhaps of both,” notes Emilia as she glances towards her friend. “During a brief of moment earlier in of the eve, I fear I was of perhaps being a bit of bold and had extended an offer of a dance to of them should there be of desire for of such. “ And it seems two can play at that game Clara enjoys with Adrienne, as Emilia does not offer up the results of that. Though she does note,”We did come to of have an interesting of talk.”

Taking a nibble of that tart as she does follow the conversation about Adrienne’s mystery dance partner. Curious to whom Clara will voice it to be, knowing it will be grand with the way Clara is playing it. And it is not a disappointment! A slight rise of her brows is however Emilia’s only true reaction as she watches Adrienne’s reaction. It however does not keep her from saying quite deadpan,”First of a Thorn, now of a Wraith? What are we to of do with you cousin?”

That reproachful look is met with a rather steady and stoic one in turn, not that one might expect much else from Emilia. “And what if the of reasoning for such of costumes to be worn is for of entirely different of your of judgment upon of them? What if such of trouble already exists within of theirs lives and such is of a way of showing that they are of stronger than such of things? That such cannot control of them nor have of the power that is of wished over of them?” Pausing before she does say,”But of aye, I was of the Banshee. The of Widow of the Woods to be of precise.” A mild glance towards Adrienne, who would least know the tales and legends associated to that name.


An almost sickeningly sweet smile is given to Adrienne. “You had asked me to voice my theory, Adrienne. I was only doing what my friend asked me to do.” Of course, that smile breaks into a laugh, just as Emilia utters her question to her cousin. Leave it to Emilia to pick up where Clara left off with the good-natured ribbing. “Oh, Adri, you know I adore you. You reacted just the way I thought you would.” The laughter withdraws to a few giggles, as Clara regains her composure. “Really, it might not have been him. And, even if it was, does it matter that greatly? There is no sure way of knowing…and it was only a dance. No harm in simply a dance.” The princess seems about to speak…but then decides better of it, and just gives Adrienne a true warm smile. Clara won’t bring up that dreaded name again. At least…for now.

However, when Clara shifts to Tiadora, that impish grin is back on her features. “Weird white male costume? Why, sweet Tiadora, you wound me to the quick. To think, I failed to convey the majesty that is the Goblyn King with my chosen ensemble!” The reproachful look is only met with a wider smile, which then shifts to a thoughtful mein as Clara asks “How could a literary character be considered ‘unnatural’? Does that mean that your Sinesse and her Lyonal…were they unnatural, too? After all, all three are from the same story.” The redhead shakes her head, lightly, in amusement. “I thought it was very natural, on a night with dryads and phoenixes and other mythical creatures that the Goblyn King would make an appearance. And, it seemed appropriate, with Emilia as the Banshee, that there would be a counterpart present. To balance the scales, so to speak.” After a moment, Clara turns, and drops to one knee, placing a hand upon the Gerrell’s knee. “However, if I did scare you with my borrowed visage, then please, know that I had no intention on doing so. Please do not let the fantasies of a foolish girl frighten you.” Clara releases the knee…but remains kneeling upon the floor. “Perhaps, next time, if we so choose, we can coordinate and dress within a theme! One a little more agreeable for all parties. It will be fabulous.”

Already…Clara is planning for the next party. Typical.


Tiadora just shakes her head and lets Emi’s comment go. She doesn't seem to be in a frame of mind to try to argue her logic. She sips her tea quietly before stating to Clara, “I probably won't go to the next one. Easier if I don't.” The Gerrell sighs as she adds to Emilia, “I wasn't trying to be rude or insult your choices. They were very… creative outfits.” She looks helplessly at Adrienne as if needing someone to back her up a little.


It does not seem as if anything of the other topics broached reaches Adrienne in her blushing haze. As if things were not already bad enough, there comes Emilia's remark. "First a…", she echoes as if readying a seriously displeased counter. "Thorn…", follows, even if her eyes widen and her gaze goes distant for a moment, as if there were more implications of this sentence than would be evident to those currently in her company. "Now… that was odd…" When Emilia explains the costume of the Banshee, her cousin nods, eyes flickering. Yes she knows some tales about the Widow of the Woods.

Green eyes cut to the smiling Tracano Princess. And slowly Adrienne's wry sense of humor seems to return. "What a dear friend you are. If you had been, you would have warned me, right there!", is offered with some irritation, even if tempered by other considerations. The thought does need a moment to sink in, before the Huntress lady adds: "Were you trying to infer, Emilia, that Corvin Fremont is… interested in me?" This obviously such an incredible thought that shows in the slight tremble of Adrienne's tone. "This is definitely something I will need to keep secret from my Huntress Sisters…" She rolls her eyes. As if she did not have problems enough, keeping her dalliance with a former Thorn as secret as possible. She shakes her head, the dark brown braid at her back dancing vividly, and makes a dismissive gesture with her hand.

Almost missing that glance, that plea for help from Tiadora Gerell of all. "Truth be told, this has been my first Masque. I honestly don't know if I will attend another. Even if…", the freckled Cassomir pauses, as her lips cannot help but curl a little. "It was quite an interesting experience…" Even so, Adrienne appears to rather keep out of the dispute about costumes. Instead she reaches out, touching her hand to Tia's arm. "You didn't enjoy yourself?"


