(1867-11-18) About A Horse
About A Horse
Summary: Raimond Giraldi makes Evelyn l'Faust an offer regarding a certain Tourney Prize.
Date: 11/18/1867 IA
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Pacitta City - The Gilded Gump
The Gilded Gump is a high class tavern and eatery that serves the High Sector. Often used by business officials and better off members of the city's guilds and bureaucracy for gatherings, it is a higher grade establishment than many of the other eateries of the city. Brightly lit, the food is prepared well, and conditions are about as fine as one can get for an establishment that does not purely serve the Lords and the high families. The bustle of the place is constant, and it constantly has food from all the lands being served in it. A large heraldry of the ancestral families of the city lines the main entrance as one comes in, and as a nod to some of the less savory populace of the city, a standing challenge in the tavern is to name a drink that cannot be procured there. So far, none have ever been able to name one that cannot be made and provided.
Novembre 18, 1867 IA

It's a few hours after the conclusion of the Joust finals, and one might think that Raimond Giraldi would be vigorously celebrating his multi-tiered victory, but the atmosphere of the city just…doesn't quite allow for that. Oh, it's been pleasant enough here in the high-class Tavern of the city, with a few well-wishers paying their regards (or buying him drinks) and otherwise providing at least a few diverting moments of pleasant company, but for the moment the tavern is largely quiet, with but a handful of patrons, and Raimond sits alone at a table, looking over a piece of parchment with a frown while nursing a mug of strong ale.

A very clean Evelyn l'Faust, recently bathed after the jousts and covered in riding gear from neck to toe, including gloves for her hands had agreed with a measure of curiousity, to meet Raimond at the pub. She enters, and makes her way over to the man's table, "Sir Giraldi," she greets. She shakes her head, "Congratulations, again, on your win. You certainly had my number." Such vexes her, clearly, and she doesn't try to hide it. But, it fades with a faint smile, and a shrug. "I had hoped to bring victory in at least one event to Ostvor. They've suffered too much, recently. First, the tornado. Now," she gestures, "This sickness. But, let us speak of more pleasent things, yes? You wished to meet with me?"

Raimond looks up from the letter he's reading, carefully folding it and tucking it away. He rises to his feet to offer Evelyn a respectful greeting, before gesturing in invitation for her to take the other chair, "This plague is spreading quickly and far afield." He shakes his head, "But you are right. Let's not occupy our thoughts with such things for now. You were a fierce competitor, as always. I suspect next year you'll be the favorite to win the Circuit. Or very nearly so." Raimond leans back in his chair, gesturing to a server to get Evelyn a mug of her own. "I have a proposition for you, actually." He grins just a touch impishly, "And sadly not necessarily the type of proposition I'd prefer to make in a place such as this, but I suppose I'll have to make do." He cants his head, curiously, "You strike me as someone with a keen eye for horses."

Evelyn considers, pausing at Raimond's curious sort of words, but she nods, "I have a great appreciation for them," she agrees as she takes the proferred seat, relaxing into it. She adds, thoughtfully, "I do well in the Tourney's. I claimed a victory in Normont, my first. But," she shakes her head, "I don't know that I'll be the favorite. That's more likely to be you, given your performances. I only truly beat you in Normont." She orders herself an ale, considering Raimond, "But yes. I learned to ride very early. Earlier than most. Horses and I - get along very well. Noble creatures." She smiles at that.

Raimond shakes his head and chuckles a bit, "I'll likely only compete in the Rivana and perhaps Pacitta tourneys next year. I certainly won't be trying to compete for the entire Circuit. One win is enough for me, and I'm very fortunate to have been able to achieve it this year. Now I'll inevitably start being called upon to take on more duties for my family, which may well preclude the intensive training I've had to keep up to stay competitive this year." He grins, "Which is just as well. Darren likely shouldn't be taking that much time to tutor me, either." And given Darren Haldis' reputation as one of the Edge's finest warriors, that might explain a lot. Still, Raimond shrugs, "In any case…your House is also the largest importer of Imperial Warhounds in the Edge, is it not? I would assume, then, that you have individuals who are experts in their care and training?"

"My house is the -best- importer of Imperial Warhounds in the Edge," corrects Evelyn, with a measure of pride, but sincere pride at that. "And the largest, yes. You've seen Blaze," this she knows, she's brought the Warhound to all of the Tourney's, as she is far too fond of the creature to leave him behind for too long. "I was taught a little of their training while I helped to train him at a very early age. And given the time I will be spending at home after this Tourney, I will most likely be learning that aspect more." She smiles, briefly, at least seeing in part where this is going. "You wish either to be sent a trainer, or to come to Ostvor and have your prize warhound pup trained by us, then?"

