(1868-02-25) Venom Coated Words
Venom Coated Words
Summary: After song practice, some of the SongBirds linger on and words are 'shared' with some of the newer members being caught in the cross fire.
Date: 1868-02-25
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Practice Room - Rovilon - Couviere
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Singing lessons, a staple of court, especially for those who number among Dowager Queen Cynthia's Songbirds, has just drawn to a close. Sometimes it was Cynthia herself who taught them, but most often, like today, it was the court bard, a common man named Master Arten Asheworth.

As soon as the lesson ended, several of the Songbirds departed for other business, but not all. Young Lady Verity t'Picot of Fauven in the duchy of Lonnaire lingered, in a light conversation with Lady Cassidy t'Jordine of Tarmon in the county of Avera, another lady around her age (both were of an age as Amara, and likewise recent additions to the Songbirds).

Lady Marcella t'Juliano and Lady Mirellia t'Mollari were also waiting there, conversing with themselves… though they both seemed to be eyeing Lady Amara every so often as they spoke. These two were older, in their early to mid-twenties, and had been Songbirds for many years.

It wasn't too shocking that these pairs were seemingly avoiding each other. Marcella was considered the defacto head of the so-called "Conservative" faction of the Songbirds, while Verity was known to have previously been a lady-in-waiting to Lady Alina l'Saigner, the nominal head of the "Progressive" faction. And while the Songbirds would often sing together and work together when the Dowager Queen wished it, when she was not around to supervise her ladies-in-waiting often split down the middle and did their best to cause problems for the other faction.

Singing was at least a skill Amara had some skill in before comming to Court. There had been room for improvement, but it was at least one area that she'd not tripped up in. Learning the politics of Court and even more within the Songbirds was something else entirely. She had proven to be one who kept her thoughts more to herself after a slip up early one. The wrong words at the wrong moment. And with having spent a fair bit of time seeing to plague victims, or recovering from the plague herself, once the plague had hit, Amara had not really fallen solidly into either of the factions.

Having asked a few questions of Master Arten, drills to work upon for a few passages she felt she was struggling in, Lady Amara was amongst those who were left to linger in the room. Amara noticed the other small groups that were yet gathered. A small draw existed towards those who were of her own age, and also new to the group. But it was the looks that kept coming her way that had Amara absently smoothing out her dress. The gloved hand smoothing out a few nonexistent wrinkles, as Amara wondered if she'd chosen the wrong dress for the day. Or worse forgotten she'd worn it recently. She managed a smile as she did start to move near the older pair. A polite bow of her head offered,"It was a lovely practice today, Lady Marcella, Lady Mirellia."

"We've had better," Marcella replies, looking Amara over.

Mirellia was more blunt. "You wore that at our last practice, too. Is that the only somewhat fashionable dress you own?"

"At least it's not one of hers," Marcella replies with a sniff. "Her designs have become so Rivanan lately. It's like she has no respect for the Empire anymore."

Mirellia pointedly looks Amara over as well. "Well, not entirely a lost cause." She smiles at Amara suddenly. "Your brother always dresses quite well— a bit like an old military commander of the old Empire. It's quite nice."

Amara nods at Marcella's reply. But it is Mirellia's comment that does cause her eyes to widen just a little and a hint of a blush to come to her cheeks. "I am afraid it is one of the few." It was something she could exactly deny. "I have nothing that is near so lovely as the gowns you both always appear in."

Her brows rised a little in a moment of question as Marcella spoke of 'her'. It taking just that few seconds to place the reference. "Oh, I would never have a gown of hers." Amara could never afford it for one thing. "Elrick does tend to prefer his military fashions. They quite suit him really."

"They do suit him quite well," agrees Marcella. "Perhaps something more Imperial would suit you as well? Who do you use for a dressmaker? Oslo? Or someone from Murnord? If it's Murnord, you might want to consider moving you custom to Master Oslo here in Rovilon. He is simply a marvel with fabric. And he refuses, quite properly, I might say, to debase himself to make any of those scandalous designs you might see other… lesser… ladies of the court frocking themselves in."

"Old Oslo, eh?" Verity t'Picot's sweet voice rings out in the room. She and Cassidy don't even look a touch abashed to be caught blatantly eavesdropping. "He's old and boring. If you need a dressmaker in Rovilon, you should try Master Martin Betancourt. He made this one for me," and she spins in order to show off the gown— a very fine one, indeed, if not a touch more revealing than what either the older two Songbirds are wearing. "He makes what's in fashion now, not three hundred years ago."

