(1868-02-10) A Fishing They Will Go
A Fishing They Will Go
Summary: As Liam makes to return to Eastfields after his knighting, a side trip is made to Ironhold. It results in a fishing trip for him by Emilia's invitation.
Date: 1868-02-10
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Ironhold Forest - Ironhold - Sunsreach - Rivana

"Stay on the roads in Ironhold!" is a common refrain amongst Rivanans. It's not that the County is particularly dangerous, though. Oh, certainly, there are a few dark legends about the shadowy, thickly forested hills that dominate the province, and every so often a group of bandits tries to take root within, though they are usually chased off or cut down in short order by the fighting men and women the County commands. There are also a good number of natural predators to be found…primarily bears, with wildcats less common but far from unheard of. No, the warning is simply because the forests are so. damned. thick. It would be very easy to get lost within them if you did not have a commanding grasp of the landscape, or at least very good navigation skills.

Fortunately, the roads that criss-cross the County are well-maintained, and the people of the villages that lie along them tend to be polite and pleasant to travelers, so long as said travelers return the courtesy (and if you fought for the Thorn in the Succession War, it's probably best to keep it to yourself). Occasionally patrols of the Iron Guard pass along the main thoroughfares (and even some of the side roads) or small groups of Ironhold's famed Huntresses might be met along the way, as well, but while the northwestern portion of the County does rise into the steep hills (mountains, really) that mark the iron mines from which the province derives its' name (as well as the mining outpost of Metalmire), and the newly granted western portion of the County boasts the bustling trading post of Rivergate, all roads really do seem to point to Iron March, the seat of the Cassomir family.


With the plague burning out, or perhaps more freezing itself out with the winter weather, more had been taking up traveling. Many having gone to Sunsreach to see to various Court matters once more, to start up normal patterns of life again. While her family had gone, Emilia had remained in Ironhold and allowed her to greet those who had taken up standing invitation to come to Ironhold, or taken up Raelyn’s renewed invitation to that end. The announcements, and gossip, of Court had travelled quickly. And certainly in Ironhold, Liam’s knighting had been well received and spoken of, he had after all been squired to Jaren.

His had been offered ‘proper’ guest quarters, but been welcome to take to his old quarters if he preferred. He would find them in the same orderly and semi-spartan style he’d kept them. Once he had time to settle and rest from his trip, an invitation had arrived for him. An offer to join Emilia for a small outting in the forest.

Naois was perched on the top of her saddle bag as Emilia did a final check upon the cinch of the saddle, drawing a snort from Onyie. “I thought you might be of liking to go for a ride, it has been of a bit since you have had of time to ride in Ironhold.” A minor check on the obvious fishing poles fastened to the back of the saddle,”And of perhaps the least of likely to laugh at my poor of fishing skills.”


Lord Liam, now Sir Liam, had preferred to take up his old rooms. They were more comfortable, and he was not prideful enough to feel he deserved more (especially with other guests on their way or present). After he had settled in, he was more than happy to spend time with Lady Emilia, Mistress of the Hunt and an old friend.

Fetching his new Warhorse from the stable, a gift from his cousin Duke Darren named Honor, a fine white charger… he chuckles at the fishing poles on the back of Emilia's mount. "I do not believe mine will be much better," he responds pleasantly to her. "I think I've tried it… once? Devlin had me out with him a couple of years ago."

Still, he pats the saddlebags his has on his mount (filled with a snack from the kitchens that the mistress of the kitchens insisted the young man take with him and Emilia on their outing) and draws himself up into his saddle quickly. "Lead on, my lady Emilia," he gestures forward. "You certainly know the woods around here better than I!"


The horses made their own interesting pairing in black and white, with Onyie giving a sniff at the white warhorse before pawing at the ground. The light charger an older beast in comparison. "It is of a thing to have some skill in, never of knowing when it may of be needed. Even if I am of admitting to focus more upon hunting." As did many of the Huntresses really.

Swinging up into the saddle with ease, which has Naois scrambling up her arm and burrowing under her braid to settled in along the back of her neck. "I would be of hoping of so, unless you have been taking of lessons from of Huntresses when I was not of looking." That mild deadpan Cassomir teasing occurring as she did lead them on out of the city and into the woods beyond.

