(1868-03-20) The Good News, The Bad News
The Good News, The Bad News
Summary: Ariane and Thaddeus bring little Jaren for a visit to Ironhold.
Date: 1868-03-20
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Great Hall - Roseguard Castle - Ironhold - Rivana
The Great Hall of Roseguard Castle is unsurprisingly where a great deal of the Castle's business is conducted. Here visitors are received, large meals and celebrations are held, the grievances of subjects are heard, and it's generally about as far as most visitors get into the home of House Cassomir. It is, unsurprisingly, a large room, leading to a slightly raised section upon which rests several large, comfortable chairs, though their construction and decoration is quite basic, lest they be confused with any sort of "throne." The pathway to that platform is covered by a long carpet of blue, trimmed in red…the colors of the house. Banners bearing the heraldry of House Cassomir hang upon the walls, and plenty of lanterns and sconces keep the place well let. Several members of the Iron Guard are on duty here at nearly all times, both on the ground floor and the balcony above.
It is quite simple to convert this into a dining space, and indeed nearly every evening that's precisely what happens as large tables are brought in, and plenty of chairs, so that the Cassomir family, their faithful retainers, and plenty of the Castle's servants share the evening meal together (usually along with a sampling of folks from Iron March or even further afield within the County). The atmosphere tends to be jovial during these times, and while nobles and commoners are seated separately, plenty of intermingling still occurs. The Hall can equally be converted into a ballroom, or arranged for other ceremonies as-needed. From here, stairways lead to the second floor, where the family's living quarters most likely are, while doorways here lead to the back of the castle where the Kitchens and the like rest, or back through the foyer and into the castle courtyard.

After a relatively uneventful trip, it is always good to actually get to one's destination. This sort of relief is present on Thad's face as the Greycen entourage, albeit a small one of a few basic staff, his wife, and the real one in charge, a nearly one-year old chunky boy with a mop of golden hair. At the moment, the lordling is being carried by his father as they enter the Great Hall, and fortunately behaving himself.

"Well, the good news is that all is well, the bad news is that I am here!" He grins to those present, not caring that he is still wearing his traveling attire.

In what may well be the more formal of the greetings offered from the trio of Cassomirs who are present to give witness to the arrival of the small Greycen part, Emilia offering a bow befitting their stations,"Lord of Thaddeus, Lady of Ariane, it is a pleasure to be of seeing you, and I am of glad to hear that your of trip was of pleasant of enough." The little tyke however gets a little bit of a finger waggle and flutter from the rather stoic looking Emilia,"Lord of Jaren."

The Cassomir staff easily moving to help what basic staff had attened the trio of Greycens with seeing luggage along to suitable quarters as well as ensuring said quarters were readied to the preferences and likings of their nobles.

"Thaddeus," greets Raelyn, dressed in her own riding attire, and a pair of falconry gloves resting on a nearby table. She, likely, having just returned from taking Zeus out. "Ironhold is open to you, welcome. We've had your rooms prepared." She rises up, and moves towards Thaddeus. Or, perhaps, towards her nephew. "Lady Ariane. Welcome." And her eyes fall on the infant in Thaddeus' arms, and she holds her hands out for the child, "And, little Lord Jaren." She grins, easily. "Please, make yourselves at home."

"Let it be known that I -did- warn you about my brother's sense of humor." Stephen Cassomir (nee Greycen) notes with a wry grin, dressed in appropriate garb for a working day in the castle. He moves over and clasps Thaddeus' upper arm, before moving to give Ariane a chaste peck on the cheek, "I hope he wasn't so terrible all throughout the Journey, Lady Ariane. Always a pleasure to see you." He glances to Thad and grins, "And usually a pleasure to see you as well, Thad." He grins at the child, but lets Raelyn and Emilia handling the cooing and coddling for now.

Thad winces as the tiny tot grabs a fist full of hair and pulls, and so gladly hands the child over to Raelyn. "I thank you a great deal, your excellency," he says both in regards to the rooms and for taking the lordling. "And in all fairness, Stephen, my humor is not /that/ bad, the best way to tell if a joke is good by the groans it gets." He grins and adjusts his posture a little, still adjusting from the ride, "The little one was surprisingly behaved. He slept most of the way, but woke up not long before the gates. Though there is no doubt that he takes after his grandmother in some regards."

