(1868-09-12) Three Ladies Reunited
Three Ladies Reunited
Summary: It is the first time in a while that Emilia and Adrienne are visiting Sunsreach, and of course, they meet with Clara to consider plans of hunts and picnics.
Date: 12/09/1868
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Septembre 12th, in the year 1868

Life has a way of settling into a routine especially when it came to the life of nobles. Whether it be those required public meetings and teas and social dinners, or patrols and recruitments, answering letters. It all caused life to pass more quickly than one realized until much time had passed. There had been letters and passing moments surrounding that dance of Court, but it had been a fair stretch of time since a certain trio of young ladies had spent any proper time together and away from the ever curious eyes of Court.

A matter that was being remedied this very day. For not long after a small traveling group had arrived to the Cassomir manse the day prior, a runner had been sent off with a message for a certain Princess informing her of the arrival and including invitation to the Cassomir manse the afternoon next. If her schedule was free, of course.

The patio had been set aside for the young women to use for the afternoon. A turn of shade giving a mild respite from the warmth of the day. Though thankfully with summer slowly waning into fall, they were spared the high heat that went with the prime of summer. An array of various refreshments were arranged on one of the tables; a mixture of fruits, small pastries and cheeses along with fruited water and a pot of tea.

A plate with some fruit and cheese currently existing near where Emilia lounges in one of the chairs. Nearby rest several pieces of parchment with varying splotches of color or small painted scenes, though clearly not Emilia’s work but done by a less practiced hand. “We should likely be of considering what are to be running of the Hunt this of fall.” Turning the one piece she did have in her hands this away and that. “Best to perhaps of avoid the north western of stretch, the of game has seemed most of…feisty in of that of area. Not of good for such of festivities.” Boars were dangerous enough, no need to tempt fate on someone of status being fatally gored.

Time had been spent mostly in Ironhold of late, attention focusing on Huntress matters, even if Adrienne had not been in such position as her cousin, which meant more responsibility resting on Emilia’s shoulders, of course, than those of the mere Huntress that is Adrienne Cassomir. Even so, it is in the woods that this freckled Cassomir feels at home the most, which might explain a certain sour touch to the faint smile she wears, on this wonderful afternoon spent in the Capital of Rivana. Having turned twenty about half a year ago, Adrienne is as of yet still unmarried, the threat of impending betrothal growing with each month that passes. Her dark brown tresses are worn in the practical manner of a braid, that hugs her neck and then descends over her front, casual attire of green tunic and leggings adding a decidedly informal touch to her appearance. After all, even if a princess had been invited, this princess had been up to some shared Huntress mischief in the past. There would be plenty of occasion for dressing up all nicely, at the courtly functions at the palace, but here at the Cassomir Manse, such was certainly not the case.

Green eyes lift to regard Emilia, a wry twist of a smile shifting into a more approving cast at the words the Touched Cassomir utters. “We can always go for a more private hunt of the more dangerous prey,” she states with a brief flash of pride in her expression, “but for a more courtly hunt, I do certainly agree. Best avoid the usual areas of boars, and go for deer and smaller game instead…” The words are offered casually, from where Adrienne lounges in a chair, one leg crossed over the other.

The particular Princess’s itinerary was not exactly free the day the missive arrived from Emilia. Nor was the next day.

Not that it mattered to Princess Clara Tracano.

The moment that Clara had managed to read the invitation, her next day suddenly cleared. It could be that Clara *might* have declared herself unavailable the instant she finished reading. She was a princess, after all…it wasn’t like anyone was going to argue with her. Even her bodyguard Alaina knew better than to advise Clara on what exactly she needed to do. The Royal Lancer knew better….Clara was going to go see Emilia and Adrienne, and there would be no swaying her from this course.

At least Clara was going to the Cassomir Manse. It would make it easier for Alaina to keep an eye on Clara from her own home.

The bachelorette princess, in her 19th year, would be in much of the same boat as her friend Adrienne Cassomir. The suitors increase, year after year, and the more that Clara is seen in the public eye, with her close ties with the Queen and all, the more desirable a match she is becoming. Fortunately, for her, she has been letting Alysande take care of such matters (not that Clara had any major say, anyways), but the would-be suitors have been getting bolder, as of late. And so, an invitation to the manse is a most welcomed thing…an excuse to hide from Court, if only for a day.

