(1867-10-21) Of Sisters
Of Sisters
Summary: With Emilia returned from Lonnaire, Emilia fills in raelyn on the trip and they discuss other matters closer to home and the heart.
Date: 1867-10-21
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Master Suite - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
Resting at the end of the hallway that comprises the Cassomir family's living quarters, the Master Suite of Roseguard Castle are actually comprised of a few different rooms. The first is something of a parlor, with a few tables and comfortable chairs. With a large hearth present it's clearly designed for entertaining visitors in a more private (or secure) setting than the Great Hall. The second room is an office space, with a large wooden desk and plenty of shelves present, most of which are laden with scrolls and missives, though everything does seem to be reasonably well-organized and kept as neat as possible even if there's an unavoidable bit of clutter. Aside from the desk, a couple of chairs are also present here for more business-oriented meetings.
Beyond the office lies the bedchamber, with an adjoining privy as well as a smaller room with space for both a squire and a servant to remain nearby at seemingly all times, though for the moment it seems that particular room is unoccupied and has been for some time. The decoration throughout the rooms is geared towards the colors and emblems of the Cassomir family, plus a couple of portraits…clearly smoke damaged…hanging in the office space, whom many might recognize as the late Baron Aric and Baroness Mathilda Cassomir. All the furnishings are quite new and of exceptionally high quality, much in keeping with the very "modern" feel of the castle as a whole.

The group that had gone to the masque had returned a few days hence. Namely after having to gate into Sunsreach and ride back home, cause cross Kingdom gat restrictions. Rest and catching up on some turns of business were always in order. But so was catching up on family! Which had brought Eml a knocking on Raelyn's door,"Is mine-sister perhaps of hiding in of there?" It seems someone is in a decent mood.

"Your sister is indeed in here, though she is not hiding," says a high-spirited Raelyn. Presently, Raelyn appears to be writing a letter. But this is paused, and the quill set into it's holder as the Viscountess turns to face her sister. It was no secret, afterall, that Raelyn had taken a journey to Sunsreach while Emilia had gone to masque. For a very specific purpose. "Our nephew is now the proud friend of the largest puppy in all of Rivana. I doubt there will have been a better guarded Prince in our country's history." She seems quite pleased with herself. And she rises, to move towards Emilia, then, and kiss her on the cheek. "And I have much of you to thank for making that an easier transaction than it would, with your thoughtful gift to Ostvor, Emilia." Apparently Jaren and Alysande loved the Warhound.

Emilia's head pokes into the room,"Are you of sure? She does like to of hide, especially from the piles of paperwork that chase her of about." Her body soon following after as she enters the room fully. Quirking an eyebrow just slightly,"Oh, that is good of news, and I am of glad it went more of smoothly." Lightly kissing Raelyn's cheek in turn in the sisterly greeting. "And that my actions of helped, though such was not quite mine-intention when og giving such of a gift. All has been of well other of wise, of aye?" There had been nothing out of the normal in her reports at least.

"All is as it should be," agrees Raelyn, "Sufficiently dreary, boring, and uneventful. Pecaeful. I imagine some catastrophe shall be upon us shortly enough, but until then, I will enjoy the peace." She gestures, inviting Emilia to sit down with her. "And do tell me, how was the Masque? Was it everything they say it is?" She is curious, at the very least and she does not seek to hide the fact from her sister.

Emilia shakes her head a touch,"Let us of hope that we might be of berift of catastrophic matters for of awhile longer. We have seen to many of them in of our lives." So says the one with a banshee shadow rolling about in her head. Accepting the invitation, Emilia flopping ever so gracefully into the seat…least as much as a butterfly might flop. "Of aye, it was. It was quite of the affair, all of the costumes were of outstanding and many were of works of art in of themselves. It was quite of awe of inspiring of that. I am certain some were of planning of theirs since of th elast of one for how eleborate they of were. And of the food, Raelyn, I am of sure they had of everything one could think to wish to eat or drink. It put of any banquet I have of been of to near to of shame." Royal Wedding aside, of course. "And," this she leans up for,"there /are/ of private alcove set of aside of everywhere, the people were of using…quite of freely. Some of sneaking of along for a few moments…and others…well I am not sure some ever of returned."

