(1867-12-06) Not a Deep Wound
Not a Deep Wound
Summary: Raelyn and Emilia discuss current matters and a little of this or that.
Date: 1867-12-06
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Master Suite - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
Resting at the end of the hallway that comprises the Cassomir family's living quarters, the Master Suite of Roseguard Castle are actually comprised of a few different rooms. The first is something of a parlor, with a few tables and comfortable chairs. With a large hearth present it's clearly designed for entertaining visitors in a more private (or secure) setting than the Great Hall. The second room is an office space, with a large wooden desk and plenty of shelves present, most of which are laden with scrolls and missives, though everything does seem to be reasonably well-organized and kept as neat as possible even if there's an unavoidable bit of clutter. Aside from the desk, a couple of chairs are also present here for more business-oriented meetings.
Beyond the office lies the bedchamber, with an adjoining privy as well as a smaller room with space for both a squire and a servant to remain nearby at seemingly all times, though for the moment it seems that particular room is unoccupied and has been for some time. The decoration throughout the rooms is geared towards the colors and emblems of the Cassomir family, plus a couple of portraits…clearly smoke damaged…hanging in the office space, whom many might recognize as the late Baron Aric and Baroness Mathilda Cassomir. All the furnishings are quite new and of exceptionally high quality, much in keeping with the very "modern" feel of the castle as a whole.

The plague continued to rage across the Edge, no place was completely untouched by it. But Ironhold had not been hit to the extent of many other areas. The way the people were spread out across the lands, and also with winter having settled in as the snow came down the moutains, so to had the people settled in.

The evening hour had come to Ironhold, and it found Emilia poking her head into Raelyn's office. "Have you of given up on the paperwork for of the day or have you sent it all of along with Stephen once more?" The light teasing there, knowing her good brother actually didn't mind the work.

Raelyn had mostly kept to the castle, the woods around the castle, or the more remote areas of Ironhold for the most part. She'd been keeping up on reports, too, of the plague in Ironhold, thankful that it wasn't nearly as severe as in some areas of Rivana, or especially Couivere - much in part due to how spread out Ironhold was. It's these reports she's glancing over now, when Emilia's face pops in.

Raelyn smiles, warmly, "Just keeping track of everything," she says, "Stephen is making sure everything at the mines are secure." She gestures, "But if you are that pressed for company, my dear sister, you may join me."

It was the woods that had claimed most of Emilia's time, unsurprising with being Mistress now and having the tasks that came with it. Including dealing with the charlatans pedaling false cures. "Things are of well there, I am hoping? I know of well that the work wears upon our of people there then in of other task." An eyebrow raises the smallest fraction of an inch,"You say of that like I would only think to seek your of company if I was having no other of options, as if Lonar was of out of hunting and not freting…in his of way." With the plague, he did fret some. If one could call it fretting. "You of wound me, mine-sister."

"Do I? It is not a deep wound, I hope?" At least Raelyn is in a cheery sort of mood. She looks back to the reports, finishing reading the one she'd been reviewing when Emilia had entered, before putting it face down, on top of the yet unread pile. Emilia now has her full attention. "I imagine this," she muses, "Is not the first such epidemic that he's witnessed. I certainly hope it is our last. And it's over, soon."

"Not of to deep, I am sure I shall of survive. Alas, I of know, you hoped of otherwise." The mild banter there as she does step into the room and moves to flop into one of the chairs. Well as much as Emilia could ever actually flop, it's kind of like a butterfly trying to flop. "You would be please to of add to your of keeping track of things, that we have not found any new of peddlers in of the past of weeks trying to sell some new of oil or herbs that will of magically protect someone from the plague. They seem to have gotten of the message." Least Ironhold's people would not be swindled quite so easily. "Of aye, I do of doubt it is of the first he has of witnessed. But he is also not of able to do of anything to prevent or of help in of this. Though at least he has not spoken of tucking us of away from of everything as of a safety measure. But I do of hope it is of over soon. Word that came from of that last of tournament did not carry much of good when it came to of Pacitta."

