King Maris Ulbrecht l’Valdan (Deceased)
Charles Dance
Charles Dance as Maris Ulbrecht l’Valdan
Full Name: Maris Ulbrecht l’Valdan
Byname: Defender of the Faith, "The Great" (Posthumous)
Age: 68 at time of death
Date of Birth: 04/16/1798 IA
Kingdom: Couviere
House: l’Valdan
Title/Profession: King
Position: King of Couviere
Place of Birth: Rovilon, Couviere
Father: King Robert Isaac l’Valdan (d. 1845 IE)
Mother: Queen Katherine l’Valdan nee l’Faust (d. 1841 IE)
Siblings: Prince Rupert l’Valdan (d. 1857 IE), Princess Andrea l’Valdan (d. 1817 IE)
Spouse: Queen Cynthia Marianne l’Valdan nee Lancella
Children: Crown Prince Jean-Paul l’Valdan, Prince Silvio l'Valdan, Princess Emmaline l'Valdan, Princess Ariane Greycen (nee l'Valdan), Princess Aliza l'Valdan


The late King of Couviere and Defender of the Faith, Maris l’Valdan was a wise and capable ruler whose reign was nonetheless beset with misfortune and setbacks, though he handled them well in hindsight. He was known to be pragmatic and just, but in has last years suffered due to the treachery of Cardinal Lucien Ramius, though he recovered in time to more-than-redeem his reputation with a spectacularly heroic death.

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