1866-09-03: Faegate Travel
Faegate Travel
Summary: The l'Saigner Party leaves for Pacitta
Date: 1866-09-03
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Alina  Gabriel  Mina  

and Leonard and Eduard l'Saigner; the Wraith Ivan; and the Catlord, Wraith

She hates using the Faegates, but her mother, the Duchess, had been insistant on the point. Alina had hoped for a leisurely ride by boat from the Lonnaire harbor into Pacitta, but instead, they will be taking the gate from the heart of Lonnaire city to the gate outside Pacitta city.

She sighs, watching the small caravan line up. There are four horses: two pulling a cart with the baggage going with them, blinders on their eyes and a pair of the more horsemanship-inclined Wraiths holding their bridles, murmuring reassuring words to the creatures, made skittish by the proximity to the gate. Two more are behind the baggage cart, both warhorses of Gabriel's, being tended to by her husband and Ivan. They are less skittish than their lesser brethren, but still obviously not comfortable near the gate. Perhaps she should be helping by holding the reins of her wedding present, but Strife looks well enough in Ivan's killer's hands.

Alina has always thought that if animals tend to be so wary of the gates, that should tell the humans something about how terrible of an idea they were to use. The fact that she spends hours, sometimes days weakened and ill after using one has little to do with her disdain for the magical constructs— though it doesn't help. Something about them makes her nervous down to her bones. Something about them is fundementally wrong… worse with the Black Network, though truthfully she uses it as often as she does the Church's network.

Alina's eyes flit over the baggage carts and the entourage she and her mother will be bringing with them to Lonnaire. Her husband, of course, and their children— the latter being carried by their nurses and tended by a maid each. Gabriel's apprehension since the unmasking had been expected, but it still twisted Alina inside. She wishes fevrently she never had to tell him all the family's secrets, that he could have lived on in blissful ignorance forever. She, too, knows the truth behind the dark sadness within him, the broken parts. Perhaps one day she can help to heal them…

…oh, bother. Lying to oneself never helps. Her father would be disappointed in her if he had heard that mental moment of weakness. She's a killer, just like the rest of her family. Her hands and soul are made for darkness, not healing. Gabriel is doomed with the rest of them. Alina's expression draws tight in displeasure, and one of the Foxes traveling with the company notices, hurridly glancing over the baggage to make sure nothing is amiss.

"Brrrowl?" Wraith rubs at her ankles, looking up expectantly at her. She frowns again. "You should be in your cage," she murmurs absently, leaning down to lift the overlarge grey striped catlord up.

The Fox, thinking he sees what has displeased her, moves over to take the cat. "I could have sworn his cage was latched, my lady," he apologizes. Wraith yawns boredly at him.

"He probably unlatched it," Alina replies sharply. "He's not a housecat, after all." She scratches the cat under the chin as the Fox takes him. "Behave yourself," she admonishes him. "I'll be over there in a few moments, and we'll go through the gate together." Wraith hated gate travel too, but he was willing to suffer it with Alina, and only with Alina.

The Fox inclined his head and moves off with the catlord, who is deigning to let himself be recaged— likely to let himself out again at his leisure. It was often enough a game with him.

Between herself, her mother, her husband, her children, their nurses and maids, the guards, the catlord, and Ivan, there to kill Gabriel if needed… twenty-five souls will be passing through the faegate. Three sets. The Duchess was busily deciding in what order who would pass through. The baggage and the horses first, so Gabriel and Ivan would be on the first trip.

Alina absently wonders if her husband would still be alive when she finally passes through. The Duchess has her and the cat coming through last, so that she can be whisked away to suffer privately at their manse.

She watches as the faegate opens to begin taking their party through.

She hates the gates. But perhaps what lays on the other side will be better than what she leaves behind.

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