(1867-11-02) An Angry Viscountess
An Angry Viscountess
Summary: Raelyn has an unsettling encounter that causes her anger to rise, the matter and the plague are then discussed with Stephen and Emilia.
Date: 1867-11-02
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Master Suite - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
Resting at the end of the hallway that comprises the Cassomir family's living quarters, the Master Suite of Roseguard Castle are actually comprised of a few different rooms. The first is something of a parlor, with a few tables and comfortable chairs. With a large hearth present it's clearly designed for entertaining visitors in a more private (or secure) setting than the Great Hall. The second room is an office space, with a large wooden desk and plenty of shelves present, most of which are laden with scrolls and missives, though everything does seem to be reasonably well-organized and kept as neat as possible even if there's an unavoidable bit of clutter. Aside from the desk, a couple of chairs are also present here for more business-oriented meetings.
Beyond the office lies the bedchamber, with an adjoining privy as well as a smaller room with space for both a squire and a servant to remain nearby at seemingly all times, though for the moment it seems that particular room is unoccupied and has been for some time. The decoration throughout the rooms is geared towards the colors and emblems of the Cassomir family, plus a couple of portraits…clearly smoke damaged…hanging in the office space, whom many might recognize as the late Baron Aric and Baroness Mathilda Cassomir. All the furnishings are quite new and of exceptionally high quality, much in keeping with the very "modern" feel of the castle as a whole.

The news had come to Raelyn earlier that day, through audience. A merchant had spent, and lost, a fair amount of coin upon one of the 'miracle workers' selling a 'cure all' for the sickness that was ravaging the Edge. Only to realize it too late, and had lost his youngest son. And the others then, seeking audience with her the rest of the day saw another side of the usually generous and good-natured Viscountess Cassomir. And, realizing this in herself, she'd simply had her servants tell the rest in wait that they would have to return another day, and she'd stalked out.
She'd ordered the nearest servant to bring her husband, and the Mistress of the Hunt to the study immediately. Where they will find her, sitting at her desk. And, nearly as angry as either had ever seen her - save, perhaps, when her family has been threatened.

Stephen wasn't far. Just a few doors over in his office, so he's quick to arrive, moving over to seat himself in front of Raelyn's desk, frowning as he ascertains her emotional state (given that it seems to be being worn on her sleeve). "You called for me? I'd ask if everything is all right but I already think I have my answer. What happened?"

Emilia had been a bit further, with her own office down closer to the Huntresses' quarters and yards. So it is several moments more before she appears, catching perhaps the last words Stephen speaks. Giving a bow of her head to her sister, then her good-brother as she does move to take a seat near the desk as well. "Of aye, what has of upset you so?"

"No," answers Raelyn, plainly. "I am not." Raelyn's voice is flat, measured. She stands up, and begins to pace, slightly, looking between both Stephen, and Emilia. "I just had to listen to a fool of a merchant who, instead of seeking help through a proper healer, believed a travelling merchant who promised him a cure for the plague and to save his son." She lets that fact fall, and is silent a moment. "He now has no son, and little money left. And I can only imagine there are several of such incidents coming into our lands that have not been found out or discovered yet." She grimaces, "We may not have it quite as bad, so far, as rumors suggest other lands are, but by the One, I will not let bastards prey upon the fears and hopes of my people."

Stephen nods to Emilia in greeting, but his attention turns back to Raelyn as she explains the source of her consternation. A frown spreads across his face, and he's silent for a moment or three before he speaks, "The folk of Ironhold are given to superstition. It tends to flourish in more untamed lands. But that doesn't prevent us from putting forth a decree or two. To start we can make the sale of unproven remedies forbidden within our lands, on penalty of imprisonment or exile. Another decree could discourage the use of such things among the common folk in favor of genuine medicine. We can't really stop them from clinging to their charms and folk remedies…but we can let them know of the proper path. I would not go so far as to penalize mere possession of such items, though."

