1855-04-23: When Silvio Married Antonia
When Silvio Married Antonia
Summary: The wedding of Silvio and Antonia in Rovilon, eleven years before current IC time.
Date: Avril 23rd, 1855
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The day of the wedding had finally come, upon which Lady Antonia t’Tremaine was to be joined in marriage to Prince Silvio l’Valdan. Entering the Cathedral where the ceremony would be conducted, Antonia had appeared composed, even if a bit nervous. Her dark blonde hair was falling about her shoulders, most of it, while the upper part had been worked into a number of tiny braids, drawn about her head much in the manner of a diadem, with a headpiece attached to it, glinting with pearls. Her attire a elaborately tailored dress, black and green, the colors of House t’Tremaine, the black bodice bound to make a pleasing display of her figure, pearls worked into the neckline, with long green sleeves and black skirts that showed off embroideries of deer, in silver thread. About her neck, a string of pearls with a silver pendant in the shape of a stag. Her apparel a reflection of the House she was about to leave.

The vows had been spoken by the pair that was about to be wed, her tone trembling a little perhaps, even so, Antonia had stood through it, only occasionally shooting a glance to the bridegroom. The elaborate wedding cloak in black and green showing the stag of Tremaine was then turned by King Maris himself, before he welcomed her into the family. After which the ceremonial wedding kiss was to be shared, Antonia now wrapped into a cloak of purple and silver, with the sun of House l’Valdan emblazoned upon her back.

Antonia hesitated, her grey eyes lingering on Silvio now clearly giving away her tension, sensing all the glances that were upon them, as she took that step towards him, to look up into his face. “Let’s get on with it,” she murmured, not without that hint of humor in her tone. Humor of someone who has accepted her fate. Even though her grey eyes flickered as she leaned into him for the required kiss.

The wedding day was one of many emotions depending on who was feeling them; the crowd excited the two families of the bride and groom likely so as well. The whole atmosphere meant to make it quite the occasion a royal wedding if only the second in line didn’t happen all the time. Silvio stands in his clothing made finely and everything in place his house colors and all. The ceremony he’d looked upon his bride though she not meeting his gaze his eyes perhaps glancing occasionally down not knowing what to think. He’d spoken though the required words as he’d been taught to and with the proper fervor of the moment.

It has come to the last part though tension yes it is broken with her words which cause his lips to quirk up at the corners his nervousness evident though a bit in his posture. He leans in to meet her halfway and the kiss to her lips is joined, neither a peck nor overly lingering in a way which would be inappropriate, but he does smile to her when it breaks and they are turned hand in hand towards their family/friends onlookers. “I give you Prince Silvio and Princess Antonia l’Valdan.” The announcement is made and a cheer goes up “We will now reconvene for the feast within the great hall.” The crowd begins to stand and file out knowing they will get their chance to swarm the couple upon their exit and at the fest.

Silvio turns back now from the crowd to his… wife… he smiles over to her “It all seems a bit unreal doesn’t it? We’re married.” he says softly only for her to hear waiting a bit before they will join it seems perhaps a chance to catch their breath.

The kiss had remained rather ceremonial, a brief brushing of lips to seal the marriage, but even so, Antonia’s cheeks have a slight flush to them when they are presented as husband and wife to those in attendance. Silvio’s smile she has met with a slight curling of her own, but still, there is this awkwardness between them, that is quite common in political matches such as this one. However, this part of the festivities is over now, and Princess Antonia l’Valdan still has to get used to her new name and title; even so she is relieved, which shows in the more relaxed posture, and the smiles she gives the members of her family that are in attendance.

The Great Hall of Aveyron Palace has been prepared with banners at the walls, both of l’Valdan and t’Tremaine, and Antonia and Silvio now reside at the high table, beside the King and the Queen, and other members of the Royal family as well as that of the bride. Servants carrying plates and platters with various courses scurry about the tables, and there is wine of course; in Antonia’s goblet, where she drinks from, occasionally. “It is odd,” she states towards Silvio, perhaps in belated reply to his question at the Cathedral that had been left unanswered at first. “I can hardly picture myself living here in this Palace, when this will in fact be where I will spend my days. With you.” This added in an afterthought, grey eyes shifting to meet Silvio’s gaze, a bit of nervous insecurity flickering there, even so her hand reaches for his.

