(1887-01-20) One to Many Cookies
One to Many Cookies
Summary: Talia gets an unexpected visitor in Rovilon, but not a thing that displeases her.
Date: 1887-01-20
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Odilia  Talia  

t’Corbeau Manse - Rovilon - Couviere
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Gatesickness. It was the only thing that ever seemed to get Odilia down. But bounce right back she did. So it was a day or so after she had stepped through the gate that she came to present herself to her Viscountess properly. Not unannounced or unexpected, there were procedures and protocols to keep to, particularly in Rovilon and during a season of Court. Thus it was at the arranged and appointed time that Odilia appeared. The energetic dark blonde was attired in a gown suitable for her place, better than most commoners but not quite so fine to be a noble. A deep curtsey is executed with perfect ease as her gaze takes in her distant cousin…by marriage. "Your Excellency…It does seem you have had one to many cookies, though the glow does suit you quite nicely."

"Far too many," agrees Talia, with a mild, wry mood of humor. She inclines her head, after Sophia - whom Odilia would no doubt be quite familiar with as she was the equivilent of Talia's majordomo of the house, "A pleasent surprise, Odilia. Do make yourself at home." She settles her hand on the roundness of her stomach. "Though you do arrive unexpected," she admits. Still, Talia hardly seems put out. And that's a good thing.

"It is then good I left that batch of cookies back in my room, rather then bring them to tempt you further." A wink and rather bright smile having been given to Sophia. Before Odilia turns that smile to Talia,"You are kind as always." To the offer to make herself at home. Odilia does move to sit in one of the chairs. "Well you know me, I just jump at any chance to flit through one of those gates. Thomas tells me it does me good, helps set me back a notch so he can catch up." Some turn of amusement on that. "Though I do not bring anything to pressing, some disbatches from him on the state of things." Pacitta politics and council matters. "As well as a few matters about how business is doing." The other non-public side. "It has been fairly dull since the tournament, most as simply all a twitter about the prospect of peace, or more so losing power if people are actually getting along better."

"Peace," admits Talia, "Has always been bad for business. At first." She shrugs a slender shoulder and then muses, thoughtfully, "People adore peace, when it comes after war. A reprieve. But soon enough, there is no enemy, no focus for them all to concentrate on. And that, my dear Odilia, is when they begin to find faults within each other. When they see opportunity. When Greed begins to overtake them. It will be slow. At first. A drop. A trickle. But it will come." She exhales, adding, "And if it is to be quiet, I would rather it be so when I am - indisposed." Clearly Talia is not fond of her present condition.

"It has been. But it is a time to breath and restore energy, rebuild and build up resources. It has a purpose to it." Odilia smirks a bit,"Though the people of Pacitta do not seem to adore the idea. Oh they have enjoyed the rebuilding after that little raid. But the idea of peace between Courviere and Rivana? What need are they if there is trade directly between the two? Where does their power go? Oh how the merchants twitter on about it. It is their greed that makes them fear. They do have the patience so see that it is all a cycle, as you do. So very reactionary." A glance is given to that rounded belly,"It is better for it to be now. How much longer must you suffer this duty?" For it was a duty, that need to see the House a heir and secure. And on some level Odilia likely happy that it was not a task she need endure.

"A few months yet, sadly. Still," she agrees smoothly enough, "It will be good to have a child to whom I can leave my legacy, as my father did me." If Talia has any thoughts about that, however, it's not something she'll be sharing tonight. And has not shared, in so many years as Odilia has known her. So it is unlikely such shall be shared in the future, either. "I doubt, very much, I should have another after this. Though we shall see. Hearth does protect us, here. And it may be there is more for me to do there, yet." She says this with the measure of someone comitted to an act they may not particularly care for, but understanding the necessity of it. "Tell me, Odilia. Is your arrival here timely with the opening of Court? Or is it by random chance?" She does not yet attend to the briefings brought. Those, likely, shall be examined later.

