1866-07-04: To the Warden, Signed, Sealed and Delivered
To the Warden, Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Summary: Tristan writes a letter to Stephen Greycen
Date: 07.04.1866
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Stephen  Tristan  

Lord Stephen,

I am writing you this note to let you know that Lord Aidric and I have spoken recently regarding the incident involving the late Baron Robert Hogan. It was our hope that you could see to gathering up the staff of the manse where the assassination took place and conduct a series of inquiries as to what the servants might know.

Currently, I am about to go and speak with the Baroness and find out what she might know, and I believe that Lord Aidric will be gathering information from various contacts within the city.

If there is anything I can offer you in terms of assistance, please do let me know, otherwise feel free to use some of the city's guards to help locate these people as they may have valuable knowledge that we can use. If authorization is requested, than you can show them this letter and my seal.

I will, of course, accept any responsibility.

Prince Tristan Tracano

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