1866-04-10: Lessons Among Healers
Lessons Among Healers
Summary: Having received a Royal Summons to see the Queen, Eduard arrives at the palace only to be told to wait. While doing so, he stumbles upon a makeshift healer's workshop and meets a kindred spirit in the form of a cynical elder noblewoman named Dawn.
Date: 1866-04-10
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It's a fresh and damp spring. Plants are blossoming out. The gardens are afresh with things growing. For the Lady of Bazan, after a long morning of going through them and picking things.. In the palace, she has taken a small room to herself and has setup what looks like a wide assortment of alchemy equipment. A few pots, some flasks with water, and numerous bandages. Going through some of the picked plants and leaves, she's currently grinding some of them to a fine powder, and then putting them in a flask with water to let soak and mix well.

Where in his home province is still in the final death throes of winter, when a morning can still bring a heavy frost, this brisk spring morning in Sunsreach is like a summery balm to Eduard Farrant. Which would explain why he wears little in the way of heavy clothing, where as those more used to the southern climb seem to still prefer stout wool. Besides being relatively light, Ned's clothing is noticeable in that it is plain black attire, serviceable yet well made, without any ostentation save for the twin white starbursts embroidered at the color marking him as a member of the Paladin order. He moves a bit stiffly, as if decades older then his twenty something years, but a skilled healer will likely recognize the signs of recovery from dire wounds.

As he has been summoned, Eduard might have been expected to be brought before the Queen in short order. However, he apparently still has hours yet to wait, if not more, so he is currently idly wandering the Palace, looking around at the sights, and ignoring the stares of passersby. Some might know him to be a Farrant, others might just be hostile to the Church presence. But Eduard ignores them all, instead pausing by the open door from which emanates smells that he is rather familiar with. His shadow is likely visible as he steps closer to the doorway, peering curiously inside.

Dawn takes a moment to grind some leaves over in a pestle and mortar for a few moments, glancing at it to be sure that it meets the requirements. then, she goes to empty it over into a small flask of water that's been kept at a steady heat then. As she hears someone approaching Dawn looks up even as she cleanly mixes the powder into the water, and gives a light bow, "Greetings My Lord, are you all right? Forgive me for not being more responsive."

His injuries are noted, as is his heraldry as she quietly frowns as she assesses them, putting a face to a name then, and she goes to gently put the mixture down, going to then take out a long cloth bandage and going to dip it over in the mixture.

Though he wears no Farrant heraldry, there are hardly many Paladins summoned to court, so Eduard would be little surprised by any who might recognize him. Yet he will not assume such, and so offers an introduction even as he inclines his head deeply to her, the only sort of bow he trusts himself to do at the moment - especially with an upcoming audience with the Queen, when he will likely need to prostrate himself. "Fear not, my lady, I am neither grievously in need of aid nor feeling neglected. I was simply curious when I recognized some of the smells coming from your workshop here. I am Eduard Farrant, Knight of the Order of Saint Matthew, and I was hearkened back to my studies at Bendingbrook. I hope I am not intruding overmuch?" This is not just a polite question, but a genuine concern. Sometimes there are concoctions that need very careful attention and he would not want to distract from such.

Dawn nods over, "No milord, you're not intruding. I'm taking up a room in the palace afterall. As a matter of fact if you've had some experience with things I could use some assistance." She points over at the various swathes of cloth, flasks, and plant cuttings. "If you do not mind assisting?" Spoken with the word of a woman whom is used to for such things if she cannot do it herself appropriating volunteers as necessary. "Things are fresh and with the coming weather we shall no doubt have some of the trainees starting more physical instructions outdoors once more, and some thigns are inevitable." LIke broken bones from a few too slow parries - all children learn best from being a little slow to parry, after all. "So I feel it is best to be ready if you do not mind lending some aid if I do not detatch you from more pressing business?"

"Most of my experience is to the administering of aid and knowledge of the body, but what little assistance I can be I will gladly provide. I certainly welcome the distraction." Doubtless the palace servants can find him if need be, though Eduard suspects he will be kept waiting for some time - not out of any spite of the Queen, though perhaps out of some by those clerks of hers that handle scheduling on her behalf. And certainly the Monarch is busy in this time of healing the entire nation.

