(1868-03-30) Songbirds All A Twitter
Songbirds All A Twitter
Summary: A certain Rivanan knight pays a visit to Amara while in Rovilon, much to the surprise of some of her fellow Songbirds
Date: 03-31-1868
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Amara  Leander  

Rovilon - Averyon Palace - Main Hall

The Main Hall of Averyon is roomy. And warm. Surprisingly warm. A large network of fireplaces are constantly maintained and give the roomy hall a glow no matter what section of it one is at. A large floor is inlaid over with the heraldry of the house. Stonework showing the sigil of the house has been inlaid to the main floor, covered up with glass atop it to match the colors and give them a more reflective air. A series of statues of old rulers, old kings and queens, princes and princesses line the halls. Armor, weapons.. Each member of the household that has given a name to themselves throughout the ages has in turn had something memorialized of them, and it is a hallway of history.

The main hall splits, leading to larger public areas and the behind the scenes elements that support them, leading to a well stocked larder and kitchens which help support the castle, and servants bustle to and fro. But, for one of the more steadily woven kingdoms of the Edge, there is a sense of history in the halls. Fine etched stonework, efficiently laid out, carefully maintained and crafted and designed. There is almost a pathwork like clockwork throughout the halls, and a grid makes it very simple for one to figure out where they are and how to get to any point in the castle by it.

30th of Marse, 1868

Averyon Palace, with all of its classical Couvieri style, is certainly a sight to behold. The exteriors are elegant and reserved, a reflection of the kingdom and the ruling house that dwells within. And, while the exteriors give a sense of style, the interior of the castle serves to reinforce that style with a strong dose of history, what with all the statues lining the halls of past royalty. A suit of armor here, a weapon prominently displayed there…it is a testament of the service the l’Valdan house has provided to Couviere. A rich and deep history that one could delve into and be quite content, should one’s interest run towards researching the past.

However, for one visiting noble in particular, it is just seen as yet another castle….yet another museum to the greatness of whatever house that happens to own it. For one Leander Giraldi, it is certainly a palace worthy of royalty….but it is no Sunsreach. Sure, Averyon has a grand glass greenhouse with gardens within. But…Sunsreach has a menagerie…with a dragon skeleton within it. And a dragon trumps a garden any day of the week. At least for Leander.

However, it isn’t the gardens that brings Leander to the Palace…nor is it the opportunity to compare and contrast royal palaces. No….Leander is on the search for one person in particular. The one person that would lure him from the safety of the Kings’ Rest and into the lion’s den. Or, rather, lioness…as the encounter with the l’Valdan princess was still fresh in his mind from two days’ prior. Really, the whole underlying reason why he agreed to go to Rovilon in the first place, to guard a shipment of medicine.

The Lady Amara t’Tremaine.

It wasn’t all that difficult to send a missive to Amara, informing her of Leander’s intentions on seeing her. And…it wasn’t all that terrible a task to coordinate a possible time. Dowager-Queen Cynthia does certainly like to keep things orderly when pertaining to her Songbirds…and it wasn’t much at all to determine the best possible time to meet. Right after a certain Songbird’s singing lesson. It was just a matter of getting there…and Leander was running slightly late. The Rivanan knight looked casual, with his almost feline grace, but he was certainly not going to let such a trivial thing as displays of historical significance slow him down.


Even if Amara now spent a fair bit of her time in Averyon Palace, it was still quite something to Amara, even if she was not awestruck by it like in the beginning. It had far more splendor and style then back home. But whether she belonged or not to this Courtly world that the One had directed her path into was not within her thoughts today. Today her thoughts were occupied by a particular Rivanian Knight she had until a few days past assumed she would not have chance to see again until the next time a Circuit Tournament was held.

The missive had made it easier, there would not be need to pray for a chance meeting in the market. But it did raise the chance her sister, or perhaps even brother, might find out and she would endure some new lecture about the vileness of those from Rivana.

