1865-04-18: Visiting a Friend
Visiting a Friend
Summary: Emilia slips away to pay a visit to a 'friend' before having to travel to Pacitta.
Date: 1865-04-18
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The only sound that came was the whisper of the breeze through the ruins. There was not scurry of life, nothing came here. Not even the insects could suffer to be in the area about the ruins, let alone within the burnt out remains of what was once Ironhold Castle. It was eerie this lack of noise, yet there was something comforting about it for Emilia. The youngest of the Cassomir siblings perched silently on a the remains of what was once might have been a wall. It had been in truth, one to the courtyard that had served as a place to welcome visitors, to see the Knights and Huntresses inspected, the adventures that had played out there and so much more…Now it was nothing but charred ruins over run by wild weeds and savage vines. Shadows that could whisper, that were darker than natural existed here in this place.

They would be leaving for Pacitta again soon. But the storm….the pull. Emilia had to come to visit before she left, in truth after the storm, she felt she could not leave. But she could not tell her family that, it would mean to many questions. There were always questions. They were less now then they had been in the beginning, right after the 'incident'. If they knew she was here, there would be questions. Worry. They would be right to. Most could not even come even close to the ruins for the effects that occurred the closer one got. That alone kept away scavengers and lost travels. None came close to this place, let alone lingered amongst them, none found comfort within the ruined and charred walls. But then most were not Emilia, she who lived and became broken in this place.

A soft sigh slipped,"I heard you. I am here, am I not?" Yet her head canted as if she was listening to something, something that existed in the silence that had long ago fallen over this place of darkness. Shifting down in her perch, her hand lightly touching to the ruined stone. A small flutter of her cloak occurring as it settled to drape about her again.

Perching motionless as the dark silence is listened to, as the shadows deepened with the passage of the sun across the sky. A soft murmuring coming that seems louder for the void of sound,"I understand what you wish, what you always wish. I hear you, but I will not listen. " A small breathe was drawn, before she adds,"I agree, but it will not be." Finally rising again and turning to head away from the ruins, away from where she could feel nearly normal. Her thoughts already wandering, scattering again as she loped back towards Roseguard and the world she did not fit within.

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