(1868-02-01) A New Castellan and a New Knight
A New Castellan and a New Knight
Summary: Aidric Carling and Liam Haldis recieve seperate honors at court
Date: 1868-02-01
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The throne room is fairly full today with various courtiers about their business. Both Queen Alysande and her husband King Jaren are seated in their respective thrones. There have been a few petitions heard, but for the most part the day has been "business as usual" with the bulk of the plaue having moved on from Sunsreach and the Queen in full recovery.

It is expected the Royal couple have a few announcements to make in general after the petitioning period has passed. That is why most of the nobles who aren't making petitions themselves are milling around and chatting.

Aidric is among the milling courtiers in the throne room. He like many of the others have been absent from the court and his reasons are plain enough to look at him. His hair, always neatly cut hangs long to his shoulders now, if indeed it is his hair, and both hands are clad in supple black leather gloves. In addition to these his skin looks a touch pale and his clothes drape a touch loose on his frame. Still the man mills and murmurs with his fellows sniffing at any remarks about his recovery preferring instead to seek out any news that might be floating about. It has been some time since he'd heard fresh gossip after all.

Tristan is dressed in his usual finery, standing off to the side where the Queen or King can see him if they need to address him, but trying to keep as low of a profile as possible. He looks to be someone coming back on the up and up after having a bout of the old plague that'd been going around. A touch of gauntness, his clothes a little looser, those are the most telling signs. His hair and clothes themselves seem well taken care of thanks to the maids who were quite distraught over the illness of their favorite prince. He carries a number of papers with him, the stack pressed tightly against his chest within his folded arms.

If Jaren Tracano had put on any weight since becoming King of Rivana (note: Only a few pounds), he's lost it with a bit more to spare in these past weeks. Not because he suffered from the plague, thankfully, but simply from having been both too busy and too worried to entirely concern himself with little things like eating and sleeping properly. Still, while he does look a bit gaunt, to the eyes of those that have been able to see him over the past few weeks his color and vigor do appear improved from the last week or two, and he's even managed a smile or three, mostly directed at Alysande. He's clad in the colors of House Tracano, which is generally a sign that this is a more "formal" session of the Court, as when it's just day-to-day business he tends to still prefer Lancer's black with just a touch of Tracano accoutrements. He's been mostly silent save when required or asked to speak, and plainly fairly relieved Alysande is well enough to attend court again, even if he's watchful to make sure she doesn't push herself too far too fast.

Thaddeus is present, the first time he has been in Sunsreach since his mother fell ill. He appears to have recovered from the strenuous workload that had been placed on him, but otherwise fine. The dark blue and white of his house is present in his clothing, but he appears at home here as any native of the duchy. No business has required his attention as Lord Admiral, today, but he is still present, nonetheless.

Alysande finishes up with the final petitioner, and sinks back into her throne, looking tired and thinner than she has been. The plague had taken its toll on her, but she was not allowing that to prevent her from handling court business.

"Lord Aidric Carling," she intones loudly enough for her voice to carry in the room. "The crown has need of your presence." It is a formal summoning, not unsurprising in this company. She sits up straight, waiting for the Carling lordling to come before her and present himself.

The Queen's summons catches Aidric mid jape and it takes the man a moment to realize she had in fact said his name. His mouth closes and he quickly hides his surprised look behind a serious expression befitting the formal nature of the summons. When the crowd of couriers has parted to let him come forth he from among them stand before the throne. Then after a second he kneels and bows, with only a little discomfort. "Yes, your Majesty?" he says respectfully as he awaits the word of the Queen before doing more.

Tristan watches Aidric get called by the queen and then come forward, a small smile crossing his lips. Glancing down, he thumbs through his papers, nods, and then glances back up to watch.

Thad has been standing patiently with his other courtiers, most from his home, and raises a brow at the mention of Aidric. He straightens his posture and observes what his two cousins will be saying to each other, okr well, what the Queen will say to Aidric.