Oh, all the cooing and coddling is well left to Raelyn for the time being, Emilia having done little beyond that initial little finger waggle. "Of aye, I do of suppose you did of give warning, Stephen. And I am supposing you are of finding it a most of refreshing after of dealing with of our sense of humour." Meaning that more deadpan turn to be found in the land of Cassomir. "Groans may well be of better than of blank stares, Lord of Thaddeus." Emilia being clad much as one might expect, in that standard turn of leathers like any one of her Huntresses. "Our of forests to make for a comforting place to be of napping. Plus of now he is of well rested to tire of Raelyn of out, of aye." Her dark eyes drifting between Thaddeus and Ariane as she offers,"Would you of care for a bit of refreshment after of your of journey?"

"He's well behaved because he's in the best County in Rivana," Raelyn teases Thaddeus back, cradling the infant cheerfully. The good thing of course, about other peoples babies is you can always give them back who seems happy enough with his Aunt. She looks back to Emilia, "I'm sure Emilia and Jaren could both tell you stories of the number of times I was found in the surrounding woods having exhausted myself and fallen asleep. Used to drive Mother mad." She smiles, at the memories. "He is rather adorable, Thaddeus. Let us hope he only got your eyes, not your sense of humor."

Stephen lifts his golden-brown brows a fair bit at Thaddeus' comment, "Do I dare ask how he takes after our mother?" He offers an arm to Ariane as they begin to move towards where refreshments are available, chatting amiably with her, though he also keeps an ear on the rest of the conversation. "Likely your mother mad, but your aunt amused, from what you've told me of her." He comments over his shoulder to Raelyn.

"Some refreshment would be welcome, Emilia," Thad electing to be familiar in this setting, "I never had the opportunity to nap in them, but I have only heard good things of your forests, so it does not surprise me that they are suitable for napping." Raelyn's remarks get a joking eyeroll, "To be fair, it could be worse. I take after my father, he could end up having my mother's sense of humor." Stephen gets a grin, "He is just as willful and has a temper to match, though to be fair, he gets that from me, as well."

"I dare of say, such of stories will have to come more from mof Jaren then of I. I am recalling more of Aunt of Renee having you of sleep of oft out in of the forest, and you being a mixed of delighted and of other times of annoyed at coming of home covered in muck and of fermented of leaves. Least unless of Jaren or Devlin were of about to give of a grand of hug. By of then, I think it of amused mother more than of anything." Emilia giving a nod to Thaddeus and having a quick word with an attendent, even if the staff was already working to see refreshments laid out in antiicpating such a request and desire after the travel. Falling in towards the back of the small group.

'Tickling' Jaren with her finger, Raelyn nods to Emilia, "I think that's a fair enough assessment," she says, cheerfully. She asides to Stephen, "Sometimes, Aunt Renee could keep a better hand on me than Mother. But that was a long time ago." She smiles, fondly, at memories of her favorite Aunt. As Jaren gurgles a bit, she inquires of Thaddeus, "How long shall you be staying, Thaddeus? You're welcome as long as you'd like, of course. Guests are a pleasant diversion. Welcomed ones doubly so."

Stephen nods, "We should certainly have time for a hunt. With spring starting the game should be abundant." He grins at Thad, "And you've seen how good it is here firsthand. Though the boars can get a little testy at times." He smiles fondly at Raelyn's comment about her aunt. He only knows her by reputation, but is aware of the deep influence she had on Raelyn. Not altogether unlike Ezio's tutelage of himself…albeit perhaps his wasn't quite so strict.

"Some of times? I rather of recall that you rarely of dared to defy Aunt of Renee, something about of the nature of the training of that would come after should you think to be doing of so. Was there not of a time where you ended up eating nothing but," Emilia giving a glance towards Thaddeuss' wife as she choses her words to finish,"things to be found amongst of the forest of floor." Meaning bugs and slugs and worms. And the occasional plump and juicy grub! Fine Huntress training. "There are some of deer that are of running some of the paths about of a days of ride out, should such of a hunt be of wished. Not quite so likely to be testy as of the boars."

"I am open for a hunt," Thad notes, "I shall be staying a short while before the court begins moving for the summer. I would not overstay my welcome a single hour, I just enjoy being able to get away from court or from home for even a short while. I also doubt that there will be much hunting to be had durnig that season, though I do look forward to spending time on the barge." He raises a brow at Raelyn and Emilia's notes on training, "Well, I cannot compare to that, but I assure you that squiring was certainly no easy task!"

