1861-02-12: Get Me The Bastard!
Get Me The Bastard!
Summary: Corvin gets himself into a little bit of trouble at court, and Alina has to handle it.
Date: 1861-02-12
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"This is an outrage!" Lord Josef t'Vanile, heir to the Lordship of Belcamp, snarls to the large Wraith blocking the doorway of the l'Saigner manse in Rovilon. "I demand to see Lady Alina at once! This family has much to answer for! Blood will be spilled over this!"

Pieter Shoreman, a Wraith known as "Big Pie" to his fellow Wraiths, scratches his head as he regards the man in front of him. The t'Vanile heir was in his mid-to-late twenties, as tall as Big Pie himself, with a foppish moustache and goatee combination that made him look, to the Wraith's mind, somewhat ridiculous. He was dressed in finery fit for the court in Aveyron Palace, and had a rapier and dagger on his hip.

To Big Pie's trained eyes, the young man might barely be competent with either.

"I cannot and will not let you in as long as you seem to be presenting a threat to my lady," Big Pie replies with an affable tone. The tone is as much to set the upset nobleman at ease as it is anything else. The tall, broad-shouldered Wraith would be just as content to slit the man's throat right now as he is talking to him.

"Threat?!" Lord Josef sputters.

"You stormed up to the gates here," Big Pie replies evenly. "You demand to see Lady Alina, and you mentioned that you intend to spill blood." He shrugs. "That's a threat." He casually leans against the doorframe, idly pulling a dagger loose and trims at his nails. It amused most of the Wraiths how frightening that action was to non-Wraiths, but Big Pie especially. "As you're likely aware, my job is to deal with threats."

Lord Josef backpedals. "Ahh! Ah, no threat to Lady Alina meant," he says hastily. "I need to speak with her at once."

Big Pie lifts a brow, as if to say 'so what?'.

"It's regarding the bastard." Lord Josef practically spit the last word.

The Wraith considers things for a moment, then half-turns towards the door. "Hey, Maurice. Let the lady know that she has someone who wishes to speak with her."

Another man, also dressed in combat leathers with a black armband, nods silently and slips into the manse.

"We'll see if she's in the mood to entertain guests," Big Pie shrugs again languidly. "There's a party at the l'Corren manse in a bit, and I suspect she's getting ready for that."

Lord Josef glowers. "I'm quite aware of tonight's social function," he snaps.

Big Pie stifles a chuckle as he waits for word from within. After several minutes pass, (and Lord Josef looks increasingly agitated), Maurice steps back out. "She'll see you." A Wraith of few words, he opens the door and leads the nobleman into the sitting room of the manse. "She'll be down shortly." And he moves to the door, standing in such a way to be unobtrusive, but obviously on guard.

It isn't much longer before Lady Alina enters the sitting room. She is garbed in a rich purple gown, her hair put up in an elaborate coil around her head. Her face is adorned with hints of kohl and color. The young heir to the duchy of Lonnaire looks every inch the courtier and lady-in-waiting to the Queen she is. She is sliding an earring of silver and amethyst into one of her earlobes as she glides into the room gracefully.

"Lord Josef t'Vanile," the girl, barely of age, greets the nobleman with a bright smile. "I understand you had desperate need to speak to me at once. What can I do for you?"

The lordling puffs himself up, eyeing the young nit that was heir to Lonnaire. "I would much rather be speaking to your father of this matter," he says pompously. "But he is in that hellacious swamp to the south, and you are here, so it is you who must set things to right. I am here about the bastard."

Alina cocks her head to the side. "Which bastard?"

Lord Josef lets out a frustrated breath, flaring his nostrils. He didn't have time to deal with the empty-headed twit, but he had no other recourse. "The Duke's bastard. Fremont."

The young noblewoman purses her lips. "I see. And what did you need him for?"

Lord Josef stifles a sigh. He'd have to be direct with the girl. "To kill him. He deflowered my sister, Arletta."

Alina tsks. "What an unfortunate name," she murmurs. "And I cannot let you kill my brother."

Lord Josef scowls. "Did you not hear me? He deflowered my sister."

"No, he didn't," Alina says simply.

"I'm telling you he did, and I demand recompense."

"Lord Sir Elrick t'Tremaine deflowered her two months ago," Alina replies, blinking. "Or was it three? And what do you mean, recompense? Do you wish my brother to pay you gold, as if she were a courtesan? That might give some people the wrong idea, Lord Josef," she natters.

"Lord Elr—!" the nobleman shakes his head. "I'll not be distracted with gossip and lies, girl. Her lady's maid caught them in delicto." He pauses, then slowly, as if he were speaking to someone of no intelligence at all, he clarifies, "that means 'in the act'."

"In the act of what?" Alina asks, curiosity in her tone.

"Argh! The act of bedding!" Lord Josef snarls, frustrated.

Alina seems to consider this for a few moments. "Perhaps the maid should have allowed them some privacy," she says gravely. "I understand that bedding is a very private thing."

