1866-09-03: Letters to Normont
Letters to Normont
Summary: Aidric writes some letters homewards.
Date: 1866-09-03
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Aidric  Willard  Symon  

My Lord Father,

I have not written for some time, I know, so please accept my apologies for ruining what was doubtless a welcome respite from my memory, I will try to be brief.

I received an interesting proposal from Sir Broderick Tracano, a knight of some skill, recently returned to the Queen’s good graces. Yes, if you’ve heard anything of the man you would have heard he’s a former Thorn, however he has only just returned to court and in that time the Queen has welcomed him into the palace, sent him on a vital embassy to Lonnaire and is already speaking of finding a suitable match for him, so it seems his past allegiance has nowise tainted him in the eyes of her Majesty.

Anyhow, his late wife was a Sorez and he is aware we have the last Sorez as wards. He would like to meet them and if you are amenable take one on as a squire. I say, one of them because they are his words, however I told him that the girl would likely not be trained in anything more deadly than needlepoint. So, I do not know if you a had a purpose in mind for these two besides keeping them out of loyalty to cousin Elise, but if it was only that, I recommend this path to you. Sir Broderick is a knight on the rise with and with a clearly sentimental heart, I do not think either child could do better for a mentor.

He and I will be in Normont soon and we would like to visit, I hope this will be amenable to you, and we can discuss further details while we are there.

Give my best to Mother, Kennon and Hellena.

Your son,



I send word from civilization. Your sister has arrived safely in Sunsreach and seems to be slowly learning to enjoy herself. At first I did not understand why you sent her of all people here, but now having gotten to see more of her, I understand. Who could hate cousin Tia? As clearly she’s suffered as much by the hands of your late mother as anyone. Well played, coz, well played.

However you may want to keep a closer eye on cousin Eduard. He is seems a good man, but painfully naïve. Had I not taken him under my wing he’d be fleeced like a Ramsbridge ewe by now. Believe me I was tempted, but as he is your man I have held off and have concocted a plan that may indeed help him and his faltering house. You’re welcome.

Goblyn is with him too. She is another fine ambassador of your house and is remarkably sharp minded. She grew up rather nicely I must say, and I’d be tempted but unfortunately such thoughts always lead to the image of Sir Paul scowling in disapproval and that does put one off such pursuits. Alas.

Speaking of being put off such pursuits, has word that Tristan is to be wed reached the depths of Normont? It is certainly a topic of much discussion at court and I am surprised that the Ilnyne isn’t choked with the bodies of girls who have found they have nothing else to live for now that Tristan has been spoken for. His wife to be is of house Toulan, the daughter of the Vice-Chancellor of Pacitta. It’s a good match politically, but the girl seems as meek and pious as Tia. Who she has befriended.

Anyhow, I finally get to the point of this letter. I will be traveling to Normont soon on the way to Pacitta, I would like to visit and discuss some matters, not the least of which is to encourage you to go to the tourney if you have not decided to do so already. There are some opportunities there we can hopefully take advantage of. In the meantime be well and I have a bottle of Tracano Red we can share like we used to do when I see you next.


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