And, when Clara arrives, there is no major fanfare involved….no grand gesture. No doubt by her specific request. When Clara arrives to the patio, she walks in on her own. Of course, she is dressed as a Tracano would, which in this case entails a dress with a yellow coloration matching some of the leaves that may be turning in the woods of Ironhold, should one venture forth. She doesn’t rush in, but she does carry with her a matching bag, with who knows what resting within. She calmly places the bag next to her chair, then proceeds to hug each girl in turn, not even letting them to stand up. Instead, she bends over and embraces them both as they sit, first Emilia, then Adrienne, before Clara herself takes her seat.

“More dangerous prey? I think I rather would like to hunt prey. I feel like I myself am in a pack of predators, which each one becoming bolder than the last.” Of course, Clara didn’t hear the beginning salvos of the conversation, but that does little to stop her. “Though, if it takes me away, I will hunt whatever prey you desire. Even dragon, should it mean a reprieve from Sunsreach.”

"Of indeed, a more private hunt, if the of huntsmen have not seen to of the matter in of preparation for of the fall festivities," and of course helping to see the pantries stocked for the winter. A small turn of her hand seeing the painting settled with the others on the table,"Un-of-fortunately, avoiding of the boars in of full is not of possible for the fall of Hunt, you of know there will be much of grumbling if we simply take of them in search of deer, especially since with the of groups that of go. There is not of a chance that a single of deer will be within of ten of miles of the group." The large groups that went upon the Hunt that paired with the fall tournament did have a certain social edge to it.

Oh, Emilia had known the Princess's schedule was likely to be set when the invitation was sent. But then it was well enough known as well that it offered an escape for the Princess from all but the most pressing of matters. And it did give that Lancer cousin a chance to stop in as well, even if still on duty. And no doubt, the Cassomir household knew well enough to do little more than the bare requirements in greeting the Princess on such an informal visit and seeing her to the patio.

The arrival of said Princess does have Emilia rising with that uncanny ethereal grace about her, much like a butterfly lazily deciding to rise up. Even if only to get caught up by Clara in the hug before able to quite greet her friend. "Ah, then you are feeling more of the prey then of predator of yourself. Perhaps you should turn of the tails upon of them and make sport of them in of stead?" A light jest hiding within the rather stoically delivered words. Not on the far side of 20 herself, Emilia did not entirely lack for interest as the King's little sister. But a long history of being generally 'ignored' by Court until her brother was to become King…Emilia gave it all little mind, and having a semi-scary paramour did have it's perks too.

"But Adrienne and I were just of discussing options for the fall of Hunt. It will be time to be hosting of such before of long. Even if it is upon Raelyn to be of hosting, it is of the Huntresses that must of rustle of up the game." A small tilt of her head as she does settle back to her chair, dressed rather casually in her usual basic attire of tunic and leggings. "Though I must of say, dear of Clara, that color much of suits you."

To think a princess would bend down to hug her while Adrienne was still seated! Of course, there is the telling motion of a Huntress's trained physique, about to jump up from her seat, when the Tracano lady somewhat thwarts that intention, and a freckled Cassomir is left to accept the hug and return it in kind. "Clara!", she murmurs, leaving out the courtly title in a way that stresses their kinship of mind. Even if no comment will be forthcoming from her, on the quality, noir even the color of dress, Adrienne smiles as she makes an inviting gesture towards a vacant seat. A fleeting glance is given her cousin Alaina, and a quick friendly smile will have to do instead of a more elaborate greeting. A low snort comes at Clara's comment of feeling pursued, a slight crinkling there, of brows and a sympathetic eyeroll. "No arrangements have been made for you yet, I hope? If otherwise, we would have heard," the green-eyed Cassomir muses. Her gaze flits to Emilia, and she nods. "Aye… We were considering leaving out the more frequented areas of boars and the like… But then again," green eyes twinkle with a hint of mischief, "they would give excellent meat for the feasting."

With her being neither princess nor sister to a duchess, Adrienne may be the least prestigious match among the trio. But even she, through being cousin to King Jaren Cassomir, has had been in talks concerning some thriving new noble Houses. Her own somewhat secret liaison had not given much news of late, the ambitious lord in question had not crossed paths with her in a while. "So…", Adrienne turns her gaze from Emilia towards Clara, her freckled features alight from good spirits. "I believe we can count on you and your bow, Clara?" Always a welcome addition to the Huntresses when on a hunt.