"Yes, someone yet back in Murnord, I had not yet looked to find someone Rovilon." More likely, Amara was trying to survive on the few hand-me-downs her sister had managed to give her. And had been talior to least fit Amara properly. "But I shall have to contact Master Oslo, certainly if he has done work for you, Lady Marcella." But then there is Verity's voice cutting in and adding comments causing Amara to look the way of the younger pair. A warm smile comes for the small group. If nothing else, Amara did always seem to have a bit of charm to her, even if it came with that edge of naivety most times. "It does look similiar to some of the fashions I have seen at the tournaments," conceding that bit. "The color suits you beautifuly, Lady Verity." Compliments were safe, right?

"Thank you, Lady Amara—" Verity begins to respond, only to be cut off by Marcella.

"I suppose it's a pretty dress… if you enjoy baring yourself for the public like a failed courtesan." Marcella gives Verity a poisonous smile. "Lady Amara here intends to be a proper lady of the court."

"Mm, like your little protege, Lady Lily?" Cassidy snipes with an amused smile. "I understand she double doses on moon tea every morning to be assured she won't bear a bastard."

Mirellia snorts. "Better than Lady Paege, who was stupid enough to have a bastard."

The two sets of Songbirds have a palpable tension between them, with poor Amara caught in the middle.

Amara's eyes widened a little at the rather pointed barbs being exchanged. Even if her mother had spoken to her about Court, she never quite imagined such…hatred existing. She had thought that was something only reserved for Rivanians! Her hand reached up and began to absently toy with the small cat pendant she often wore.

Least with her siblings she had some insight into what drove their hatred. The Rivanians were nasty war-fairing folk. Here, Amara was still out out of her depth in this league of mean girls.

Not that Amara could admit it, but she'd not feel comfortable baring so much skin. Least outside of a masque where no one would know it was her. Her eyes flitted between those in either faction. When she did finally speak…well trust the healer to grasp upon the oddest things,"Moon tea twice a day? That would near poison any one who drank that much so quickly."

"Well, we never said Lily was smart," replies Verity acidly.

Marcella tsks. "You're right, Lady Amara. As such, obviously those two are reveling in telling falsehoods. Not exactly unexpected."

Cassidy snorts. "An exaggeration, maybe. But not by much. I understand she's entertained every man of the Circle." She frowns towards Amara. "Including your brother, of course."

Amara nods slowly, though whether it is to Verity or Marcella's comment, it is impossible to say. It was a falsehood. And well Lily, even to Amara, had always seemed a bit..off in some way. Maybe to much moon tea killed brain cells? Such was the stray thought that briefly started to rise. But it is quickly cast aside as Lily is suddenly paired with…her brother? The surprise is clear on Amara's face. And no matter just what thoughts come to mind, what comes out surely does not reflect them,"Elrick is a part of the Circle, though I assure you, I am not informed on such matters of his personal life."

There is one thing all four seem to agree on: Amara's last comment made them all laugh.

It's not exactly the most pleasant kind of laugh, either.

Cassidy shrugs, before turning like she's about to leave, "Well, it's not like we expect he shares such things with his little sister. Most people at court do well to hide their dalliances…"

Verity smirks. "Some are just far better than others."

Marcella snorts. "If you are done besmirching Lady Lily's good name? Mirellia, don't we have better things to do?"

"Mm, yes. I actually will be speaking with His Majesty later," she brags.

Verity sticks out her tongue. "His Majesty isn't interested in that sort of thing with ladies of the court anymore," she snarks. "So do behave yourself, lest you embarrass Queen Cynthia."

Those fingers fiddle with the cat pendant a touch more as the laughter comes. Amara somehow manages a smile as the others laugh, even with the rather unpleasant edge to it. She knows they are laughing AT her more than she actually said something funny. But better that then them still going at each others throats..figurateively. Right? Opps..well that didn't last long, as the snide barbs soon enough return.

"Yes, I did suspect it was not a particular topic most siblings shared with each other at length. " Just the slightest of pauses before Amara does add,"Even when seeking moon tea to help cover up their dalliances." A meaningful yet properly vague comment, who knew Amara could manage that. Amara draws a mild breath with the venom yet flies, each side trying to get in that last dig.

"Lady Amara, if you wish to be acquainted with Master Oslo, do let me know and I will bring you myself," Marcella says by a way of departing.

Verity practically sneers at Marcella, but chimes in, "And if you're up for it tomorrow evening, a few of us are having a get-together at my father's manse."

"Thank you, Lady Marcella, I shall be certain to let you know. But please do not let me keep you further," responds Amara with a polite bow of her head. Not that she would ever be reason to keep the other Lady.

Were they vying over her now? Like cats over a poor mouse? Neither caring about the mouse, just who won out in the end. "Oh, thank you, Lady Verity. It does sound fun, though I must check with my sister as she wished me to attend to dinner with her and her husband this week." Amara demurring on committing by raising that rare reference to her sister. A Princess trumped a Songbird, right? Amara moving to make her departure as well, hopefulyl before any more venomous barbs get thrown!

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