1866-07-11: The Second Fitting
The Second Fitting
Summary: Graham returns for the second fitting of his new armor
Date: 07-11-1866
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The trip from Sunsreach back to Ironhold via the Fae gates isn’t a long trip really but the sickness caused by the gates is more an annoyance of the trip.

Graham Cassomir steps back into the shop of the armor smith “Master Armor smith, an honor to see you once again. It second fitting is in order if I understand.” The Lord and Knight looks slightly unwell from the travel but still this must get done.
The gruff man will nod “M’lord” he greets him bowing though he will mostly see that the work is done he will make marks on all the pieces to see where they will need to be further shaped and where they do fit. It doesn’t take too long at least or well under an hour before he nods “Will need another fitting, then I can finish it all up have it ready around mid-month of the next.” He says

The Lily Knight will nod to the armor smith “I will return then, I must travel back to my family in the meantime though. Until next time my friend.” The Knight will exit and plan his return trip.

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