It was not out of the ordinary for Amara to try and wear one of her better dresses to song practice, especially in knowing how much attention was paid to what was worn and how often. But even the finer garments of her wardrobe were starting to show a bit of wear with the increased need to use them. What was not as normal, especially of late, was the added energy and turn of fidgeting that occasionally happened through the course of the lesson. Thankfully, the lesson had been conducted by the usual bard and Amara had enough willpower to not just rush out of the room.

Instead managing to least walk with a few of the other Songbirds as they made their way from the room, while others yet lingered to gossip. Amara’s eye continued to look off down the hallway from the two girls she walked with.


Amara blinked,”What?” Having the good grace to blush in seeing the amused looks of the two and realizing she had missed whatever she had been expected to give a response to. “Sorry…My mind was elsewhere.”

The comment caused eyes to roll upwards,”That much is obvious. Really Amara, you best focus. As I was saying you really ought to see about deciding which…”

“I know,” cutting off the comment, Amara knowing what was going to be said. “It has just been taking longer than I thought to get the patterns transferred.” The excuse would only last for so much longer, and really it was such a small worry. Especially as Amara caught sight of a particular dark haired knight. “If you would excuse me, I have another matter to attend to.” Quickly making her way from the small group, causing a raised eyebrow or two, especially as others made note of the foreign knight.

It was likely not surprising that Amara wore a hat and gloves, with that need to cover up the effects the plague had doled out to all it had stricken. Even with those telltale signs, there was a rather warm smile for Leander, and an energy to her eyes and step. “Sir Leander, you made it. “ She stampered over a quick correction of sorts to a more..Proper-ish greeting,”I mean…A fine day to you, I hope you are well?”


As the Rivanan knight closed the distance between himself and Amara, a sideward glance casted over toward the pair of ladies. It was apparent, even with the brief moment that Leander was able to witness, that those two considered themselves important, for some particular reason or another. A fact that he himself couldn’t care less about. Instead, his attention turned towards Amara, as Leander pulled himself to his full height. The change in greeting was met with a warm smile, just for Amara, as the Giraldi bowed before her. “Lady Amara t’Tremaine. The day finds me well. Even more so, now that I am here.” The hat and gloves that Amara wore are noticed, of course…but hardly mattered. He saw how she reacted when the two made eye contact. Much like the statues and dusty old displays of armor, the other Songbirds did not seem to register with the rather well-dressed knight.

Just Amara.

Then, with a wink, Leander allowed himself a light chuckle. “I did have a minor delay. As much as I enjoy speaking to your sister, I did not feel very inclined to tempt fate with another chance meeting. I am sure you found out nothing about our encounter the other day from her.” There was a knowingly lilt to his voice. Leander knows just how loved he is by the Princess Antonia l’Valdan. “Though, I would have to say that, for someone who isn’t well enough to receive visitors, you look decidedly remarkable, Lady t’Tremaine.” That comment was punctuated with a tip of a wink. “I am thoroughly grateful that you agreed to meet me.” With that, a hand reached out, to take a gloved hand in turn. Every motion graceful, as is Leander’s usual style. It was only the occasional flicker of movement with the Giraldi’s eyes that betrayed the fact that he knew exactly who all was watching him.

And he didn’t care. However, Leander wasn’t above putting on a little show.

The tone of voice lowered just for Amara, as Leander nodded over toward the pair of ladies. “Noticed they were giving you a bit of trouble, my lady. Shall we give them something to talk about, or keep ignoring them?” That impish grin returned to Leander’s features. “Because, you should see the way they are staring. It’s as if they never seen a knight before.” Leander then offered a nod to the pair of Songbirds…just enough to let them know that yes, he certainly noticed their attention. That impish grin widened to an almost devilish smile, as Leander offered an arm to Amara, speaking loudly enough to be overheard. “I had thought for us to take a walk. Perhaps through the gardens and beyond. Mayhaps to the market.” A beat, then Leander continued. “If you are free, of course, Lady Amara. And, if you are, then you may choose what we do.”

The declaration was made for Amara’s benefit, to be sure. But…there was an underlying meaning. Essentially, Leander didn’t care what they did. All that mattered was that they did whatever…together.