The occasional incline of her head to folks as they made way, certainly a few giving a wave to her and Liam alike as they went. But it was not til they had made way into the forest, the mix of greens of the evergreens mixing with the browns of the leafless oaks and maples surrounding them, that Emilia inquired,"How are you of feeling with all of the new and shiny?" It was a sincere inquiry to how he was taking the new and perhaps sudden change to his life. It was something Emilia could empathize with in spades.


Liam is silent for a few moments, but Emilia should know him well enough to know he is weighing his response, not ignoring her. "It is different than I thought it would be," he admits. "I am used to doing what his majesty or whomever he assigned to my training needs of me, or pushing myself so that when they have need of me I exceed their requests and expectations. Now I am my own man— of course, in service to my cousin Duke Darren should he have need of me…" he frowns some.

"I… had hoped I would be serving the Queen directly," and a faint blush crosses his face. Not a romantic blush, but an embarrassed one. "One, it's prideful of me to think I should be doing so," he shakes his head. "But I will serve His Grace to the best of my ability until such a time that I am asked to do something else."

He sighs. "I had not expected my spurs for another year, at least! Darren threatened to knight me at the tournament last year, but I thought he was jesting." He reaches forward and pats the neck of his new mount, getting the horse to get used to him. "How are you feeling with your new responsibility? Mistress of the Hunt? You are well suited for it, if I may say so, Lady Emilia."


The silence is allowed to linger, for Emilia did know well enough that Liam would answer if and when he wished. Her gaze never shifted in impatience or worry his way, she knew he preferred to consider his thoughts and words before speaking. "I do of imagine it is quite of a change," knights did start on the path early when they first became pages. "But this is of what you have spent all of those of years of training to reach, to of become."

The admission does have Emilia looking towards Liam, a glance out of the corner of her eyes. The blush taken for what it truly was, Emilia knew Liam well enough to know romantic aspirations were the last thing likely to be in the new Knights thoughts. "I would think it more of hopeful then of prideful, Sir Liam. And not of uncommon of a…wish. Perhaps if His of Grace is willing you might of seek to become of a Lancer and serve in such a way as you hope. But even if you do not come to serve of the Queen directly, we do all of serve her in doing our duty to our Houses."

There is that odd little quirking motion at the corners of Emilia's lips, her version of a smile. "I am of sure he was both of jesting and serious, he was no of doubt proud of your performance and was simply expressing of it." Fingers lightly turn the reins at the question that comes her way, her dark eyes focusing on the black of Onyie's ears for a few moments as memoirs drift up briefly. "You are of kind got be of saying so, Sir Liam," the formal titles kept to even if there was a touch of the familiar in her tone when addressing him. "However, not all have thought of so. I admit I was of surprised, it was not of something I ever of expected to of be. Least you were expecting to obtain your of spurs one of day." A half shrug comes,"I have come to terms with of it though, and only of hope that I can manage to be least half as good as my sister and aunts before me."


Liam frowns some, looking concerned. "Why would they think you anything but fit for this position?" he asks seriously. If she has an odd turn of phrase, it has never stopped him from treating her exactly as he would any "normal" person. "No one knows the woods of Ironhold better."

Honor shakes his head and neighs. Liam pats him again. "As for being as good as those who held the position before you— I have faith that you will." He gives her a smile.


A faint tug occurs at the corners of her lips, Emilia knew Liam had the benefit of Jaren's example in how to view her. Nor was Liam one to be quick to judge. "Because not of all take of time to look beyond the of surface to find the of truth, Sir Liam. They believe what they wish to of see and take of gossip to be truth." Sending a faint look his way,"After of all, it is common of knowledge, I am of being a dimwitted fool who not of right in the of head and must be watched every of moment." As Jaren's squire, Liam probably heard such whisperings about as much as Jaren had ever chanced to hear.

"I am not of sure that is of true, but I would of agree that there are few who would know it of better," notes Emilia in the rather plain way common to her family, and Liam as well, when it came to their abilities. The lack of boasting to be found. "I know I shall of try my best, just as I of know you have done and will continue to of do." Continuing to lightly guide Onyie through the forest, more with her legs then the reins in truth. "Though today, let us be finding of out if we have missed our of calling and should have been of fishing of men. Of aye?" The hint of running water burbling in the distance.


"Aye," Liam responds with a cheery grin. "If we are very good, we'll have enough to share for dinner." If they are not… well… they'll go home empty-handed.

When they reach the lovely spot, a bend in one of the mountain streams that has yielded a gentle pool wide and deep enough to attract fish, Liam swings off Honor and ties the horse to a nearby tree. He pulls off the saddlebags and sits them down next to a likely spot to fish from, allowing Emilia to handle the dispensation of the fishing equipment.