The young Prince is nervous as well, his question unanswered and being shuffled into the great hall after to be greeted by them all and be congratulated and the rest before shown to the center table able to be seen by all. He has his glass filled with wine (for nerves likely) He looks to his side as Antonia speaks and realizes she’s answering his question from earlier, and he gives a glance about the place which has always been his home trying to picture it from her point of view a brand new place and now a new home.

“I… hm..” he takes a drink “I can see how that would be un-nerving Antonia.” He says once he’s thought on it further. He shifts a bit in his seat, yes there is awkwardness and nerve’s both in tandem. The offered hand though is easier… they are sharing this moment of nerves the same team as it were. He entwines his fingers with hers “If.. there’s anything I can do.. I mean to make this easier on you.. just. Well just say so? I don’t wish for you to be unhappy.” The words spoken not as a prince sure in his station but that of a young man who is unsure of many things.

Antonia seems to regret her words as soon as she has uttered them. “Forgive me. That was not right for me to say… I am just overwhelmed, Silvio.” She bites her lip and shoots him a glance, a smile warming her features. “Nevermind me… and yes…” Here she raises her glass to him in a toast. “It will be fine. Certainly.” Aaaawkward!!!

For now, there is food brought in, while some minstrels on a podium are playing a bit of ambient music as to accompany the feasting, and the grey eyes of Antonia l’Valdan sweep the Hall as she sips more from her wine, cheeks slowly gaining in rosy colour. Her gaze shifting back to Silvio beside her, as she leans into him and murmurs: “Thank you for your kind words, though. You have a good heart.” Said, with a brief, almost accidental brushing of his cheek with her lips; Antonia nervous but at least sensing he is as well, and trying to cheer him up.

Silvio nods to the first part of her words but shakes his head smally. “Its nothing to forgive, it is overwhelming.” He looks to the glass and lifts in the processing knocking a newly arrived tray nearly over which he must catch with his free hand wincing, but on they go hoping nobody saw this though likely Antonia would have. He will gather food and drink himself quiet after that accident with the tray. He does lean when he catches her attention her words at least bring him back. “You are welcome, and well.. I did mean it, any help.”

He says the smile returns to his features and she seems to have cheered him up indeed. It is a wonderful feast though and food and drink shared. The band who has been playing music to eat by pause though and Silvio will look up to see why his brother down the table from them mouths the words ‘first dance’ and he gulps the crowd looking a bit expectant. “They wait for our first dance, if you are ready.” The hand in hers squeezes both with shared nerves and hopefully reassuring they are indeed a team.

“Thank you, Silvio,” Antonia murmurs, shooting him a glance, her hand even reaching for his to give it a light squeeze. Her grey eyes widen a touch when she observes his almost accident with the tray, her hand darting forward just in time to steady it. “We will be fine…”, she repeats, one corner of her mouth lifting. “Still,” and here she murmurs once again, leaning over to him, “I will be so glad when we have managed to get through all of this…” A hand lifts, gesturing towards the guests, the splendour. The King, Queen, Princes, Princesses. There. The Crown Prince seems to have a helpful suggestion, and soon Antonia is faced with a slightly panicking Princely husband. Antonia nods and rises from her seat, the black and green of her dress a contrast to his attire of purple and silver. But she has to swallow as well as she leads the way to the dancefloor, feeling all those glances on them. Even so… she has been in many sparring matches, and this can’t be much different. And of course, she has been prepared for this, as has Silvio. Grey eyes lock with his as she waits for the music to begin.

The Prince nods to her words about them being fine. He takes a deep breath and of course they will its just indeed a lot to take in. Silvio leans to listen and the motions to the wedding party and he nods to her words. “Yes, it is a bit hard to think with all of this happening around us.” He speaks in lowered tone but it seems she also is ready for their dance and so he stands along with her and moves along thinking he’s danced before at events and this well he can do so now right? The two are the only pair on the floor ah yes that is the difference the stage.

<FS3> Silvio rolls Dancing: Good Success. (1 5 3 1 8 6 7)

He does smile to her and meets her gaze taking up his dancing position. One hand within hers the other at her waist ready as he can be at the moment. The music starts a gentle tune though more set for the scene of a first dance sweet and slow but with enough to it that they can move about the dance floor. The young Prince takes the first step leading the dance and at very least he doesn’t trip nor fall or smoosh toes?

