Prince (Sir) Martyn Tracano
{$actor} as Martyn Tracano
Full Name: Martyn Tracano
Byname: None
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 09/01/1836 IA
Kingdom: Rivana
House: Tracano
Title/Profession: Prince / Count
Position: Prince / Count / Knight
Place of Birth: Sunsreach, Rivana
Father: Armand Tracano (d. 1853, Ambushed)
Mother: Angelina Tracano (nee l'Corren)
Siblings: Clara Tracano (younger sister), Juliet Tracano (d. 1853, Ambushed), Julian Tracano (d. 1846, Illness), Francis Tracano (d. 1853, Murdered)
Spouse: Johanna Tracano (nee Greycen) (m. 1865 IA)
Children: Manfred b.1867


Prince and current heir apparent to Rivana until the Rose Queen bears a child, as well as serving as Viscount over Greenmeadow until a suitable house can be moved to handle it. A devout man dedicated to the knightly oaths of the Templar order. Martyn is a skilled warrior and a good commander, but is socially awkward and uncertain of his ability to fill his role as a Tracano Prince. He is also born of both Rivanan and Couvieri blood (his uncle being Duke Cesare l'Corren), which despite his social difficulties makes him a natural choice for diplomatic functions with the northern Kingdom. Appable, Elite

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