1866-06-27:A Purchase
A Purchase
Summary: Having returned home, and having won the overall at the tournament, Lord Sir Graham decides on a course for the money he's earned.
Date: 06-27-1866
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It is upon returning to Ironhold that Graham looks to put his winnings to use for the good of the lands he served and a lesser extent of using should he join any more tournaments for jousting.

The Lord and knight approaches the blacksmith, he has made a name for himself making armor for the armies and for his family for years now so there would be no other he trusted with such a task in the land. “Good Day Master Farin.” He says politely a bow given.

The blacksmith has been at work and looks up to see who approaches “M’lord, an honor what can I do for you?” He will wash off his hands and wipe his face stepping out of the smithy to speak better with the knight

Graham for his part waits patiently for the man to approach. “I seek to have armor made for myself, fully enclosed plate to be exact.” He pauses here knowing that the man doesn’t likely get to many such requests given the costs involved. “I assure that I have the pieces to pay for such a thing.”

The blacksmith does pause a moment at the thought of making such armor. He sizes up the Lord Knight before nodding “I see… I see….well of course I have the skill, finest armor you could hope but it yes will be costly and take time to complete. Let’s see to getting your measurements M’lord.

The knight does indeed step in to be measured. “That will be fine, I have armor to use until then, and I will pay you for all materials upfront and the rest of the funds upon completion.” He figures this might be fairly standard practice. He will offer over the first part in question should it be accepted

The blacksmith gruffly agrees to the terms and accepts the first part of the payment. "Come see m'lord in a weeks time, I shall need more fittings and to make sure the armor is up to what you had in mind." He comments

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