"And if of not, there are always of other of options for dinner," Emilia's hand drifting back to give her trusty bow a light pat. Managing a brace of squirrel or rabbits was not implausible, if their fishing attempts were bust.

A flickering upturn occurs at the edges of Emilia's lips as they reach the spot, that bend in the stream. The water moved lazily between the weathered banks, a thing that would change come spring when the melting snow caps would turn it into a raging monster. But now, it was peaceful and idyllic with how the sun gave an edge of warmth to the opening within the trees and danced over the moving water.

Emilia swung down from Onyie before securing him to a near tree, giving him enough of his head to graze a bit too. Moving on to unstrapp her own saddlebags and fishing rods. She drifts over towards a cropping of rocks to rest the poles against as she fishes out the bait from on of her bags, which has Naois poking out from under her braid and sniffing towards it.


Taking his fishing pole and a bit of bait from Emilia, Liam pushes his bait onto the hook and sets his feet as he glances over the water. He spies Naois and gives the ferret a grin. "Naois, I think the cooks put something in one of my saddlebags for you," he says to Emilia's pet.

He slings the line out over the water, watching as the baited hook hits the water and sinks. "I feel poorly for His Majesty," he says. Jaren has always been addressed by title. Liam's a stickler for propriety, after all. "I'm sure it's been a long time since your brother has been able to do something like this." He tugs a little at his line.

"Have you made any new paintings lately?"


A bit of bait is slipped upon the hook before Emilia gives the pole a slight turn in her hand casting the hook and bait into the water. A hand reaching up to give a light tap to Naois' nose as he takes to sniffing,"I am not of trying to catch you." Casting a glance Liam's way,"I am thinking it best be more of smelly than of the bait to draw his interest of away." Slightly bemused at Naios and his endless gluttony.

A slight nod comes,"I have no of doubt that he has not been of able to do of something like this for some of time. Especially with the sickness, he carries many of duties and burdens upon of his shoulders. But it is of his path as it has come to be." Keeping a slight distance in her own response, more vagueness and that end of philosophy then propriety to it all.

It seems it is Emilia's turn to grow quiet when the question comes her way, even if it is truly such a simple question. Eventually a slight shake of her head comes,"No, I have of not….painting has been…challenging of late." Emilia giving a small rise of the fishing pole to cause the line to raise and the bait to move within the water, hopefully drawing the attention of a fish…the bait stayed on the hook, right?


"Challenging?" Liam queries, lightly tugging at his own line. "Lacking inspiration, my lady?" He glances to Emilia and gives her a reassuring smile. "I have faith it will return, and soon."

He lets out a grunt as his line tugs back. "I think I might have one," he says with a small amount of surprise, sharply yanking the line to "set" the hook. He begins to start pulling the line in.

"If you're good, Naois, you may have this first one for yourself," he addresses the ferret solemnly while he pulls in the line slowly, not wanting to dislodge his fish.


“Of aye, challenging,” confirms Emilia to the query, even if it was likely not needed. “I am of thinking inspiration and of perhaps emotion, or of energy for of it.” She considers a little,”Much like having of a day when you are of doing everything you can within of practice, and your of form and of technique are of on spot. And you are of winning of your bouts, yet you of know something is wrong, that it is taking more of effort then it of should. But there is being of nothing you can do of to change it, just of hoping and of praying that upon of the ‘marrow, things will be of normal of again.” Just for her…it had been months. “I am of sure it will as of well, though at of least I must count upon it no more than of fishing to earn my of keep.”
The grunt does have Emilia turning her attention more directly towards Liam,”Must have been of a hungry one.” Giving her line another little tug as she watches curiously to see just what kind of fish has been caught up.

Naois does look over at the sound of his name, perching a bit further out on Emilia’s shoulder as he sniffs at the air and chirrs towards Liam.


Liam chuckles at Naois's chirring as he draws in the line. He pulls up a fish… not too large of one, sadly, but a trout with brightly shining scales that change colors to rainbows in the sunlight. "Maybe not enough for dinner," the young knight says, "but fair enough to keep, especially if we are catching more."

He drops the fish in the bucket brought for such things and looks to Emilia. "How is your line?" He places another bit of bait on his line and moves back to the edge of the water.

