1866-08-23: Late In An Instant
Late In An Instant
Summary: Clara considers the events, or the specific lack of events, that caused her to be so late for the Lonnaire wedding
Date: 08-23-1866
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One moment, Clara was in Sunsreach….stepping through the faegate together with Emilia to Lonnaire, almost a full week early. The plan was, of course, to recover and then to show Emilia where Clara spent 12 years of her life for a few days before duty had to be performed. She was going to attend a wedding of her former liege heir…but as a member of her true family. And…as a representative of her true kingdom.

It was all such a simple plan.

But then, the next moment, Clara was in Lonnaire. But…somehow, it wasn't just a second later. That was plain to see at the overjoyed reaction of her Lancers…of Emilia's Huntresses. The amazed-yet-concerned expressions of the Gatewardens of Lonnaire. No…something was wrong.

Clara's moment was six days in the making.

Six days. It took six days to complete a single step, from Sunsreach to Lonnaire. No wonder there was such adulation in her retinue. Clara imaged that having to tell the Queen that Clara just disappeared into the void would not have sat well. Six days. The wedding, the masque…even the tournament, for she had returned on that night. All denied. She could have pushed going to the tournament, if she wanted. She only had mild sickness….just a bit of vertigo and a headache. But, the Gatewardens would not be denied. They held her, for observation, of course…and for sickness recovery. There was to be no denying them.

And the questions. So many questions.

Questions she had no answers for. No, there was no time loss that she knew of. It was an instant to her. Just one footstep. Why would there be anything else? For the princess, it was a completely normal trip, from her point of view. Only the One knows why it took 6 days to complete it.

Still, there were duties yet to be performed. Clara had made it to Lonnaire, late in an instant. She was a representative of the Crown of Rivana. There were reparations to be made.

A quill in one hand, with a sheet of parchment paper in front of her, Clara considered the blankness before her. The paper, so fresh and empty. Devoid of anything, like the last six days for her. If only she could touch her quill to that void in time and write within, to explain what…or better yet, why. Instead, the tip of the quill dipped in the inkwell, then fell gently upon the white expanse of nothingness, as Clara began to write.

'To the Lady Alina l'Saigner and Lord Sir Gabriel l'Saigner,

Please accept my most sincere apologies for not arriving in time to offer my congratulations to the two of you in person on the day of your wedding. It is all rather difficult to explain, for I am still coming to terms with it myself. In any case, please allow me to take the time now to offer my well wishes…'

Words filled the emptiness…replacing the nothingness with what Clara had intended to relay in person. It wasn't what she wanted, but, it will have to do.

It was better than spending eternity dwelling on a mere moment in time.

It was time to move on.

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