1866-05-17: Daydreams and Dresses
Daydreams and Dresses
Summary: After dealing with the business of Ironhold for the day, Emilia gets caught day dreaming a bit, and receives a bit of a summons which is not exactly met with the delight most probably would.
Date: 1866-05-17
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Also features NPC Huntresses Syrn and Pella

A sigh slipped from Emilia as she stared at the parchment, the words were starting to blur before her eyes. Least it was the last one for the day. Even with Raelyn and Jaren both away, the inquirers and general forth wishes and continued to increase. And by the One, some of the attempts to gain favour weren't even the least bit subtle or veiled. It was all to be expected, Emilia did guess, not that any of them likely expected that they would be getting responses from her, and even then, she suspected most would likely assume the Master Steward was behind the responses. Let them, Emilia was finding it did have some use to simply let them all believe what they wished.

Least tending to all of Jaren's correspondence, well the business of the County, had the side perk of also mildly putting her 'Beast' to sleep. As much a sleep as It ever was, the hazy murmur of It at the edge of her mind where It had retreated to after the second hour of dealing with petty and not so petty grievances, budgetary and staffing considerations, amongst other matters that had needed reviewing, and that was even before considering her Huntress duties as well. Seeing the last letter signed with the mild flourish before drawing a faint breathe, that would due for the day. Emilia eyes wandered towards the window as her own thoughts started to wander a little.

Perhaps tomorrow she could take the day off and go for a ride, go to see him. The thought did bring a faint half-turn of a smile to her lips. It still felt like some dream. Yet the dreams, nightmares, They imparted upon her, and tireless nights, the reminders, ensured her that it had not been. She sighed softly at the memory, the sense of him with the dance, that feel of his hand upon her back, the warmth of his lips upon hers. She wished for it again. Emilia gave a faint shake of her head as a very faint laugh slipped. She /was/ starting to think like some foolish girl, wasn't she?

"Emilia?" Came a questioning voice edged with some mixture of concern and surprise.

The voice brought Emilia up from her wandering thoughts with a blink. Her head turning as her gaze pulled back from the window, "Of aye, Pella?" Looking over to the huntress, and her companion.

"I am sorry, I don't mean to disturb you, but you were…well you were laughing," Pella said after a bit of hesitation. The woman giving a slight shrug afterwards. It wasn't a common sound out of the Cassomir, let alone for seemingly no reason. "Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just, not exactly something you do." Knowing that Emilia would understand the point.

That did bring a bit of an 'oh' from Emilia, not only had she been thinking foolishly, cause rightly, how did she even feel about the man? Or he her for that matter? But she'd been caught at it. "It was of nothing, Pella, just an odd of thought that turned of funny. But I am of thinking I am done for of the day with of these, can be of sent of out. And was of thinking to take of day tomorrow and go of riding, perhaps do of patrol. Think have managed to get of enough of control upon of things."

Pella moved to sweep up the stacks of sealed letters and get them into the hands of one of the awaiting servants as Emilia spoke of them being ready. "A ride would be good, I know you haven't been sleeping well." The huntress gave Emilia a knowing look. "The fresh air would do you some good. And isn't it about time for one of those lessons you go off to? I know you seemed to be getting some help from them, and don't even start in on me about what you need to do. If you have a day to make for a ride, we'll find a day or two to see so you can slip out for that." The woman giving Emilia a knowing look.

Emilia shook her head as any protest about appointments with retainers, comments about duty were quite swiftly headed off. A tug at the corners of her lips coming as she looked to Pella, the woman did know her well. "Of aye, I am over of due to arrange for of one. I shall send of word, to see when might be of good." A hand reaching for another piece of parchment, already pondering if she might sneak in some time with him as well to use the lesson as a cover, though her yes flickered towards the door as a messenger appeared. "Of aye?"

"Message just arrived from your brother, Jaren, m'lady." The parchment being offered out, a thing Pella accepted being closer to the door, though Emilia was springing up out of her chair to take it up herself. The seal broken quickly as eyes scanned over the words written. There was a flicker of a smile at first. But then like that her usual solemn look returned. And moments later she was slumping back into the desk chair with a groan, the parchment hanging loosely from her hand.

Pella's brows raised in confusion and concern. "Emilia, what is it? What is wrong?" Striding over to take up the letter when the Cassomir just weakly waved the letter at the huntress. An,"Oh," came after Pella had read for a few moments, "it won't be that bad. And you will get to see Rovilon and your brother and sister."

Emilia just gave Pella a bit of a look,"Were you not of seeing whom he has bidden me to be of traveling of with? Whom I am to be of meeting up with at the of gate?" Giving a sigh as her elbows touched to the desk and her head settled into her hands. Staring at the blank parchment, a lesson was out of the question now, there would not be time to prepare to travel and do that, let alone use it for any form of cover like she was hoping….Maybe she could still slip away and see him when they traveled by, for a moment? For the love, when /did/ she become this foolish? A faint sigh came.

"What's wrong with her?" came the question as Syrn stepped into the room.

Pella shot Syrn a look and waved the letter, "Best get packing, we've got a coronation to see this one to. Make sure to polish the leathers, we'll be meeting up with the Rose Queen's retinue for our travel to Rovilon."

"Well then, that all?" snorted Syrn. Casting a look at Emilia, they both knew well how the young woman felt about courtly socializing, the Rose Queen.

Emilia sighed faintly. Could it get any worse? Really.

"Best make sure to pack some dresses, the finest ya can muster," noted Pella after looking at the letter again," seems like there will be a full tournament. And certainly plenty of court functions to go with it."

Another groan came, dresses….She would have to wear dresses. Emilia hadn't even thought about that yet.

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