"I am glad for you that you are now Mistress of the Hunt, Lady Emilia," he says quietly. "You've always seemed to me to be more at home in the gentle quiet of Ironhold's woods than you've ever been at court."


Naois is soon clamouring down Emilia's arm to hop to the ground and scuttle on towards Liam as that trout wiggles around in the air casting all the color and ohhh..the shiney. It really is too much for Naois to resist inspecting. Or collecting. And he is soon angling towards the bucket where the fish has been dropped into.

"Not enough for of us," but if we aren't of careful, it will be plenty of enough for that little greedy fellow." Emilia giving a slight incline of her head towards the ever inquisitive ferret making a beeline for the bucket. "But I am of thinking you are right, if we catch of a good handful or of two like that, it will make for of a pleasant enough dinner."

Giving a small pull to drift her line,"They seem to be ignoring of it mostly. That or have stolen of my bait without me noticing." Trying to give it a few more tugs to make the bait dance somewhere beneath the water.

"Of thanking, Sir Liam." Emilia giving a slight bow of her head towards him for the compliment paid. "You are not of wrong. Perhaps of once, I did of better within the dance that is of Court. But of now….much has of changed. And…" What else she might have continued on with is diverted with an 'ohhh' as her fishing pole bends in a telling sign of having something on the line. "I think I perhaps have of something."


A smile brightens the usually staid knight's face. "Pull it in then!" he replies, then glances over his shoulder to tsk at Naois before throwing his own rebaited line back out again. "Perhaps we will catch enough to share with Viscountess Raelyn and Count Stephen for dinner as well?"


As Emilia does work on pulling the fish it, her lips press together in most serious fashion. The end of the pole bending further as she pulls the pole back as works to get slack to reel the line in. One such pull causing a flash of silver as the fish jumps before splashing into the water. "Oh, I bet they would of enjoy that. I of bet Count of Stephen could even give us some of pointers about fishing." Giving that line another swift tug that causes the fish to come flying that final distance from the water. The silver with the ting of rainbow as the sun plays across the scales showing it to be trout as well, and it looking to be about the same size as the one Liam pulled in, even with how much it caused Emilia's fishing pole to bend!


Liam lets out a (subdued… don’t want to scare off the fish) cheer as Emilia brings in her catch. He throws out his line with hopes to catch another. They’d need at least a few to make a decent dinner. “That is possible. As he is from Seaguard. Though I would think they do more of their fishing off boats with nets.” He grins.


The fish is quickly taken off the line and added to the bucket, Emilia scoping up Naois to much protesting before he ends up in the bucket as well. Oh the mighty scolding she gets from him! Though a bit of jerky seems to placate him…For the moment. The slinky critter finding a nice rock to settle on as he takes to gnawing on the dried out piece of meat.

“Of true, though I had of never thought to be asking either of way. Fishing was not of a topic that has really come of up with him.” Notes Emilia as she checks the bait on her hook before tossing the line out again. “Do you of think you will of consider taking up such a hobby of now that you may have more of time? Or will of such simply be taken up by more of reading,’ she knew he had often read while watching her paint,” or shall tending to your new of charge take up such of time?” A mild incline of her head towards his new charger.


“I am not entirely sure,” Liam replies solemnly. “The King told me to take a couple of weeks to celebrate, but after that I will return to Eastfields.” There’s a bit of twisting to his stomach at that thought— Liam had spent most of his life in Sunsreach duchy after all! As Jaren’s squire first in Ironhold and then, of course, most recently in Sunsreach proper. Eastfield, though the home of his family and house, was hardly his home any longer. “There I will serve my cousin the Duke directly in whatever manner he feels best. So I suppose it is dependant on what Duke Darren wishes of me, as to how much free time I have in Charger’s Rest.”

He eyes his horse. “However, I will be spending time with my new mount… we will need to get to know each other so we can work well together.”


“It is a fine way to be celebrating.” Meaning the fishing. Emilia knew well enough Liam was not one to party in the same way as say…Quentyn had done. “I of imagine the Duke will be most of busy with there to be a new of Duchess soon of enough. I of suspect it will be making it of an interesting time to be returning. When was of the last time you were even in of Eastfield for any of time?” She knew he traveled some without Jaren here and there, particularly for tournaments. But he had still been her brother’s squire, and in many ways absorbed into the family for that time. “You of know, you are always of welcome here whenever you have time and of wish to visit.” Sending him one of those odd smiles. “I shall of ensure your room is even kept as you of like it.”