As he enters fully into the room, approaching Dawn so that she might direct him as to what she needs specifically, Eduard looks around first with simple curiosity, and then with wonder. "I have truly not seen such sights outside the Order before. You must be widely sought out for your abilities, my lady." Which of course readily explains why she is in the Palace, now that he thinks about it.

Dawn laughs quietly, "I would hardly say widely sought after. Barely if ever at best. Which I suppose is likely all the better for me." she nods over at Eduard, "Dip the bandages over in the mixture and try and ensure that it is covered rather evenly." She points over to one of the flasks which is filled with a green liquid, heated and has mostly cooled down to room temperature.

"That one is intended for acting as a general numbing agent as well as helping to congeal the blood more quickly. Always useful. Just take the bandages and soak them over in it until you feel that they're well and evenly covered and then set them over on the rack to dry out."

Dipping his head in a shallow nod, moving slowly - and a bit stiffly - to where she indicates, Eduard does not at first immediately do as she asks. Instead, he casts about, until he spots what he is looking for - a pair of treated gloves that will protect his hands from the numbing agent and any other chemicals he might handle. Yes, he has definitely done this before. Or at the least, as a bit of common sense. "Well, I must say that surprises me," he says, as he pulls on the gloves and sets to work with familiarity. For while he may not be able to recreate many of these concoctions himself, he knows how to prepare and apply them in the treating of his patients. "But I can well understand the wish to go uninterrupted in one's work." There is a lightly sardonic expression on his face as he smiles wryly at that last.

Dawn half smiles over at him, "You have done this before. Excellent." Dipping her head over in a bow to him. She goes to check a mixture, inspecting it for consistency, and then goes to start grinding another collection of leaves and plant stems together as she watches him, clucking lightly in approval. "Oh, I'd assume there are far more skilled than I in the arts and of a far more pleasant disposition. I also rarely leave my home in recent summers." Checking the consistency with a critical eye, she hmms, and then goes to add a little bit more of the room temperature water, then stirring it anew.

"Less then you would think, outside my Order," Eduard says, half his brief frown directed in concentration at his task, and the other at the words he speaks. "Or at least, not that many who puts their knowledge to the benefit of others." Setting aside the bandage that he has just coated, he then picks up the next. "Forgive me. I am often told that I am overly opinionated," he adds, after he has a moment to think over the words he spoke while focusing on the work at hand.

Dawn nods, "Opinions are not a bad thing. Only when there are too many of them. Of course, telling which of them is one too many is the hard part." She nods over and glances over at him. "I sometimes do not know for myself." She heaves a sigh, glancing at one mixture then before going to push it to the side to put it about a small fire to reheat. "Then again, if such things were easy enough to figure, the world would be much more peaceable than it ever has been."

"Perhaps so, though my little experience tells me that even if the One chose to strike us all mute, it would just lead us into a war over who is the most silent." Eduard smiles, starkly contrasting his jaded words with a spark of dark humor. "As for opinions, my problem is not so much having them, but choosing when to express them. I can be somewhat bullheaded in that aspect," he says, not in the least apologetic.

Dawn nods, "Aye, not necessarily a bad thing." On the bullheaded aspect, at least. His joke on the One gets a harsh bite of laughter from her in agreement. She's spent too much of her life tending to the flocks in her own way to know that he's not exactly right in that respect. "And well met Milord. And there is a difference between knowing when to express an opinion, expressing said opinion, and knowing how to get others to agree with said opinion."

"True enough my lady," Eduard says in easy agreement, his eyes turned down as he focuses intently on what his hands are doing, so that she may miss that dark spark of humor entering his eyes a second time. "The first is a cautious man, the second a bold man, and the third is a courtier." Setting aside the latest bandage, Eduard takes a break so that he might remove the gloves and pull out a kerchief to dab at his forehead. One can not risk sweat getting into one's eyes when working with chemicals, and certainly the room is warm enough with the fires and burners going.