“If you don’t mind half a dozen more lordlings trying to prove their worth to me, then of course you have my bow, Adrienne.” Clara pauses for a moment, the thousand yard stare a sure sign she is thinking. “Then again, that might be an excellent idea. It will certainly give those predators of mine second thoughts when they see what I can do with a bow and arrow.” Not that they may or may not have seen recently, what with Clara’s turns at the archery contests in tournaments past. Clara shakes her head lightly in amusement, the short red hair in more of a bob cut fully her own now, rather than the longer wig she was sporting for the last few months. “Although, judging from a few of these would-be suitors, the sheer thought of traipsing through the woods may very well be enough to deter them. So, all the better that I join you!” The line is said with a flourish that causes Clara to giggle. Even Alaina, inconspicuous in a corner, breaks into a smile.

Then, the Tracano turns to Emilia. “You like it? I just made it fairly recently.” The Princess smooths out the skirt of the yellow dress, adjusting it slightly. “It was my project to keep myself sane during Court season. You’ve seen my room. It was a positive mess until I had finish this. But…you should have seen my first attempt. Truly abysmal. I almost had to relearn how to sew, since it had been so long.” A wave of a hand dismisses discussion of that first attempt. “Of course, I don’t have to make my own dresses if I didn’t want to, but I want to remember. It helps to ground me, if that makes any sense? I’m not a princess that happens to be able to sew, in my mind. I’m just a woman that happens to be a princess. That is why this suitor business is so tiresome. They don’t see me. Just the title.” A sigh is released, but, fortunately, Clara doesn’t dwell on the topic for too long. “Fortunately for me, no arrangements have been officially made. And I don’t have any romantic entanglements to have others gossip about, not that it will stop that sort of thing.”

Then, Clara leans forward, because there’s talk of a party. “Feel free to count me in on anything. It has been far too long since I have been outside of the city walls…and I do think shaking things up now and then will do everyone a bit of good.” She then leans back, pitching her voice a little quieter so that only the two Cassomirs immediately near her may hear. “We could even see a return of Cricket, should we want a more private affair.”

Alaina was given a bit of a nod and the mild tugging at the corner of Emilia's lips as greetings were exchanged between Adrienne and Clara. Respecting that her cousin was yet on duty, there would be time later for the more familiar exchanges and catching up. "Of we would have heard if some of arrangement had been of made. Perhaps of a letter right of before the grand of announcement from House of Tracano with all of the fanfare to go of with it." It was stated simply enough, knowing how things had gone with Jaren's betrothal announcement.

"Not quite of leaving the boars of out, for that would not go of well. More of avoiding the more of temperamental of ones. There is a sow that has been quite of moody." Emilia giving a half shrug, boars were dangerous enough at the best of times. But easier to herd for the 'grand' social hunt put on in Ironhold each fall. "I dare of say, it would not be of the first time we had half a dozen of lordlings, or even of ladies, trying to be of impressing of someone. It just gives some of added entertainment while of waiting for the quarry to be flushed to the hunting of party." No doubt there was some minor study of Clara in a rather cursory way, simply noting how well she has rebounded from the plague and the sighting of her own true hair once again. Even if it would be some time yet before it reached the length of before.

Emilia nods,"Of aye, I do. It does of suit you of well. The coloring does of well with your hair." A minor tugs occurs to the corners of her lips,"Of course you do of not need to make of your own dresses, but you would not being of you if you did not make of one now and of again." A rather slow blink occurs and Emilia tilts her head, and with an exceedingly stoic expression she says so very dead panly,"Wait, you are being of Princesses?" Several seconds do pass before there is a mild tug in that turn of an Emilia smile. "No of doubt though, the Queen of gets plenty of offers and is of considering all of things, least of which of Lords make fools of themselves prancing about." A small shake of her head comes,"Come of now Clara, the best of romantic entanglements of of the ones that others are not of knowing so no of gossip might of exist that comes of close to touching upon of the truth." A thing both Cassomirs, if not all three in the room, could likely attest to.

"There is no of need for such of a return if a more private of affair is being of desired during of a trip to Ironhold," a small lift of a brow in having to make note of that. It was far easier to achieve that when removed from Sunsreach and within Huntress 'territory'. "And perhaps a more private of hunt possible in search of smaller of game or of a deer, though I am not quite of sure you could sit quiet of and of still long enough for of that." Mildly teasing her energetic friend. "Though should you be of wishing a bit of city of exploring before we of depart, it has been of some time before I painted up of a building." It really had been awhile since some random mural sprung up about Sunsreach. "Though we may of linger for some of time, dear of Adrienne is of dying to go prancing about Court in various dresses."

