1866-09-19: How to Tame a Wild Guardian
How to Tame a Wild Guardian
Summary: Justin t'Acuto has caused offense, or so he believes, and sets out to right the wrong by taming one of the most dangerous creatures to ever walk the lands. A stray kitten.
Date: 1866-09-19
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Lady Amara had taken her leave, seemingly offended. It surely must have been something he had said or done, but lacking an understanding of what the offense was, a man of honor must only apologize as best he can and present a gift to properly reflect the sincerity of his words. Having literally just met the young Lady such a gift would be difficult to obtain, yet she did seem to find that kitten a greater interest them himself. So the One provides so to speak. If the Lady cares that much for the small animal, who is the knight with such a good reputation for his chivalry to deny her?
Looking to where the kitten had ran off, Justin starts on his way, doing his best to track the elusive prey. It certainly wouldn't be easy in a city, but he shall endeavor to do his best.

It had been at least three hours since the search began, yet even in the grass and soil the kitten simply leaves too little in the way of tracks to be followed, as Justin remains largely where he and the Lady had their chat. At least she was enjoyable company, a bit naive but she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and seems a proper and honorable woman which is always an asset. Looking up as though for some assistance in what to do now, the answer came soon as though the One decided to slap the knight aside the back of the head to teach him not to over-think matters.
There above him in the tree the Lady had sat beneath was the prize, the orange puff of fluff that tried to pretend to be a cat. Lady Amara had named him Guardian, her Handmaiden had rightfully express caution in the state of health of the animal, yet an apology was needed and a gift provided to prove how genuine it was.

Not one of those who regularly climbed trees, it wasn't Justin's forte, but suppose it could be argued limbs with the rungs of the siege ladder of a tree, and so the Lord started on his journey. He could have set back to his rented home to dress a bit better, but by the time of his return the kitten might be gone. No it would have to be here and now. Making his way up the tree at the speed of a constipated tortoise, Justin climbed. Based on the grunts and strain, and effort one might think the tree was having an epic battle with an army of warriors to any who might pass by, yet for all the huffing and puffing Justin found his way to the limb the kitten occupied. 'Guardian' had watched, as though trying to figure if he should be scared on the closing figure, or amused to the point of falling out of the tree at the effort it took. Now on the tree though the tiny kitten wasn't going down without a fight.

Like a dragon in its cave, the kitten did hiss and 'roar', its claws lashed out at the encroaching foes, cutting into the probing flesh. Dodges, parries, there was even a riposte that nearly flipped the kitten onto his back with the flick of a couple fingers, then the hand thrust forward in a mighty lunge, and took hold of its captive.
But no the fearsome beast would not go down to such a cheap trick by the brave warrior, with fangs bare they sank to the hilts into the flesh of the warrior. It's jaws like a vice, paws stretched, the rows of lethal scythes went forth and gripped into the hand. An epic battle for the ages, the honorable knight seeking forgiveness for his offense and the wild monster determined to kill all who would try and draw it from its rightful den.

The warrior ignored the pain, as though it were not present, and gripped a bit tighter, making a cage for the beast it could not escape, yet still providing room so the prize would not be harmed. Drawing the beast to his breast, Justin kept Guardian facing away from him and began an even slower climb down the tree. His suit would need to launder, but the Lady demanded reparations for the offense given.
So the beast clung to the knight's hand, clawing and biting in a frenzy, yet the knight stood proud, as though his flesh were steel, as though the kitten wasn't cutting and puncturing his hands all over for now both took hold once down from the tree to better protect the beast, and reinforce its cage.

Justin returned to the inn, even having a brief encounter with Lady Amara, he did his best to avoid notice until he could apologize properly with his gift. The younger brother of Baron t'Acuto returned now to claim his prize. Washed, purged of all pests, and fed happily so never again would a hand be ravaged the tiny ball of fluff looked far better, and was even a bit more noisy. Paying for the expert services rendered Justin took up the kitten in one hand, scratching idle along the ribs to be rewarded not with claws and teeth but a gentle, soft rumble of the purring that rocked his palm like a great quake.
It would be a few hours more, for one must handle matters properly, and ensure the gift will be the best it can. So it was Justin t'Acuto was bound for the place rented by Prince Atonia l'Valdan and her husband the Prince. Yet it wasn't they who were sought, not the Lord and knight had found where the Lady dwell in the city-state and now was time to make his apology known, so the household was alerted, the gift moved behind his back to maintain the surprise, and then another entered the story…

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