Lord Josef could feel the veins in his forehead throbbing. "No," he says as calmly as he could manage. "The bastard should not have been bedding my sister in the first place. For the insult to my family and the dishonor he has done to my sister, honor demands I have his head."

"Oh." Alina cocks her head again. "Should I let Lord Elrick, Lord Julian, and Lord Terrance know you will be requiring their heads as well?"

"Why would you need to do that?" he snaps.

"Well," Alina shrugs, "they did get there first."

"I will not suffer you to say such things of Arletta—!"

"Such an unfortunate name," Alina interrupts quietly, tsking again.

"—who is a paragon of virtue in the court!" Lord Josef continues, grinding his teeth to ignore her interruption.

Alina tilts her head at him again, studying him as if he might be a bug. "She's even sucked the Crown Prince's cock," she says gravely. "That I saw with my own eyes." She bites her lower lip, considering. "Though, to be fair, at the time she had a lot of wine in her. That was two years ago, though. But recently she's been testing the swords of the Circle." She sighs. "I guess she wondered if my brother's was a well-handled as theirs."


Alina gives him a charming smile. "But as you must understand, if I allowed the brothers of the women my brother fucks to behead him, I'd be short a brother several times over. If you're concerned about your family's honor and reputation, my suggestion is you glue your sister's legs shut." Without breaking her smile, she gestures towards the door. "That said, I do hope to see you at the party tonight. I understand Lord Michael has commissioned sculptures of ice for the food and drink tables. Won't that be wonderful?"

Lord Josef sputters.

"And if you threaten my brother again, I'll just sic my Wraiths on you. They are supposed to protect the family— and bastards are family in Lonnaire. So." She smiles even brighter. "Leave."

Lord Josef starts to object, but Maurice drops one beefy hand on his shoulder and the other on his belt, physically hauling him out the front door and depositing him beside Big Pie.

The large Wraith eyes the nobleman with a hint of amusement on his face. "Didn't work out for you, did it?"

Lord Josef picks himself up and scowls at the Wraith. "If you must know, I will be going to a higher authority for this matter. And if I see Corvin Fremont, I will kill him."

Big Pie sighs. "Why did you have to say that?"

"I meant it!"

The Wraith rubs his temples. "I'll likely be seeing you later, Lord t'Vanile."

The lordling nods, not understanding the implication at all. "You will, for I will be back to speak with someone in the house of intelligence." And he flounces off.

Back inside, Alina is humming to herself as her bastard brother steps into the room from around the corner.

“You have no idea how hard it was for me to avoid stepping out and explaining in great detail the things his sister did to me.” Corvin Fremont’s grin is all cheek as he deadpans, “Scandalous, I tell you. And certainly not the work of a maiden. Maybe your courtesan insinuation wasn’t all that far off.”

Alina snorts. "I wonder how angry Lord Josef would be if he found out you've bedded both his sisters?" she asks idly. There's a wickedness to her eyes as she asks. Foppish little prigs like Josef were fun to irritate.

“Sadly today’s events will likely mean I’ll have to work much harder to bed them both at the same time. I might lose the bet.” Corvin shrugs, not altogether concerned about being out a bit of coin. “I’ll try to avoid the man, for appearance’s sake, and leave him mostly intact if he finds me anyway and presses the matter.”

"I might arrange for him to find Lady Arlette in delicto with someone amusing," Alina muses. "And truly, that is an unfortunate name. Like Bessie. Those are names you give cattle." She eyes her half-brother. "I wonder if Lord Michael might be interested in bedding the girl?"

“I’d imagine he might. Neither of them are hard to look at, as long as you don’t try to converse with them too long.” Corvin notes, “And it’d be amusing to see Lord Whoeverthatwas go apoplectic. Or try to threaten Lord Michael.” Corvin isn’t terribly fond of Michael…but he does find him mildly more tolerable than many here. “Awww, going to tell the King his squire bedded your sister? I’m sure that will go over well.”

"If he thinks Father will care that you bedded some idiot low-ranking noble, he is very misinformed." Alina chuckles. "And if he goes to the King…" she frowns. "His Majesty has no love of bastards, but the worst that will happen is he will bar you from court… so you won't be able to come with me anymore. But considering most of your… extra activities… happen away from Aveyron Palace…" she shrugs. "It's not like he's going to banish you from Rovilon."

“I’ve never had a conversation with the man, but his Majesty doesn’t strike me as the type to have much patience for petty foolishness, from what I’ve seen. I’d imagine he’d get the death stare that would send him wilting back into the fringes of the crowd if he tried to petition the King over it.” Corvin shrugs, “But you’d know better than I.”

Alina laughs. "I suppose you shouldn't come with me tonight," she says with a shake of her head. "But since it's just at the l'Corren manse four manses down from here, it shouldn't be much to worry about." She lightly runs a hand over her hair, checking for smoothness. "Let me finish getting ready. And you try and stay out of too much trouble while I'm gone."

“You know me. I’m always on my best behavior.” Corvin grins, moving over to give Alina a brief peck on her cheek, “It just so happens my best isn’t quite up to the standards of most.”

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