Raelyn had of course, heard rumors. Everyone has heard rumors. But, she'd thought them just that. Afterall, what sort of self-respecting lady (or man) would do such a thing at huge gala as the Masque? Emilia is witness to Raelyn's surprise, and Raelyn at first looks dubiously at her sister. But, knowing her sister would not fib her on this, she can only hold her hand to her mouth, then shake her head, "By the One. That's -awful-," she says, unable to contain a little laughter, and a faint, but noticeable blush to her cheek. "Terrible." The mention of the splendor of food, of course, is forgotten in the lieu of this. "And they do not think, or care that others are noticing this? Astounding."

And oh how those rumors are confirmed! "It is of worse, there are of some who did not seem to even bother with of removing to an alcove, but were…getting familiar upon of the dance floor. I am most of certina they did not care, and perhaps evne of enjoyed knowing some might be of wathing. But yet of uncairing of this since they were of within of costume, behind of a mask and of unknown." Least to most, usually. Emilia shakes her head a little,"Many of the alcoves did have of screens, so not all was of on of display, but it is much of clear what is of likely of occuring. Of truly. It is quite of the event, I do see of why there is wish for people to go, and why it is considered a must of attend of event."

Shaking her head some, Raelyn looks amused, if not a bit surprised still that nearly everything she heard about the Masques were true. "No doubt. An evening of - freedom, from not acting, and being able to be themselves, do what they want, or nearly what they want, without repurcussions? It would attract many," she agrees, keenly. "Not I. Or Stephen, I think. But, it seems you at least enjoyed yourself. I trust Clara did also?"

"Of true, and I of admit, that is part of why I was of looking forward to of it. To be a bit more of myself, less of being stared of at abd being of judged for being of," her nose actually wrinkles just a little as Emilia says it,"the 'touched' of Cassomir." Even if those in Ironhold do not quite think her of that, the One knew the Court still held it's opinion. "ANd it was quite of interesting to see of others let of lose. Though, I do of think there were of couples who simply of enjoyed of the night of together in such of away." Emilia nods,"OF aye, Clara did of enjoy of herself. Though I do not think Tiadora much of cared at of all for the evening," likely not surprising given the conservative nature of teh Gerrel," and I know she was quite of disapproving of Clara and mine costume choices."

"Tiadora, adorable as she is, is rather set in her ways," agrees Raelyn. She muses, curiously, "She really needs to stop believing she is so cursed." But, then Emilia mentions something else, and Raelyn, thus, is forced to ask, "What -did- the two of you go as anyways?" A smile touches her lips.

"Of aye, she is. She has quite of set of views upon of things. I know she is trying to of see the larger of world, so that is of something." Emilia nods,"And of aye, she really does need to of cease of that, but she does of refuse to see of reason in of that. Certain it is of her parents spirits that are of the cause. And of truly, if any of us are having a dark of spririt that would cause of trouble, it is not of her." Making some mild humor about her Shadowy friend. There is actually a slight shift in the chair and what might be called a sheepish look,"I went as of the Widow, and Clara was of going as of the Goblyn King."

"Wait." Raelyn blinks at Emilia, disbelief in her eyes. "You went as —," she frowns, staring at her sister. No. Raelyn can't believe it. And perhaps, just perhaps, Emilia might have a reason for looking sheepish. Raelyn exhales, long, slow, trying to get herself together so that she doesn't say something hurtful. She succeeds, and manages to instead ask, "Trying to scare off potential people who might want to dance with you, since I wasn't there?"

"Of aye, I went as Her." Confirming what her sister can't quite say. But Emilia says no more as Raelyn does take those moments to…restain and collect herself. "And cause Lonar could not of escort of me that of night, and it worked of rather well, I might of say. Even if it did not keep of all away, it did of least keep any from trying to..well any try of anything with of me." Giving her sister a mild look,"Though it might of interest of you that Lonar did find of an…old…friend that of night."

"Did he find the Goblyn he was hunting, then?" Raelyn is quite curious, at that. And, it's a good distraction from her sister going as the very creature who, more or less, is trying to consume her. Raelyn's thoughts are better placed elsewhere.

"No, I ould say this was more of…a brother, that was of found and much of catching up done between of them." Emilia offering up that tidbit with a bit of a corner tugging smile. Though even with Raelyn's thoughts trying to redirect. She is likely to notice a hint of tightness, almost as if being forced. And it may just be that Raelyn may just see something of herself in her little sister. A strong facade that is put foreward even when there is something wrong behind it, being that never ending pillar of strength that is expected. Not speaking about why she might have gone as that Creature, but instead giving up a topic that she knows her sister is more comfortable with. Rather then delving into something that will cause worry or not be warm and fluffeh (like Lonar…all the warm..and….er…).

