1866-08-30: The Silence is Broken
The Silence is Broken
Summary: The Voices are displeased about Their 'quietude' and show Their displeasure, taking it out on Emilia as They best know how. (OOC Warning: It's the Voices…it may be creepy to some.)
Date: 1866-08-30
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We have been too patient. Time is becoming short.

Emilia stirred within the nest of blankets, as the her dreams started shifting. Dark shadows closed in upon her mind, her dreams changing as the Voices took control of them, and made Their impatience known.

We must know what was done. What hand she had in it.

The shadows swirled as voices came from the darkness. Questions, endless questions battered at her, following her no matter where she turned. Voices angry with her answers, for not knowing. Relentless against her pleas for a break, that she had told all she knew. Emilia's sleeping form stirring restlessly as she was hounded within her dreams.

We will not wait any longer. It is Our time.

The darkness shifts within the dream. The voices fading away into the whispers of an angry wasp. The sound of bare feet hitting at a run soon come, falling over the angry buzzing. The shadows start to swirl and lighten, an image forming within the center. A young girl starting to appear from the shadows, her form covered with a long, white gossamer gown. Long dark hair flows about her shoulders.

We must be as it was meant to be. She must be broken.

The image finally coalescing and becoming clear, allowing the details of the dark haired girl to be seen. The familiar features, it was almost like looking into a mirror. Save the blackness of her eyes, and then her mouth open and the lamprey-like tongue snaked out. In that moment, Emilia's own mouth opened as a scream escaped. Her hands clawing at her blankets as she fought to be free of the nightmare. Her eyes opening as another scream passed her lips. Fighting at the blanket within her nest, but soon scrambling over the bed and frantically seeking the mirror…relaxing only a fraction in seeing herself, unchanged within it. They were worse then before..it hadn't lasted. They were worse. A soft sob came as Emilia's head fell into her hands.

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