With Tiadora simply brushing Emilia's counter and thoughts a side, Emilia simply lets the matter drop letting Clara 'deal' with their friend this time around. Opting to sip a little from her cup after the last bite of tart is finally partaken of, endless thoughts likely turning about behind that stoic mien. And in some ways falling into the silence she prefers to maintain during more public social functions.

Eventually she does turn her gaze towards her cousin,"Of aye, I was trying to make of a joke along those of lines." Giving a small roll of her shoulders in a minor turn of a shrug. "What happens of at of the masque, stays at of the masque," is Emilia simple enough reply when Adrienne brings up keeping that particular dance from their Huntresses sisters.


“No,” replies Tia, “I won't go to any more of them. I clearly don't, um… ‘get’ it.” She avoids looking at any of them. “It wasn't worth the time and trouble. Even if the dress did turn out nice. Dora suggested I go as something very improper so nobody would ever guess it was me. I overruled her on that. It… wasn't my idea of fun- the whole thing I mean. I’m not the party and dress up type…”

She sighs and puts her empty cup aside before standing slowly. “I really should go to the Cathedral again before we leave though. I'll let you finish your teas.”


There is a soft sigh from Clara. A slight one. But, it doesn’t stop her from making a comment. “I told you before, Tia. I only recognized you because of your sketching. The whole ensemble was really quite brilliant and wholly appropriate. But, I must say, as one friend to another, that you really should try to relax more.” Clara doesn’t comment about the Masque, or the fact that Tiadora is set on not going again. After all, the princess has a whole year to convince Tiadora otherwise. Instead, the Tracano shifts to her feet, before offering a hand to the Gerrell. “And I am not about to let you go off without me. Come on, let us all go to the Cathedral. And then, after that, perhaps a tour of the surrounding countryside. After all, I did promise such…and One knows we have plenty of time before our faegate departure.” With that, Clara looks up, taking in both Cassomir cousins within her gaze. “Shall we, then?”


“Ah yes,” Adrienne drawls, her eyes rolling ever so slightly as they glance towards her touched cousin. “A jest. And quite of one, if you think about it…” Her irritated consternation fades into the ever-present stoic amusement of a Cassomir, Even so she will be content to leave it at that. Especially since Tiadora’s slight displeasure becomes a convenient distraction. “It has been my first Masque, and I am not sure whether I will attend another. But with that said, it has been at least…” She pauses, searching for the right way to put it, “somewhat diverting. It certainly was an experience.” She drains the cup of tea and sets it down onto the table.

“To the cathedral then. I believe a bit of prayer and contemplation may indeed be well advised, after enjoying such a lavish feast and entertainment…”


Being the main source and reason for much of Tiadora’s displeasure and discomfort, Emilia shakes her head when Clara’s gaze casts her way. “I am of afraid, I must of pass. There are a few of matters I must tend of to before we are of leaving. If there is of time after, perhaps I will of catch up.” Not likely. Drifting from her own chair to depart,“Do of enjoy the Cathedral and of the afternoon.” The stoic Cassomir giving a brief bow of her head before taking her leave of the group as the others depart for the cathedral.


There’s a long silence where Tiadora looks torn between crying and making an angry rebuke. Conflict struggles on her face. Eventually she just nods back to Emilia and offers a “I’ll see you later then.”

It is only after the Cassomir girl leaves that Tiadora asks the other two, “How did I offend her so much? I only said it because I worry about bad things happening to people I care about. It's the spiritual equivalent of dousing yourself in oil before taking up a flint and tinder.” She sighs miserably. “I will ask the priest do a penance, I feel terrible…”


There is a long pause from Clara, as the princess considers the situation. It is true that she felt a twinge of remorse…and had almost opted to go change her mind when Emilia left on her own. But, there was other matters to consider. Including quelling the fears of the younger Gerrell. As the trio head out of the manse together, Clara’s smile is prevalent, as a hand reaches over to gently squeeze Tiadora’s shoulder. “It isn’t that at all, Tia! You didn’t offend Emilia.” With that smile still present, Clara launches into an explanation. “I had forgotten, when I offered the tour, that Emilia was supposed to meet with Lord Lucas l’Saigner at some point to tour the castle ruins. And, also, she mentioned that her paramour was going to try to be here, too.” With a somewhat conspiratorial murmur, the princess leans in. “I suspect that Emilia wanted to be alone to be with him for a few precious moments…you know, without a trio of fretting girls about.”

With that, Clara pulls back, resuming her normal stance and walking pace. “So, really, she isn’t upset. Though, I could understand how you might think so. Our Lady Emilia Cassomir is really quite an enigma…and so few are able to pierce through that damnable stoicness.” Clara shifts her attention to Adrienne. “No offense to your house, Adrienne dear, but you must admit…it can be awfully hard to get the right impression of a Cassomir when there is no emotion presented.” A slight nudge is given to both of Clara’s companions. “Come on! If we hurry, we might be able to make it for the bell ringing!”

Is Clara covering for her friend? Of course she is. But, with the way Clara seems so casual and her usual cheerful self, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to not take Clara’s explanation at face value. However, in the back of the Tracano’s mind, the concern for Emilia is stored away. There will a discussion with the stoic one later on, behind closed doors.

For there is much to talk about…and even more questions to ask.


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