Amara dropped into a return curtsey as Leander bowed to her, managing to recall and recover some of those social graces in the rush of seeing him again. "I am gladdened to hear that, Sir Leander Giraldi. And that you were able to find your way along." There had likely been a few to help him down the right paths, as one did not simply just walk around a palace, especially a royal residence, unquestioned. Her hands lightly settling her skirts as she arose from the curtsey.

The mention of Antonia, more his meeting with her, cause Amara's smile to dim, though there is a lack of sign that it is new information to her. "I do not blame you, it is not a fate best to tempt, as I am certain if she knew that she would ensure that our paths did not risk crossing while you remained in Rovilon." Amara did not doubt she would hear about it in the end all the same. "And you are correct, my Lord, I heard nothing of it from my sister. My nephew, however, made mention of it as well as how it seemed his mother did not care much for you." A small spark touching her eyes in a small indication of amusement on that part. A gloved hand settling into the one he offers,"You are most kind, Sir Giraldi. And I would not have dreamed to pass up the opportunity to meet you and exchange words that did not have to be put to parchment."

Green eyes briefly look sideways towards the Songbirds as Leander gives them a nod, and who are now talking in lowered voices with each other and not at all abashed that their noticing has been noticed. Leander being an obvious source of interest for them, he was most certainly not one of the usual Circle nor a Cavalier. "I am not certain it was exactly trouble, just a reminder…of something." A quiet sigh coming, but she does not offer anything more on the matter at the moment. She could worry about it later. Her hand settles upon that offered arm,"I am quite certain they have plenty to talk about already. I do not usually offer much for them and their courtly gossip." Beyond her poor fashion, she was a bit of a bore truth be told.

"A walk would be lovely, and I am free for the remainder of the day, should you wish my time, Sir Leander," comes Amara's response just loud enough in turn. Though she notes a touch softer, "Though perhaps not too long within the garden, my sister has on occasion taken to sparring near there, and I do not have wish to tempt fate any more than you on that accord." Amara smiling, the green eyed blonde having a certain turn of charm herself, "Perhaps if you do not tire of me, we might dine together after we take our walk?"


The admission that Antonia did not mention anything comes as no surprise to Leander. However, as mention of her son, the princely Etienne, is given, a smile readily appears upon the knight’s visage. “Ah yes, the young lord. I had thought he might make mention to you, my lady. Though, I did tell him not to trouble himself so.” As an aside, Leander adds, “In front of his mother, of course. He is a clever one, your nephew.” The gloved hand is taken in, clasped gently within his own. “And…I will admit this. He did exactly as I suspected he would and told you. I had a feeling, as he walked away that he would.” Leander taps the side of his head with his free hand. “It was the look he gave. I recognized it as one I often gave myself, when I was his age.” That little mischievous look that Leander still hasn’t seemed to have grown out of. The comment of Antonia taking to sparring in the garden is considered. “As one who somehow earned the enmity of your family, I am now rather grateful I decided to not visit the gardens before I visited you, Lady t’Tremaine. Otherwise, you might have found me in a rather poor state, indeed.” The comment was given in jest, as the tone would suggest, but one with truth ingrained. Antonia would have given him a thrashing.

With a chuckle, Leander continues. “Well, then, since the gardens are out of the question…where ever shall we go?” The quiet murmuring of the pair of magpies has not gone unnoticed by the knight, as another sidelong glance is cast their way. “I might have an idea….” That aforementioned wicked gleam is prevalent as Leander calls over to the pair of Songbirds. “Pardon my intrusion, gentle Ladies, but were you just speaking of wardrobe selections? I had thought I overheard a comment on a possible dressmaker…” But, if Leander was expecting a response, he doesn’t appear that way at all. He immediately turns to Amara and asks, “How does a trip to the market sound? Perhaps a change of plumage is in order for a particular Songbird. Though it will do little to enhance what beauty I already see before me.” Then the other girls are forgotten, as Leander shifts to turn his back to them. “It would be my honor to accompany you. I have already spoken to some of the finest dressmakers, milliners and cobblers in the city. I am sure we could put together a wardrobe fitting for you, Lady Amara.”