A faint twinkle occurs in those green eyes of Adrienne Cassomir, even as she gives Clara a glance at her remark. "While I can't offer to save you from those lordlings, I at least give you the opportunity to ignore them, with the best excuse you can get, to have an eye out on prey. It's true, predators can be found on both sides of a hunt… But at least in taking a more active part you make a statement, a refusal to become anyone's prey whatsoever." She chuckles, amused perhaps at her own line of thought, before her mirth dims into a more thoughtful cast, as she cannot help but agree with Emilia, or at least part of what she references. "Your hair looks nice," is the quiet acknowledgement of Clara having survived the plague, a thing Adrienne's health had gotten through unscathed, be it through superior health in general, or the privilege of spending most of the time out in the woods of Ironhold, especially in the time periods when the illness was raging harshly in the kingdoms of Couviere and Rivana alike.

The topic of dresses and sewing has this Cassomir fall quiet, freckled features taking on a slightly distant expression as if thoughts wandered elsewhere - only to be drawn back to the two others in the moment Emilia makes her jest. Which will indeed elicit a pointed roll of Adrienne's eyes. "Oh yes… Court and dresses… It is what we came here for, is it not?", she asks with a wry twist of lips. "We are expected to visit the Palace, while we are here." The harsh truth of being so closely related to King Jaren Tracano. And still… "What news are there? Are many courtiers present currently?" The question voiced all innocently. After all, they had just arrived on the previous day.

"I agree with Emilia," Adrienne states then, shifting a little in her seat as she reaches out to snatch a grape from a bowl. "You should accompany us perhaps when we return. A refreshing ride through the woods away from court will work wonders. Perhaps some scouting or hunting of just the three of us?" She grins, not commenting on the Cricket matter. Especially, since Alaina is not too far, and this little secret should remain a secret, no need to draw attention to it further by repeating the name.

Clara pauses for a moment and reaches up to touch a lock of hair. “Hmm…yes, it looks nice now. It was such a bear to have to wear hats or wigs to hide it before.” It was truly an atrocious state before, which caused the princess to shut herself in her room for long stretches at a time. “It…is the first time I went out in public without some sort of covering. I thought it best.” As to why, there is no answer, but it would seem that Clara wanted to be herself, such as it is, with her two friends…and pretending to be (or have, in this case) something else just wouldn’t do.

The moment of melancholy dissipates as Clara turns a wicked little grin over towards Adrienne. “Ah….so the truth comes out! You had much too much freedom, what with the woods and all, that you had to come to Sunsreach to indulge in corsets, stuffy rooms, and haughty dispositions.” That grin cracks as a giggle is let forth. “Well, then, you certainly came to the right place for that!” The giggle evolves to an outright laugh, as Clara then indulges Adrienne with answers to her inquiries. “Oh, it is the same Courtly charade. There is more courtiers than usual, but they all seem the same. All wear the same style of clothing. All speaking the same way. All angling for their own political aspirations.” Clara then adds as an aside. “And all of it dull. It is the same thing…just a different day.”

“Well, if Alaina is willing…” With that, Clara glances over to her bodyguard and friend, who returns a nod in return. “…then I don’t see a reason why not. It will give me practice shooting at moving targets. As much as those suitors wish to woo me, none seem all that eager to allow themselves to be targets for my arrows, even with the blunted ends.” That mischievous smile returns for a moment, and both Cassomirs would get the sense that Clara might have actually asked, at one point or another. “Why, I think Alaina may even let me go on my own for the hunt. After all, with a pair of Huntresses, one being the Mistress of the Hunt herself, I would wager I would be safer than any knight guard.” That last comment was louder just a bit more than normal, obviously given to give gentle teasing to her knightly guardian, who just waves off Clara with a smirk. Yes, Clara does like teasing her Cassomirs, regardless of what profession.

Fingers lightly pluck up a series of grapes, each being turned about this away and that slowly before being settled to the table. A small turn of stacking starting up in the well formed habit as Emilia fell quiet and simply listened to the continued exchange about the posturing of the Courtly Lordlings.