Giving a tug in her line just as another fish chooses to strike. “That will take some of time as of well. I know it took much of time for Onyie and I to come to of terms.” The horse being half insane like his mistress, so it works. The fish as it is pulled from the water is a smaller one and this time Emilia tosses it towards Naois, who is quick to abandon the tough jerky to bound after the flopping shiny!


“Hmm.” Liam considers. “For a lengthy stay? Not since I was a page for my Grandfather.” He chuckles at Naois’s antics. “I am glad to hear your offer, Lady Emilia,” he says, a hint of wistfulness in his tone. “And I do hope there will be times in the future I might take you up on it.” He gets a hit on his line, and is quiet as he draws in another fish— this one a bit bigger than the first. It is added to the bucket.


It is a thing that Emilia cannot truly fathom to be away from home for so much time. She had never spent more than a month at most away from home and even then she had been with family. Yet she knew it was simply part of the path to being a knight. “As do I of hope you will have chance to make of use of the offer. Even if only for of a few days here and of there.” She shakes her head a little as she watches Naois. It not entirely clear that the larger ferret actually has the upper hand in the situation, with the fish smacking him in the nose as it flops. And then wiggling and flopping away from the thing that wants to make a snack of it. A turn of events that repeats a few times before Naois pins the fish down with a chore that just might have a hint of 'triumphantness’ to it.

“You may of wish to consider how you would wish to serve of Duke of Darren, if you have not already been of giving thought to it. “ Emilia offering the mild turn of advice as she casts her line back out. “In case he is of asking of that very of thing, or has of options for you to be of considering. It may of well be he already has of plans, but I am thinking it best to have an answer and not be of needing of it, then to not have of considered and be of needing such of an answer.”


Liam considers. “I suppose…” a slight frown comes to his face. “I might… petition the Duke for acceptance into the Unbridled, if he were to ask?” That idea made his stomach churn even more. They were knights, of course. And even some of them were good knights. But they didn’t have the best reputation, and many of those knights were very distasteful to someone of Liam’s sensibilities. The idea that the ends justify the means was directly against everything Liam believed.

But it wasn’t exactly a secret to anyone who truly knew Liam that his heart was for the Royal Lancers. Going back to Eastfield felt like moving away from the chance to try and be one.


The response is considered, if it surprised Emilia, it does not show (as if any reaction or emotion ever really showed?) As she was aware of his true preference, or dream. “I can of see how they might of benefit from your of influence.” Her gaze does shift subtly enough to watch Liam as she continues,”Have you given up on of the idea to be a Royal Lancer to petition for such of a thing?” It was an honest question, after all he had just spent the last year or so at Court with a true and upfront view of the life of a Lancer, perhaps that had somehow changed his mind on the idea. Emilia doubted it, but it was a curious thought.


“Never,” Liam’s voice was firm and determined. “It has always been my desire to serve Rivana as a Lancer, to protect the Queen and her family.” Another cast of the line. “If it is not to be… I will do my best at whatever task I am asked. But…” he sighs.

“I’m seventeen, Lady Emilia. And already knighted. I thought I would have a couple more years yet before these sorts of decisions were mine to make or strive for.” Where most would sound puffed with pride to be knighted so young, Liam does not. In fact, there is a touch of despair to his voice. “How many are knighted so young? Not even King Jaren was, and he is the greatest knight of the Edge, surely.” In truth, Jaren was almost as young when he was knighted… on his eighteenth birthday, which Liam was only several weeks shy of himself. “I have only heard of a handful of knights knighted this young… even in stories. And they all become heroes. I… I don’t think that’s my fate, Emi.” It was rare that he dropped the formalities. Very rare. “If I must be, then I will do my best. But that was never my dream. Only to serve.”


There is just a mild nod when Liam affirms that his true dream has not changed. “Then I would of suggest that is what you tell Duke of Darren, though of perhaps include a turn of wishing to serve House of Haldis by representing of them in service to of Rivana.”

The rest has Emilia quiet and listening, giving the faint tug to her line now and again. She was just barely toddling around when Jaren was knighted, so she cannot much speak to it. But then she is truly just over a year and a half-ish older than Liam. “You are of correct not many are of knighted so of young. Perhaps it is of your fate, perhaps of not, to be of a hero, such is a thing neither you nor of I can of say. But I do of think you could of be should such be needed. As I am thinking that the very of things that have the young heroic of knights in those tales becoming knights and of heros in turn are of qualities you are of having. Which is of why you have been of knighted. You have sought it as much as they sought to be of heros. They were of seeking to do of their best at their of duties, at protecting those they were of charged to of protect. You would do no of less. Just as Jaren has done no of less in of his service. Surely you have of seen how much he is of loving the tales about of his actions?”

