1866-08-23: Reflections on Silence
Reflections on Silence
Summary: Emilia reflects upon the missing days from the recent faegate trip to Lonnaire, as well as the impact that it seems to have had upon the Voices.
Date: 1866-08-23
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Where had the days gone? And perhap more importantly, what had happened? It had seemed an instant yet, from when they stepped into the gate to when they had arrived. But oh what a welcome, the Lancers were overjoyed to see Clara and her. The relief at seeing them had all but poured off the Huntresses, Emilia was certain Pella and Syrn would have squished her to pieces with their hugs if the Gatewarden hadn't intervened.

There had been such confusion to learn that they had bee gone…missing…for days, nearly a whole week. The wedding had been missed, the masque…everything that they were supposed to come for. So many questions, but Emilia had no answers. It had seemed like a normal gate trip, save the odd turn to her thoughts like she had been in the middle of a thought and it had gone sideways on her.

Yet, she knew something /had/ happened, that it wasn't a normal trip. Even without them telling her, the reception that had been given, for They were quiet. It was like They had retreated into a slumber of some kind. It was not something They had /ever/ done. They had never been this quiet. Not even when she went to the ruins. There was always some burble, some whisper of Them. What had happened in those days? What had the faegate done to Them? She wondered at the quiet. How she wished for answers as much as the Gatewardens had, yet they at least did not expect any…she had seen that in their expressions.

The quiet was almost…blissful. It all was like some strange dream. It was hard to believe they had been gone for days. And with Them quiet, was it really just that - a dream. Would she wake from it all soon? Was she truly given a reprieve? If so, for how long would They be this way? Dare she have hope that things might remain this way? It had already been a day and They yet 'slept'.

Emilia drew a small breathe, time would only tell. It was a cautious hope, this quiet within her mind would remain.

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