Prince Lucius Callidus
Guy Pearce
Guy Pearce as Lucius Callidus
Full Name: Lucius Callidus
Byname: None
Age: 42
Date of Birth: 10/13/1823 IE
Kingdom: Principality of Venderos
House: Callidus
Title/Profession: Prince
Position: Ruler of Venderos
Place of Birth: Matera, Venderos
Father: Prince Ivan Callidus II (d. 1844 IE, Illness)
Mother: Princess Isabella Callidus (nee d'Cordova. d. 1861 IE, Natural Causes)
Siblings: Gabryel Callidus (elder brother, d. 1839 IE, accidental), Talia Tracano (nee Callidus, elder sister, d. 1842 IE, childbirth), Theodore Callidus (elder brother, d. 1841 IE, at sea), Oryan Callidus (younger brother), Alanna Volmar (nee Callidus, younger sister)
Spouse: Natalya Callidus (nee Messerli, married 1852 IE), Andrea Callidus (nee Toulan, married 1846 IE, d. 1849 IE, childbirth)
Children: Jasper Callis (22, Recognized Bastard), Ivan Callidus III (18, Heir), Bella Callidus (16, Twin), Dora Callidus (16, Twin), Stefan Callidus (12), Alain Callidus (9), Elisa Callidus (7)


The secretive ruler of an even more secretive land, Prince Lucius Callidus is an enigma to much of Creation's Edge, quietly ruling the Principality of Venderos with a steady hand. Because so little is known of him and his land, all sorts of rumors tend to fill the void.

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