1866-09-03: Indulgence
Summary: Having decided to go with others to the Tourney at Pacitta, Tiadora really shops for the first time ever.
Date: Septembre 3, 1866
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There are some privileges to being the little sister to one of the wealthiest men in Rivana. When Tiadora’s servants inform various jewelers in Markettown that the Lady Gerrell wishes to view their finest wares, the merchants come to her. Likewise with the finest dressmakers. And when one says they have a deadline of days, the promise of Normont gold gets a lot more yes’s than no’s.

Dressed in her austere deep navy gown, corset squeezing her body severely in the middle – Tia stands as she looks over the black velvet jewelers rolls with a dazzling array of pre-made pieces. Each of the three goldsmiths has brought their finest wares, the two men and the lone woman showcasing their skill and cunning artifice. Flowers. Animals. Geometics. Simple settings with dazzling cuts.

While she surveys the jewels, she nibbles on sweet pastries flaked with butter and jam, diced cubes of cold beef, three cheese of varying sharp and mildness, and sliced apples and pears. She does so daintily with a two-pronged fork as so not to dirty her hands.

While the noble girl observes the stunning jewelry display, two dressmakers set up their dummies. Both the wooden figures are far too small to match the Gerrell’s girth, but the idea of the dresses are there on displace. Pale silks, soft airy cottons, and even a few lighter shades of velvet – the bolts lean up against the walls of the salon Greens, golds, a few shades of burgundy, and even a pale carnation pink. Black and bright red are certainly absent.

Flowery jewelry wins out; sixteen year old girls have certain tastes, after all – even if they’ve never been able to explore them before. A few necklaces, rings, and even a small tasteful tiara are purchased; of it suitable for one of a ducal house. A pair of earrings like dangling blossoms of sapphire blue lilacs complete the transaction. The lady jeweler leaves with a lighter display roll and a much heavier purse.

To gowns, the damsel turns –deep green to accent her fair skin and dark hair, red roses tinged black at the tips – a combination of her house colors and the symbols of the Queen to whom they owe their loyalty and lives. A blue as dark as the deeper ocean to match her eyes; but in soft silk with cream colored accents to lighten it. Burgundy with black lace – something more akin to her house’s coloration but less severe. Less severity seems to be the order of the day.

And the corset? Still to be worn; a girl has to maintain propriety after all and a fashionable figure. But it is certainly going to be far less restrictive in the new dresses than the ones she brought with her from Falconholme. The dresses flatter her large shape even if the hourglass is wider about the middle than before. The dressmakers leave at once to start their order with Gerrell gold in hand and more upon delivery.

And thus, for the first time in sixteen years of her life, Tiadora Gerrell indulges herself without a pang of guilt.

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