1866-07-23: Thoroughly Decent Proposal
A Thoroughly Decent Proposal
Summary: Viscount Jaren Cassomir writes to the Duchess Eleanor Greycen in regards to a possible marriage.
Date: Juillet 23, 1866 IA
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Eleanor  Jaren  

Your Grace,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I know you've little care for mincing words, so I will be direct: I wish to inquire as to the possibility of wedding my sister Raelyn, future Viscountess of Ironhold, to your son Lord Stephen. Our families have enjoyed an alliance that has endured through some of the most dangerous and dark years our Kingdom has ever seen, and if it is agreeable to you, I would see it continue into what I hope will be a hard-won and long-overdue peace. Should you have interest in further pursuing his possibility, please inform me of the time and location that would be convenient for you to meet and discuss the matter in more detail. I shall await your reply, until then I remain,

Yours Truly,

Jaren Cassomir, Viscount of Ironhold

Received on Aout 20, 1866 IA

Your Excellency,

Your willingness to get to the point is appreciated, and to further spare us future tedium, I have sent along with this missive a proposed marriage contract for the pair in question, hence the reason for delay in my response. I trust you will find the terms acceptable. If it is your intent to have them wedded before yourself, I would suggest a small ceremony and celebration so as not to detract from the Royal Wedding. If you do not wish or expect the wedding to occur until after you are wed, I would still suggest the most convenient course would be a small ceremony very shortly after the Royal Wedding, at your family's manse in Sunsreach.

I have empowered Thaddeus to sign the final agreement as my proxy to spare either of us the need for additional travel. I will await word of your acceptance.

Yours Truly,

Eleanor Greycen, Duchess of Seaguard

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