Dark eyes follow Raelyn as she gets up to pace, Emilia's brows rising just a little as Raelyn does speak of what has come to pass and turned her into 'angry' Raelyn. "And during of times of great of testing when the shadows run long across the lands." Canting her head a little as she considers a moment. "I of imagine they are already of hard of pressed right of now, but we might of think to see what further of aid the healers in of Metalmire might of offer, even if of simply some of instructions or things that people might of seek to do upon of their own should a healer not be of avaliaible to give of aid."

"I have no desire to punish those who have hope, or are desperate," agrees Raelyn to Stephen. "Even if they are superstitious." She stills her steps, fingers grabbing the back of her desk chair, curling around it tightly. "Imprisonment, or exile for selling such unproven medicines, or quackery," Raelyn nods, sharply. "I want edicts posted throughout the County as soon as possible." She looks towards Emilia, "And I want your Huntresses ready to hunt these bastards down like dogs. It's bad enough we have the plague to worry about. Worse, if our people go into poverty on false hopes."

"We may need to consider halting the export of iron for the time being. We can keep stockpiling as long as the miners are healthy, but sending our caravans to other duchies will risk them taking in sick air. The sickness might cling to them and come back here. Some fiefdoms are already closing their borders. Whether you wish to go that far, is up to your discretion. Our people are spread out…from what I've read on pastplagues in the last few weeks, those areas with few people spread wide…such as the old Barony…tend to fare better. But we shouldn't rest everything on that hope," Stephen replies.

Emilia nods,"They will of be ready to of hunt, and I will of ensure they are keeping of eyes and ears open for news about such of charlatans. We will not of allow our people to suffer for others of greed." There is a slight nod to Stephen and what he suggests, adding,"You may of considers as well, recommending our of knights who might usuaully go to of tournament, sit of this next one of out. Even if the prizes put of up are of quite fine, I do not of think it worth of their lives, nor of risking what they may bring of pack with of them…just as our caravans might of do."

Raelyn nods, "I've already talked with Devlin, and told him that I don't want him going. He's disappointed, but more at the situation, than at me," she tells Emilia. She nods though, "Both are sound ideas. We'll stockpile metal, for awhile. I don't think that there will be any sort of a shortage for a time. And we can attend to that when it comes to it. But, I'd rather our people be as safe as possible." She exhales, some steam slowly burning off from her temper. She looks back to Emilia, then to Stephen, "So there we are. I will be certain that everyone knows of the edict and see to the Knights being told to stay home, Emilia will work with the Huntresses and be certain they are on the watch, and Stephen - I will leave Metalmire to you to arrange for a safe place of storage, while the miners continue their labors and working out arrangements with those we supply. A fair distribution, yes?"

"I'll see to it starting tomorrow." Stephen affirms. "I'm overdue for another visit to Metalmire, in any case." He considers a few moments, "I'll keep my ears open for more reports on the plague's spread." Stephen ponders a few moments, frowning, then looks to Raelyn, "And we may need to consider putting you, Devlin, or Emilia into isolation. To insure the survival of the family. Though perhaps matters have not yet reached that point. It's something to consider regardless."

"Of aye, I do of imagine he is, as are many of others. But the safety of our people have always come of first. And will of understand." Emilia nods,"Of aye, it seems of fair." Though Stephen's words do have Emilia giving him a faint look before turning her stoic mien towards Raelyn,"While I do not of think any of us would of much care for such a thing,"putting it mildly in some cases,"it is not of an idea that should be cast of aside out of hand. But perhaps not of something to of decide upon in this of moment. If there is of nothing of more to of consider, I should of go and ensure those of heading out upon of the next of patrols have of these latest of orders on what else to check of for."

"Thank you, Emilia." Raelyn moves her hand to touch her sister's arm, and then bives the briefest smile. "Take care." She looks back to Stephen, "I'll keep an open mind about it," she conceeds, albiet hesitantly. "But, as my keenly perceptive sister has stated, it is not yet ravaged Ironhold. And I'll not recluse myself out of fear. Necessity? Perhaps. But not fear." She squeezes Stephen's hand, after taking it. "I am going to get some wine. And I am going to then start working on the edict. I'll be in our chambers, if you need me."

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