"The former." Raimond affirms, "Since I want to insure it is properly bonded to me, and from my somewhat limited understanding sending it to another Duchy would not help that process." Raimond sips his ale and notes, "In exchange, I would trade you the l'Corren Destrier. As fine an animal as it is, my brother is the Duke of Eastfield, so it would be unseemly for me to be riding anything other than Haldis Chargers into battle or competition, and while it may be fine breeding stock, my brother has already "held in trust" one superb animal I won. So as much as I may love him, I'm not keen on repeating that experience." Raimond grins, "So we would house and feed your trainer for…a year? And you would have a very fine war horse to add to your collection."

"Of course, you'd have to be there. I was wondering, merely, if it was your intent to stay in Ostvor." Evelyn smiles, briefly, and the deal does seem to intrigue her. She considers, "I believe the arrangements can be made. My father will see it as forming good relations with Rivana, and find purpose in that aspect of it. And such may broaden our market and appeal in your country also." She nods, once. "Bonding isn't so difficult. And you will find they're remarkably intelligent creatures. Moreso, even, than horses. Connect with it well enough, and it will nearly read your thoughts. And to have a l'Corren warhorse would be fitting for the next season, not to mention to ride in the Brigade." She nods affirmation, "When I return, I will see to the arrangments, Sir."

"Excellent. Once the awards banquet is completed I'll arrange for the steed to be transferred to your care." Raimond notes, apparently not concerned that Evelyn might break her word (probably with relatively good reason). "Now let's enjoy our drink and talk about anything except plague and business."

Evelyn smiles faintly. "I'll look forward to it. And to besting you here, next year." She raises her drink, once it comes to the man before leaning back some. "As for me, though, I'll be spending the time helping my older brother as he runs affairs for Ostvor, presently. Doing what I can for my family, and my people. What of you?"

Raimond laughs softly, "Didn't I say no business?" He shakes his head, then frowns, "My family's own lands need tending given…circumstances. And my Mother is now…incapacitated for the time being. I will be quite busy once I get home." It may be euphemism but yes, it seems Raimond has violated the idea of talking about the plague.

If such violation has been noticed, Evelyn has the courtesy to not call him out on it, precisely. Instead, she ventures, "As will we all, no doubt. You did say no business," she agrees, "But I was merely asking you how you were going to spend your time. If I was asking something about business, I'd inquire as to why the Chancellor had a rather visible, and utter dislike for you and your brother." Of course, she knows of the prior reputation of the Giraldi family, but feels there's more to it than that. "But," she tempers, "I didn't." She smiles, faintly, "Still. Should you find the time, Ostvor would welcome you in the days or months to come. You could see how we raise the warhound pups. I didn't see - is yours one of ours?"

"I'm not sure yet, to be honest. I won't likely see it until after the awards banquet. If Mancini even bothers to have one now." Raimond glances to Evelyn and chuckles, "Mancini hated my father. My father was the only man in Pacitta who might have been able to win the Chancellorship on his own merits rather than simply being someone all the various factions believed was just smart enough to not be a disaster and just stupid enough to be easily stymied when he threatened to go in that route." Raimond shrugs, "Mancini ended up being the compromise candidate because no one trusts Alfonso t'Rannis and the only other man that could do the job well doesn't want it." Raimond finishes his mug of ale and adds, "So in short, Mancini sees our father in my brother and I. He fears our family growing in prestige and power within Pacitta. And he's jealous of the fact that people here actually like us as opposed to simply tolerating him."

"I suppose that isn't all that surprising, in a city like this." She exhales some, glancing around the pub, before finishing off her own ale. "A lot of different perspectives." She certainly doesn't seem in disagreement of Mancini's capabilities, or the truthworthiness of Alfonso t'Rannis, knowing well her father's estimations of both men. She quirks a smile, "Have you thought of a name for your warhound, yet?"

Raimond shakes his head, looking a bit perplexed, "One above no…how could I devise a name for a creature I've never met? I have to see him and get a feel for him before I could find a good and proper name for him."

Evelyn laughs, "True enough. But I also imagine you've probably been rolling a few names around in your head, just the same." She considers, "Though, given the turnouts, I would honestly be surprised if there is a real banquet." Evelyn signals for another ale, in the meantime. "I imagine the prizes will be handed out, and we'll be sent on our way. I know I will be heading home as soon as we're able."

"Eagerness that his guests might have to get home, there's also the part where Mancini will be expected to bestow a bundle of prizes on me. I can't imagine he wants that public spectacle. But I suppose we'll see either way, and I'll make arrangements for the horse, regardless." Raimond shrugs, "I am quite satisfied with the idea of a brief ceremony, though. I too need to get home."

"It's been good speaking with you, Sir Raimond. And I appreciate you inviting me for some socialization." She finishes off her second ale, and then rises from the table. "But I should get back, and see to packing. And make sure that my attendants and party are all set to leave as well. They don't want to stay any longer than they have to, either. I can't blame them."

Raimond inclines his head, after rising to his feet along with Evelyn, "Of course Sir Evelyn. Thank you for accepting my invitation." He smiles brightly, if a touch wearily, "Until next time." And then she's off, and before long Raimond will depart as well, back to his family's manse here to retire for the evening.


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