Emilia gives a shake of her head, fingers rolling a grape aimlessly in the air,"It is why you of came, not why we of came, dear of cousin." A faint breathe slips in the faintest of sighs,"Though I will no of doubt still make of an appearance at of the Palace before of leaving." Whether or not it will be at Court proper is up in the air. As Emilia really offers nothing more on the matter, allowing the other two their giggles and amusements as another grape or two are added to her small but growing little grape pyramid.

"Since of when do we ever of ask a target for or permission to be of making it of a target?" The question posied in that ever deadpan Cassomir fashion from Emilia. Another minor shake of her head, not quite rising to the teasing bait that Clara lays out that many a Huntress or Knight would well pounce upon with much vigor in that friendly rivalry that did occasionally crop up. "If you have wish to come of early or stay of after, I am sure such of hunts can be of arranged. Or should you wish some of company for riding while we of here, I am sure that could well be of managed. For while Adrienne cannot save you from any of the would of be suitors, I am of sure me of tagging of along would keep of a few of them away." Maybe not quite so many as once before, but there were certain to be a couple who would shy away and not risk being 'contaminated'.

"Dresses…" Adrienne lets out a soft sigh, meeting the wicked little grin of the Princess with a pointed roll of her eyes. "They would be required, I would think, to present oneself, and… indulge in the many diverting observations of dull lords and twisted intentions of courtiers. Truth be told, after all this freedom…" And here a grin of her own blossoms upon freckled features, "I can certainly take a few hours of confinement and idle courtly conversations… It will make me appreciate the woods even more upon our return." Did she actually agree to be subjected to courtly company? Imagine that. "We Cassomirs have been scarce. We owe it to His Majesty to change that, do we not?"

A few moments pass, as Adrienne lets that sink in, pursing her lips as she more or less expects words of protest from both Emilia and Clara. Attention shifts to the former. "We should settle for a day to ride out together - and no… I wouldn't be too sure about that, cousin." A daring glint enters her green eyes, as the freckled Cassomir adds: "The prospect of spending time with three young ladies that are eligible and sought after, even, will enhance the courage of some, I am certain." Not that she would wish to encourage them! "To be honest, I am surprised neither of us is betrothed as of yet. And thrilled! let us enjoy our freedom for as long as it lasts." Said as she reaches for a piece of cheese, green gaze drifting to where Emilia is caught in her favorite pastime, of building a tower of grapes, a faintly amused flicker there in her eyes.

“Ah ha! I knew you couldn’t resist!” Then, with a laugh, Clara leans in. “Well, since we are being so honest, I think I could use a day or two of no dresses myself.” She shifts her attention from Adrienne to Emilia, to see the shock (if any) that may be evident in her usually stoic expression. “Now don’t be so surprised. It is much of the same reason as Adrienne. Only…reversed.” A wink is tipped as Clara smirks. “Really, it can get old, if it isn’t broken up with some pixie time. And, the pixie within has been sorely vexed with me, as of late.”

The talk of betrothment is waved off with a hand. “I have my suspicions as far as that is concerned, but yes, nothing has been told to me. And….no news is good news, as they say.” Hands reach out for the fruited water as the Princess pours herself a glass. “Though, honestly, I do sincerely doubt there will be much change even if I was betrothed. Could you imagine anyone trying to reign me in?” It is a legitimate question, though one asked with a little bit of a jest in mind. “Remember how Martyn tried? First, he was unsure what to do with me, which I admittedly didn’t help matters with. I really didn’t know who I was then. But then, he tried to overprotect me…what with his thirty guards around me just for one silly masquerade. And people wonder why I like to give my guards a little chase, from time to time.” A side-eyed glance is given to Alaina as a corner of Clara’s lips quirk up into a slight smile. “But, only once in a while, now. They’ve caught onto my tricks.”

Then, it is back to the Huntresses. “Perhaps, if we do go, we might want to invite Tia along. It has been so long since we were able to do anything outside of the Courtly escapades. She might like that.” It is a sincere proposal, though even Clara herself is not exactly sure how well received it may be.

"I am of sure if you would wish to be of appreciating of the freedoms of the forest more of frequently, Adrienne, that we can be of including you more of often when Raelyn is of accepting of visitors and granting of audiences." There was a Courtly edge to the duties the Countess of Ironhold had to attend to, even if still not quite up to the fullness of the Royal Court. Thankfully so. Another grape is slowly turned about in Emilia's fingers as she notes,"Raelyn and Stephen have attended as of needed. I know of Raelyn has made of visits to spend of time with Arturo, she is of determined to spoil him of muchly." And prove the is the best Aunt ever. "I am only as of scarce as it of pleases Her of Majesty."