In a corner of her own, Clara pauses to look up and over. A single finger is held up…a gloved finger…as she indicates to the courtiers about her to be silent. Clara is intrigued, it would seem.

"It has been decided," Alysande says, "that our vassalage of Azure Lake is in need of restoration. In times past, Sunfall was the seat of court in the summertime… and I would like to see it so again. With the extent of repair and restoration needed, I am not expecting to be able to hold court there until perhaps next summer."

She looks over the gathered courtiers. "The Tracano manse in Azure Lake is heretoforth granted to my cousin, Prince Tristan, and his wife Elaida, for their exclusive use unless needed by the crown. There are five more manses there held by the crown in trust that belonged to houses that are no longer with us. And many more estates in shambles, but the property of other nobles houses. It is my hope they those with property there will step forward and move to repair their own holdings that court may be held there a year from Mai."

She looks to Aidric now. "But in order to see this come to pass, I need someone to guide the process and take charge. Lord Aidric Carling, will you step forward and accept this task?"

The castellanship of Azure Lake is a pearl. Currently held by a Lord Tomas Greycen, to offer this to Aidric means she is removing the post from the Greycen.

Head bowed, Aidric grins for the briefest of moments before he raises his head and replies "If your Majesty thinks me worthy, I will take on the task at once." He tries not to sound too eager but his lips do curl at the edges into the faintest of triumphant smiles.

A wide smile crosses Tristan's features and for a minute he looks like his old self, his attention on his friend who's just been given this honor. Oh, and at being pleased that he can take Elaida out of the city for a while too. He'll offer the faintest of nods should Aidric look his way.

"Congratulations, Sir Aidric. This position has been well earned." Come the words from Jaren Tracano. A potent sentiment and a subtle message, perhaps, given that they are spoken to one who once rode with Anton Tracano. He gives the man a smile that is laced with a glimmer of sincere warmth, and a slight nod of his head.

Thaddeus' brow returns to normal, but he can only give the most polite of nods. This is certainly an… issue that could result in his mother being less than pleased. While he is pleased that his friend has fared well, it is at the expense of his house. Thad nods to a courtier in response to a question and begins doing the mental calculations that this presents.

A faint smile crosses over Claras lips, even as the rest of the courtiers start buzzing with excitement. She herself remains quiet as she adjusts a glove…content to listen rather than speak.

"The crown accepts you and names you Castellan of Azure Lake, with all rights and priveledges hereto." Which includes, of course, the palatial estate that was once the ruling family of that vassalage's seat. Alysande smiles at the Carling. "Congratulations, Lord Aidric."

Her tone chanes to be more of a general address to the court at large. "I have put aside an account to be drawn on to help start the restoration process of the city itself. Prince Tristan will have access to whatever resources he needs to repair and restore the Tracano manse there. As for the manses held in trust… they will be made available for any noble house desirious of a manse in Sunfall to purchase from the crown directly— at a more than fair cost." She glances over those gathered before her.

Aidric is elated but he manages through an effort of will to school his features into some semblance of proper demeanor. He returns the king's nod with a deeper one and another follows to the Queen. "Thank you your Majesties, I shall endeavor to live up to the trust you've placed in me." He then continues to kneel as the Queen mentions the account and the plans for Tristan's manse. He flashes his cousin a quick look out of the corner of his eye, and another is spared for the crowd. Where Tristan goes the court follows after all.

Tristan doesn't seem too surprised at the announcement of resources to spend on restoration of the manor, but he smiles nonetheless, bowing slightly to the Queen from his current place in court. "The manse will reflect the shining beacon of Rivana that Sunfall should be, your Majesty." His voice is a little rougher than normal, but he still manages.

Jaren falls back into silence upon his throne, turning a brief glance over the court, his expression thoughtful, though more for past memory than gauging the crowd. There is a brief exchange of glances with Sir Quentyn Bazan, who stands guard nearby, and turns a wistful, yet perhaps slightly sad grin back towards his former Knight and current king, apparently "in" on the memories of Sunfall that might occupy Jaren's mind. He was there, after all.

