1866-08-19: The Final Adjustments
The Final Adjustments
Summary: Graham returns home for the final adjustment to his armor and finds that it is finished
Date: August 19, 1866
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It is time for the moment of truth. Graham makes another trip back home to the armor smith. He is a bit nervous it is quite a lot of money after all and if it could have been spent another way if this doesn’t pan out he won’t be happy. Upon entering the tent he nods to the man. “Master Smith.” He comments the man gives him a bow and will motion him back.

The Lily knight will follow along, it seems that this time he’ll be getting his armor as the man speaks of it being finished though a final check of everything needs to happen. He will be fitted with the armor in question ever joint and bit inspected for any sign of imperfection.

The moments pass in silence before the smith is indeed satisfied. “All is finished m’lord.” He says and so Graham after giving all at once over himself with offer over the last bit of the money promised. “Thank you Master Smith, please have this delivered to my camp, I must travel back as soon as may be.” Its with this that Graham has received his new armor and now will get used to wearing it in training on foot as well as jousting.

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