(1867-10-28) Morenos and Methods
Morenos and Methods
Summary: Raul and Saffran talk on how to ensure there are enough supplies for the healers and how the Morenos can spin the long term circumstance of the plague to their family's benefit.
Date: 10-28-1867
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Moreno Manse - Sunsreach Rivana
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It was a somewhat late night. Currently writing by candlelight Raul MOreno had taken it upon himself to scribble down notes on various pages, going through some of the last containers of cargo that had been taken in the last few weeks, searching through inventory for various things then as if tryin to track down some things.

Saffran has returned from the Court, having been summoned there. She's wearing a green embroidered summerdress, sleveless. Coming in with Raul, shetakes off the wrap around her shoulders and arms, and smiles. "Good evening brother. We have a task for ourselves."

Raul looks up and over then as Saffran comes in, switching over to give her his full attention, "And what might that be, oh sister dear?" The notes are pushed over to the side, and Raul goes to give her his full attention.

Saffran comes over to sit. She does so daintily, with a look on her face like it's all an act. She then sighs. "The plague. We of wealth in the kingdom intend to corner the market on a salve for it, to protect ourselves. We need to buy and import as much Willow Bark as we can get our hands on, without alerting others to what we're up to."

Raul lets out a groan, "Lovely. And the price will be spiking if not already so we will pay a pretty penny for it." But no one can blame. "I'll send as many instructions as I can at once to buy up as much of it as possible, though th eprice will be great and likely come slowly with the disruptions that already exist to trade." He warns.

Saffran nods, and folds her hands. "Yes. It will not be profitable. But the others are also intending to take a loss. I told them I'd see what I can do. The price will rise, but we can do our best to do it gradually."

Raul nods at Saffran, "We'll have to talk Aden into it.." He muses, quietly tapping his chin, "And convince him to put the money for it." A quiet breath. "I think he'll agree given the circumstances."

Saffran unties her dress just a bit, loosening the crossed corseting. "It's dangerous. If you or I catch the plague, we'll want this."

Raul grunts, "If /anyone/ catches the plague they would wnat this. And we'll wnat to make sure that.." He catches sight of her, "Saffran, it's not that bloody hot already."

Saffran nods and snickers. "I've been bundled up in this thing all day Raul. My poor body needs to relax just a small bit." She then sits back. "But yes. Anyone would want this. It's better than we have it,t han they."

Raul nods over at Saffran and shakes his head, "So the sacrifices you make for fashion then? And we'll make sure and get Aden behind it if we have to be a little more pressing.."

Saffran lifts her head to look at Raul again as she settles in. "Come now, I'm not undressing. Just loosening it. But yes. Please do." She pauses, and purses her lips. "We're a new House. This is the kind of thing that gives us good will, which can be leveraged later."

Raul dips his head, "I'm aware, sister dear. You have a point." He trusts her judgement in matters political. "The question is best how to get the money for it when everyone will be buying as much of it as they can and imports will be limited."

Saffran takes a deep breath. "True. I trust you'll set this in motion. Anything I should know that's happened today?"

Raul gives a nod over at Saffran, tapping his chin thoughtfully, "No. The loss of most of our Soldattos in Pacitta is worrying. If we rebuild our structure there, it will be virtually from the ground up I fear."

Saffran takes a deep breath. "Yes, at the meeting, they were saying the plague is terrible in Pacitta. But.. if it's bad for us,

Raul grunts, and can't help but laugh, "So let it burn it's way out of Pacitta and then see what's left for us to take over?" HE closes his eyes, "And what else did you learn at the meeting?"

Saffran folds her hands and nods. "That's about it. There was talk of blocking trade, but the conversation moved quickly toward cornering the market. It seems that the plague is difficult to cure. But we can only make it less painful."

Raul winces over, a look of pain going through his face, "The Healers are going to have it particularly bad then. And if it hits a lot of the noble families.." He muses dissonantly. "We'll have to adjust our ledgers. Trade will be hit bad."

Saffran takes a deep breath again. "Yes. But the best healer in the conversation sounded helpless against us. We will. Other kingdoms might embargo, even if we don't."

Raul shivers, "This gets better and better. We were stupid. Just thought it was something innate to Pacitta that would burn itself out quickly." He looks tired.

Saffran nods, her reactions much less emotional than Raul's. "We will make a move. We gain political capital in Rivana now, and commercial capital in Pacitta when it rebuilds. And we prepare in case it gets as bad here, as in Pacitta.

Raul closes his eyes, "You're right. We have to play this one cautiously. Everyone is going to be hit hard. We can't just insulate ourselves. We can however.. Use it as an opportunity." HIs sister's viewpoint untethered from emotional constraints is exatly right on how to play it.

Saffran nods. "And we prepare in case one of us is hit."

Raul shivers, "Aye. We'll want to try and makes ure we have some of our healers on the lookout and alert for it.. A nd if necessary isolate ourselves."

Saffran nods. "And be sure to relay any important information, before it's too late."

Raul nods, "Yes." He taeksa breath, "WE'll likely hear a lot of it from our traders and our network. We'll have to organize it.. Do you want to pass anything we find along then?"

Saffran re-folds her hands and nods. "Yes, we don't need to act too rashly, but we have to react decisively when the time comes. If."

Raul taps his chin, "That's your department, sister dear. I trust your judgement,and I'll back you."

Saffran nods. "Of course. But be ready. When I ask you to tell me everything I may ever need to know, this will be why."

Raul lets out a laugh, that comes out of nowhere. "You've tuaght me most of what I know. So consider me amused that I would have anything in turn to tell you. I'll tell you all I can from our books, but I'mf ar from the mostknowledgeable of them."

Saffran snickers. "Not that, Raul. Contacts. Favors owed and held. Information."

Raul shifts, "Yes Sister." He strokes his beard thoughtfully, "WE'll have to know who we can use.."

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