<FS3> Antonia rolls Dancing: Great Success. (8 1 3 8 8 6 3 1 7)

It does indeed seem similar to a sparring match, the way Antonia and Silvio circle each other with the required elegant steps, she obviously a little more at ease, twirling with effortless grace, accepting his lead, one hand of hers placed upon his, her grey eyes flickering as they meet his gaze, as she obviously is enjoying this. “We are doing quite well, actually,” she murmurs into his ear, trying to cheer him up. “Let us just ignore the others…”, she smiles, leaning against his arm at her back, when she cannot help but have her gaze wander over his well-clad frame.

Silvio’s job is indeed made easier by the way she moves so gracefully across the floor with him. It actually lessens his nerves, and of course her words help he nods to her and smile perhaps he too takes in her form properly not for the first time.. but allowing himself to see her. “Yes, I think that would do well.” He does seem to have weight lifted and will hold her frame in his hands as they dance about the floor adding a little bit of flare in coming around the circle and lifting her lightly and placing her down on the other side of the turn which draws gasps and a bit of applause from the crowd.

The song does seem to last a while in their dance but it does come to an end eventually and the dance stops. The prince catches his breath quickly from their dance speaking low “Thank you Antonia.” He says leaning over to press his lips to hers softly if he is able. He then takes a bow towards the crowd but removing his arm from her waist he will motion for her to take her place of honor to curtsey or which she prefers. “Shall we retake our seats?” he will ask afterwards.

Even if the past months have been spent with the two of them getting acquainted, liberties like kisses and such had so far not been taken. The kiss at the Cathedral, while following the ceremonial rules of propriety, had been rather brief, too brief to really make or leave an impression. It was expected to happen. Now, however, after the wedding dance has come to an end, the daring lean of the Prince towards his bride causes a bit of a murmur to rise within the crowd of gathered guests. This second kiss unexpected, both to Antonia and the others in attendance. What it does right away, is bring a blush to the former t’Tremaine’s cheeks, her grey eyes blinking with surprise. There are some whispered remarks, but also hollers from the more inebriated, a bit of laughter and more murmurs filling the Great Hall, when she inclines her head and follows her husband back to the High Table. “Now we’ve done our share to entertain the guests,“ Antonia remarks, her cheeks still slightly flushed, from the dance, or from the kiss, who can tell?

She reaches for… her glass to find that it is gone, and has been replaced with the Wedding Goblet, filled with finest Wedding Wine. “Oh my, I had almost forgotten about that,” Antonia murmurs, taking a generous sip from it before she hands it over to Silvio. “Drink, you must be thirsty.”
Silvio might have been caught up in the rush of the success of the dance or perhaps seeing his bride properly though the kiss did happen and the response well is to be expected likely. He looks to her in hope he’s not made a mistake and set them back a few steps as it were. The young prince leads walking back to the table and sitting after she takes her own chair to sit.

Silvio does accept the goblet and takes a drink from it as well the wine is well famed indeed. “We have indeed, they may enjoy the food and drink until we…” he pauses though the thought he hadn’t really been able to have until now is had… after the feast. “Thank you the wine is very good, and I hope I didn’t embarrass you there with. The kiss?” he says but holds onto his smile despite his worry.

Antonia hadn’t really pulled back, but perhaps she had been too stunned to. As things are, her lips had met his in a kiss that had taken her off guard, not lingering as it had been, or even scandalous in its execution. Even so, her complexion looks somewhat healthy as they are finally settled once again at the high table. Her grey eyes study Silvio when he accepts the wedding goblet, her gaze flitting down to her hands when the ominous ‘after’ is referenced, her lips twitching into a slightly awkward smile. Hearing his last remark she looks up, meeting his eyes. “You didn’t. It was quite nice, actually.”, she admits, when that rather formal smile grows a little in warmth.

Silvio takes heart at least that she doesn’t seem angry or upset, though he passes the goblet right back after a second smaller sip from its contents. He smiles to her trying to reassure, they are a team he thinks again. “I am glad. It seemed well nice to me too I enjoyed it I mean. ” He says about the kiss and the smile she shows him.

Antonia accepts the goblet and takes a good sip from it. “Of course you did,” she replies with an amused glint in her eyes, meeting his smile with one of her own. “Enjoy it, I mean.” Her words trail off and for a moment she just stares at him, her lip slightly curled, her hands holding the goblet, where the coat of arms of both their Houses have been engraved upon. Air leaving her lips in a soft exhale as she lowers her gaze then. While the musicians continue to play and more wedding guests have found their way to the dance floor.