It seems that Leander did might have heard just a little more than Amara, as one of the twittering Songbirds at least had the decency to blush upon Leander’s mentioning of shopping. And…in particular is Leander’s use of the word ‘wardrobe’…and not dress or outfit. It gives the sense that he just might be considering filling Amara’s closets, which is exactly his thought. “I mean, if your brother and sister are going to find out I had seen you today, my Lady, we might as well make sure you have something to show for it. And yet another thing for your siblings to find fault in, though I swear they are sure to run out of negative commentary at some point. Maybe.” There’s that tip of a wink from the knight, to show that even he doesn’t believe himself. “And then, after the marketplace, I would most assuredly would like to dine with you. If that is your wish.”

Then, releasing Amara’s gloved hand, Leander shifts, to offer his arm. “Or, if you wish to see just what your sister would do if she found me here, we can walk to the gardens. I am at your service, my Lady.” The arm remains offered, promising to lead to some sort of adventure, regardless of what Amara may choose.


"Yes, he did also make mention that you did tell him not to pass along greetings as he offered to." Amara smiling with a nod,"You thought correctly, and he is rather clever. He did ensure the matter came up when his mother was not near to hear us speak. He has a good heart and mind. Though if he reminds you of yourself, I fear we shall have to keep an eye on him." A light tease coming to her tone. Though she does not know just how right she might be on that. Amara hesitates a touch before saying,"It is not personal, exactly, their enmity of you. It is because you are from Rivana." As if that somehow explains it any better. "But yes, I believe if the chance had presented itself, she may well have taken the chance to…spar with you." Or just give him a sound thrashing in a valid forum.

Green eyes widen a little as Leander addresses the Songbirds with that casual boldness, specifically the topic he takes up. Surprise that he had caught the exchange that was occurring before she departed their company. Amara's hand tightening just a little on his arm. It takes a moment or three for her to quite be able to get her mouth to form words as she recovers from the turn of surprise. "A trip to the market would be lovely, but you are much too kind to, my lord. Surely you have seen finer beauties than my like." His compliments and smooth words having caused her cheeks to pinken. Speaking more softly,"I am flattered by the offer, my lord, and I am certain you have spoken to more of them than I…it is far too generous for me to truly accept. “ Amara mostly assuming the offer spoken as it was to help give the other girls something to talk about then him truly offering to expand her wardrobe, with how she gives the polite rebuttal. “Even It would surely give my brother and sister pause, though I suspect you are correct and they would yet find fault with it." Though the Songbirds certainly find it an interesting turn, for they are already twittering amongst themselves on the matter and are already moving along least Leander seek to address them once more. Finding more on just who he was certain to be a part of their afternoon.

The other path he offers up for the afternoon had Amara’s eyes widening again,”No, not the garden, I suffer enough to watch them attack you during tournament. And I should not wish to risk what time is had to suffer witness to such a display.” Having no doubt it would also draw a crowd and turn into some grand spectacle. Her hand finding it's place on the offered arm,”Let us walk to the markets, for the risk is lesser. Though my wardrobe and their thoughts upon it is my worry to consider, not yours, my Lord. And surely you would not wish to spend the rest of the afternoon at the dressmakers.”


“Oh, it may have been at first…but I suspect that it may have grown more personal. After all, I had dared to wear the favor of the crown jewel of the t’Tremaine.” There’s that coyness again, as Leander’s free hand reaches up to tap lightly upon the maiden’s own hand resting upon his arm. “And, frankly, I would do it again. I will just take your siblings’ increased focus as merely their concern over your well-being. They do mean well, though perhaps a bit too zealously in my case.” He chuckles lightly. “Though I will be careful to not to incur their wrath. I have been enjoying less bruises by their hand as of late.”