"It will be good," Odilia agrees. "And I know some will rest easier to know the legacy is secured." Not speaking about Talia's father or pressing down that path. She did know Talia was not exactly one to walk down memory lane, but then neither was Odilia. "I should imagine, if you can avoid it. What does that huband of yours think about that? Will he be content to have only one child?" With Odilia spending most of her time in the trade city, she had not gotten much chance to take measure of the 'new' Count. "Random chance? You aggrieve me, truly. Timing is everything, is it not? What notice would ever be taken of yet one more tumbling through the gates withing the opening days of Court? And what better time to have additional news, even if but trifflings. I do know that even to hold such tidbits can be of help in the games played behind smiles and shiney fashions."

"Yes. One must attend to the game in some fashion or form." Talia gestures as a servant comes in with wine, meat, fruit, and cheese. She takes a goblet for herself, sips, carefully. Smiles, then. "I'll be certain to tell Nyssa you're here. I'm quite sure she'll want to at least say hello." Talia's younger sister was always far less demanding than Talia herself was, and easier to like. Likely that's why she became a Songbird. "Though I am uncertain if my brother shall be joining us."

"It is all part of it. You play the game here, Thomas in Pacitta." A smaller game in ways, but still a game. It is only after Talia has taken a goblet that Odilia helps herself to one. That turn of allowing her better to have first choice and service. All part of the dance and respect. "Nyssa is about? I am sure she'll just want to steal cookies and try to con me into making her a cake." Odilia shook her head with a smile. Knowing full well the baked things she produced were certainly not the best. An amusement if nothing more. "I would think he would not wish to miss a chance to prance about with the others of the Circle, and see to the games they do seem to enjoy there. "

"Yes. They are about, certainly. If you wish to play, then play." Talia's smile is cool. She knows Odilia will be careful. Family punishments, afterall, could be rather terrible. Nothing that would kill, or maim. But there were other ways in which one could be pushed, prodded, or cajoled into moving in line. "An interesting group of boys, the Circle. And, some valuable insights, and contacts." She inclines her head. "You're well suited to move among them. With some measure of care." The slightest measure of an amused smile. Odilia did amuse Talia, from time to time, afterall.

A hand waves somewhat dismissively,"I may if there seems some sport intertaining enough to be worthwhile." Odilia was not foolish enough to toy about to greatly, certainly not during the time of an official Court. And she was certainly not one to do anything that could bring disfavour, least not from the familiy. Anyone else..as long as it did not cause issue to the family was fair game. "Yes, they are quite an interesting group. They do enjoy their sport as well, I am sure your brother hears plenty on that score." It was quite the boys club, and they were not so sly about the looks..oh heck, some of them just oggled women without any regard to who saw. "But while I am here…." Odilia shrugs with a rather bemused smile.

"Yes. While you are here, you may as well indulge." Talia inclines her head, as if giving consent to this deed, those acts. "I will be certain to look over the briefings in the morning, and call for you if I've any questions on the matter." She purses her lips, "I trust all in Pacitta is well, then?"

Odilia sips from her goblet before inclining her head with a rather wicked smile with that turn of permission given to indulge so. Meaning that there was not some task to see to, and indulgence could be had. "Of course, I shall be certain to be avaliable should you have need. Or when you should have wish to send anything in turn." Normal disbatches surely yet got sent through mundane messages, most times. But always easiest to slip in something less mundane with the mundane when there was someone to hand carry something along. "Yes, it is well. Least as well as anything ever is in Pacitta. "

"A city of fine corruption if ever there was one. If only the weasel weren't in it." Of course, she's referring to only -one- man. The man who hates her as much as she hates him. "But, to tolerate such men is a burden we must bear. A price, for the venture of our house. And for the Duke." Her tone now is wry, but there is a sense of loyalty in Talia's words. She is nothing but loyal to her liege. "But enjoy the stay while you are here. Your room is clean, and available, I'm certain Sophia is seeing to it presently."

"It is a burden to be bared. But as you say, it is a price that does not lack a return." Even if the return may only be to not cause the ire of their House's liege. And if nothing else, Odilia was loyal to House and their goals. Lips curves into a smile,"I shall be certain to enjoy my stay to the fullest. And I am sure I shall see you again before I must depart. Til then, I shall not take up more of your time. And go see to that room." Or some other turn of trouble yet to be discovered.

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