A tug results in a fish being hooked, yet Emilia gives only half her attention to pulling it in. “That you of think and worry so about doing your best to of serve, is of telling. How many of squires years of older than you, or even me yet of worry more about what of glory they are missing of out upon? And worry not about what fools they are of making of themselves? And in of turn their Houses?” It takes a moment to actually catch the fish. Wiggly, slimy thing that it is,”Now, if by of the end of this next of year, you have also been of placed in of charge of one of the more stories forces of Rivana and of responsible for keeping them up to such of standards along with the security of the lands they room…Then I of think you may have cause to doubly fret.” There is a faint bit of an actual smile sent his way, since that is rather what happened to her. “Liam, we do not of seek the things that have come to of us, but I have of faith that you will do Jaren and the Duke of Darren proud in whatever does come. For I do of think that you could do no of less than your very best.”


Liam looks embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to make light of your burden, Lady Emilia,” he apologizes. “But you are right. The best thing for me to do is simply do my best, whatever comes my way.”

His line pulls, and he is quiet as he pulls in yet another fish. “That guardsman was right, there is great fishing at this spot!” He offers a smile to the Mistress of the Hunt. “At this rate, we’ll have enough fish for dinner for sure.” He adds the fish to the bucket, then rebaits and throws his line back out.

“I’m sure my cousin has a plan for me in Eastfield,” he says confidently. Maybe he doesn’t feel that confidence entirely… but he doesn’t show it. Much. “And I will serve him, and through him, the kingdom, well.”


Emilia shakes her head a little,"I do not think you have made of light of it. I think you are of simply over-of-whelmed with what has transpired in your own of life, the responsibility that is of placed upon your of shoulders sooner than of expected. You of worry if you can of live up to what might be of expected of you, of what some may of assume to achieve of such so of young." There is a mild tug at the corners of her lips as she looks towards him, and tosses the wiggling fish into the bucket,"And I was of thinking perhaps you needed of a reminder that you are not of alone."

Giving a quick eye to the bucket and the growing number of fish within it,"I do of think you are right, we have of managed decently enough." Seeing to rebaiting her own hook and tossing the line back out.

"I am of certain the of Duke has some of plan for you, one that of suits you and your of ability well." Trying to help bolster that bit of confidence that comes through, as Emilia did have faith that he would do well. "Of aye, Sir Liam, you of will. But of first, we will of serve out of kingdom by seeing that mine-sister and her husband dine well upon of fish this of eve."


Liam grins at that. “Viscountess Raelyn and Count Stephen will go to bed tonight entirely too-full of fish,” he agrees. “As will we. …and a certain nosy ferret.” No idea who he could be referring to there…

He draws his line in one last time, though this time the fish isn’t so large as the others. It’s large enough, though, and is added to the nearly-full bucket anyway. “If you catch one more, Lady Emilia, I think we should be good and then some.”


There is just a slight tug at one side of Emilia’s lips, anyone else and it might have become a half smirk,”I am of thinking that nosey of ferret is going to be of full and sleeping before we even return to of the castle.” As if to prove the point, Naois flops over to his back and works at grooming his whiskers, his belly rounded out just a little bit. There little left to give hint of the fish he had been given.

The fish must have heard Liam as Emilia’s pole bends just slightly. Giving it a pull,”It might make one of more after of this, as it does not feel like much of anything.” And it does look like she is having an easier time pulling the fish in, that is until it nears the banks and starts to put up more of a fight. Once she pulls it from the water it does seem to be a fairly nice sized trout, not the largest that they’ve pulled in but definitely one for the bucket. Tossing it into the bucket after she gets the line and stepping to scoop up that rather gluttonous ferret who chirrs at her in the process before lazily settling at the back of her neck. “If you grap of the bucket, I’ll secure of the poles. There does seem to be of plenty of time for us to get back to surprise them with of dinner, Sir of Liam.” Best not have the bucket of fish and ferret on the same horse!

Waiting until Liam has managed to secure the bucket as she gets the poles secured back to Onyie’s saddle. Before mounting up for them to head on back to the castle and a well earned fish dinner.

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