1866-08-27: Paladin Journal Entry
Paladin Journal Entry
Summary: The following is an excerpt from Eduard Farrant's Paladin journal.
Date: 1866-08-27
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Aout 27, 1866
Sunsreach, Rivana

This evening Mother Lasair and I hosted my cousin Aidric Carling. We spoke at length of the opportunities to be had for the betterment of the people of the Black Hills. Aidric hopes that by influencing court trends, we might make the horses raised in my province fashionable and in demand. In this way, they might fetch a worthy price, and so allow financing of new trade ventures. It is a worthy goal, and one I hope succeeds. I hope this not only for the betterment of the physical needs of the Black Hills, but the spiritual as well. Lasair and I have plans to make the temporary hospice in Blackstone Town a permanent one, where students from nearby Bendingbrook might come to further improve their study.

To this end, I have also turned my thoughts to our neighbors. My house knows two traditional rivals, both of whom share borders with the Black Hills: House Howlett and House Haver. I am not sure that the rivalry with Howlett will be easily solved, given they desire our land as their own. House Haver, however, may be a different matter entirely. They venerate Saint Matthew, and as such are natural friends to my Order. This allows me the opportunity to end the enmity between our two houses, though in the end it may require an alliance through marriage to do so. It is fortuitous that this rivalry is the one more likely to end, as it is the most needed, with both Bendingbrook and it's Faegate resting inside the Haver's borders. Until Normont reopens it's own Faegates, the trade route for Blackstone will need to go through the Havers, and it would not do to have them as enemies.

Finally, I continue to consider my own situation as Lord of the Black Hills. Though each day, with the help of friends and now even family, it slowly becomes less precarious, it will never fully cease to be so until my house is strong once more. To do this, at least in part, I need to heal whatever rifts lay between myself and my family, particularly those cousins of mine that bear my name. I am not sure if this will be possible, but it is crucial. However, even this will not be enough without heirs. For now it seems unlikely that the Queen will ever allow the lands to pass to my cousin or his children upon my death, and I worry what will happen to my people if the One chooses to take me sooner rather then later. I must act soon to remedy this, and yet… I remain conflicted. I continue to pray on this matter each night, and each morning I am well reminded that I must reach a decision before long.

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