Raelyn studies Emilia, her curiousity turning to something else, a frown touching the corners of her lips. "A brother," she echoes quietly. Again, she exhales, long, slow. "Another Changeling you mean?" But her eyes are still studying Emilia, before she moves closer to her sister. And before Emilia can answer, as few things in the world would ever distract Raelyn from learning more of the old world, or the life of a man such as Lon, "Emilia. We are sisters, are we not?" An odd question, to be sure.

Emilia nods,"Of aye, another of Changling. One he had not seen in of some time. I of admit, he had spoken before of others existing, I had just never of thought there would be of chance to actually see of another." Meaning, herself in that. Knowing one was something quite unexpected. The question does have Emilia givien Raelyn a slightly odd look and shifting to sit up more in her seat, rather then the somewhat lounging position she had been. "Of aye, we are of sisters. Why..are you of asking this?"

Raelyn nods in affirmation, then. "Because, if - if I've not seen it before, than I was too distracted, and too focused. Or too worried." She reaches out, to clasp one of Emilia's hands between both of her own, warmly. Gently. "And for that, I am sorry. But, we -are- sisters, Emilia. And neither of us has to pretend, for the sake of the other. I think - I see, now, both of us have felt the need, had the thought that we alone had to hold up the pillars of House Cassomir on our backs. But we do not. At least, not with each other."

Emilia's brows raise just a little at the serious turn that comes, especially with Raelyn' taking her hands. There is a bout of silence that follows as Emilia considers what words to speak. "Or of trying to be of the strength that you of think everyone else of needs, even of your of self." Emilia had not been blind to that in her sister. Or how Devlin deals with..well how Emilia has changed by..simply ignoring that she has changed. "I….have of felt of this. You know of that, with having of hidden my true…affliction..for so of long. But even of since, there has seemed of a need. When there seems an unwillingness to discuss of what might yet of trouble, to focus only upon the hope of what could of be and what of strength is of within of me. Not of the chance of stumbling of of…the bad of days that sometimes of come." There is just a slight pause before she does add,"Even if they have come of less often with of the lessons."

Raelyn's lips make a wry smile. She asks, quietly, "Do you know -why- I focus only hope, with you, Emilia? Because I don't want you to lose it. Because — I love you, far, far too much. And because I know that within you, whatever it is, cannot stand love. Our bond. I'm not trying to surpress you. Or, silence you. Or make you think you cannot share your burdens with me. I just —," she exhales, looks down, then, slowly, back up into Emilia's eyes, "I want you to always know I'm here. With you. And, that there -is- a better tomorrow. If we but fight. As we both always have." She moves in, suddenly, to hug her sister tighty. "I'm sorry."

Emilia does look curious to the why, even if she has some idea to the reasoning. Likely to have held similiar veins of reasoning in why she has put up the fronts she does at time. "I of know you love me, Raelyn. I have never of doubted of that, even when They try to of twist and make me of question of things." An ever constant issue in truth. "I know I am of stronger then of Them," a mild tightness coming to the corners of her eyes, someone disagrees! "That there is of a better of tomorrow that is of possible. Just I will not of deny, it has been of frustrating..even of difficult, when it of seems that you will not of acknowledge that there are of chances and of risks in trying to of reach the of better of tomorrow. Or that I do have of moments of doubt, of weakness that of come, that I can of stumble. Just as I know you have such of days where you are of worn. Your of support and of encouragement has of helped me so of much. But have been of times I did need of mine-sister not of the push of encouragement." This admitted a bit soflty, in a truthfulness not malice. The hug is moved into and returned fiercely. "I am of sorry as of well, for not of saying of something of sooner…for you to see. Of know, I will not let of Them win."

"Good. Because if you do," Raelyn says, quietly, "I will take -all- your blacks away. Forever." A gentle, mild tease. She slowly extracts herslf from Emilia, then, but remains close to her sister, still. She frowns, admitting, "I don't even like admitting to -myself- that I can stumble, Emilia." It's true, but she says it with some measure of lightheartedness, "Even if I do know it is true. And sometimes, I have been - ever so tired," she admits again, nodding. "Very well. I promise that I will try not to be so - pushy. Or so - hopeful," she laughs at this last, "Yes? And you, in turn, promise to not hide yourself so much from me? Are we in agreement?"