With the Songbirds moving along, the usually lackadaisical Leander turns toward Amara, his words pitched low just for her to hear. “I didn’t offer for their amusement.” The tone shifts, to a more serious tone. “While it may be true that I have seen my share of maidens, I will say that none possess all of the same qualities that I have seen within you. Certainly not them.” And, with that, he nods to the departing duo, while he gently leads Amara onward…away from them. “They are going to run off and try to determine who I am and why I would bother with you…when they have it completely backwards. They should be wondering what you did to win yourself the admiration of such a handsome and apparently wealthy noble to the point in which he would risk the wrath of your family to see you.” There is no mock humility in Leander’s voice. He is speaking plainly, for once. Something that he seems to do only for certain people…and it appears that Amara has been deemed one of the fortunate ones. “I certainly do apologize, my Lady. You are going to be the talk of the Court for a while now, little thanks to me. I hope that your siblings do not reprimand you too harshly.” Then, the playful Leander tone returns, as he adopts his more feline mannerisms. “If they do, tell them to come see me. I would love to let them take out their aggression upon me. It will give me a reason to come visit my favorite healer.” A squeeze of the hand is given, as the two start (or continue) their walk.

“And, just so you know, my Lady, I made the offer in earnest. It will be my honor to spend the afternoon at the dressmakers, should that be your wish. If you are going to be the talk of the Court, then we might as well give them something to really talk about. All you would need to do is pick what you want and I will take care of the rest.”


"I cannot disagree, wearing my favor did bring you greater attention from all of my family." Amara shakes her head a touch,"Though I am certainly not the crown jewel of my House." Her lips curve into a smile,"And you did do it again. The beating they sought to give you at the tournament we hosted did not seem to dissuade you the slightest from asking for my favor again and risking more bruises. And there have been less tournaments to risk those bruisings, Sir Leander." Amara ever so lightly pointing out the last, trying not to recall that that last tournament was in the plague infested city.

Amara's eyes widen just a little with the low words come coupled with the serious tone, it was not quite Leander's usual. "I know I am not like them, in many ways…I just…well there are just so many who are more beautiful and…polished then I am." She sighs faintly as she is lead along and the walk begins in its way. "You are not wrong, they will be seeking information about you. But they will also be wondering what I have done to attract any such attention, especially as by all rights I do not seem to fit at all within to the Court life, certainly not within the Songbirds." A faint glance to see where they have gone before adding, her words softer just in case,"And in some cases likely conspiring to earn such attention and add you to their tally." A level of candidness being returned it would seem. "I am sure I shall get another lecture, especially from my sister. But I do not know that I will be much a talk of Court as more gossip amongst the Songbirds themselves." Her hand gives a small squeeze in turn,"I should prefer not to have to spend time tending to your wounds, it is one thing during tournament..Bu ah, I am sure they would say it was just a friendly round of sparring, yes?"

With the topic wrapping back around to the matter of dresses as they walk along, slowly winding that way back out of the palace,"Truly?" It was an offer that was somewhat boggling to Amara, did people really make such offers and gives such…gifts? Her eyes flicker downwards as the enormity of it is, catching site of the worn edge to her sleeve before she draws a breath,"I could do with a new dress," her fashions were dated even by the more conservative Courviere standards,"if you would truly not mind to spend the time."


A light shrug, more felt than seen, is given as that familiar half grin is given from the southern Knight. “Well, what can I say? Wearing your favor did bring me luck and attention. And I certainly don’t mind either.” A chuckle escapes from Leander’s throat. “Besides, bruises at tournaments are inevitable. It doesn’t necessarily matter who delivers them. I felt it was a mere pittance to pay for your favor. One I would gladly pay repeatedly.” As an aside, Leander adds. “Besides, Fritti likes you. And I found it best to cater to her wishes, as they so often mirror my own.” With the tone the words are spoken, it is difficult to determine whether or not the Giraldi is joking. And he certainly isn’t offering any further clarification on the subject.