The young prince listens and then chuckles softly at her words, and nods to them or well that they are true. Silvio is silent a moment “Of course.” He agrees though it could really be to any number of things which has happened this day that he speaks. He looks from her hands holding the goblet the symbol of their houses coming together up until he meets her gaze sitting there at the table the /wedding/ table and for the one time perhaps it’s slightly less awkward the gazing silence. The sound of her exhale makes him look curious. “What is on your mind Antonia?” he asks leaning slightly so he can speak in lowered volume to her.

Antonia’s grey eyes flit downwards, and she smiles, when she hears Silvio’s reply. Catching her lower lip with her teeth, her gaze lifting then to meet his. When he leans in to her for some murmured words, she does likewise, murmuring back: “We are both dressed up so nicely,” she remarks, “like adorned oxes. I admit, I’ve stared at you for a moment…” With that confession made, she takes a good sip from the wedding goblet and passes it to him. “And what is on yours?”

Silvio watches as she looks away though he doesn’t let his smile waiver this time as he watches over to her wondering what caused this, though her gaze is returned quickly, and she speaks in return to him. “I hm, well I haven’t failed to notice you either.” He admits his smile is curious though as to what this means for them both. “I keep, well it's hard to explain. I am going back and forth between feeling slightly overwhelmed at all of this day, and then brief moments of clarity where it makes more sense.” He pauses nerves making him shift as he takes the goblet and takes a drink (liquid courage!) “The moments like when we danced, the kiss and when we’d simply looked at one another.” He swallows and is silent hoping he’s not making things worse.

Antonia’s smile deepens, revealing her teeth, and she chuckles. Not in a mean mocking way, but rather… in the slightly inebriated cute kind of a chuckle brides tend to have when enjoying a bit of wedding wine with their husbands. His reply seems to content her. “Yes, I’m feeling in a similar way. This is odd, we hardly… um… know each other.” Her grey eyes lift briefly to glance over to their families who may watch them as they exchange those muted words of confidence. “That is… I think there are only a few more things that we need to deal with… the wedding pie… the gifts…” Her gaze shifts back to Silvio, and she smiles, her cheeks pinkening ever-so-slightly. “But I am looking forward when we are allowed to share another moment of that…um… clarity… without all these wedding guests… it makes it so hard to focus…” It seems the wine has already helped to loosen the usually so earnest looking Antonia up a little.

It is a nice moment they share indeed and his face which has been worried releases his smile growing more fondly even. “That is quite true, yet here we are and I think we have done well this day.” He shifts a little in his chair taking another quick drink before passing it back over. The prince follows her gaze to the items as she mentions them a table set apart for gifts and goods banked for their honor. “Yes we’ve done.. well most of what is expected of us.” The comment is made while looking into her eyes though his eyes drop his unspoken thought from before returning. The moment is short though as her words bring his gaze back up. “I am too, I mean looking forward to the return of those moments.” He says reaching over to take her hand in his own once more.

There is some murmuring going on among those relatives, that is for sure, and Antonia seems suddenly to become aware of it. Straightening, she shoots them a glance, that smile dimming a little, becoming a little more composed, even though that slight rosy tinge to her cheeks remains. “It seems we have to earn us these moments, Silvio,” she says then, addressing him at a volume that will be easier to overhear, her sparkling eyes conveying a bit more tenderness than her tone. Her gaze brushing briefly the guests that are starting to line up to offer congratulations. Rising from her seat she will urge him to do the same, and they will move over to that table, to oblige the congratulators with unwrapping their gifts in their presence. It is a task that will take them the better part of an hour, a first official occasion where they need to be seen as Prince and Princess together. And after that… the wedding pie arrives, brought in for the two of them to share at their table, while people outside of the palace, commoners of Rovilon will be treated to smaller versions of the pie, as to ensure their good wishes for the match.

It will be after another hour of feasting, that King Maris has a heart and rises from his throne to bring out a toast on the newly wed couple, to their health and prosperity. Which will be met with numerous hands raising their own goblets to join in on the toast. It is now that Antonia exchanges another glance with Prince Silvio, her lips curled into a faint smile, when the King announces, the time has come for them to retreat. She reaches for the hand of her husband and they leave the Great Hall, under the elated shouts,hollers, and bawdy advice of those present, her cheeks a dark shade of pink and her gaze lowered.

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