Thad allows his reaction to be hidden for the following bit, but jots down a mental note to set some coin aside, since they will be expected to have a manse down there. The ambivalence makes it a bit difficult for Thad to process how he fully feels about this, but at worst he notes what opening are available in the fleet.

Clara already seems to have some plans brewing in her head. No doubt plans to bring some…minor…festivities to the area. Judging from the growing smile and the murmuring she starts with her coterie, Clara has some long term designs. Which only seems to excite the small group of courtiers more.

"You may rise," Alysande says to Aidric. To the rest of the court, she glances over them before she looks to Jaren, seeing if he had anything to add.

Jaren shakes his head slightly, pulling himself out of any reverie, and leans over to murmur something quietly to Alysande, who nods to him in turn. The King rises to his feet, making a gesture towards someone in the crowd, and who that someone is rapidly becomes apparent as Jaren's brother, Sir Devlin Cassomir steps forward, moving near the throne but not exactly stepping before the king. Likewise, Sir Quentyn shifts from his post (which is smoothly filled by another Lancer as he steps away), taking up a position beside him. With those two in place, Jaren grins a bit, and calls out: "Squire Liam Haldis, present yourself before your knight!"

A young man steps forward from where he had been standing on the periphery of the throne room, ready to attend the King should he be asked. Lord Liam Haldis is a skilled squire, and a dutiful one. The currents of gossip in the court do not hold much interest for him, but duty does. The young man is garbed in a doublet in the colors of house Haldis, though it is not overly fashionable.

He moves until he is standing before King Jaren… a sidelong glance given to both Quentyn and Devlin, his knight's former squires. "I await your command, your majesty." he says simply.

When he is dismissed his eyes do seek out Tristan and a quick smile is offered to the prince, one full of all the triumph his expression held a moment before and then it's gone again. Though as he makes his way to stand next to his royal cousin to see what Jaren has instore for young Liam, another nod is given, this one to Thaddeus. The joy of the moment blotting out the fact that Aidric's victory has come at a cost to the Greysons. So the nod is earnestly given and then he turns to watch the king, unaware of what might be read into the gesture by Thaddeus or indeed those courtiers who are watching.

Tristan returns Aidric's smile, and leans over to whisper a few congratulatory words before straightening back up and looking at whatever's about to happen to poor Liam here. Can't be all that bad since he's got a small smile on his face.

Jaren studies Liam for a moment, his expression growing serious, but not grave as he speaks:

"Squire Liam, you have served me well these past few years, and none that have borne witness can deny that you have served with diligence, discipline, and steadfast loyalty, least of all myself. You have ridden beside me in battle, and never wavered in your courage. You have served without complaint, and have learned the lessons I have striven to impart upon you with alacrity and patience. Perhaps most importantly, you've been unafraid to remind me of those small details I might sometimes overlook." He grins a touch, "Such as missing a few meals in a row or failing to take to my bed for a day or three in trying times."

Jaren allows the bit of a chuckle that laces through the crowd at that to subside before continuing, "These knights…" He gestures to Quentyn and Devlin, "Have testified to me of the skill you displayed at the tourneys of the past year, as has your family's liege, the Duke Darren Haldis. It has been said that despite your youth and your status as a squire, you performed better than many seasoned knights in those events you were permitted entry to. Thus I ask of you, will you take the vow of Knighthood, here and now?"

As Jaren calls for Liam, the princess looks up, intrigued. It doesn't take much to know that something is up. The rather public address is enough to clue Clara in. She turns her full attention to Jaren and Liam.

Liam's eyes widen. It is a few moments before he responds. "…if you feel I am ready, your majesty, I will take my vows." To his credit, his voice only cracks once, and slightly. There is not much else for him to say. What would he do, argue that he is not ready? To Liam's mind, it is not for him to decide that.

