(1867-10-28) Repelling the Invisible Foe
Repelling the Invisible Foe
Summary: The Heir to House t'Tremaine seeks out his father to set up a plan on preventing the plague from reaching their lands.
Date: 1867-10-28
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Benjamin  Elrick  

Stag Keep - Hartwood - Couviere

Up a stone causeway from the town, Stag Keep stands like a stone sentinel over the woods and settlement. The causeway leads to a main gatehouse through which the courtyard is accessed past portcullises and murder holes. Within the yard there is a training ground for the household troops, a forge, a stable and the main doors to the keep and the stain glass of the chapel is visible to all.

Within the doors of the keep is a set of stairs leading up to the great hall which has a rustic charm with sturdy oaken beams, blazing hearths and heavy wooden tables set out for the high and low to dine at. The main table is set on a dias and behind the Baron and Baroness' chair is the black and white banner of House t'Tremaine.

Branching out from the hall are passages to other parts of the keep and behind the main table are stairs leading up to the higher floors and the chambers of the Baron and his family.


Hart's Home's study is not the most extravagant of rooms, but it has an older charm to it. Currently the main desk is covered in parchment and ink, the baron is not exactly a clerk by trade. He had heard that his son wanted to speak with him and calls for him to enter when he approaches or knocks.

Surprisingly, Elrick did not attend the Twin Moons Masque as he had chosen to remain home to keep an eye on things, especially after the problem with bandits affecting some of the northern Houses. Now, another problem is slowly engulfing Couviere and that would be the plague that is beginning to spread. This is what concerns the Heir of House t'Tremaine, one that he felt that he needed to speak to his father. There are some ideas that he has but the problem is, plagues and epidemics are not in Elrick's realm of expertise. It isn't something he can stab or skewer with a lance.
Arriving at the study in Hart's Home, Elrick knocks on the door and waits for the verbal invitation by his father. Once given, he steps inside the room and bows his head respectfully to his Father, surprised to see the Baron lording over a pile of papers. "You appear to be rather… busy, Father. Would you like me to come at another time? Or to give you a hand?" Instead of rushing to what concerns him, the Heir pays the proper respects due his Lord Father.

"Busy in theory," Benjamin says, "Best to let the steward deal with this mess. What did you want to speak about? I assume it is something important?" He sets the quill aside in the inkpot, "If so, what do you need?"

Instead of arguing with his father, Elrick makes a mental note to check with the House Steward on what may be of concern other than the impending plague that is creeping across the land and its people. When given leave to share what is on his mind, the Heir nods his head, "Very important, Father. It is about the news of the plague that is spreading through Couviere."

"Ah, that," Benjamin notes, "It is indeed important. I am no physician, but one does not have to be one to know this is a problem. What do you suggest we do against this plague?" He relaxes in his seat and gestures to an empty one for Elrick.

That is what irritates Elrick as well, not having the knowledge of medicine like a physician would have. "At first, my rash decision would have seen our borders fully closed until the plague runs its course. But… that would hurt the House in other ways. However, I believe we should set up check points on the main roads that leads into our Barony. Anyone who appears to be sickly should be turned away, by force if necessary. Also, any of the people in our barony that become sick should be isolated, to prevent spreading. And… we need more knowledge of what is afflicting Couviere and the people. Like war, we need information or we will have great losses, something our House cannot afford. We've just recently recovered, a setback is not something we can afford right now."

Benjamin nods, "Indeed. Of this we are of similar minds. Let trade flow unless we have to shut it all down." He frowns, "What do you need to accomplish this, besides my permission, which I am more than willing to grant. I will write the duke to inform him of that, he should know of this, methinks."

"Mainly your permission, Father, I did not want to order our men into action without consulting you first. But I will see to it that our soldiers man the appropriate checkpoints and know the procedures on dealing with potential sickly peasants." Peasants that may be seeking refugee away from plagued areas. "If you can, Father, ask His Grace if he has information on this plague to share with us, or if at all possible, if he is able to spare something of expertise to assist us." Elrick isn't even sure if their House physician is capable enough to handle something of this magnitude. There is a moment of hesitation before the son adds, "If Rovilon is not afflicted, perhaps it may do well for you, Mother, and Amara to visit Antonia? Until the plague has subsided."

"Indeed, well, you have it. If you need to close the borders, do it. It's those filthy Rivanans and Pacittans doing this, I know it." Benjamin scowls, "But no matter. Yes, speak to them on it. If they are willing to go, take them there away from this." He frowns, "This is not awar I know how to fight, and it makes me angry."

This is where father and son are alike as Elrick inclines his head to what Benjamin says, "I prefer to fight more barbarians or Rivanans than battling against something I cannot see or cut down. But we will endure. I will see to the men and their assignments personally. If you do not need me for anything, Father, I will take my leave and see to the tasks."

"Go do so, also take some coin with you and hire physicians and get what information you can. Better spent on them than your mother's jewelry." Benjamin nods, "We are not rich, but probably better spent fighting this war than having it and being dead."

With his Father's leave and additional suggestions, Elrick bows his head to the Baron before turning to depart from the room. Though still irritated, the frustration lessens since he has clear tasks set before him, ones he can focus on and accomplish instead of coming up with plans to fight the invisible foe.

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