1866-07-03: Three Requests
Three Requests
Summary: Tristan outlines a few matters he wishes for Alysande to consider.
Date: 07.03.1866
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Alysande  Tristan  

((This letter would have been waiting for Alysande in a sealed envelope once she returned to her rooms after meeting with people regarding the Baron's assassination.))

Your Majesty,

I will attempt to keep this brief, but there are several matters that I wanted you to consider while I am away from Sunsreach and communicating with the Baroness.

The first two issues are separate, but in a way fall under the same request. I would like to request a sum of money to begin two projects.

The first project is the commissioning of a monument to be unveiled later this year. This monument would be simplistic in nature, but represent all that the brave men and women of Rivana have done in spilling their blood for this kingdom. Yes, our last two conflicts have been among ourselves, but that is not the fault of the common man or woman. They have done what was asked of them and these people have lost sons, daughters, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers to the machinations of one man who was not even in their country and to the delusional dreams of a man… who was mad.

The second project is an orphanage. I would like to create an orphanage to take in orphans from the troubles, to feed them and cloth them and to educate them. From there I would like to have these kids obtain positions in various noble houses or in the church or even in Pacitta. As they are cared for, we would carefully groom them for a live of service to the crown.

The last and final matter that I am putting before you for your consideration has a good deal to do with me. Ever since my experience with the l'Saigner girl and the feelings that I had with her, certain aspects of live have lost a lot of their interest and excitement. It is hard to explain, and a little embarassing if I am going to be honest with you. It is like you have tasted the sweetest fruit in the world and after that all other fruits do not compare. No. That is a bad way of putting it. It is more that certain things would feel more interesting if there were more feelings involved.

I am not such a fool to think that what I am going to suggest would fix that, though I suppose there is a faint hope.

Thus, the final matter is that of my status. It might be time for me to begin mending my errant ways and to settle down.

- Tristan

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