Alysande watches with no small amount of amusement tugging at her lips. She is fond of young Liam. She stifles the urge to reach out and ruffle his hair.

"Then kneel, Squire Liam." Jaren knows he only has to wait but a moment for Liam to comply, before he speaks again, "Lord Liam of the proud bloodline of Haldis, do you swear to serve your liege with courage and loyalty, to defend those that lack the means to defend themselves, to be generous towards those that are in need, to show courtesy towards all, to carry yourself with dignity and humility, to find honor and glory in the fulfillment of duty, to refuse undeserved reward, to fight for the common good, to obey those lawfully given authority over you, to uphold the honor of the institution of Knighthood, to avoid deceit, injustice, and cruelty, to deal fairly and honestly with all, to fulfill all vows and oaths you take to the utmost of your ability, to never refuse the challenge of a worthy foe, and to face those foes with valor and skill? Do you swear to uphold these ideals, unto the last of your heart's blood spilled or your final breath drawn?"

It's a very formal, "old school" recitation of the Knight's Oath, which…would surprise absolutely no one given who it's coming from."

"I so swear, your majesty," Liam replies, his voice clear and firm from where he kneels.

Jaren nods, reaching over without looking as Sir Royce Haldis places a sheathed longsword into his hand. He draws the blade, the brilliant sheen marking it as made of Lightsilver, both beautiful and functional. He steps down to stand before Liam, nodding once before pressing the flat of the blade to each of Liam's shoulders in turn while he speaks, "Then by the power invested in me by her Majesty Queen Alysande Tracano the First, I grant you the right to bear arms in service to your lawful liege and the crown, and to command men and govern lands as appointed by the same. Under the eyes of the One, the Many, and all who bear witness, I dub you Sir Liam Haldis, Knight of Rivana." He smiles, warmly, smoothly shifting the blade to present it towards Liam after he obeys the next command, "Rise, Sir Liam."

Thad smiles as the young Haldis swears. He gives a sincere smile and nod of approval. Kid may be the junior-most knight in the realm, but at worst he is just that, a knight. He joins the others in joining the applause when it begins. It seems that not all news today is lukewarm at best.

There are a few words shared back to Tristan before Aidric crosses his arms and stands to watch the knighting. He shakes his head but smiles fondly. His own squire won't like this news but the boys of an age of Liam and Kieran were jealous by nature. Well except for Liam of course as much as he'd seen of the boy he seemed depressingly devoid of vice, which by Aidric's estimation was a vice in and of itself. Still, he did not bear him any ill will, and he had so much else think about, so when the applause starts he joins it smiling but more for his own victory rather than Liam's.

And just like that, Liam Haldis went from Squire to adult. Looking somewhat dazed, he rises to his feet. He takes the offered blade hesistantly, as if he is unsure whether or not it is for him to fasten to his belt straightaway r if Jaren just wants him to hold it.

…there's no way he's being given a lightsilver sword.

There's a glimmer of amusement on Jaren's face, and a glance back to Alysande ever-so-briefly, as though sharing a bit of a private joke, though it's Jaren who looks a touch chagrined before he turns his attention to Liam once more. "The blade is yours, Sir Liam. A token of our appreciation for your years of dutiful service." He leans forward, whispering in such a tone that only Liam and perhaps Quentyn and Devlin can hear, "Your Queen insists the former squire of the King cannot be seen as merely adequately equipped."

He pauses a moment, and adds, "Also, Duke Darren's sent you a fresh Charger and Devlin's seen to a suit of full plate. Cassomir steel." Jaren grins a bit, "If you feel it's undeserved, then you'll just have to pay it back in valorous deeds and honorable conduct."

Aidric raises a brow at the sword. Yes, Kieran was going to be sick with jealousy over this business. "Must be nice to squire for a king," he remarks with a smile to Tristan. "We should talk later, by the by about your manse and the rest of it."

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