Another glance is stolen back behind them, as the Rivanan checks oh so briefly back on the pair of magpies leaving the opposite direction. “You are wrong, Lady Amara. At least partially. While it may be true that you lack the polish of Courtly function that those others may possess, you rival them with your beauty. And, with time, you will acquire that refinement, should you desire.” The smile shifts to a smirk, only briefly as Leander comments. “Thought, I couldn’t image why you would ever want to act just like those two.” Leander’s expression wrinkles into a mask of (somewhat) mock disgust, before breaking into a pleasant smile. “If they seek information about me, we should refer them to your sister. I am sure she would be delighted to share what she thinks of me. Though, truly, they will not find much truth. There never is much truth when it comes to gossip. And as for my attention…” A soft laugh emanates from Leander’s throat. “They are going to have to try awfully hard to gain it, as the only reason I came here was to see you.” The ‘here’ that Leander is referring to seems more grandiose than just the Palace. It is just confirming what others might have guessed originally…the medical shipment was a means to an end, the end being an opportunity to check on the t’Tremaine without the distraction of a tournament nor costumed rendezvouses.

“Really, I have come to find that people are going to talk anyways, regardless of how one acts. It is either try to hide from the world by living as you would expect everyone else would want you to, or do as you wish without giving a damn what others may think. And, honestly, dearest Amara, I was never one much for hiding.” It is the first time he hasn’t used the honorific with the lady upon his arm, showing that Leander is rather comfortable with Amara. Or he is reinforcing the fact that he prefers doing what he would like.

The sharp eyes take in Amara’s attention to her own dress, then lift up to her own eyes, as Leander nods gently. “Truly” is the response he gives, repeating the one word question with assurity. “It is a small trifle for me to do….and really, you do deserve more. If you desire only one, then it shall be the grandest ensemble that you would allow me to give. If more than the one, you just have but to ask. I will place a dressmaker of your choosing on retainer, to provide you with gowns whenever you have need. It is the least I could do for the kindness shown to me.”

Amara nods as she walks along with him,"True, it did seem to bring you luck, you did far better than the tournament prior. Though I am sure it was more the training and practice you had been putting in." She sighs just slightly,"That is true, tournaments keep the healers quite busy." Shaking her head a little, even if she understood it, it did not mean she quite enjoyed watching the injuries that got meted out. Her brows raise as Fritti is brought up,"I do suppose it is best to respect her wishes. Does she not like many then?" Curious perhaps on if it were truly a joke, but knowing enough about the fickle nature of cats and quite assuming it may well be similar with Cat Lords.

A bit of color comes to Amara's cheeks as Leander does confirm that lack of Courtly polish and refinement, her eyes dropping down to look at the floor ahead of them. "I do not wish to act like them, I think if I could, I would keep to the clinics and hospitals. But I do need to learn and acquire the refinement, if only so I do not so embarrass my House so fully in failing to do so." The idea of sending the Songbirds along to her sister has Amara looking up with eyes slightly wide,"Oh my…I am sure she would give them an earful or two. If she gave them more than the time of day, though the topic. It may well give reason for a Falcon to actually converse with Songbirds." Pulling a bit of a face at the silly division between the two groups, not that there weren't subfaction yet within the Songbirds that she was having to navigate…even if not particularly well. "They may well try awfully hard, or might if you were about for long enough." Her lips curving into a warm smile at his laugh and reference to the reason he was here. "I am sure getting to see me is just a bonus, for surely your true reason was to deliver the medical supplies." There was just a hint of a twinkle to her eye to give way to the tease hidden in there. Even if she turns serious a moment later,"I am grateful for the delivery, the need has lessened, but it is a relief to have something to help for the cases that remain, and if there should be trouble again."

“People do seem to like to talk,” Amara agreeing easily enough. “But I do not know if I could be so open to do whatever I wished, or not give thought to whatever people were thinking. I do not think I could afford it. My…family is rather different from yours and would not be supportive of me. But then,” her gaze shifting to Leander,”I suspect you give some care to what they, your family would think even if not others as much.”

Leander's assertion with the one word and the offer made does have a hand lightly fluttering to her stomach as the other remains upon her arm. Clearly not used to getting offered such gifts. “I do not know what to say, Leander,” her voice soft as she speaks and slips to dropping the honorific. “I need nothing grand….It seems so much to offer…I have never expected anything, I was just being kind because I wished to be.”