"I watched all of my brothers go through squiring," Raelyn admits, nodding, "As of course, did Emilia. And while Huntress training, and my own was quite intense, I am pleased, for many reasons, we've not taken the measures that squirehood utilizes." Still, she agrees, "A hunt would be a fine thing." She carries baby Jaren over to Emilia, then, offering the well-mannered babe to her other Aunt - presuming Emilia will take him? "He," she turns to the visiting Lady, "Is adorable."

"Must take after his mother on that score, thankfully." Stephen teases, accepting a cup of wine from a servant and grinning at Ariane as he moves back over towards Raelyn's side. "We've all had our trials. What matters is that we made it through them, and are better for it." He sips from the winecup and notes, "A hunt we can certainly arrange."

"You're just jealous that I got the good looks out of our bunch!" Thad laughs and then turns to Raelyn and Emilia, "Though I will grant that Devlin's squiring was a bit more… physically demanding than my own. My knight was not exactly known for partaking in tourneys and so I had a bit more free time on my hands." He holds back a laugh and then grabs some refreshments for himself and Ariane. "Though what would you recommend for a hunt?"

"I more of witnessed their training of squires," corrects Emilia lightly, all but the youngest were knights before..well she was born or could walk. And Devlin got sent off to Jaren. "But that was of plenty of enough to witness." Any commentary that might have come on Huntress training is cut off as she ends up with a Jaren in her arms and is instantly getting a endless stream of babble as he has need to tell stories of his own. "You are not of saying?" A solemn nod given to just whatever the little tyke is telling her. "Of truly?" Apparently Emilia speaks baby? All the same, it seems to be quite the conversation between the 'touched' Cassomir and little Greycen.

"I think we could find some quail. Always a challenge, with bow and arrow. And some deer. Such would make a fine feast for celebration, for our honored guests," Raelyn tells Thaddeus. She turns her head to watch Emilia, and baby Jaren, smiling warmly, before moving closer to Stephen, and twining her hand with his. "But I think it would provide enough sport and entertainment for all invested," she says, reasonably. "And as my sister so aptly pointed out, we can be a bit more relaxed as this prey does not fight back with tusk and numbers."

"I'll see to the arrangements." Stephen notes to Raelyn, becore adding, "Or if you're in for some sightseeing, I'd recommend Wolveston, perhaps. The Valley there is particularly pleasant, I've found." He shrugs a shoulder, "Or just enjoy the hospitality of Iron March. You're more well-regarded than most by the people here." Being known as a friend of Jaren and brother to the current Count does that.

"Some sightseeing would be nice, more fresh air, the better." Thad grins, "And some quail and deer would certainly go over well, last thing I want is to end up back at court with some fresh wounds because found trouble out in the woods." He nods and then nods in Emilia's direction, "Seems that the little guy likes you all well enough. It certainly could have gone over worse."

"No, they are not for of riding," comments Emilia with a small shake of her head at Jaren. Which just results in some rather energetic babble and little hands waving about. "Well…of maybe, but next of time. I am not thinking there will be of timme during this of visit." Oh that pout she gets from Jaren! "Not being of time to prepare you of see." Pouty-pouty lip!! That is until Emilia snags up a couple of grapes and offers one to Jaren, who snatches it out of her hand and starts mashing one about in his mouth. The moment of silence is used to settle into a chair with the lad. And add a comment to the more adult like conversation going on,"A day or two could be made of it, a bit of sightseeing, or of a picnic of lunch with a hunt." Tacking onto her brother-in-laws idea, especially in unknowing what level of interest Ariane would even have in partaking of hunting. Another grape being offered to mister grabby hands as she nods to Thaddeus,"It could of have, though I have some of practice in looking of after children."

Raelyn can't help but smile at Emilia and baby Jaren, "Well then, I'll tell the kitchen to prepare us some meals to take, and a day of it we shall make, indeed, the five of us. It shall be most splendid." She seems to be looking forward to the event. It's always good to have a reason to get out of the Castle. Even if only for a day. "But, we should at least show you to your rooms, and then we can sit down for dinner. I'm sure, Thaddeus, you are quite famished after your ride." Raelyn knows Thaddeus all too well. And she'll play proper Hostess, and lead the guests to their quarters during their stay.

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