Raelyn nods slowly, "You've heard the same news as I, then. Barely a turnout to compete, and barely a turnout in the stands. People are either too sick, or too afraid to leave their homes in that city." She frowns, "There are times when I visit such cities as Pacitta, that I wish Ironhold had it's own large city of trade and merchants, livlihoods and competitions. They are rare, but they happen," admits Raelyn, "From time to time. But not now. I am glad for our remote isolation, the surrounding woods." She exhales, then leans back in her chair some. "But I am glad, at least, that our message is getting across. I think the last fellow your Huntresses harrowed out of Ironhold may have suggested to his comrades to leave us alone." She quirks her lips upwards, faintly. "I do miss harrowing such miscreants."

"I do not of blame them for not turning of out, there was of reason we did not allow of Devlin or the others to of go. I do not of understand why they simply did not of cancel of it. Surely holding of it only put more of at danger." Emilia cants her head a little,"Rivergate is not quite so of large, but it quite of lively." The river port having been gained when the barony was expanded to a county. "I do think of our remote isolation does of help us in many of ways, even if we do not have quite of the excitement of the larger of cities. In of times like of this, and in of ensuring we are prepared to see after of ourselves." A leg is streched a bit,"The message has rather gotten of across. And I am of sure he made such of a suggestion, least after getting that arrow out of his arse. Pella says it just of slipped," Emilia giving half a shrug and a mild look, doubtful any Huntress would make such a simple mistake. "Do you of now? I am of sure that I can save of the next miscreant we hear about for you to harrow and hassle as you of will?"

Raelyn laughs, amused. "I do not think that would be appropriate a Lady my station, my dear sister. So I shall leave that harrowing up to you, and simply reminisce." She rises out of the chair, to fill a goblet with one of her favorite drinks, wine. Emilia is poured a glass as well, "You're welcome to join me later, if you'd like. I'll be taking Zeus out. Perhaps we'll come across Lon, or one of the goblins he's been tracking." She considers, thoughtful, and asks suddenly, "Have you ever seen one?"

"Of fine, I shall continue with the harrowing, and give you fine of talls to reminisce to. And thus you may of pronouce your most dignified judgements upon the poor harrowed miscreants." Emilia accepts the goblet of wine, taking a small sip from it. "That does sound of a fine time. Has Zeus been taking of well yet to his new of companion?" Meaning the bird Emilia had gotten Stephen. "It is of possible, if he is upon his of way back. Though I am not of knowing if he has been after any of goblins of recently." The sudden question does have Emilia canting her head and looking towards her sister,"Of once, most of briefly, it was not wishing to be of tracked and of caught of though. What makes you ask of such a thing?"

"Quite a while ago when I came upon Lon he'd been tracking one, and mentioned how - evasive they are. Enough so that they can even elude him, it would seem. I'd not thought about it in some time, until just now, when I thought of him wandering the woods. I think it was the last time I came across him so," she admits, casually, and then faintly smiles, shaking her head. "I've not seen one. Though, perhaps that's for the best. I don't know anymore."

"Of aye, I remember of that day, when we came upon him." Even if Emilia has other reasons for remembering that particular day and encounter. Emilia does give a small nod,"With him of staying with of us now," how much had changed since that day," and you not of wandering the woods as of much, it is not so of likely to happen." A finger lightly flutters in the air before tapping against her wine goblet,"It is likely for of the best, it was not of pleasant looking…much like of the depictions in of the folktales. And I recall Lon of saying one might be of some mischief, but when there is of more…it could not be of any good."

"Then let us hope that many do not gather. But, we've more pressing things to concern ourselves with, I suppose." Then, Raelyn smiles again. "Have you talked to him yet? About becoming someone more - official, with our House?" The whole consort thing, that is.

"Of aye, let us of hope that they do not of gather in of numbers." What next might come in that vein was always a bit of an unknown. Emilia looks at her goblet briefly at that question,"I of have. I of mean, I had of talked to of him before even of asking you about of it, to see what he though about such of an idea. But…in telling of him that you were in of agreement, he seemed of surprised and has said he has of things he wishes to speak with us of both before anything is of done. Though he has not of given indication of what is to be of discussed."