A soft chuckle can be heard, just barely, as Leander lifts a free hand and ever-so-gently slides a fingertip along Amara’s jawline, as the burst of color springs forth. “I know the feeling. Contrary to popular belief, a commoner merchant house is more liberated than a noble house. At least in certain aspects.” There is a light shrug, felt through the arm that Amara holds, as Leander continues. “Then again, it does help to be a rather successful merchant house, too, I suppose.” The fingertip, as well as the rest of the hand, withdraws, as Leander adopts a leisurely gait. “Court isn’t necessarily my area of expertise. That is much more Raimond’s playground, just as much as the tournament grounds, I would wager. After all, he is groomed to be the heir. I always felt more comfortable being the reluctant hero. Not the perfect knight in shining armor type…but more the charming rogue type. More Lyonel than King Jaren Tracano.” An odd choice, using a character of (supposedly) fiction and comparing it to an actual person. But Leander doesn’t stop to explain why the comparison. “And a roguish type, even if a hero, is not readily accepted in Court.” A wry little grin crosses Leander’s features as he adds. “And I am certainly no hero. So, you can imagine how much fun Court is for me.”

Then the knight switches topics, over to the concept of family. “Oh, Lady Amara, there is little that I cannot afford.” It isn’t a boast…not between the two, but more a statement of fact. “You are correct. I do care what my family would think…my mother, my brother, and my sister. At least, more so than people would believe. And, I know they would support our continued acquaintance. Might even encourage it, perhaps.” The comment trails off…as Leander’s thoughts drift, just momentarily. “In any case, I would wager gold that you would find my family much more accepting of you than your family of me. Then again, given our reputation, I am sure that is of no surprise to anyone.”

Then, the thought of helping Amara with her own Courtly situation, even if it is just with a purchase of a dress, seems to brighten the Rivanan. “It’s simple, Amara. Just say ‘yes’.” A hand pats Amara’s own hand, lightly. “As I stated before, there is little that I cannot afford. A dress for a friend is hardly a trifle. And besides, I know full well you expected nothing in return for your kindness. Which is why I wish to offer my own generosity in return, free of any entanglements. Kindness begets kindness.” A sideward glance is given to Amara, as the grin grows to a full and rather mischievous smile. “While it is true that you need nothing grand, we shall ensure that you do receive nothing short of the best. Anything to keep those birds’, both Falcon and Songbird, feathers ruffled.”


The pink deepens a shade as Leander's finger is felt upon her jawline, Amara's eyes flickering towards Leander before briefly down the hall. "Is not the success of in being a merchant house that has helped it to become something more?" Amara pausing slightly,"Though I would guess that those of Pacitta have more freedoms." A slight turn of hesitancy to the statement, perhaps not having given a great deal of thought to the distant merchant city state and it's odd ways, least to her. "Antonia as eldest, Elrick as heir, were always better suited to Court," the small notation made by Amara, the small comparison of siblings. Her brows raise a little,"No, I do not think you are quite the knight in shining armor, the fashion would not suit you so." A glance at the comparison made, perhaps thinking of the masque for the hint of color that rises in her cheeks, even if she says nothing on the matter directly. "It sounds as if Court for you is as fun for you as it is for me. Yet, you have your escape, and are not expected to be ever present. Do they compare you so to your brother?"

Amara's hat shifts just a touch with the nod that comes to Leander's words on there being not much he could not afford. Knowing he is not boasting on the matter, Amara's attention does focus to his talk of his family. "They would? I mean, I assumed they did not mind the time spent together, for surely they had some idea that you had other intentions in mind as well to accompany the shipments here." A soft laugh comes and Amara gives her head a shake,"It is not a wager I would risk to take, for I have little doubt that your family would be more accepting. I fear to say that any family would surely be more accepting than mine has been towards you." Even if at times she had perhaps felt more than seen the struggle for civility to be maintained when it came to the off the tournament field interactions.