"No, not of mine-blacks!" A bit of mock distress coming in reaction to the tease, even if it is still mildly stoic. Emilia nods a little, a hand drifting to settle upon her sisters,"I know of you don't. You are quite of stubborn in that of way. But it takes of strength to of admit of that, Raelyn, that help is of needed some of times." There is a mild lightness as she continues,"It is after of all why you so of graciously of allow Stephen to help of with the of paperwork." Even if they both knew he actually sort of liked doing it. "OF aye, we are in of agreement. I of promise. Thoughyou must also of promise," there is a pause, that ever stoic look given,"to not give me such of speeches like I am a Huntress about to go into of battle." Surely Raelyn knew just what pep talks she was talking about!

That causes Raelyn to grin, some, "But you -are- a Huntress," argues Raelyn, cheerfully, "And sometimes, you might go into battle?" She feigns a hopeful look, before conceeding, "And you are my sister. I will do my best to not do so to you," she assures her sister then. "But, if I do, you must give me some allowance. Because, I have some rather good news for you."

"Of fine, you can give me such of speeches when I am about to be going of into of battle, but only of then. Is this of acceptable?" Concdeeding that much to her sister, got to let the Viscountess still give the occasional battlespeech! Emilia cants her head a little,"Of course I would be giving you some of alloawance, you are of mine-siser. But what of good news are you of having?"

"News of a certain contract, for a certain woodsman, and, a certain sister. I have spoke long with Stephen about it, and consulted. It may be that we cannot ever have you wed, without nullifying the contract, with another House. In which case," Raelyn says quietly, "You must be certain. But if it is what you want, which I know it is, then, you shall have your Lonar, Emilia. We may have to see about finding suitable matches for Devlin, Graham, and Adrienne more soon, for we have no little Cassomirs about. But. I think this is something you deserve, this happiness, for all that you've borne, if nothing else. And if I can give it to you? Then I shall."

The news does cause Emilia's eyes to widen, it was unexpected on some degree. And certainly to hear something so soon. "Of truly?" There is a faint nod,"Of true, it would need to be…but…of aye, it is what I truly of wish." She draws a faint breathe,"Of aye, suitable of matches are of needed for of them. With Devlin of a priority in of them." There is a slight hesitation before Emilia speaks again, softly so. "Raelyn…even if this were not of my choice, that I were to be of married…there would be no…little of Cassomirs from of me. I would not dare to risk of such of a thing. To be cause for another of monster like of Victor." Had Raelyn even known that was a concern..fear of her sister?

Raelyn frowns, and again hugs Emilia, tightly. "You would do no such thing," she says. "Not with me as an Aunt. Jaren and Alysande are merely lucky that they are so far away," she jests. Already, at least, trying to not put so much pressure on hope, and what Emilia herself can accomplish. But, as she unwinds yet again, smiling a little. "But, I rather presumed there would be no match between yourself, and Lon in that fashion. It is alright. When the One deems it time, you will be aunt to my firstborn. I am in no hurry. Stephen is a little concerned, but, …," after all, they've been trying, certainly. Raelyn measures, "It will happen in it's time." This is not something she's just telling herself, this, she does believe.

Emilia curls into the hug this time. It had been a worry, especially after having all that…time…with Victor. "But you have of ensured there is of a stand-in for you not being about," Emilia points out easily enough as they drift from the hug. "But you are of correct, he has of said that it is not of possible." A thing that might have helped Emilia to hid their relationship, not needing to seek herbs out. "I shall of certianly be of an aunt to your first of born, and all of the others as of well." A small cant of her head before she nods with that mention of Stephen having concerns. "Of aye, it will of happen in of time. The One will see to of it, and knows you are not of in a hurry and have much to already of settle into."

Sighing, pleasantly, Raelyn ventures then, "And you will be the second best aunt in Rivana. Next to me." Yes. She's quite satisfied with herself and with having gotten the young Prince a Warhound. What other aunt could be so great? Probably none, in Raelyn's current opinion. "We should go riding, Emilia. Come. It's a fine day. And, I've caught up with my duty. I was just writing a letter to Graham, but it can wait."

"Quite of true, only the second of best." In truth Emilia was keeping a bit of a distance form her current nephew, much like his mother. "A ride does sound of like a fine of idea, especially while we can yet of enjoy them." Meaning before the winter storms begin to stir up. "He does have a way to keep fair of afield these of days,"commenting upon their cousin. Even if for fair reason. Giving her sister another turn of a hug before she moves to her feet. "I am of sure Onyie will enjoy of the chance to strech his legs properly."

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