Dawn laughs quietly, "For a man who is good with knitting injuries, I might deign to guess you spend a great deal of time at the court. Given I would assume you are the second type of man, I would further assume that they are quite often.." Likely 'your own' then as she takes a moment to quickly inspect one of her flasks and tsks. "I let it overheat some." Such things happen. Taking a moment to break, herself, she goes to lightly pour the concoction over to a bag to be emptied later into the gardens.

"Less time then you would expect, thank the One, at least as far as time at court goes," Eduard says, shaking his head in mock horror, though more at the thought of spending so much time at court then any injury he has received for expressing his opinions. Certainly there is at least some truth to the latter. "To be honest, I prefer my travels and time among the peasantry. Conversation is often far easier and truer with the common man then with a noble." Pulling the gloves back on, Eduard pauses to look back at her and add, "Though exceptions do exist, present company included." Lest she think he is including her in the noble dig.

Dawn tsks softly, "And here I were thinking you hat at least a modicum of sense." She can get in the occasional dig over at herself, at least. "I've found in the end one thing separates commoners and nobles when it comes to malfeasance." Taking a moment herself to put on a fresh set of gloves, setting her previous ones to the side to clean later. "NOt intrigue, not creativity, nor inspiration. Both have plenty of each." The end of the punchline is, of course, opportunity.

Eduard has certainly been among both worlds long enough to understand that wordless punchline, as he nods wryly towards Dawn with a slight smile, both at that and at her earlier joke. "Indeed that is so. And yet the reverse can not be said to be true in regards to human kindness, for we all of us, nobles and commoners alike, have just as much opportunity to act in aid regardless of class. Yet few of us nobles choose to do so, save when it suits. It both amuses and saddens that those with less are often prepared to give more." As he turns back to the bandages, he adds over his shoulder, "Not that I am unbiased, because I most certainly am. Perhaps the world will surprise me one day."

Dawn nods lightly, "Then see to it that we all have our own paths then. I do not admit to being particularly faithful, so please forgive me then if I say something in error, but the One give us opportunity, but it is up to us whether we take it or not.. And how we take it. The same goes for both commoner and noble. And all that differs sometimes is the scale of a large kindness or a small one. Of things greater and smaller spilling over in ways." She nods at the rest of his words then, going to put another bandage over into her mixture. "Do you mind my inquiring, Milord?" Gesturing at waht she can take in of his injury, even since healed.

Busy nodding at her sage words and focusing on accurately spreading the mixture onto the bandages, it takes a moment for Eduard to look up and understand the objective of her inquiry. "Hmm? Oh, my wounds. They are well on the mend, you need not worry on that account. I received them at the beginning of the year." Which would put the timing around that of the recent Thorn Uprising, and judging that he still suffers stiffness from it, likely means the wounds were life-threatening and extensive at the time of receiving them. "It is what I get for sticking my nose into politics which until then I had managed to avoid doing." There is a darkness to those humorous words, and of a distinctly different sort then his previous displays of black humor, this one hiding deep anger and regret.

Dawn nods over at Eduard with a look of understanding in her eyes, "Aye. I take it you're still watching them?" A more professional tone in her eyes now as she assesses them. "They seem o be healing well from what I can see, though you're likely still a ways away from a complete recovery. Also, Milord, while your business in politics is your business.." She estimates the look of the injury, about when it would have happened as she does some calculations for how along it's healing. "They're not the type that you would want to risk reopening until they've fully recovered. You're a good man, Milord. But some things have to take their time in the mend." Some old wounds when re-broken cannot be re-knit.

Rolling his eyes Eduard snorts, though it is clear that his mood has shifted once more to good natured, mercurial-quick. "One preserve me, I escaped one to find another." Giving Dawn a boyish grin, he shakes his head. "Worry not, good lady. I have been watched like a hawk until now by a Priestess of the Faith and a competent healer in her own right, who would most assuredly flay me alive were I to return in anything less but similar or improved health as to when I left." There is both affection and deeply held respect for the woman he speaks of, as he adds, "Besides, as I had to remind her several times before I could make good my escape, I am a not-unskilled healer myself." Which really only means that he was likely a terrible patient the entire time he was recovering.