She hesitates a moment before nodding, a smile coming even if a bit hesitant as well at the start,"Then I will say yes." If perhaps only because the idea seems to please him so. And well, she cannot deny the need for new dresses. "Free of entanglements? Does that mean, my lord is not going to even wish for a kiss after dinner?" Her tone clearly teasing, even if the slight boldness in it already has a slight pink returning to her cheeks. A smile warmly being given,"I cannot deny, I should not mind for there to be ruffled feathers for a reason such as this, and to have them not looking with such…disregard..at my dresses."


There isn’t an immediate reply to the question of comparison. It isn’t to say that Leander doesn’t have an answer. It is just that he actually seemed to consider what to say before speaking…a somewhat novel concept perhaps for him. “It isn’t my brother that I am compared to. Rather…we are both compared to our mother. Reputations are easily earned and hard to dispose of.” Speaking of, the knight transitions to family talk. “Oh, I know that they would appreciate you. Of that, I have no doubt. Rai believes I keep contact with you just to vex your brother. I tell him that it isn’t true, though vexing Sir Elrick is perhaps a side benefit.” The side glance given to Amara betrays that Leander is joking, as the lips curl into a rather feline smile….a smile that belies to the fact that Leander may only be half joking. Still, it seems a rather harmless jest, at least for Leander’s part.

The teasing tone from the Songbird upon his arm and the talk of kisses after dinner does prompt a raised eyebrow from Leander. “Why, Lady t’Tremaine, I do believe that I am indeed a corrupting influence upon you. For your sake and the sake of your family, we must not tempt fate so.” If Leander was half joking before, then the knight is in full jest now. The words practically drip with sarcasm as the Rivanan tips a wink. “Of course, I always tempt fate, so I would be inclined to take you up on that offer.” Then the words drop to a mock conspiratorial whisper. “Of course, if anyone asks, we can say it was entirely my idea. After all, we have a reputation to protect.” From the phrasing given, it may be clear that he means Amara’s reputation and not his own. “Though, truth be told, I did not have that intent in mind. Twas it anyone else, perhaps…but not with you.” And that little comment shows the amount of respect Leander has for Amara…that he would not impose upon her. Certainly opposite what stories may have been told of the knight.

“Well then, if we are to get to that kiss, then we best be off to the market a little quicker. Who knows how long the dressmaker will take to get your design in order. “ With that, there is a slight tug, playful in nature. “And the sooner we get the business of fashion over with, the sooner I can treat you to that dinner and to what lies beyond that.”


Amara gives Leander a sidelong look when silence actually falls, even if only a few moments as it was not common for Leander to not have a ready answer. Words always seemed to come easily for him. It caused a raise in curiosity on what he might then answer to the question she'd asked. "Truly? Your mother? I suppose…there is sense in that, for it has been under her that your House has come to be ennobled." Amara knowing that much at least, even if not the fuller reputation of things there. Green eyes widen a little bit,"He thinks that?" For a few moments actually needing to consider if someone would do something like that just to vex someone else. Surely not. The tease within Leander’s tone and his smile have Amara responding with a smile of her own in the end.

The forward tease did have the color lingering within her cheeks for a little while. Amara gives a slightly wide eyed look of innocence, which is not altogether 'forced' as might often by others. "You may well be correct, Sir Giraldi, for I am rather certain no other has had this kind of influence upon me. Surely you do not mean to stop now, Sir?" Further tease coming within their jesting exchanging, or so it would seem. Amara's head shifting just slightly towards him with that drop to that mock turn of a whisper, "Oh..of course. But surely if none give witness, then there will be no one to ask about such things." She might not have the polish of many of the other Songbirds, but she was not quite so foolish as Lily either. A curious look given towards him as the matter of intentions are spoken about, followed by a look of contemplation for just a moment.

But a moment since her thoughts are soon brought back to the moment,"Most certainly, though surely if you have already made connections with the dressmaker, then they shall not dally so as they might if it were just I calling upon them myself." A soft laugh comes and the color returns to Amara's cheeks as the playful tug comes,"Then let us not tarry in our strolling and make haste to the market, Sir."


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