"That seems about the right of it," Raelyn says, humored. "He's a man who keeps things close. Generous, wise, but not one to speak openly until he feels it's time to do so." Still, she nods, "When he's ready, you both know where to find me and Stephen. I don't suppose there is a rush to it, afterall." At least, not with the current events going on as they are. "But in truth, I don't think you could've chosen a much better man, Emilia."

"Of true, or in some of cases, remembers of a thing to speak of." It was a thing Emilia had dealt with plenty in her time with him. Emilia nods,"Of aye, I of know. And quite of true, there is not of a rush. And there have been of other matters more of pressing." She cants her head slightly,"You of don't? It is not that I of disagree, it is not exactly many to be found who might have of any chance to understand my of struggles. But I know Sirrah has of her concerns, not that she would speak of them. And no of doubt, Jaren might of question of such a choice."

"Jaren," ventures Raelyn quite soberly, and somberly, "Was not as quite impressed upon with Lon's honor and fortitude as I was, upon our first meeting." She pauses, adding gently, "And our brother is ever over-protective. And he is likely to question any choice. I feel as he only gave Stephen a pass at both my insistance, and at his close relation to his good friend in Thaddeus." Raelyn smiles, then, shaking her head some. "And I think Sirrah is less concerned of him, then of you. And - the weight of such a thing on you. She loves you much, in her own way. And you are often in her thoughts."

"Of aye, I recall Jaren being less of certain in the aid that Lon of offered to of me, more of wary." Perhaps for good enough reason given where the relationship has gone! Emilia nods,"And of aye, he is over-protective, but so are of you, mine-sister. And you cannot of deny that you would not question and scrutionize any of choice. Or any who showed of interest." The corners of Emilia's twitch upwards,"I am sure you were more than of insistant, which was in of itself reason for Jaren to of listen." Emilia nods slightly,"I of know I am oft in of her thoughts, she of cares and worries of equally for of me, I think. It is of the happiness I have found, that she would not wish to of deny. But I do of think she has of concerns yet of Lon, she has seen much in of her days. More than we could of imagine, it gives of her a different of view. " There is a slight blink and then it is Emilia who is asking a somewhat sudden question,"Have you been of hearing from Sirrah of late? How she is of being? I have heard of news spoke about the Holy of Father being of ill. "

"Yes. And of the Church in somewhat of a dissarray," agrees Raelyn, shaking her head. "I've not heard from Sirrah, but perhaps a letter, from us both, might give her some much needed support. I can only imagine she is struggling to maintain a balance within as best she can. And, perhaps, as only she can, until the Holy Father conquers this illness as others have. If he falls, as some, then, who can say?" She frowns, deeply. "It's not something I wish to dwell much on. But, perhaps knowing that she has our support, being reminded of it, will lend Sirrah some further strength. We shall write it this evening, and see it off to her in the morning," suggests she.

"Of aye, it is. I know she is dealing with much. We talked of some when I had last of seen her," which was months past now,"but there is of course much she would not of speak with me about. " For…many reasons. "A reminder of support would surely be of welcome. And to know she is in our of thoughts and of prayers during this of time." Emilia nods slightly,"If He would of fall, it would likely of hasten much unrest. But if others as of well might of fall ill and fall." Emilia pauses slightly before saying,"If Sirrah has fallen of ill…and of the worst, it will be a great of lose. And there are paths that would become of closed as of well." A slight breath is drawn as Emilia has not wish to dwell long upon the matter either. "Perhaps we should see to letting Zeus of strech his of wings before of the light of wans to far, and write of after?"

"Let's see to that, then. And some fresh air," agrees Raelyn. She rises, setting her own goblet down, "And perhaps in so doing, you will find your next inspiration for a painting," she teases, gently. Then, she's leading her sister off, to go falconing.

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