1866-09-21: A Letter to Sunsreach
A Letter to Sunsreach
Summary: Emilia pens a letter to Jaren about various things.
Date: 1866-09-21
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My Dearest Brother,

I hope that your days are quieter in Sunsreach with so many gone to tournament, though I know it is still likely not truly quiet for there is likely always someone wanting a word with you and there is the endless amount of paperwork.

Thank you for having thought ahead to request Lon to Sunsreach as you did. The timing fortuitous with the mishap in traveling to Lonnaire and the resulting added disquiet in my thoughts. And to have been there to travel with us to Pacitta. I had not thought it would be pleasant to return, though I had not thought the agitation would be as great as it has been. To have him there to give added lessons and guidance in my practice, has been truly helpful. I know you are not entirely trusting and comfortable with him, so I know it was no small thing for you to ask him to come. Thank you for that, my brother.

You know how many tournaments I have witnessed. So you will understand when I say things at tournament have been off. The initial events were as to be expected, though there was some interesting upsets in the Bareknuckle fights to give added excitement. When it came to the joust preliminaries, it was soon obvious something was amiss. The pairings were lopsided and set to heavily favour the Couviere knights. Enough so that it drew reactions of displeasure from Sir Aidric and Sir Gabriel when they were upon the field. It seemed to prompt posting for the pairing for the bracketed jousts to appear, and it has given us a much better showing. And upsets as sometimes do come have occurred, but it was not the mess that was the preliminaries. I know there has sometimes been skulduggery between knights and attempts to shape a tournament to favour a particular outcome. But never have I seen such a heavy handed turn not for a tournament outcome, but to cause tensions and unrest. A thing that was accomplished in part, for there has been much unrest and I hear many a fist fight, more than usual, has occurred within the taverns in the days.

You of all know why I am not fond of Court but am far from blind to all that goes on within it. And this feels like something that is far more political than someone simply wishing to have a favoured knight win in order to upset the betting pools. It feels far more like a sloppy attempt at trying to fan the divisions and animosity of the past. I cannot but wonder if it is but a start to outwards attempts to impact the forthcoming Peace Talks. I have no doubt you shall hear more about this from more official turns and manners, certainly if there is any truth to the feelings and murmurs that sweep through the shadows of the streets.

And because it would seem there is more interest by the Court in me, or more so your little sister, I send word in case there is notice and question put to you about this, but I shall be wearing a favour when I go to compete in the archery alongside Raelyn and on the marrow for the art displays. I would not wish you to be caught off guard by such questions or rumors, even if perhaps this news surprises you as much as it has Raelyn. Though I have perhaps now robbed Raelyn of the chance to surprise you with the news.

With love,

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