Clara's comments about a lack of dresses do not bring any hint of reaction from Emilia, but then she was aware of the many sides to the Royal Princesses. So it really was not surprising that a few days without dresses may well have been craved by that inner pixie. "I m of sure we could manage of a ride in the next day or of two, and give such of suitors some of food for of thought, if you two are of wishing." The whole matter of betrothal-ness was truly not a thing Emilia gave much worry over, as Raelyn of all people was not likely to go against the traditions of Ironhold. "It could of perhaps even provide some of options for you to propose to Raelyn," noting this offhandedly to Adrienne. The current grape getting added in a seemingly aimless fashion, and yet it settles perfectly into the growing pyramid.

"It was a bit of much, that of retinue. Quite of disruptive of really. But in some of ways, underd of standable. He had just of found not all of his of family was so of lost as of thought and was not wishing to risk of losing you of again." It was a thing Emilia would understand to degrees, having seen overprotectiveness rise in her own siblings at times. In their own ways. "Least he has become more of practical in of such things." Emilia glances over to Clara as there is just a faint tugging at the corner of her lips,"Your inner of pixie likes to be of free, that is why you like to of keep of your of guards upon of their toes. I am of sure His of Majesty would of tell you Her of Majesty was not much of different." She had heard the stories well enough.

Fingers lightly select another grape from the plate, lightly tapping it before the usual turning begins. "If we of ride of while of here, I would of imagine she might have wish to of go along. Though once to of Ironhold, should she be of coming for the Fall of Tournament and Hunt, I am not of certain she has much of care for the more of private of hunts. Perhaps more of an picnic might work of better, less of need to be of quiet in of that. And more of allowing of visiting between of us all."

"Hmm," Adrienne makes, canting her head to the side as she gives Princess Clara Tracano a considering look. "So it is the case, that you long to run about in Huntress leathers and leggings rather than uncomfortable dresses of court? I can only congratulate you on your good taste and sense," she chuckles, freckled features lighting up in a smile. "On a hunt, there is nothing more advisable than choosing an attire that will not hamper your movement, or you could end up with odds turned, and you becoming the prey." The mention of Tia has her eyes roll a little, but she keeps quiet, holding her comment back, until her touched cousin has said her share. "Lady Tiadora may prefer a picnic, I agree there.", she finally states, but there it is, a smile. "We could ride out together and have this picnic somewhere in the scenery. Perhaps not in the woods." As there would be dangers lurking there.

Her hand comes forth to snatch another piece of fruit from the bowl, an apple. "So it is decided," Adrienne then states with a fine smile. "You at least should come and visit Ironhold. If Tiadora wishes to go as well, she will be most welcome. In the meantime, let us plan an excursion while are here, at Sunsreach. A picnic. And at another time, riding out into the woods." Of course, a Huntress is and will always be drawn to impressive forests, and the like.

Clara turns a sidelong glance towards Adrienne with a barely perceptible curl of the lip….an amused smile. “Oh, so listen to you, Adri. Planning out social itineraries with conviction. Perhaps I need to watch out for you. You might take my position as royal Mistress of Ceremonies.” That smile turns positively wicked as Clara continues. “Perhaps a change of positions, then. I can be the Huntress…and you can attend Court all the time. I am sure you would just *adore* that!” That wicked grin breaks down into a fit of giggles, that Clara at least has the courtesy of hiding behind her hand.

But…not very well. She is much too amused by herself.

And then, Clara resumes her mistress of ceremonies role, one she performs well. “Very well. We can have the picnic by the riverside, away from the docks as to provide a modicum of peace, but not too far, to allow the guards a proper rest, since you know I will have them. An invitation will be sent to Tia, to see if she will join us by the river. We can discuss visiting the wood later, and of course I will go to Ironhold. If only to visit with Raelyn. She would positively shoot me if I didn’t.” And…judging from Clara’s expression, she isn’t joking.

“Now then, the only thing we shall plan now is which building is to benefit from a mural…and a proper escape plan to avoid detection.” With that, she tips a wink to Emilia. It would seem that there is more mischief in store for the day and, with the three ladies, anything is possible.

Even painted murals and straw hats for the statues.

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