1866-08-07:Letter to Falconholme
A Letter to Falconholme
Summary: Tiadora writes home to Symon, having arrived safely in Falconholme and met up with their cousins.
Date: Aout 7, 1866
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Symon  Tiadora  

Her handwriting is impeccable. Every letter perfect and precise and legible; a scribe's clear and crisp script.

Dearest Brother,

I pray this letter finds you in good health, and that it reaches you soon. I have installed myself in the manse in Sunsreach and with cousin Aidric's help, I have made sure your men that came in escort with me wear the Loyalist Green of Her Majesty. Aidric and Tristan both send their regards; Tristan is to wed although he does not seem too enthused by it. They have both been sure to check on me and make certain I am fitting in neatly.

It is very warm here and I am not used to such heat. I feel tired but it may be the change of clime. I do enjoy the sunsets here; they are very lovely. I am working a new painting set of the Cathedral at Sunrise and Sunset for my collection to go with the ones of St. Sandoval's I have in my rooms at home.

I am working on a wedding gift for Her Majesty and the prince so if any of her men are reading this surreptitiously I pray you do not ruin the Surprise. I am going to be illuminating a love story of their lives, and I look forward to doing something that is NOT of the Faith, Willful though that is. I thought you would be Happy to hear that.

As for the issue of the Duke, Aidric suspects it is related to a bastard child and revenge, which only proves that such actions only hurt everyone around them in the end. It is -not- related to anything more Sinister, for which I happily praise God and am Thankful.

I remain your most faithful servant and loving sister,


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