Dawn nods over at Eduard lightly and chuckles, "In which a case I have little doubt that you will no doubt find plenty of eventualities in which to express your opinion again, Milord." She goes on, "And you seem handy enough then to ensure that you don't receive something the likes of which would prevent you from expressing it again for awhile.. Particularly by those who would otherwise be quite happy to be blind, deaf, and dumb to ti then." She tsks lightly then, otherwise while in somewhat improved cheer no doubt having a -quite- good idea of waht he might be like as a patient.

"Well, if the Queen has summoned me here to have my head or hide, I will hardly be in a position to prevent such. Barring that, and with no expectation that I have given her reason to, I expect I will make a full recovery," Eduard replies, his tone easy and light despite discussing a possibility that, while remote, is certainly not impossible. After all he is a Farrant, which house was chief among the rebelling faction after that of the Gerrells. And being among the Church's elite certainly does not offer much in the way of protection, after the Church's own hand in what happened.

Dawn nods over at Eduard, "Aye. The Queen is a good woman." She leaves it at that. "And you are still young. You have another decade or so on you before you're expected to start learning from your mistakes after all and not to repeat them. Otherwise, until then you're allowed to excuse them as the foibles of youth if anything else." Getting that quick jab in on things.

"Excuses are still excuses, whatever the justification," Eduard says, jab acknowledged with a grin before he turns his attention to more serious words - and of course still very focused on his work, for he is certainly no slacker. "I like to think I have that ability, learning not just from mistakes but of others. At least when it comes to mistakes that effect those other than myself." The humor returns as the seriousness fades as abruptly as it arrived. "For my own part, I fully expect to be earning bruises and beatings for mistakes of my mouth and temper well into my dotage."

Dawn nods over then in amusement, "Aye. Also do remember then, as I learned simply as one has a strong opinion and expresses it in a bullheaded fashion does not always mean that one is right. So, in turn I would advise you to at the very least be willing to listen to others then when you express opinions and if others are correct, as such things can happen, then at least be willing to grace them with contemplation. I still have much to learn on that regards, and I have little doubt I shall be gathering more bruises and such for the remainder of my days.. With age merely comes the inability to claim the excuse of mistakes for one is expected to have learned from them." She grins softly as she works over another set of bandages. "And I have a great many lessons which I shall no doubt have to earn. Likely on a series of bruised knuckles."

Grinning broadly now as he finishes the last of his pile of bandages, Eduard turns to look at Dawn. "Well then we must be kindred spirits, my lady. And fear not - if I had not long ago learned that lesson," meaning the ability to face up to being wrong, "I would either be dead or at the very least still in intensive care and under guard to protect me from my own healer." Not that he actually thinks that his priestess friend would actually want to kill him if he pushed her that far, but it is also an option he would prefer not to explore. Much easier to admit to being wrong.

Dawn nods, "Good then. At the very least after the first few times you have your knuckles rapped you learn to wear thicker gloves." She chuckles quietly and nods. "And do not give whomever attends you /that/ much pain. I've found that is proportional to just how effective the remedies they give you for the pain are. As it goes up for them, so shall it for you." Admittedly something unofficial that she'd admittedly likely done somewhat too much of herself.

"You may be on to something there," Eduard says with a short laugh. It is then, as he moves to pick up a fresh pile of bandages to administer the chemical to, that a servant arrives, sniffing officiously, and obviously here to fetch Eduard. "Ah, well, I fear destiny calls, my lady…" He frowns, then lets out another laugh. "Do you know, I got so involved in our banter that I never begged your name. Which, if the day goes badly for me, I should likely know should I need your services." Though admittedly if the day goes badly for him, he will likely not be allowed her services.

Dawn gives a bow, "Good day then and good luck Milord. And remember, at least when in the Queen's presence and her court, it is advisable to listen to her opinions and pay them heed.. And ti will likely save you a rapping upon the knuckles." She gives him a bow then as he departs, turning to finish up her work over with her bandages. "And Dawn, Milord. Of House Bazan."

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